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Free Directory Submission Sites  – High PR and DA websites For Ranking [Updated 2024]

The most popular Off-Page SEO tactic is using a directory submission website to create high-quality backlinks. It raises the website’s ranking in Google and many other search engines. It is an approach that entails adding website links or URLs, as well as all website data, to a web directory under a specific category. You can choose from sites that offer free directory submissions or pay as you see fit. It is one of the simplest ways to develop high-quality backlinks for your domain name, even when I talk about building links on directory submission websites.

To submit your website link, you simply need to choose the sites from the list of “high-quality directory submission sites” (I’m sharing them in this article, of course). Your website’s ranking in Google and other search engines can be improved by submitting it to these high-quality sites. In addition to this, it aids in bringing a small quantity of visitors to your blog, which promotes its speedy expansion. Getting a backlink on these directory submission websites is one of the best SEO strategies because it helps drive traffic to your website, which further advances it. In reality, SEO specialists advise using directory submission techniques to improve SEO search.

Free Directory Submission Sites List

What are Directory Submission Sites?

If you are familiar with the purpose of a telephone directory, you will have no trouble understanding what these websites are about. Directory submission websites typically provide a multitude of website connections and information rather than a list of contact telephone numbers. This data is organised into a variety of directories, each of which is determined by the specific field or section to which it belongs.

The primary advantage of these websites is that they improve the ranking in the search engines, which in turn leads to an increase in the amount of traffic. The most important function of online directories is to provide a platform for website proprietors to publish the information associated with their respective websites.

What are Directory Submission Sites?

Directory submission sites are websites that allow you to submit the link to your website for either no cost, a fee, or in exchange for a reciprocal connection. These websites offer wonderful benefits for search engine optimization and can assist you in enhancing your rating in a variety of search engines. The majority of websites that rank highly for directory submissions provide their members with access to free submission services.

After you have signed up for the directory site, you will have access to a list of reputable directories that will allow you to post a link to your website on their respective websites. It is entirely up to you to decide which directory link you want to use. Therefore, it is a location where a listing of the websites may be found.

Types of Directory Submissions

Let’s take a quick look at the three primary categories of listings that can be submitted to directories, which are as follows:

  • Basic Directory Submission: Using this one URL, you can submit a single description along with a variety of titles to a variety of different categories.
  • Manual Directory Submission- In this programme, several descriptions are worked for multiple titles and one URL.
  • Multiple Directory Submission: This involves submitting many internal URLs of the same website under a variety of titles and descriptions.

Advantages of Web Directory Submission in SEO

Different types of directory submission sites serve different purposes and can be categorized as follows:

  • General Directories: These directories accept submissions from various categories and industries. They provide a broad range of listings and are suitable for general businesses and websites.
  • Niche Directories: Niche directories are focused on specific industries, topics, or regions. They cater to a specific audience and provide targeted listings related to a particular niche.
  • Local Directories: Local directories are designed to promote businesses within a specific geographic location. They are useful for local businesses looking to target customers in their area.
  • Article Directories: Article directories allow users to submit articles on various topics. These directories are beneficial for content creators who want to share their expertise and drive traffic to their websites.
  • Blog Directories: Blog directories focus on listing blogs from different categories. They help bloggers increase their visibility, attract readers, and build backlinks.
  • Software Directories: Software directories specialize in listing software applications, tools, and downloads. They are valuable resources for software developers and users searching for specific software solutions.
  • Social Bookmarking Sites: Social bookmarking sites allow users to bookmark and share web pages. They facilitate content discovery and can drive traffic to your website if your content gets bookmarked and shared by others.

When choosing directory submission sites, it’s important to consider their reputation, authority, and relevance to your website or business. Focus on quality directories that have a good reputation and attract genuine traffic.

You can submit your website to a variety of different directories on the internet, and with their assistance, you will be able to acquire high-quality backlinks for your site. There are eight different categories of submissions; could you please describe each one in more detail?

Free Directory Submission Sites: These websites do not charge a fee to submit websites to their directories; nevertheless, there is no guarantee that the administrator will accept your link submission. One drawback to using free websites is that it often takes quite some time before you get any results.

Paid Directory Submission: If you go with the sponsored listing, this can speed up the process of generating backlinks for your website. In order to enter information about your company through this website, you will be required to pay a charge to the administrator of this site. These websites will charge you a yearly fee or a one-time fee for a lifetime bundle in order to use their Directory Submission features.

Automated Directory Submission: There is a wide variety of software and applications that can be downloaded from the internet and used to submit these directories.

Manual Directory Submission: It is possible to submit these directories using a variety of tools and applications that are available online and can be used to access the internet.

Nofollow Directory Submission: People have never gotten the outcomes they wanted from using this strategy, thus it is not particularly successful. In the event that you have already included the link in this Directory Submission, you will be required to make a strategic move.

Dofollow Directory Submission: This strategy gives you access to SERP if you wish to improve your blog’s ranking. This technique is popular among bloggers who want to increase organic traffic to their websites.

Niche Directory Submission: This innovative approach incorporates blogs, scripts, software, RSS feeds, web designers, web hosts, SEO firms, and other internet enterprises within its functional realm. Each contribution to a specialised directory deals with a particular topic that would be included in the category under a general directory list.

Reciprocal Directory Submission: You should additionally submit a URL when you enable the directory connection. You will obtain backlinks after the directory administrator approves this link. These are the different categories of directory submission websites; you can pick one based on your demands and intended use. The steps for making a directory submission are the next crucial thing to understand.

How to use google operators

You may easily find related websites to link to yours by using the Google search operators. You may input your specialty and a space in the address box of your browser, followed by search terms like “insert URL,” “add URL,” and “add link,” and then press Enter. Thousands of relevant directories from which to obtain links to your website can be found by doing this. For instance, you can just type the following term into Google to find directories for your fashion business: “Submit Link” for fashion.



Some search terms to find a free directory submission sites are:

  • “Add url”
  • “Add site”
  • “Add link”
  • “Add website”
  • “Submit url”
  • “Submit site”
  • “Submit link”
  • “Submit website”
  • “Suggest url”
  • “Suggest site”
  • “Suggest link”
  • “Suggest website”

Benefits of Directory Submission Sites

Uncertain of the advantages of directory submission sites? I’m going to list the advantages of creating links on sites for directory submissions in this paragraph. Just keep in mind that there are numerous advantages to this form of link development.

Boost Your Website Authority

Building links on directory submission websites will boost your website’s overall search engine rating by raising your domain authority (DA). Getting a higher rating in the search engines is the major goal of every website owner. You may improve the authority and ranks of your website by sending links to it on directory submission websites. As you are aware, your total search engine rankings will obviously improve the higher your DA is.

However, this does not mean that you should start constructing connections on any website you come across. Instead, you should carefully choose directory submission sites that are capable of raising your site’s DA, authority, and ranking.

Helps in Improving Your Keyword Ranking

Your website’s keyword ranking will improve as a result of building links on directory submission websites. As you are aware, Google uses a variety of ranking indicators to determine where your website appears in the SERPs. Because I’ve observed that the majority of the top-ranking websites in the search engine results have nothing to do with the quantity of backlinks they received or their keyword density, you should think about submitting your website link on high-quality directory sites in order to increase your keyword rankings.

Consider the scenario when you are looking for the best website for directory submissions for your website. You must pick a website from among the more than 1500 listed in this guide that is high-quality, trustworthy by search engines, and has a sizable amount of backlinks.

Improves Your Website Traffic

Your website’s traffic and conversion rate will increase, which is the third advantage of developing links on directory submission websites. In fact, it’s among the best techniques to enhance your conversion rate from traffic coming from organic search engines. Since it takes time to develop connections on high-quality websites, new websites are constantly looking for additional sources of traffic.

Building excellent backlinks requires time and work, as you are aware. Therefore, it is preferable to compile all directory submission sites into a single list rather than performing SEO manually so that you may more easily send your website link to numerous directory submission sites. Remember once more that not all directory websites are beneficial to you. In order to prevent building links on low-quality directory submission sites, you need carefully choose the sites you use.

Helps in Indexing Your Website & Blog Posts Really Faster

Your website and blog will be better indexed by search engines as a result of gaining links on directory submission websites. Your website and blog entries will be indexed by search engines more rapidly the better your page rank (PR) is. Of course, you can’t get this benefit by just submitting the URL to directories because there are a lot of things that can impact how quickly search engines index and crawl your websites. However, it will be simpler for you to increase your PR by submitting your links to those sites if you can establish quality links on directory submission sites of high-quality directories. Your website and blog will be better indexed by search engines as a result of gaining links on directory submission websites.

Your website and blog entries will be indexed by search engines more rapidly the better your page rank (PR) is. Of course, you can’t get this benefit by just submitting the URL to directories because there are a lot of things that can impact how quickly search engines index and crawl your websites. However, it will be simpler for you to increase your PR by submitting your links to those sites if you can establish quality links on directory submission sites of high-quality directories.

Helps in Building Quality Backlinks

The creation of high-quality backlinks for your website is the sixth advantage of link building on directory submission websites. It works well for creating relevant backlinks for your blogs or websites. Although you can develop backlinks on any high-quality directories, it is recommended that you submit your website link to directory sites that are regarded as high-quality backlink sources if you want to gain more backlinks from your targeted websites. Therefore, use this list to create quality links for your own website rather than submitting links to all 1500+ of the high-quality directory submission sites listed in this post.

How to Submit a Website to a Directory Submission Site?

1. Choose the top directory submission website from the list as your first step.

2. Decide the website you want to submit your blog or website to.

3. Next, select the category that properly fits your blog’s topic.

4. After selecting a category, click the submit link button to add your blog to the directory.

5. There are still a few steps to take. You will see a number of alternatives on the screen to help you make a decision once you click the submit link button.

6. The final step is to press the “add article” button. You must then add the information, including the title, description, and URL. You can add a website to the directory submission site in this way. Here is the list of sites for directory submission from which you can select a site.

900+ Directory Submission Sites List (Updated July 2022)

Here is a list of both free and paid sites for high-quality directory submission:

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More Free Directory Submission Sites

The following table lists the remaining 100 locations. They are arranged in descending order by domain authority.

S. No#Website URL
12.Active Search
13.My Green
15.Free Web
18.Scrub The
30.Pegas US
32.Elite sites
34.All Free
40.The Free
44.General Shopping
55.Pegas US
57.247 Web
61.General Business Web
66.We Web
71.The Web
72.Top Sites Web
73.Tiny Dino
76.Secret Search Engine
81.Internet Web
87.Nex US
89.SEO Directory
93.Canada Web
95.Add Your Links
99.Quality Internet
103.The Directory
106.Free Directory
115.World Web
116.Web To
120.Link Add
124.SEO Directory
125.Free To Prank
126.USA Websites
127.All States USA
129.Direct My
130.Shop in
137.All States USA
138.The Great
139.The Net
141.PR 3
144.UK Local
146.USA Websites
148.King of The
149.Hit Web
155.Digital Eve
157.List Your
161.Ads For
166.Above All
169.Add Link
174.Cafe At
176.Exclusive Web
177.Online Web Directory
178.Online Internet
179.James Long
181.Best SEO
184.Real Player
191.The Visit
194.Add Link
195.Free Web
197.Best Free
202.Cyndi’s List
203.Submit Express
204.Scrub The Web
205.Active Search Results
206.True Local
207.Giga Blast
208.Hot vs Not
209.Free Index
211.Links Live
212.Brown Book
215.NI Business Info
216.Pegas US Directory
217.R Directory
218.Hot Frog
219.High Rank Directory
220.Pegas US Directory
221.1 ABC
223.Crazy Leaf Design
224.Rampant Scotland
225.Alive Directory
226.Charity Choice
227.D Look
228.Puppy URL
229.The Good Web Guide
231.Search Europe
232.Start Local
233.Submit Link N URL
234.Direct Link
235.Sites Web Directory
236.Link Add URL
237.Pro-Link Directory
238.Triple Directory
239.My Green Corner
240.Pro-Link Directory
242.Link Directory
243.The Free Directory
244.Directory Vault
245.Business Finder
246.Free Directory
247.Add Business
248.Operation Up Pink
249.Bed and Breakfast Directory
250.Submit URL
251.A-List Directory
253.A-List Sites
254.123 Hit Links
255.WL Directory
256.USA Websites Directory
257.Apple Gate
260.Directory WS
262.Local Life
263.Top Sites Web Directory
264.Search Newz
265.9 Sites
266.Info Listings
267.The Trade Finder
268.Gain Web
269.Free Web Directory
271.Directory Free
272.Search Me 4
273.Directory Free
274.Add New Link
275.Live Popular
276.Free WD
278.Submission 4 U
279.Shop Safe
280.The CGI Site
281.UK Net Guide
282.Moms Directory
283.Baikal Global
284.Directory Bin
287.Slack Alice
288.Biz Wiki
290.AAA Web Directory
291.Agri Education
292.Sergiu Ungureanu
293.Ranch Links
294.UK Childrens Books
295.BLP Directory
296.Web HotLink
297.Evolving Critic
298.Add Your Links Now
299.Abstract Directory
300.Luxury Scotland
301.Red Alto
302.4 NI
303.Evolving Critic
304.Shop Seek
305.Around You
306.Suggest Link
307.UK Web UK
309.Directory Fever
310.Advance Australia Fair
311.Text Link Directory
312.Cando MultiMedia
313.Her Light
314.My Local Services
315.Link Nom
316.PR 3 Plus
319.Royal Linkup
321.Home and Garden Listings
323.Best SEO Directory
324.The UK Web Directory
325.UK Best 50
326.PB Lake
328.ACE Web Directory
329.Online Society
331.One Million Directory
332.URL Directing
334.Rev USA
335.All World Links
337.Direct Way
338.Medical Health Sites
339.The Directory
341.Add Link Suggest
342.Your New Directory Site
345.Advanced SEO Directory
346.SMS Web
347.Find UK
348.The Local Web
349.Bitter Skank
350.Hey Directory
353.Idaho Index
354.Hand Tucher
356.Great California
357.Content Clear
358.Gloucester Shire
359.10 Star Directory
361.Bob Sources
362.Global Irish
363.Exploring Scotland
364.In UK
365.The UK Franchise Directory
366.Deaf 247
367.Finest 4
368.UK Local Search
369.Atoz Pages
371.Real Player Live
372.ECC Trade
373.Search N Search
375.Web Directory Australia
376.Local Data Search
377.We Web Ware
378.Store Zone
379.Digi London
380.Dot UK Directory
381.Marketing Quotes
383.Digi Britain
384.Secrets FW
385.EC 123
386.Business Line Directory
387.Add 32
388.Article Side
389.ECC Trade
391.Liked Dot
392.The Hope Directory
393.General Web Directory
395.National Directory
396.Yellow Book
397.ZZ Directory
398.Stand Rews Directory
399.The Engine Rooms
400.Vere Directory
402.Submit Link
404.Bristol Online
405.HAWK Directory
406.First 4 London
407.Valley Connection
408.EWeb Dir
409.Ready To Find
411.In Web Link
412.Sami Web Directory
414.Link Index
415.Aus Everything
416.Concert Study
417.Tiny Dino Directory
419.Page Nxt
420.Zero Tres
421.Best Hotel Directory
423.Carry on Surfing
424.Click 4 Choice
426.Inspiring Women
427.Top Dir Listing
428.Alligator Directory
429.AutoPilot Directory
430.Ads for Blog
434.Enter UK
435.Jobs Word
436.Added The URL
437.Thames Valley Business
440.Find in Australia
441.WL Dir
442.Web Directory 1
443.Links Bids
447.Free BD
449.All The UK
450.Hello Cocky
451.Links Provider
452.Get in Directory
454.Directory Lane
455.Article Content Directory
457.Look Trade
458.Active Hippo
459.APG Info
460.Site Trawler
461.Website Library
462.High-Quality Postings
463.SEO for Sure
464.Organic Best SEO
465.Add Top Links
466.Add URL Hyperlink
467.Go Add URL
468.Submit Directory
469.Vision Outline
470.Web World Links
471.Premium Links Dir
472.Tip Sand methods
473.Everything Allowed
474.Tips to promote
474.Smart Online Forms
475.Global Directory 4 U
476.Down Under Index
478.Cyndi’s List
479.Submit Express
480.Scrub The Web
481.Active Search Results
482.True Local
483.Giga Blast
484.Hot vs. Not
485.Free Index
487.Links Live
488.Brown Book
491.NI Business Info
492.Pegas US Directory
493.R Directory
494.Hot Frog
495.High-Rank Directory
496.Pegas US Directory
497.1 ABC
499.Crazy Leaf Design
500.Rampant Scotland
501.Alive Directory
502.Charity Choice
503.D Look
504.Puppy URL
505.The Good Web Guide
507.Search Europe
508.Start Local
509.Submit Link N URL
510.Direct Link
511.Sites Web Directory
512.Link Add URL
513.Pro-Link Directory
514.Triple Directory
515.My Green Corner
516.Pro-Link Directory
518.Link Directory
519.The Free Directory
520.Directory Vault
521.Business Finder
522.Free Directory
523.Add Business
524.Operation Up Pink
525.Bed and Breakfast Directory
526.Submit URL
527.A-List Directory
528.Fat 64
529.A-List Sites
530.123 Hit Links
531.WL Directory
532.USA Websites Directory
533.Apple Gate
536.Directory WS
538.Local Life
539.Top Sites Web Directory
540.Search Newz
541.9 Sites
542.Info Listings
543.The Trade Finder
544.Gain Web
545.Free Web Directory
547.Directory Free
548.Search Me 4
549.Directory Free
550.Add New Link
551.Live Popular
552.Free WD
554.Submission 4 U
555.Shop Safe
556.The CGI Site
557.UK Net Guide
558.Moms Directory
559.Baikal Global
560.Directory Bin
563.Slack Alice
564.Biz Wiki
566.AAA Web Directory
567.Agri Education
568.Sergiu Ungureanu
569.Ranch Links
570.UK Children’s Books
571.BLP Directory
572.Web HotLink
573.Evolving Critic
574.Add Your Links Now
575.Abstract Directory
576.Luxury Scotland
577.Red Alto
578.4 NI
579.Evolving Critic
580.Shop Seek
581.Around You
582.Suggest Link
583.UK Web UK
585.Directory Fever
586.Advance Australia Fair
587.Text Link Directory
588.Cando MultiMedia
589.Her Light
590.My Local Services
591.Link Nom
592.PR 3 Plus
595.Royal Linkup
597.Home and Garden Listings
599.Best SEO Directory
600.The UK Web Directory
601.UK Best 50
602.PB Lake
604.ACE Web Directory
605.Online Society
607.One Million Directory
608.URL Directing
610.Rev USA
611.All World Links
613.Direct Way
614.Medical Health Sites
615.The Directory
617.Add Link Suggest
618.Your New Directory Site
621.Advanced SEO Directory
622.SMS Web
623.Find UK
624.The Local Web
625.Bitter Skank
626.Hey Directory
629.Idaho Index
630.Hand Tucher
632.Great California
633.Content Clear
634.Gloucester Shire
635.10 Star Directory
637.Bob Sources
638.Global Irish
639.Exploring Scotland
640.In UK
641.The UK Franchise Directory
642.Deaf 247
643.Finest 4
644.UK Local Search
645.Atoz Pages
647.Real Player Live
648.ECC Trade
649.Search N Search
651.Web Directory Australia
652.Local Data Search
653.We Web Ware
654.Store Zone
655.Digi London
656.Dot UK Directory
657.Marketing Quotes
659.Digi Britain
660.Secrets FW
661.EC 123
662.Business Line Directory
663.Add 32
664.Article Side
665.ECC Trade
667.Liked Dot
668.The Hope Directory
669.General Web Directory
671.National Directory
672.Yellow Book
673.ZZ Directory
674.Stand Rews Directory
675.The Engine Rooms
676.Vere Directory
678.Submit Link
680.Bristol Online
681.HAWK Directory
682.First 4 London
683.Valley Connection
684.EWeb Dir
685.Ready To Find
687.In Web Link
688.Sami Web Directory
690.Link Index
691.Aus Everything
692.Concert Study
693.Tiny Dino Directory
695.Page Nxt
696.Zero Tres
697.Best Hotel Directory
699.Carry on Surfing
700.Click 4 Choice
702.Inspiring Women
703.Top Dir Listing
704.Alligator Directory
705.AutoPilot Directory
706.Ads for Blog
709.Enter UK
710.Jobs Word
711.Added The URL
712.Thames Valley Business
715.Find in Australia
716.WL Dir
717.Web Directory 1
718.Links Bids
722.Free BD
724.All The UK
725.Hello Cocky
726.Links Provider
727.Get in Directory
729.Directory Lane
730.Article Content Directory
732.Look Trade
733.Active Hippo
734.APG Info
735.Site Trawler
736.Website Library
737.High Quality Postings
738.SEO for Sure
739.Organic Best SEO
740.Add Top Links
741.Add URL Hyperlink
742.Go Add URL
743.Submit Directory
744.Vision Outline
745.Web World Links
746.Premium Links Dir
747.Tip Sand methods
748.Everything Allowed
749.Tips to promote
750.Smart Online Forms
751.Global Directory 4 U
752.Down Under Index
759.Scrub The
761.The CGI
762.My Green
772.Active Search
773.Pages US
775.USA Web
879.Site Promotion
884.Marketing Internet
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Things to take into account while submitting to directories

Before submitting your website to directories, there are many things you should check. The following are some suggestions and advice:

  • If the directory is indexed or not, that is the first thing you should check. There is no use in being mentioned in it if they are not. Additionally, see if major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. have cached the directory. It is crucial to submit your website to a website with a high DA in order to optimise it.
  • Numerous terms are targeted in the titles and descriptions, including your brand name, primary keywords, secondary keywords, synonyms for primary keywords, long-tail keywords, etc.
  • The analytical questions that the website asks before listing is another thing to look into. As this is the way you may specifically categorise your business and related facts in a short amount of time, make sure these inquiries are original. Always verify the website’s outbound links on the category link pages to see how beneficial it will be.
  • Avoid using automated submission programmes that send 1000 submissions in a minute and attempt to use a manual directory submission service provider.
    Do highlight the web directory’s domain authority as a crucial point for submission in order to verify the legitimacy of the site listing. You might quickly search a directory with the help of this step.
  • Do not rely exclusively on directory submissions; there are additional strategies you can employ, such as guest blogging and social bookmarking.
  • Read the directory submission website’s rules carefully. Each website has its own set of regulations. They have a number of categories from which you must choose the best one to list your website. Your site may be rejected or removed if you choose the incorrect category.

Do’s and Don’ts of Directory Submission Sites

You must be aware of their dos and don’ts before submitting your website to directories.


To enhance traffic, submit your website to reputable directories. The quality of the backlinks is also important because they contribute to the website’s SEO.

  • Avoid using spammy language and pick carefully chosen words for your anchor text. When creating the anchor text for each link, avoid repetition. Change the description for each link and select unique keywords.
  • When you submit your website into categories, make sure the directory you choose has a special category structure that will help to better organise the material. This facilitates finding necessary information quickly.
  • Do not forget to look at the directory’s domain authority.
  • Your title and description should be pertinent and appropriate. Don’t forget to include the primary keyword in the title since it will appear in the anchor text.
    To check if the website is already listed, perform a quick search in the directory. You would have plenty of time to spare.
  • When constructing links, always keep quality in mind. A single high-quality link is preferable to a number of low-quality ones. Since links from directories with good PR increase traffic to your site
  • Choose one-way links by submitting to directories instead of paying for the links.
    Keep an eye on your submissions and check the status of your approvals frequently.
  • While some may charge you to submit your website to a few top sites, many free directory submission sites could automatically accept your site.
  • Documenting your work is crucial for tracking performance. You might use documentation to determine whether or not your SEO techniques are effective.


  • Keep in mind that a directory that applies the “rel=no follow” method to your link is useless because it hinders your optimization efforts. That link to your website is not followed by search engines. Redirects are occasionally not taken into account by search engines when calculating backlinks.
  • Avoid link farms, undesirable areas, and free-for-all (FFA) link sites as they might damage your website.
  • Do not submit your site to that directory if you see that it is not being approved without a manual check. To do this, they employ several automated programmes.
  • Do not submit mirror sites because they have different URLs but the same exact content.
  • Many directories will not accept websites that have been submitted within the same month. They could display the error “Domain already exists.” But if you haven’t already included it, pick a category that’s more appropriate and submit it.
  • As it is not regarded as best practise, avoid submitting the same URL more than once.
  • Avoid choosing a website that takes you to a different location.
    Wait for the website to be finished before submitting it because unfinished or under construction websites should not be added to directories of this type.


Good SEO Resources for Building Links

There are other ways to increase backlinks for your website or blog besides directory submission. You can create a variety of other links for your website to enhance its visibility in Google. Here, I’m going to share some of the top SEO tools you can use to develop backlinks for your website.

Using profile links to build links

Adding profile links on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and other sites is one of the best strategies to increase the number of links to your blog. Simply build a profile page and populate it with connections to your website or blog. After that, you can tell your friends or followers about it. They will then have the option to click on that link to learn more about your website. If you choose the correct social network, building backlinks for your website is really simple and easy.

Using social bookmarking sites to build links

Building high-quality backlinks for your website is easy using social bookmarking platforms. Because you can easily increase traffic to your website by posting your material on these types of platforms, I strongly advise using them. Before uploading your website link file, I advise you to sign up for a number of social bookmarking websites and distribute your content on their user groups. You can use this to build high-quality backlinks to your website.

Using Article Submission Sites to Build Links

A wonderful technique to increase organic traffic and backlinks to your website is through article submission. In reality, it was one of the most effective strategies I’d done to increase Google traffic eight months earlier. You can utilise one of the countless article submission websites to increase the number of backlinks to your website. The most important aspect of these websites is that you can use Google to drive traffic to them.

Using Web 2.0 sites to Build Links

Building high-quality backlinks for your website is easy using Web 2.0 platforms. And I strongly advise creating web 2.0 backlinks for your website if you want to get traffic from Google using these sites. You can utilise one of the many Web 2.0 sites to create links to your website. The only issue is that it takes a lot longer for them to be indexed in Google and you have to wait a while before they start to benefit your website.

Using Guest Posting to Build Links

One of the easiest strategies to obtain natural backlinks for your website without suffering Google penalties is definitely by guest posting. Guest posting is the fastest technique to create high-quality backlinks if you’re looking for a solution. You can rest assured that if you produce high-quality material and post it on other people’s blogs, they will not only share it on social media but also link to your site, which will raise your Google rating.

Using forum threads to Build Links

Building links is a terrific strategy to get the high-quality backlinks you want for your website. If used properly, forums are a good method to increase traffic to your website. After some investigation, I learned that many people have used forum submission to gain exposure and referrals from communities with thousands of registered users. So there is no better method than forum submission if you want to create natural and quality backlinks.

Linking in Comments to Build Links

Building links for your blog through comment linking is effective. In fact, it’s one of my top methods for quickly obtaining natural backlinks for my blog. By posting your material in comments on various blogs, you can increase traffic to your website using the efficient approach of comment linking. Get a list of respectable blogs, then start leaving comments on those that are pertinent. Following that, you may send the blog owner the link to your remark and ask them to post it on their website.

Using Infographics to Build Links

Using infographics is one of the best ways to increase the number of high-quality backlinks to your website. In reality, infographics are among the most effective strategies I’ve used to raise my brand’s Google visibility. An infographic is a visual depiction of data and information about a subject or specialty that will assist you in attracting more viewers, in case you are unfamiliar with the term.

The paid directories are the finest if you’re looking for backlinks of high quality to raise the ranking of your website in Google. These kinds of directories are created especially for SEO objectives and will make it simple for you to increase your website’s rating in Google. They are indexed quicker than any other directory, therefore your search engine rankings will improve even more quickly than you anticipate.

In addition, because so few individuals choose to submit premium submission sites, they are less spammy than the free ones. And as a result, the directories gain credibility and benefit their subscribers more. Therefore, before constructing links through directory submission, be sure to search for paid directories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Uncertain about whether or not to submit your website to directories? This section is for you if you answered affirmatively. Whether or if our readers should submit their websites is the query I am asked most frequently. So, in order to help others, I’ve put up a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about directory submission sites.

What Exactly Is a Deep Link, and How Can It Help Me?

A link to a certain page or article on your website is all a deep link is. As a result, you should use these web directories to create some deep links if you’re looking for a technique to increase the number of links pointing to certain of your content. An online directory’s anchor can be chosen by the user. Be careful not to abuse this weakness by spamming. If you don’t follow these rules, Google may flag your website. After that, it could be quite challenging for you to escape it in the future.

Why are the majority of directories spammy?

Many of these directory submission sites have novice webmasters who are unaware of the risk of Google penalising their websites and blogs if spammy links are submitted to their directory submission sites. If you’re seeking for higher-quality links rather than spam, these websites will be far better. Therefore, first check the quality of these directory submission sites in Google before you start developing links on their directories. Stay away from them if it’s bad.

Why Should I Submit to Directories for Backlinks?

The fact that there is no human inspection when you are constructing connections on these sites is the primary justification for using directory submission services for backlinks. Another advantage is that you can copy and paste your URL address to them and acquire a link in just a few minutes, which is far easier than building links on forums, blogs, or social networks. You won’t need to take any additional action because that information will also be automatically saved in these directories.

What is the procedure for adding a website to a directory submission site?

By simply include the name of your website and the URL in it or by entering the URL in the field given, you can submit your website to sites that accept submissions for directories or deep links. Therefore, browse any directory submission site, look for the appropriate category, and select it if you wish to submit your website. then enter your website’s URL into that field by copying and pasting it.

Are sites for directory submission a replacement for link building?

No, it won’t take the place of creating links in the backend of your website. If you’re seeking for some high-quality backlinks, it’s just excellent to have a lot of them. Some SEO experts advise against building links through directory submission because there is so much spam, but if you locate some quality sites, it may be worthwhile (I often advise utilising Moz’s spam score tool to evaluate the domain’s spam score).

Wrapping Up!

I really hope that this post has provided you with all of the information that you required concerning quality directory submission sites. I really hope that this information will be of assistance to you in constructing high-quality links for your websites or blogs. If you have any inquiries, kindly ask me by posting a comment below this article. Your personal website or blog is ready to receive backlinks, and the best place to start is by submitting it to high-quality directories. Please use the space below to leave a remark with any questions or any feedback you may have.

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