Fontsz Vs Lingojam

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Fontsz Vs Lingojam: Which one is the best Text Generator?

Looking for the best online font generator? Here is a brief comparison between two of the preferable online text-generating tools to use in 2023. Text generation methods are meant to be creative and noticeable for the audience so that they can really pop out to promote something.

Fontsz Vs Lingojam

In this case, marketers are always in search of something innovative and unique that helps to boost their marketing campaign without affecting quality over quantity. In this case, we are left with two major options that are pretty common among the business community, which include Fontsz and Lingojam. Each of these tools has its own usability and features that make them unique from one another. But that leaves us with one question.

Which one is actually better?

Therefore, to answer your queries, we have written a descriptive article to compare Fontsz and Lingojam by considering some major factors to evaluate these tools. We will also state which tool is best and why by discussing the reasons for it. Now let’s start off by discussing their usability and features.

Fontsz is a little different than your traditional online text generator as it gives a wide variety of font styles like fancy, stylish, cursive, bold, italic and much more with the option to edit each of them. This online platform has a more dedicated page for each font style with all the set of options and features.

Fontsz Vs Lingojam

Plus, it has a very straightforward and clean interface that enhances the user experience. You can copy text with one click and get results in real time without clicking too much or spending a lot of time.

How does it Work?

The interface of is more user-friendly than any traditional online font generator. All you have to do is to click on the font style of your choice and it will reveal the complete interface like a text editor with all the convenient options for generating unique content. Below is a demonstration of the tool Fancy text generator from Fontsz to show you how it gives a well-optimized UI for all of its tools.

Fontsz Vs Lingojam


Lingojam is more focused on a real-time approach that gives results for all the font styles it has on one single page. The input goes right on the homepage, and all the range of font styles appear next to it, which can be copied directly with a single click.

Fontsz Vs Lingojam

What’s unique about Lingojam is the option to allow users to generate their font styles. It takes creativity to another level by stating the ease of use with a touch of personalization. Overall, it is free to use but lacks some essential features that could make it more user-friendly.

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How does it Work?

The Lingojam text generator follows the classic approach to impose the whole tool on a single interface. It looks convenient but makes it difficult for you to choose a font style of your choice. As shown in the figure below, you may have to scroll through each font style to find the text that you wish to output from the tool. Moreover, there are no options to resize text or upload document files either. It is much like a simple emulator. Although responsiveness is real-time and works pretty well for it.

Fontsz Vs Lingojam

Fontsz Vs Lingojam

No login or sign-up condition
Option to upload a document
Option to download document
No Word or character limits
Option to resize text
Allows Custom Text Generation

Which one is the Best?

Considering the usability experience and set of features offered by each font generator, we declare Fontsz to be the best font generator as compared to Lingojam, and here are a few reasons for it.

File Uploading Support

It may not seem like a huge deal to some editors or marketers, but the file uploading option can save you hours of effort to copy-paste text individually. You can simply upload a file and generate a unique style for it. That is why Fontsz is preferable over Lingojam, for offering file uploading support of every document format.

Clean UI Experience

User experience has to be clean when it comes to using any type of online application-based tool. Unlike imposing everything on a single page, Fontsz dedicates the whole page to a text design so the users know which font style they are making instead of searching for their font style from a list after inputting a single entry.

Resizing Option

Another more important option that is pretty much essential for text editing is the resizing option. Fontsz allows increasing or decrease of the font size of each style. Unlike Lingojam, where the font style generated text has a fixed size and cannot be changed with simple operation.


In our opinion, both Fontsz and Lingojam have their own unique usability, and users may prefer either of them based on their requirements. If you’re going for better customization options, then Fontsz is the right choice for you. Fontsz wins the confidence of usability with its easy-to-use interface and necessary features. We hope our comparison was helpful for you to understand the working and benefits of each tool to decide which one is better.

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