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Top 7 Strategies To Get Free Instagram Followers Daily

Let’s be honest. For most of us, Instagram is a mystery. It’s nearly impossible to expand your account organically due to continual algorithm tweaks, buying followers, the shadowban issue, and the follow and unfollow game. Last year, though, after a few weeks of experimenting with various tactics, I cracked the secret and can tell you exactly how I obtain roughly 30 real Instagram followers every day.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links, which means that any purchase made through these links will earn me a tiny profit. Thank you for supporting me and my site by purchasing something through my links. You’re incredible! I also feel compelled to point out that, while these tactics work, the most of them necessitate an outgoing time investment. That is to say, if you stop performing them, they will stop working… Because Instagram isn’t a top priority for me, I try to devote as little time as possible to it, therefore you’ll notice that my growth or number of followers isn’t linear.

But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of yours! What I’m trying to communicate is that these tactics are effective! However, you must commit to spending at least 1-2 hours every day on your blog and creating fresh content on a regular basis. If you do, you can easily gain 200 Instagram followers every week! Here’s how I went about doing it:

How to get real Instagram followers daily


First and foremost, whenever you want to grow a specific social media account, I find it best to reduce the amount of effort you put into all of your other platforms and focus on the one you’re trying to grow (unless you’re a superhero who can do everything at once, in which case disregard what I just said and fly off into the sunset while managing at least three different accounts and saving puppies from trees).

When I chose to spend more time experimenting with Instagram, I had to put other platforms on hold for a while and plan ahead of time so that I could focus entirely on Instagram. And it was successful! Want to know what tools I use to automate my social media so that I can be active even when I’m not on it? Read about the best apps I use to schedule social media posts in my article The Best Apps I Use To Schedule Social Media Posts.

However, if you want to see consistent development in your Instgaram account, you must devote at least 30 minutes to an hour each day. You’ll also need to develop new content on a regular basis, which will take time.

Get Free Instagram Followers

I began this experiment with roughly 3000 followers and discovered that I only gained 30 new followers every day when I posted new photos and spent at least 40 minutes carefully chatting and engaging with other accounts.

This is a screenshot I took two weeks after I began my experiment. As you can see, I tried to stick to a theme (my overall conclusion was that as long as your individual photos are high-quality, the theme won’t be a deal breaker for your potential followers) and vary up the pictures I shared between quotes, selfies, and product photography. Looking for advice on how to enhance your photography and which accessories to use in your photos? Take a look at my piece on How To Take Photos Like A Pro (Even If You’re Not). I discovered that posting at least one new picture per day is sufficient.

There have been days when I didn’t post anything and still received a lot of engagement, but new content is necessary to attract new followers because that is how you are discovered. This conclusion is backed up by an Instagram case study that reveals that publishing more enhances your engagement rate and that accounts that post seven or more times per week receive the most likes.


While a visually appealing and well-organized feed might influence your users’ decisions about whether or not to follow you, most Instagrammers overlook the importance of individual photographs. Because new viewers are attracted to your profile by seeing a single photo in their feed or discovery page (or even in someone else’s storey) in 90% of cases. And if that one photo doesn’t stand out, they may never stop scrolling long enough to look at your profile page for more. Instead of always striving to make your Instagram grid seem flawless, concentrate on taking and editing photographs that can “stand on their own.” It’s easy to say, but difficult to do. But here are two things I did to make that happen:


First and first, if you want better images, you must learn how to shoot them. Without having to change my equipment, learning about composition, lighting, and the rule of thirds helped me enhance my photography skills and greatly improve the ultimate result. In fact, I still use my iPhone to snap a lot of my Instagram images! Stop putting it off if you’ve never taken a photography class or lesson.


Editing is the second step in releasing great images. In the past, I’ve tried a variety of applications, as well as Instagram’s native editing capabilities, to try to improve my images. And, happily, my editing abilities improved with time. But it wasn’t until I discovered the Lightroom software (which is free on mobile devices and is now all I use) that I figured out how all of these Instagram influencers were altering all of their photographs to look the same and develop a signature style.
Get Free Instagram FollowersBecause no matter how hard I tried, my Instagram feed was a muddled mess with each photo having its unique editing style. Others featured chilly tones, severe shadows, or airy sensations, while others were bright and pleasant. It was strewn throughout the place.

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(A screenshot of my initial grid can be seen above.) It turns out that using Lightroom Mobile Presets is the key! After playing around with the Lightroom app on my phone (which is also free to download and use! ), I decided to seek professional assistance and purchased some Lightroom presets. These are exactly the ones I use on Instagram. Now, I can modify a photo with only one click whenever I want. And the end product is incredible! My individual photos not only seem better, brighter, and more vibrant, but they also all fit together in my grid to make a storey.



I needed some assistance in sticking to this posting plan, so I decided to purchase in Tailwind, an Instagram scheduler that allows you to schedule several posts ahead of time.

Get Free Instagram Followers

For me, this app was revolutionary since sharing a photo + writing a caption + finding the correct hashtags (more on that below) might take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour at times, and there were days when I just couldn’t find the time. Because Tailwind is an official and recognised Instagram partner, your reach will not diminish when you automate the publishing process (as I’ve observed with illegitimate apps).

I was able to schedule my posts in advance this way, so if I spent two hours on Monday arranging my feed, I was set for the rest of the week. What I like about Tailwind is that it not only lets you schedule posts for your feed, but it also analyses your engagement and suggests the optimal times to post depending on when YOUR followers are online. With the advent of Instagram stories and the consumption of video content on social media, this trend is expected to continue.


To gain new Instagram followers (or any other platform for that matter), you must first attract people to your account. And using hashtags is the best approach to reach Instagram users who aren’t aware of your existence. I used to believe that hashtags didn’t make a difference and that they merely brought spammers to your account, but that was only because I was using the incorrect hashtags.

I used to use very short, generic hashtags with a lot of searches like #blogger, #spring, #selfie (or anything a two-year-old would use to describe the photos I was posting) and all I got was a couple of likes (most of which were probably automated IG bots), a few spam comments, and if I was really lucky, a few new followers.

Get Free Instagram Followers

I was well aware of the importance of hashtags, but it quickly became clear that I had no idea how to utilise mine. So, instead of trying to think of hashtags on the spot, I switched tactics. It wasn’t until I did so that I began to see significant growth in my account (even if I failed to post daily or maintain a very organised schedule).

Not only did I reach my daily target of 30 new followers, but I also had the opportunity to communicate with real people while growing my blog’s audience. On that note, I’d love to connect with you on there as well! @thesheapproach is where you’ll find me. But here’s how I went about designing and selecting high-quality Instagram hashtags:

This very clever hashtag approach helped me rank for the smaller hashtags initially, which helped me rank for the larger ones later. The combination of popular hashtags and those with less than 500k followers worked great, and the multiple hashtag groups allowed me to go a whole week without repeating hashtags, which is a common Instagram mistake.

Get Free Instagram Followers

Get Your Free Hashtag Finder Checklist + Worksheet

If you’re having trouble figuring out which Instagram hashtags are best for your account, I’ve created a Hashtag Finder worksheet and checklist that you can download for free. You can utilise this to come up with new ideas and choose the ideal hashtags to save time when posting. And, thanks to Tailwind, I was able to save my hashtags into reusable lists that I can access with a simple click on both my desktop and mobile devices.

Avoid using the same set of hashtags for many photos in a row. Change it up! Because the hashtags I use are high-quality and don’t have a huge number of searches (but still enough to make a difference and help me reach a new audience), my photographs frequently appear in the Top Posts category (which is the section of 9 photos that are most relevant to a certain hashtag and show first when someone looks that hashtag up). You can often rank for more than one hashtag for the same picture (doing so increases your chances of being seen), as I did with one of the flats lays I shared (the first with the yellow theme):

Get Free Instagram Followers

Get Free Instagram Followers

While your photo drops in popularity with each new post using the same hashtag as you, if you get a spot in the top postings, your exposure and the amount of time a fresh picture is seen by outsiders will skyrocket. Because people are more inclined to click on the top posts and roam around your account, this is a surefire way to gain more Instagram followers.


If you truly want to grow a following and connect with genuine people, you must be willing to engage with both your present and potential followers. I devote a significant amount of effort to identifying comparable accounts and engaging with them by making comments, liking their posts, and following their stories. If you aren’t willing to engage with individuals online, you won’t be able to make any kind of connection with them.

Don’t make yourself interact with people you wouldn’t ordinarily interact with. It is a complete waste of time. Rather, make an effort to connect with actual people and establish yourself as a regular in their community. The most common error I see people make (and one of the main reasons why they lose so many followers) is that they just interact with an account once, just enough to get them to follow, and then they never contact with it again.

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So take some time to scroll through your feed and leave comments and likes on photos from individuals you already follow. This will enhance the “connection,” as they will see that you are a real person, not simply a “hungry for a follow back” account. Since I began doing this, I have gained not only more followers, but also genuine and consistent participation on my account. Because people will take the time to engage with you if they see that you care.


Get Free Instagram Followers

If you’re looking for new accounts to follow, I found some extremely intriguing ones by searching for (and using) the hashtags #discoverunder1k and #discoverunder5k (and so on). Give it a shot. Another thing I enjoy doing is interacting with individuals who are “live/online” on Instagram since they are more likely to notice the notification and check out my account or engage back if they are “live/online.”

You may check the most recent activity of the people you follow (what photos they liked, who they followed, and so on) and how long ago they did that action by going to your notifications and selecting the “Following” option. I make it a point to refresh it every minute or two, and then I simply go to the accounts that are online and active and communicate with them. Doing this for just 5 minutes a day will have a huge influence on not only increasing followers but also developing a community around your Instagram account.


While focusing solely on Instagram to drive traffic to your account will yield benefits, why not leverage the power of your other social media platforms as well? I frequently post in Facebook group promo threads to attract folks to my page. For example, some of the blogging forums in which I participate have dedicated threads for social media or Instagram marketing. Below is a list of 65 Facebook groups for bloggers that you can join.

I also send out a handful of monthly tweets urging my Twitter followers to follow me on Instagram. This pays off because Twitter is another medium where I have more followers than Instagram and where I actively engage with them. (UPDATE: Although I now have more Instagram followers, I continue to promote my account on Twitter.) This is an example of an old tweet of mine. To make it easy for folks to look over your account, I recommend including a screenshot and a direct link.

Get Free Instagram Followers

Overall, I discovered that in order to gain 30 new followers, I need to spend at least an hour each day posting with the appropriate hashtags, interacting with others, and cross-promoting my account on other platforms (sometimes a bit more due to people who play the follow-unfollow game).

It may seem impossible to entirely avoid spammers, but I’ve discovered that 90% of my followers are real people who are interested in my work, therefore I’ll be sticking to this technique from now on (as time allows). Because, while 30 followers each day may not seem like much, if you are consistent, that adds up to almost 200 Instagram followers per week. So give it a shot and let me know what you think.



Instagram is, without a doubt, a work of art. While personal connection with your readers is important at times, a smart approach can help you go a long way. That is, you post and connect with others with a specific goal in mind. You’re still you, but your decisions are designed to save you time and help you achieve better results. Can’t seem to get your Instagram account to grow? Check out these tried-and-true methods for gaining up to 30 new Instagram followers per day. That’s what Helene, a well-known travel blogger, got out of Instagram and how she exploited it to her advantage.

Helene now travels the world and gets paid for it, thanks to her Instagram success. She has over 150,000 Instagram followers and a highly engaged audience. Helene and her husband, Michael, have taken me on two vacations around Europe, and I’ve learnt a lot about Instagram from her live classes, but I can’t reveal her secrets. Helene, on the other hand, has created an incredible course called Instagram For Success, which opens for enrollment every

January and is jam-packed with her best strategies, Instagram and photography tips, as well as her tried and true methods for growing an audience that wants to hear from you, meet you in person, and much more! So, if you’re serious about upping your Instagram game, you’ll need a research-based strategy to help you improve your engagement. Helene is one of the few individuals I would trust with my Instagram advice, and if you follow her on Instagram, you’ll immediately see why.


Will Instagram prohibit me if I take advantage of the free Instagram followers offer?

Instagram would not ban your account if you get it from a reputable source like ours, which provides active and genuine followers. There is no danger. All likes and followers are provided at the appropriate times and increase organically. Instagram has not imposed a ban or threatened fines.

Is it necessary for me to enter my password in order to receive free Instagram followers right away?

It is not necessary to use your Instagram password. We utilize the most advanced security systems to provide complete security with no privacy leaks or viruses.

How long does it take to send free Instagram followers?

You will acquire free Instagram followers without survey in your account in less than 10 minutes.

Should I make my Instagram account public in order to get free Instagram followers?

Your Instagram profile must be made public in order to acquire free trial Instagram followers. We respect and safeguard your privacy.

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