Facebook SEO – 10 Must-Dos For More Traffic

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Facebook SEO: 10 Must-Dos For More Traffic

2021 has come to an end and with that, the need to have a strong online social presence has become even more crucial for business. Talking about Facebook, research shows that 75% of Facebook users scroll their news feed daily. What an excellent chance to reach potential customers? But just making a Facebook page is not enough. The goal is to optimize your Facebook page in a way that it can reach a more potential audience. You can always try paid advertising but one of the best ways to achieve reach is through an organic approach, i.e., leveraging Facebook SEO principles. This means optimizing your page to enhance its ranking. In this article, we will talk about some of the best ways to make your Facebook page SEO optimized. So, let’s get started.


What is Facebook SEO?

Before we jump onto our main section, it’s imperative to know what is Facebook SEO? You would have heard about SEO before. Don’t worry, even if you haven’t. SEO is the technique to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. The basic idea of SEO is to identify keywords relevant to your business that can be used in your website to improve its ranking on the search results.

So, the next time someone searches similar or related keywords, your website comes in the top results. But SEO has a lot more concepts like adding backlinks etc. Now, if we talk about Facebook SEO, the function is the same i.e., enhancing your page’s ranking on Facebook. Using key principles of SEO on your page, you can increase your organic visibility. So, here is a list of the top 10 key principles that you can implement on your Facebook page.

Must Do’s For More Traffic

Conduct thorough keyword research

Before getting started with Facebook SEO, you must have knowledge of relevant keywords and terms for your business. These keywords would play a major role in increasing the organic traffic to your page, both on Facebook and across the web. SEO keyword research is basically to understand what people are searching for to find a business like yours.

One best way to begin with the research is by searching terms in Google to understand what related phrases people are looking for. First of all, identify 5-10 broad topics related to your business. Next, search for these topics on Google and note down the predictive results. Make a list of these SEO keywords so that you can use them to optimize your Facebook page as per your business and reach more audiences.

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Create A Unique Facebook Page Name

Though it might look like a normal thing but naming your Facebook page is important in terms of SEO. With the username, brands can boost their search rankings on both Facebook and web searches. So, how could you boost traffic with your Facebook page name? Well, the idea is to include relevant keywords in your Facebook page name but make sure the keyword depicts what your brand is about. Also, do not overfit keywords in the name. For the best result, it’s crucial to choose a name that aligns with your brand perfectly and you do not have to change it time and again.

Claim And Optimize Your Vanity URL

Would you launch your website without a custom domain name? Then why publish your Facebook page without customizing your vanity URL? This simple step has a direct impact on your Facebook page and SEO. Your vanity URL is the custom username you select for your page. To customize it, you can simply visit Page settings and do the necessary changes. To make the most of this feature, make sure you stick to Facebook’s username guidelines. Also, keep your username clear, easy to spell, and tailored to your brand.

Optimize Your Facebook Page’s About Section As Per SEO

Do you want search engines to accurately describe your business? Well, make sure you have optimized your Facebook page’s About section. This copy is used by search engines as Meta description i.e., the lines you get to see just below the title of any search result. Creating an About section that exactly talks about your brand and has the relevant keywords in it helps you boost your page’s ranking. You have 135 characters to describe your business so make sure to make the most of it. You can begin with writing one catchy line that tells clearly who you are and what you do. Next, you can talk about your core services. Keep the copy short and relevant.

Add SEO Keywords In Your Content

Since we are talking about SEO optimization, everything needs to follow the rules of SEO including the content you share on your page. Be it the caption of the photos, videos, or articles, whatever you share there has to include the keywords. So, when users search for these keywords, there is a high chance that your post and page appear on the top.

Improve Local SEO With Accurate Contact Information

Do you know about local searches? This is an important feature for small businesses looking for hyperlocal markets of customers. On Facebook, users often search for a business in their local areas. Therefore, you must keep your contact information and address up-to-date. Not only does it make it easier for customers to reach you but also improves your ranking.

Implement Backlinks To Enhance Your Facebook Page’s Ranking

Backlinks act like good reviews for Facebook SEO. The better is the quality of backlinks to your Facebook page, the more likely is for Google to rank your page in the search results. So, how can you get this? Start by adding backlinks from your own website to your Facebook page such as blog articles. Besides, you can also share about the influencers or brands that you are collaborating with.

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Include Relevant Custom Tabs On Your Facebook Page

Did you know you can customize your Facebook page tabs suiting your business? And this is a powerful tool for boosting your Facebook SEO ranking. To edit your custom tabs, go to Page settings and navigate to “Template and Tabs”. By default, you would be using a standard page template. To change the template entirely, tap on edit and select the template that suits best your business. For best results, you can drag and drop the exact tabs you would like on your Facebook page. Make sure to showcase the tabs that are most relevant to your business, be it photos, videos, events, etc.

Add SEO Keywords Across All Parts Of Your Facebook Page

By now, you would have understood that keywords are an integral part of SEO. Apart from description and title, you should add keywords wherever required on your page like captions, notes, status updates, etc.

Share SEO Optimized Blog Content To Facebook Notes

Blog posts are essential to boost your SEO on your website. And similar to blog posts are Facebook notes that can help you get the most success on the page. With this feature, you can share blog-style posts with your audience. Make sure to include top keywords and add a CTA at the bottom to help users navigate to your page.

To Conclude

So, this is it- all about Facebook SEO. Remember, the entire tip lies on the keywords so make sure to research them carefully. The more optimized your page is as per SEO, the more improved will be its ranking. Hopefully, our said methods would help you make the most of your Facebook page. Do you have any doubts or queries, drop them in the comments section below.

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