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50 Share Your Blog Posts For Backlinks

Free tools and plug-ins like Shareaholic , Blog2SocialSocial Networks Auto Poster (which I use) make it simple to distribute your blog content online. We tried this one and found it to be too complicated, although the functions are amazing. We tried Crowd Fire , Hoot Suite, and CoSchedule  . set-up was difficult so I had to pay someone from Upwork to help.

Whenever you share a blog post, don’t forget to include #hashtags. If you tweet your blog content, utilise a URL shortener like Bitly or TinyURL. I observed an almost immediate SEO boost once I made a conscious effort to share my blog content on as many networks as I could. Regular blogging will increase the impact of sharing your posts on the aforementioned websites. Do you currently share your blog posts? Where, if so? Tell me in the comments section below. and good luck blogging!

50  Free websites to Share Your Blog Posts For Backlinks & organic traffic.

In this digital era, guest posting is somewhat common to many. Guest posting allows site owners to obtain quality backlinks, improve SEO results, increase subscribers, and expose their expertise. So let’s see the Top 20 free guest posting sites for Backlinks & organic traffic with high DA & PA rankings.  Every niche is accepted, We are okay with any topic except erotic material. Rules are simple – 600+ words and Plagiarism free & unique content we will provide do-follow backlink to your site. mail your guest post to Free guest posting sites ” data-image-caption=” Free guest posting sites

50+ Free websites to Share Your Blog Posts For Backlinks You Should Submit To (For Visibility & Traffic)

“A writer is someone who finds writing more challenging than other people do.” — Thomas Mann I can concur with the aforementioned phrase because writing requires more than just slapping words together that make sense. To quote Lemony Snicket, “If writers wrote as carelessly as some people talk, then adhasdh asdglaseuyt[bn]pasdlgkhasdfasdf.” It’s funny, right? True, but also! Imagine writing for someone else—writing is not easy in general! Guest posting is exactly what it sounds like. We will go through every facet of guest posting in this article, as well as provide you a thorough rundown of free guest posting sites. The good stuff is coming, so pay attention.

What is Guest Posting?

In common parlance, “guest posting” is the practise of creating and contributing articles that are then published on the website or blog of another individual. Therefore, everyone who is engaged as a content writer or who works as a freelancer is, in essence, conducting guest posting for the business that employs them.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Guest posting is more than just writing for someone else, departing after your assignment is through, and packing up your possessions. The value of the writers’ own body of work is increased by guest posting, and it also helps them build their own online authority. Some good examples of writers who have established a niche for themselves by doing excellent work while utilising their employer’s platform comes from BuzzFeed, ScoopWhoop, and ThoughtCatalog. The benefits of guest posting include the following:

Building relationships

Guest posting is more than just writing for someone else, departing after your assignment is through, and packing up your possessions. The value of the writers’ own body of work is increased by guest posting, and it also helps them build their own online authority. Some good examples of writers who have established a niche for themselves by doing excellent work while utilising their employer’s platform comes from BuzzFeed, ScoopWhoop, and ThoughtCatalog. The benefits of guest posting include the following:

Being picked up by Search Engines

If the host blogger links to your blog in their post, it will considerably increase your worth as a writer. This is because, over time, the backlinks will help your blog become more useful to search engines. Eventually, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other well-known search engines will index your work. This is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which will raise your content’s positioning and reach.

 Tips Before Beginning Guest Posting

The foundation of content marketing, which is today’s enormous business, is guest writing. Additionally, guest posting is more difficult now than it ever was. Now, in addition to assisting you in enhancing your ranking in the SERPs, it lets you engage with your target audience and sell your services to clients. In light of this, the following are some things to think about before guest posting:

Choosing the best domain for blogs

It is equally important to pick the right guest poster and the right blog because both the author and the sort of content can make or break the guest blogging cycle. Be sure to ask about the kind of content the potential site covers before contacting them to be guest posters in order to avoid posting anything outside of their (and your) niche. This is because being unfamiliar with a particular niche may cause you to be rejected right away and make it challenging for you to engage the audience.

Attractive Headlines

If you’re a writer, it always helps you stand apart from the competition. It should go without saying that if you want to be a guest poster, you must be able to write captivating headlines because the title is what gets people to click through to the blog piece. Statistics show that there are five times more headline readers than copy readers. Make an attempt to come up with a title that will grab the reader’s attention.

Keep it simple

The traditional writing style will always be one that provides clear, concise, and straightforward information, despite the current trend toward writing with ornamentation. The common user would cringe if there is too much technical jargon present, which will also make it difficult to skim the text. Because the target audience constantly converses at a layman’s level, it is best to produce stuff that is succinct, heartfelt, and funny with little to no jargon.

Proofreading comes in handy

Proofreading is a writer’s superpower, but it must be used carefully. Grammar and spelling mistakes may be highly distracting and make the entire piece of writing appear sloppy, regardless of how interesting a topic is addressed. Make sure you or a writer/editor proofread your guest post when you’ve completed writing it.

Using pictures and video

As a writer, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to a certain format or style and should always be exploring fresh approaches to improving the readability of your writing. Although the text in guest posts is the primary focus, there are other content options to take into account, such as the inclusion of images, videos, GIFs, and infographics. They serve to summarise and liven up the text in addition to being relatable and well-liked by readers. In reality, a lot of guest bloggers ask that authors include the same details in their articles and listicles.

50 Free websites to Share Your Blog Posts For Backlinks & Organic traffic.

I’m hoping that guest posting can benefit you as well. There are several websites that welcome visitor input. Therefore, if you’re seeking trustworthy websites that can assist you in obtaining high-quality backlinks. Look through the list of the top free guest posting websites below.

Top Social Media sites To Share Your Blog Posts For Backlinks

1. Twitter

Free websites to Share Your Blog Posts For Backlinks - TwitterTwitter is a fantastic medium for the social dissemination of a wide variety of different types of content. You can communicate with influencers as well as the people who follow you on social media as a component of your social media strategy. If you do it correctly, you have the potential to build a big audience of followers who are enthusiastic about reading the stuff you produce. Twitter provides users with two distinct benefits. first, to boost the amount of traffic that comes to your website from social media. Second, some of your followers may link to it from their own websites if they find it valuable enough to share.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest - Free websites to Share Your Blog Posts For Backlinks

Pinterest has quickly become one of the most widely used “social bookmarking services.” People “pin” content that they like to their personal bulletin boards. People will be able to refer back to it at a later time and discuss topics that pique their interest with others. It is one of the best-picture SEO tools that are now available and is of great assistance when it comes to the sharing of photographs.

3. Mix (previously StumbleUpon)

Free websites to Share Your Blog Posts For Backlinks - Mix

Mix is yet another incredibly famous social bookmarking website, and it has built its reputation on the fact that it is exceedingly user friendly. It is similar to Pinterest in that it enables you to share content as well as the content that you have bookmarked with other users. It is possible to build a network of individuals who organically share your work by having high-quality material and establishing a following, which may be incredibly helpful.

4. Dribbble

Free websites to Share Your Blog Posts For Backlinks - Dribbble

You can compare Dribble to a social bookmarking site, however it is geared specifically toward graphic designers. It is one of the better sites to obtain backlinks and shares for your business if it is in the creative industry (or if you generate exceptionally high-quality visual content), and it is also one of the better sites overall. Additionally, it is possible for you to find other designers to work on joint projects with.

5. Delicious


Delicious is a fairly normal marketing website, and one of its functions is to provide a platform on which users may share the content they create in the hopes of driving additional traffic to that content. It is not nearly as popular as some of the larger platforms described here, but it is large and useful enough to warrant consideration for inclusion in your approach.

6. Pocket


People can use the website as well as the mobile application known as Pocket to “pocket” interesting things that they come across when browsing the internet or using other applications. Once you’ve bookmarked some stuff in Pocket, you’ll have full access to it even when you’re not connected to the internet. When you are posting content on the platform, it is important to bear in mind the extra features that make it popular among individuals who are very knowledgeable about technology.

7. Digg

Free websites to Share Your Blog Posts For Backlinks - Digg

Digg is yet another significant bookmarking network that enables users to personalise the content feeds they get. They are able to navigate by a variety of categories and save the stuff they uncover for a later time. They also have the ability to curate the content that they find, making it simpler for them to find other things that pique their interest.

8. Folkd


Folkd is a social bookmarking service that also includes a search engine functionality that is really helpful. Folkd displays results based on bookmarks, whereas the majority of search engines rank results based on a complex algorithm. A piece of information will have a higher chance of being found during a search if it has been saved multiple times.

9. Reddit


Reddit has the potential to be a big content collector; but, it is notoriously difficult to use effectively. The fact that most of it was contributed by users presents a challenge in this regard. Because of this, promoting your own content can be challenging, but in the long run, it will be worthwhile because there are so many active users on the platform.

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10. Fark


The social news site known as Fark relies on the manual submissions of content producers as its primary source of material. They are selective about the content that they display in order to help maintain a certain level of quality. If you are successful in getting content of high quality recognised, your focus on quality might become a badge of distinction for you.

11. BizSugar

BizSugarBizSugar is a social bookmarking website that focuses exclusively on the content that is relevant to small businesses, startup companies, and marketing. It is an excellent platform for sharing material inside that sector in order to expand your brand and build trust among very professional business owners. You might also discover opportunities for outreach depending on the other people in the neighbourhood with whom you engage in conversation.

12. Slashdot


Another platform that focuses on a specific area, in this case technology, is called Slashdot, and it is a bookmarking service. Users who have an account can contribute content related to computers, hardware, software, and other topics such as security and video games. If your firm is related to the field of technology, you should absolutely do it.

13. We Heart It


When compared to other social sharing sites, We Heart It is most analogous to Pinterest in the sense that it places a greater emphasis on aesthetically pleasing content. If the photographs, graphics, and infographics you upload to We Heart It are of high quality and contain an uplifting message, you should have good luck with the site.

14. Scoop.It


Scoop It is geared primarily for content creators who have professional experience and are looking for assistance with marketing, curation, and analysis. There is both a free edition and a premium version available, with the paid version catering more for companies who want to distribute material from their websites.

15. Trendiee


Helping individuals uncover new and trending content that is relevant to them is at the heart of what Trendiee is all about. You may search for news based on the category or topic you’re interested in, and users can also submit their own news and content for the site to check over and perhaps publish. In that respect, it’s very comparable to Fark.

16. Diigo

DiigoDiigo is a website for posting links that has an academic orientation as its primary aim. People who are currently enrolled in educational institutions or who work in the field of education can use the website or their browser plugin to bookmark articles that they find interesting. The ability to annotate articles or PDFs online while you peruse them is one of the features that makes it particularly useful for academic use.

17. BibSonomy


Because it is geared toward companies who publish scientific research, BibSonomy is possibly the most specialised bookmarking site on this list. Given the subject matter and the people who make use of it, your company has a lot of potential and a great deal of credibility if it works in that area of specialization.

18. Pearltrees


Pearltrees is a website for link sharing that provides its users with the ability to categorise the content they store into a variety of categories. In addition to this, it provides its users with the ability to collaborate in some fashion while maintaining a user experience that is shockingly straightforward and uncomplicated. Because of this, it has become one of the most widely used platforms for the exchange of content.

19. DZone


Because of its widespread audience, DZone is an excellent site for organisations involved in the software development industry to use for sharing links. You may expect to see a large number of users dropping by on a daily basis to discuss and learn about the most recent events and tendencies in the field of software development.

20. Medium

MediumMedium is widely regarded as one of the best websites on which professional writers are able to post original and engaging content. Because of the high quality standard that Medium maintains, any successful material that you are able to have published on the platform will have a greater impact.

21. SlideShare


Slideshare is an excellent platform for storing and sharing any slideshow-based content that you create for use in professional settings such as conferences or webinars. Although it was once an independent company, LinkedIn just purchased it, and as a result, you now have access to a vast professional network through it. Because of this, it is especially helpful if you work in the business-to-business (B2B) sector and want to sell yourself to other companies.

22. Quora


At its core, Quora is a forum in which users can pose questions to one another. After that, responses that are beneficial can be provided by individuals who have knowledge in those areas. You can look through questions that other individuals in your field have asked and then answer those questions using your knowledge. You can include a link to a more detailed explanation if you have an appropriate article on your website that addresses the question.

23. Facebook


Facebook has a vast user base, but the social media platform recently made significant changes to its algorithm, making it significantly more difficult to contact new individuals in a natural way. However, due to the fact that it is a free network, it ought to be incorporated into your social sharing plan alongside other platforms such as Twitter.

24. Flipboard


Flipboard is a website for social bookmarking and content curation that prioritises the user’s ability to achieve their own personal goals. It is the company’s goal to provide its consumers with access to content that not only keeps them informed but also engages them in the wider world and makes them better people overall. Although it is not the easiest approach to take, using your guides as content has the potential to be a very beneficial use of your time.

25. Feedly


Feedly is a blog reader that utilises RSS feeds and has a user base that exceeds 15 million people. It assists users in aggregating articles and news from various sources, including the outlets and influencers to which they are connected. In addition to that, it comes with a social sharing feature that allows users to communicate with one another.

26. Instapaper

InstapaperPeople who want to store items they find online for later offline reading can do so using one of the most effective methods, which is Instapaper. It is quite helpful for folks who have a long flight or travel on a train that has poor data service because it allows them to stay connected during those times. You are able to get your material in front of an audience that is interested if you own a company that has intriguing articles to share with others.

27. Kirtsy


Kristy was originally designed as a platform for aggregating stock content; however, it has subsequently been expanded to include support for a larger variety of content types. Now a user can share slideshows with other users that are very visually focused. It is an excellent choice for a company that specialises in visuals, such as graphic designers of any kind.

28. LinkaGoGo

LinkaGoGo The website LinkaGoGo is an excellent resource for saving and organising stuff that you find online. It provides a great level of personalization for users, allowing them to set up their bookmarks and control the content that is displayed on the website. Users are also able to create a reminder to visit websites that publish new material on a predetermined schedule.

29. LinkedIn


The website LinkaGoGo is an excellent resource for saving and organising stuff that you find online. It provides a great level of personalization for users, allowing them to set up their bookmarks and control the content that is displayed on the website. Users are also able to create a reminder to visit websites that publish new material on a predetermined schedule.

30. Disqus


There is a good chance that you have used Disqus in one form or another in the past. It is a commenting system that a large number of websites employ so that their readers can remark on the content that they publish. It’s great to add to your own articles or blog. On the other hand, you can also use it on high-quality sites in order to offer your knowledge and connect to some of your own stuff.

31. Listly


The popularity of list-oriented articles is used for commercial gain by the website Listly. Its community compiles their own “best” lists of content that they have enjoyed, which provides an opportunity for your work to be seen by a big number of new people. Your posts that contain helpful ideas, instructions, and guidance typically do well within their community if you wrote them.

32. Tumblr


Tumblr is a platform that gives users the ability to make their own multimedia postings for a mini-blog based on content that they want to share with other users. You can also generate your own stuff to publish, which gives you the ability to take an article, blog post, or other visual content and load it onto your Tumblr.

33. Crazybacklink


Crazybacklink is a social bookmarking service that was developed to assist users in discovering new websites that may be of interest to them. They will find that creating their bookmark list is facilitated as a result of this. Because it is not only easy to use but also free, integrating it to your sharing strategy is something that you should consider doing.

34. Dotnetkicks


Dotnetkicks is a website that allows users to share news-related items. The community is the foundation of it, and its members are all experts in.NET technology and development. It could be a useful platform for sharing your material if your company is in the field of software development or information technology.

35. Emolinks


Emolinks is another generic social bookmarking service that enables users to not only generate their own material but also share it with other users. Because it is free to use and offers multiple different categories for material, it is an effective tool for promoting content that can be utilised by virtually any company.

36. Facecool


That is not a misspelling for Facebook at all. Facecool is a free website that allows users to upload content of any sort of media for distribution, and the site also allows users to publish links. It is possible to register an account and distribute your content under a wide variety of categories, making it ideal for a wide variety of different types of organisations.

37. MozyLink


MozyLink is a social bookmarking platform that is known for its ease of use. You have the option of submitting your own content so that it can be shared for free within a few primary headings. On the other hand, the community will vote on any and every content that is submitted, which enables you to monitor the level of interest and participation.

38. PiPiNews


PiPiNews is a platform that enables its users to upload a variety of content, and it functions as a general bookmarking and link posting service. It is completely free for you to distribute any of your own news stories, videos, photographs, or infographics that you create.

39. Sitejot


Sitejot is a free bookmark management tool that enables you to load, update, and manage all of your web favourites through a centralised account. You can add websites to an RSS feed, or you can import your own list if you already have one stored elsewhere.

40. Skybacklinks


Skybacklinks is a platform for publishing links and bookmarking websites that allows users to not only contribute links but also share them with other people and save them for later use. People can also search for new links inside Skybacklinks by using keywords or the url to narrow down their results. You can load your own links or material for other people to find, click on, and bookmark.

41. SocialBookmarkNow


The social bookmarking and sharing network known as SocialBookmarkNow provides users with free accounts and a feature that enables them to submit material quickly. They have a system that provides fast approval for any content that is uploaded. It might reduce the bar for quality content on the site, but it makes it more quicker and easier for you to distribute fresh stuff that you have created.

42. SocioPost


SocioPost is a social bookmarking website that is based on a community, and its users cast votes on the bookmarks that they consider to be their favourites. This may consist of news, articles, movies, or photographs that someone discovered while browsing the internet. You are able to make an account in order to share your own material and receive votes on it.

43. TechDirt


TechDirt is an online news aggregator that mostly focuses on the technological sector. It also allows its members who have accounts to upload their own news. You can use it to post news stories that you create or to distribute press releases about new items that you develop if your company is focused on the technology industry.

44. Tracky


Tracky is a tool for team collaboration that also has a social sharing component. You may create an account for free, and once you do, you’ll be able to share information and save digital links, photographs, videos, and other media for use in projects you’re working on.

45. Zypid


Zypid is yet another generic social bookmarking service that enables its users to share the links they have bookmarked with other users of the site. It places a greater emphasis on information that is related to news, and it also allows users to submit their own news articles. The links that are distributed through it are all of the DoFollow variety. This is an additional advantage.

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46. MetaFilter


MetaFilter is a community-driven blog that encourages users to share new links to articles and other forms of content with one another. You can also engage with other users through the comment sections, where you can share your knowledge and provide links to your own guides.

47. AixinDashi

AixinDashiAixinDashi is a social bookmarking site that enables users to easily and without cost create an account. In addition to letting you publish your own material and articles, it organises its articles and posts according to a few main categories. It is comparable to Zypid in that it places a greater emphasis on news material than it does on other types of content.

48. HubPages


People are able to publish their own content as well as contribute to others’ on HubPages, which is a community-based content aggregator. Before something can be published, it must first go through a submission process that incorporates a rather stringent quality control measure. You can also work with other people to develop free joint material, which can also assist you in locating the websites of those other people so that you can conduct outreach.

49. Bloglovin


Bloglovin’ is a website that promotes blog material and serves as an excellent means of expanding a blog’s readership community. Adding your blog’s url is all that’s required, after which you can begin publishing new content and notifying your followers whenever you make a new post.

50. Scribd


You are able to publish your own articles, blog entries, and other text-based content on Scribd at no cost. Scribd is a platform that is centred on the sharing of documents and links. Additionally, it is able to convert your articles into PDF documents and vice versa, making it possible to embed them on other websites for the purpose of generating backlinks.

51. Flickr



Flickr is a community for sharing photos and other high-quality images, and users can contribute to the community by submitting their own photos and images. You can generate traffic to your site and earn backlinks by uploading images that you have created yourself or that you have taken yourself for use in your content to the photo sharing website Flickr.

52. Triberr



Triberr is yet another free blogging platform that enables users to share their content and promote their blogs. Triberr users may also comment on other users’ blogs. You can use it to locate new bloggers and influencers to add to your outreach list, in addition to the fact that it will drive additional traffic to the content you have published on your website.

50  Free websites toShare Your Blog Posts For Backlinks.

1- Mashable

This site is popular to the blogger community more than 45 million page viewers per month. It deals with social media, technology, digital media, as well as web culture news. You can select your niche from the 92 categories, including social media, entertainment, business, and technology.

Submit Guest Post. Mashable – Guest Post submission

2- Copy blogger

This online platform deals with content marketing education. It aims to keep everything on its site well-written, relevant, and practically. Provided that you’ll meet their standards, you will be able to contribute to their site.

How to submit guest post to copy blogger?

3- Out brain

This is a free, highly rated guest posting platform. It is popular in promoting content across the globe, hence discovering millions of people. The platform also hosts sponsored content resulting to driving of traffic. The alexa ranking of the platform is 128. Go to outbrain – Submit a guest post to outbrain.

Submit guest post to outbrain.

4- The Huffington post

This is undoubtedly one of the best sites for guest posting. It is reputable in content related to personal stories, entertainment, style, wellness, trending stories, and technology. It best suits those who write on multiple topics.

Submit guest post to Huffpost Now Submit your Pitch guest post to HuffPost

5 – Medium

This site will best suits individuals who are good in science and technology. If you believe in yourself, you can try this amazing platform. Medium covers topics from cryptocurrency to neuroscience. It has a massive number of readers, approximately 130 million. Therefore, you will be able to drive more traffic to your site.  even you can earn money by being full time guest writer on Medium. So it is one of best free guest posting sites.

Write article for Medium & get backlinks.

6- Software world

This is the best platform for software rating and review that allows guest contributors. You can write on software, technology, reviews, small businesses, and start-ups. You can try your luck if you are knowledgeable on the mentioned topics.

Submit guest post to software sites

7 – HubSpot

HubSpot is a platform that is mostly used by online businesses in converting their visitors into customers. It has an incredible number of visitors adding up to 32 million visitors every month. The platform allows bloggers to guest post for free. It deals with content related to marketing, sales, websites, and services.

Write guest on Hubspot Free guest posting sites

8 – Get response

Get response enables marketing to small businesses. You can blog about content marketing, social media, SEO, email, general marketing tips and more. It has 81 categories, hence you can select your best topic.

Guest Post on GetResponse so I have listed it in the top 10 free guest posting sites.

9 – Content marketing institute

This site enables its audience to learn content marketing strategies. The site has an incredible number of subscribers, more than 140,000. Also, it has scooped more than 260,000 followers on social media across different platforms. Therefore, you can scoop a desirable number of visitors if your post will be accepted.

Go to content marketing institute

10 – Entrepreneur

This is another fantastic place where you can contribute about marketing. Also, you can write about social media, business, finance, and leadership. This site will best suit those who are passionate about business. In case you are comfortable with such, try your luck on this platform.

Write guest post on

Top 10 websites accepting guest posts. (Free websites to Share Your Blog Posts For Backlinks)

11 – MOZ

This site was launched in 2004. It’s aim is to build tools that monitors, measures, and also evaluates a website level of SEO. Moreover, they are dedicated on how-to- guides, and knowledge about social media as well as marketing on their blog. The main themes in this great site are marketing, SEO, and search engines.

12 – The penny hoarder

This platform works to bring personal finance management and money tips to it’s users. In short, the main goal of this site is to put extra cash in the users pockets. The main topics in this site are money, finance, and blogging. You can contribute in this platform in case it interests you.Go to the penny hoarder you can send guest post to along with your referring links.

13 – Lifehack

The main aim of lifehack is to improve your daily life. It focuses on bringing a positive influence and getting things done around you. The main themes in the platform are productivity and lifestyle. If you find it interesting, don’t be shy to submit your post. . Go to lifehackSubmit free guest post to Lifehack

14 –

The site deals with practical advice, tools and services geared towards small businesses. You will come across insightful interviews from a list of experts and useful business articles on the platform. Moreover, they have a popular print magazine in United States. The site allows pitches as they offer simple guidelines to those who are willing to contribute Go to – Submit guest post to free

15 – Social media today

Social media has taken over the hearts of many individuals today. If you need any updated social media news, visit social media today. In case you have passion on social media marketing. This is the right place you can guest blog. Apart from social media and marketing, this platform has more other categories adding up to 80. Go to social media today – Free guest post now on

16 – Creative bloq

Creative bloq allows experts in design to develop and share their ideas. You can send your pitch on their email then you’ll wait for approval. Creative bloq serves more than 3 million readers per month with a DA of 87.   – Contribute to & get Backlinks.

Share Your Blog Posts For Backlinks (Free websites to Share Your Blog Posts For Backlinks)

1. Quuu Promote

Quuu Promote is a blog promotion tool that’s designed to increase traffic and engagement on your blog posts. It can also help obtain social mentions that can improve organic SEO. So, how does it work? When you begin using Quuu Promote, you can choose to promote a certain blog post by copying and pasting the URL. Then, the site will share your content on social media with real people in your niche. While you need to pay for each promotion, this site can reduce social media advertising costs overall. It works by getting real users to promote your content to real people. When you promote a blog, you choose the targeting category, so the site will promote it to the right people.

2. YouTube

When you promote your blog posts, you might need to repurpose your content for the chosen blog sharing site. For example, you can repurpose written blog posts into videos to post on YouTube. Repurposing your content on several platforms helps you drive traffic to your site and improves brand awareness. Braden Becker, a senior SEO strategist at HubSpot, says, “Every day, five billion YouTube videos are watched around the world. And they’re not just being watched — they’re being devoured. The average YouTube session by any one viewer is roughly 40 minutes, up 50% from the previous year, according to Omnicore.” That’s why YouTube is a great place to promote your blog content.

3. Instagram

Another social media site you can use to promote your blog is Instagram. This site has over one billion monthly users. When you promote a blog on Instagram, you might consider using the Stories feature. If you have 10,000 followers you can include a swipe-up link to your blogs on your Instagram Stories. However, if you don’t have that many followers, it’s okay. You can still share links to your blog posts in your bio and promote it through your posts on the feed or Stories.

4. Facebook Groups

While everyone knows you should be on Facebook, does everyone know that using Facebook Groups is one the top ways to reach users? In fact, 1.4 billion people use Facebook Groups and there are more than 10 million Groups on Facebook. If you’ve built a loyal community and fanbase, you might consider creating a Facebook Group for them. In your group, you can promote and talk about your recent blog posts. However, if you don’t have your own Facebook Group, you can join groups in your niche. In those groups, you can promote your blogs when it’s helpful.

5. Flipboard

Flipboard is a content aggregator site that allows users to read content from multiple sources in one place. As a publisher, you can add your site and begin posting your blogs. Promoting your blogs on Flipboard can help new readers discover your content. When a blog is posted, readers are redirected to your site, which helps generate traffic to your blog posts.

6. AllTop

AllTop is another content aggregator that allows readers to view content from a variety of sources. Marketers can submit their site to be listed by submitting an inquiry through the Contact page. If accepted, then your blogs will be listed on the site. By using blog promotion sites, you can increase your backlink opportunities, generate traffic, improve organic rankings, build authority, and reach more people.

7) Adsy

Adsy brings together top publishers and buyers to assist them in achieving new heights of success in their respective businesses. Select relevant publishers, then either order the creation of blog posts or contribute your own content. It is the optimal answer for everyone involved, including purchasers and publishers.

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Conclusion – Share Your Blog Posts For Backlinks

Presently, expressing one’s opinion is not only crucial but also regarded as a powerful symbol of originality and has the ability to lead to several opportunities for the speaker. On networks like LinkedIn, Quora, Medium, and others like them, people frequently publish fresh information in an effort to position themselves as authorities in their industry and wield significant influence over others. Guest posting can benefit your company greatly if done correctly. Don’t be afraid to give it a try.

You have access to a variety of tools, websites, and platforms for your content promotion strategy, including those for publishing links and disseminating them on social media. All of these are applicable. The items on the list are just the start. Even more platforms exist that are targeted at a certain industry, medium, or specialisation. Additionally, there are those that target a particular region only and don’t spread widely. You can establish local links thanks to this. It’s a good idea to search for more websites that fit your needs once you’ve mastered the use of a few of the ones on our list.

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