Five Best Small Backpack Purses That Are Lightweight Too4 min read

Five Best Small Backpack Purses That Are Lightweight Too

As a traveler it is very important for you to have the best backpack purse for keeping your items safe and sound, finding the best one could be a bit hard especially in case of women’s purses, not because there is lack of such products but we cannot often decide the best one straight away.

What has to be considered while deciding a backpack purse as the best one? Well, there is in fact not ending list of such questions but as a buyer you have to closely consider the following criteria.

Price => The price depends on your budget, so always find the best backpack as per your budget.

Size => How big a backpack purse should be also depending on what you would carry with yourself.

Weight => The weight of the backpack should be light, so you may carry it easily.

Capacity => Always consider the capacity of your backpack purse while buying so it may fit what you need to take with you while travelling.

Now let’s unbox our list of five best backpack purses one by one.

  • Notag Waterproof Crossbody Bag/purse

If your focal pointer is the lightness of the purse then you should not go anywhere but the Notage waterproof could be a great choice because it is lightweight though large enough to carry your essentials.

There are number of pockets available that can easily fit your items like wallet, mobile phone, wrist watch etc. Additionally, there is also a side pouch where you can place a water bottle with you.

  • Travelon Anti-theft Classic mini backpack

One of the best lightweight backpacks is the Travelon Anti-theft mini backpack, this one could be a perfect choice for those who want something light but still large enough to hose their essentials.

There are certain reasons behind why it should be a best travel companion, for instance RFID blocking technology and removable LED light. You will never get tired of carrying this backpack with you as it is so much lighter and friendly to carry around.

  • Baggalliant Everywhere bag with RFID

The Baggalliant shoulder bag offer you with the RFID feature, which means the hackers will not be able to access your credit card or other valuable document remotely.

Not only that, along with this secure feature the Baggalliant bag is water-resistant which will not deny you from carrying it even if there is raining out there. Furthermore, there are inner and outer pockets for variety of uses.

So, Baggalliant backpack could be a perfect choice for whom safety is the main factor, the lightweight and affordable backpack will make your day once you come in contact with the item.


  • Secura Destination 2-in-1 Bag and Backpack

As the name indicates, this bag from Secura destination is available is 2-in-1 which means that one can use it as a crossbody bag or as a backpack.  The straps are detachable which helps in easy transition to backpack and vice versa.

The bag offers you lockable zippers, which is for security purposes where you may confidently keep your precious objects like credit card, wallet etc.

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The fact that why it should not be ignored is because it is stylish, durable, lightweight and reliable. So, keep in mind that quality is not only the aspect but also it adds something extra to your personality.

  • Longchamp Small Le Pliage Tote

If you deserve durability from a backpack then Longchamp Le Pliage could be a smart choice because it will never leave you for years, you will be able to carry it with you as long as you live.

This backpack comes with one small pocket and one main compartment where you could throw all of your belongings.

The material used is nylon which is water resistant that gives you a helping hand when you are in a stormy weather.  The water-resistant nylon bag is easily foldable for easy storage between uses.



I am going to leave you with the satisfactory lines that if you are looking forward for a sincere suggestion in buying small best backpack purses, then you are on the right spot.

In this article, I have listed Five of the best small purses which are not only the part of this content but are the parts of many peoples’ lives. So, if you also want it to be your journey partner then choose whichever best suits you.






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