Getting Started with Google ADX

What Should You Know Before Getting Started with Google ADX?

Video advertising and streaming video have become essential tools for companies wanting to make a consistent profit in today’s modern landscape. Every day, 55 percent of people watch videos on the internet. So, if you want to boost your website’s sales, there’s only one cutting-edge solution: Google Ad Exchange, also popular as Google ADX.

Advertisers and content creators profit significantly from this ad exchange network. You will improve ad efficiency by depending on ADX to extend your ad optimization options. In other words, this advanced ad solution helps you bring in more revenue. Here are some tips before you get started with Google Ad Exchange.

What is a Google Ad Exchange?

Google AdX, like most ad exchanges, is a platform where customers can bid on several page views in real-time. Ad Exchange, unlike AdSense, is a network that cannot be easily built into a website. That is, without Google’s ad server platform, i.e., Google Ad Manager, a publisher, cannot enter Google’s exchange. So, to use Google AdX, you must first create an account with Google’s ad server.

GAM or Google Ad Manager is an ad database that assists advertisers just like you with ad serving, direct deals, setup and handling, sales tracking, inventory filtering, and more. Google ADX, on the other hand, is a platform where advertisers and media buyers can make the sale and purchase ad impressions. AdX and GAM have been integrated so well that they are complementary to each other. So they’re together, but not the same.

Eligibility Criteria to Become a Google AD Exchange Partner

The basic conditions for using Google’s exchange aren’t made public. However, as a minimum criterion, a publisher may need at least ten million or more page views per month, as most experts point out. However, this bare minimum is not the only thing to consider. A few publishers couldn’t break into Google AdX even after 10 million or more monthly page views. However, certain factors will almost certainly keep you from reaching AdX. Check them out below.

Keep Your Site Away Of 

  • Information on health or medicine, as well as illegal substances
  • Trying to promote racial or religious beliefs-related content
  • Content depicting a person’s poor financial situation,
  • Don’t show any vulgar content
  • Keep away from promoting arms sales that are provoking
  • Tobacco and alcohol 


Take Third-Party Help

You can also join Google ADX with the help of a third party that you like. For third parties interested in being a Google certified affiliate, Google offers the ‘SPM or Scaled Partner Management’ and ‘GPP or Google Publishing Partner’ services.

And if you don’t get an invitation from Google, approved partners can resell the stocks through Google Ad Exchange. Though, you may have to pay your partner a commission of around 10% that goes as high as 20% of the ad revenue produced (via AdX). They’ll bill $900 for their services if you make $9000 from AdX (minimum).  

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It’s very obvious. It would help if you did not drown the users with advertising on the page as a publisher. Instead, try to increase competition, which would result in more intense bidding and higher sales. The Google Ad Exchange is the biggest exchange available, and when combined with other businesses, you can maximize revenue from each session.  


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