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The Power of Great Coaching Websites: Unlocking Success


In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for any coaching business to thrive. A great coaching website serves as a powerful tool to showcase your expertise, attract clients, and establish credibility. It acts as a virtual storefront, offering a glimpse into the transformative experiences you can provide. In this article, we will explore the key elements that make great coaching websites stand out from the competition and how they contribute to the success of coaching businesses.

Great Coaching Websites: A Gateway to Transformation

A well-designed coaching website is not just a collection of web pages; it’s a pathway to transformation for both the coach and the client. It should embody the essence of the coaching process, reflecting the coach’s unique approach, values, and expertise. Let’s delve into the various aspects that contribute to the greatness of coaching websites.

The Power of Visual Appeal

Aesthetics play a significant role in capturing the attention of website visitors. When potential clients land on your website, the first impression matters. A visually appealing website with an intuitive layout and engaging graphics creates a positive user experience. It conveys professionalism and attention to detail, instantly establishing trust and credibility.

User-Friendly Navigation

Navigating a coaching website should be a seamless experience for visitors. Intuitive menus, clear categories, and strategically placed calls-to-action guide users through the site effortlessly. By making information easily accessible, visitors can explore your services, read testimonials, and learn about your coaching philosophy without frustration. A user-friendly website ensures that potential clients can find what they need, leading to higher conversions.

Compelling Content that Connects

The heart and soul of a great coaching website lie in its content. Every word, sentence, and paragraph should resonate with your target audience. By understanding your clients’ pain points and aspirations, you can craft content that addresses their needs directly. Engaging storytelling, impactful testimonials, and informative blog articles establish you as an authority in your niche, making your coaching website a go-to resource.

Showcasing Expertise

A great coaching website should leave no doubt about your expertise and qualifications. Displaying your certifications, credentials, and relevant experience builds trust with potential clients. Highlighting success stories and client testimonials further validates your capabilities and demonstrates the transformative results clients can expect from working with you. This evidence of expertise helps potential clients feel confident in choosing you as their coach.

Integration of Multimedia

Incorporating multimedia elements on your coaching website can enhance the overall user experience. Videos introducing yourself and explaining your coaching process can establish a personal connection with visitors. Podcast episodes or recorded webinars showcase your knowledge and offer valuable insights. Infographics and visual aids make complex concepts more digestible. By embracing multimedia, you can engage visitors on different levels and cater to various learning preferences.

Mobile Responsiveness

With the increasing use of mobile devices, it is essential for coaching websites to be mobile responsive. A mobile-friendly design ensures that your website adapts to different screen sizes, providing a seamless browsing experience for users on smartphones and tablets. By optimizing your website for mobile, you expand your reach and make it convenient for potential clients to explore your services from anywhere, at any time.

Great coaches deserve great coaching websites

We’ve put together a list of 20 great coaching websites that showcase thoughtful content, strong imagery, and kick-ass branding. We hope you find some inspiration in these great examples of coaching sites and find ways to improve your own website, because the more business you get the bigger impact you can have.

1. The Career Coach

The career coach  

Rick Fishman, the visionary behind The Career Coach, who brings over ten years of expertise to his field. He emphasizes the importance of a focused and dynamic marketing strategy for achieving outstanding success. The website prominently displays Rick’s contact details for easy communication. Testimonials from satisfied clients enhance Rick’s reputation and credibility. The website features a well-designed layout for effortless navigation and includes a dedicated page for career assessment packages. Overall, The Career Coach’s website provides a professional and user-friendly platform for individuals seeking career guidance and coaching services.

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2. Katie B Smith

Katie Smith-Career coaching website

Katie Smith is a certified executive and career coach dedicated to empowering professionals and individuals seeking career transitions. Her coaching website offers a variety of programs, with detailed information conveniently available on the homepage. The website design features an appealing vintage color theme, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

Beyond coaching services, the website provides a wealth of resources, including blogs, newsletters, downloadable content, and books, to further support personal and professional growth. The contact page prominently displays essential information such as the address, contact number, email address, and a user-friendly contact form. Overall, Katie Smith’s coaching website serves as a comprehensive platform offering a wide range of services and resources to assist individuals in their career journeys.

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3. Insight Coaching

Insight Coaching-Business coaching website

Mandy Baker, the founder of Insight Coaching, is a certified business coach with a background in HR management and child mentoring. The website defines business coaching and highlights its benefits. The site features a non-aggressive Call to Action and offers easy navigation to prevent confusion. An FAQ page addresses common questions, promoting transparency. Contact details are displayed prominently on every page, emphasizing approachability. Overall, Insight Coaching’s website provides a user-friendly platform to understand and engage with Mandy Baker’s coaching services.

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4. Cortney McDermott

Cortney McDermott-Business coaching website Cortney McDermott is a coach, keynote speaker, and best-selling author with a mission to help individuals reach their goals of satisfaction and fulfillment. The website offers a personal touch with an image, handwritten slogan, and video clip.

Success stories are prominently displayed, showcasing the positive outcomes of Cortney’s coaching. The blog goes beyond business tips, providing valuable life advice. The presence of coaching partners on the homepage enhances Cortney’s credibility. Overall, the website is well-structured and offers a user-friendly experience for visitors.

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5. Matthew Kimberley

Matthew Kimberley-Business coaching website  

Matthew Kimberley is a coach focused on helping small businesses achieve exponential growth. The website features a personal image that adds a crisp and relatable touch. A clear description of the services he provides is presented, and testimonials with profiles demonstrate his effectiveness. The website avoids intrusive pop-ups and offers a downloadable resource for free business improvement. Overall, Matthew Kimberley’s website offers valuable insights and resources for small businesses looking to boost their sales and success.

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6. Kimberly Buchanan

Kimberly Buchanan-Business coaching website


Kimberly Buchanan is an award-winning corporate professional, certified coach, keynote speaker, and published author. Her website offers a variety of valuable resources and features to support individuals in their professional and business goals. These include a free skill/talent quiz, an inspirational blog with over 75 posts, easy-to-use social media buttons, and accessible contact information. The well-crafted About page provides detailed insights into Kimberly’s personality and expertise, making visitors eager to work with her. Overall, Kimberly Buchanan’s website is a valuable platform for individuals seeking guidance and growth in their professional lives.

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7. Jamie Mason Cohen

Jamie Mason

Jamie Mason Cohen is a certified leadership development and resilience expert known for his keynote speaking and media appearances. The website provides social media icons to connect with Jamie and a well-designed menu bar for easy navigation. Video testimonials showcase his experience and credibility. The website avoids intrusive pop-ups and offers a subtle call to action. Additionally, Jamie offers a personalized 20-minute discovery call to provide guidance. Overall, the website provides an engaging platform for individuals seeking leadership development and resilience expertise.

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8. Heartrepreneur

Heartrepreneur-Business coaching website

Terri Levine, the founder of Heartrepreneur, brings over 40 years of experience in helping businesses succeed. As a certified coach, she offers valuable insights and guidance for businesses and individuals. The website features an event calendar, an extensive menu with sections for the blog, radio, magazine, and case studies, showcasing a range of resources. Case studies and video testimonials strengthen

Terri’s credibility, while the bright and contrasting colors add vibrancy to the site. Overall, Terri Levine’s website provides a comprehensive platform for businesses looking to grow and thrive, offering valuable content and a visually engaging experience.

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9. Mel Noakes

Great Coaching Websites - example from Mel Noakes

Mel is a self-care coach who aims to empower women to live fulfilling and extraordinary lives. The homepage of Mel’s website effectively presents a significant amount of information without feeling cluttered. From the moment visitors land on the page, they get a sense of Mel’s identity, values, and how she can assist them. Through compelling branding and imagery, Mel effectively communicates her message without relying heavily on written content. This visually-driven approach allows visitors to gain a comprehensive understanding of Mel’s mission and offerings right from the start.


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10. David Ball

Great Coaching Websites

David Ball is a life mentor and coach who specializes in working with men. With over 20 years of experience and having helped more than 7,000 men, his website is designed to overcome barriers and stereotypes associated with men’s coaching. The site features a menu link titled ‘if you’re not sure’, which addresses common reasons why men seek his services.

This approach creates a supportive environment and encourages men to explore his coaching offerings. David’s website demonstrates his understanding of the unique challenges men may face and his commitment to helping them achieve personal growth.

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11. Amy Bondar

Screenshot of Amy Bondar, from the coach websites collection.

Amy Bondar is a renowned expert in the field of health and psychology, specializing as a healing coach and teacher. Her approach involves integrating psychology and wellness plans to ensure the success of her clients in multiple areas of their lives, going beyond addressing just one aspect. Amy’s expertise lies in using her knowledge of both health and psychology to create holistic and comprehensive strategies that lead to long-term success and well-being for her clients.

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12. Arianne Zucker

Screenshot of Arianne Zucker, from the coach websites collection.

Arianne is an actress who has been recognized for her appearances on daytime TV throughout the years. In addition to her successful acting career, she leverages her own life experiences to provide life and business coaching services to her clients. Drawing from her personal journey, Arianne offers valuable insights and guidance to help individuals navigate various aspects of their lives and professional endeavors. Furthermore, she hosts a weekly podcast where listeners can tune in to gain further wisdom and inspiration from her. Arianne’s diverse background in acting, coaching, and podcasting allows her to engage with her audience through various mediums and offer multifaceted support.

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13. Christine Lacroix

Screenshot of Christine Lacroix, from the coach websites collection.


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Christine is a certified life coach and healer who offers a unique approach to coaching. In addition to her coaching expertise, she utilizes her psychic medium abilities, Reiki skills, and hypnotherapy to gain a deeper understanding of her clients and enhance the coaching process. These additional modalities allow Christine to tap into her clients’ inner selves and provide valuable insights that contribute to their overall success. By combining traditional coaching techniques with her intuitive and healing abilities, Christine is able to offer a holistic and transformative coaching experience for her clients.

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14. Angela Bell

Screenshot of Angela Bell, from the coach websites collection.

Angela Bell, a wealth coach, has gained recognition for her coaching skills and has been featured on networks such as ABC. She guides individuals towards wealth and success by utilizing her own creation and proven system called the “Radical Results Method.” This method, developed by Angela, provides a structured and effective approach to help clients achieve significant and transformative outcomes in their financial journey. Through her coaching, Angela empowers individuals to overcome financial challenges, create wealth, and unlock their full potential for success.


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15. Gabby Bernstein

Great Coaching Websites


Gabby, a bestselling author and international speaker, is passionate about helping people develop a stronger spiritual connection in their daily lives. Her website is a prime example of the power of content creation and community building. Each blog post not only contains well-written content but also generates a significant number of comments from readers.

What sets Gabby apart is her dedication to personally responding to each comment, demonstrating her genuine engagement with her audience. This level of interaction creates a supportive and connected community where individuals can share their experiences and receive guidance. Gabby’s website showcases the impact of authentic content and community building in fostering a transformative space for spiritual growth.

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16. Shannon Wilkinson  

Great Coaching Websites

Shannon, with her extensive coaching experience since the early days of the iPod, has successfully guided numerous individuals in achieving the life they aspire to. Establishing your online presence and finding your unique voice can be a challenging task, but once you discover the perfect words and convey the right message, it has the potential to ignite a spark of connection within the minds of your clients. Shannon’s distinctive voice resonates across her entire website, providing her audience with an opportunity to become acquainted with her before they even make contact.


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17. Lauren Miura

Best coaching websites

The homepage features a clear caption introducing the individual as a Life Coach who specializes in helping individuals reinvent themselves and transition into fulfilling careers. A prominent Call-to-Action (CTA) button is placed below, facilitating quick conversions for interested visitors. The website also includes an “About Us” page that takes customers on a journey, highlighting the importance of coaching and presenting client testimonials to build trust. The website’s design is visually appealing, with well-placed content and captivating imagery. Overall, this coaching website effectively communicates its purpose, engages visitors, and encourages conversions.

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18. Tony Robbins

Life coaching websites


The life coaching website in question begins with a captivating caption on the homepage, immediately grabbing the attention of visitors. It is followed by a slideshow showcasing the logos of top Fortune 500 companies in which the coach has been featured. The purpose of this display is to convey to visitors that they have arrived at a highly regarded, respected, and qualified coach.

Unlike other coaching websites that actively seek patronage, this website aims to attract a crowd that is already familiar with and seeking the mentorship of the coach. It capitalizes on the coach’s established brand acceptance and reputation, setting it apart from other coaching websites. The website is designed to continue building upon the coach’s existing credibility and appeal to individuals who are specifically drawn to the coach’s expertise and track record.

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19, Money School Money School.png

The website in question employs a strategic approach where every page directs visitors towards Mark’s email opt-in page. This enables Mark to provide educational content to potential clients, allowing them to gain valuable insights before extending an invitation for a consultation. Furthermore, the website’s branding is commendable, featuring friendly and professional images of Mark.

The consistent color scheme throughout the site enhances its visual appeal. The home page also showcases a headline that emphasizes the benefits clients can expect from working with Mark. This combination of effective email marketing and strong branding elements contributes to a compelling and engaging website experience for visitors.

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20. Tammy Lally Tammy Lally.png

Tammy shares a personal story about her brother’s struggles with money and his tragic outcome. Tammy’s clear mission in coaching shines through the video. The website’s header effectively communicates Tammy’s coaching focus, while her Ted Talk adds to her credibility. However, the site is noted as being somewhat complex, potentially overwhelming visitors with multiple options and calls-to-action. Simplifying the website’s structure and streamlining the user experience is suggested. Overall, the website is well-received, particularly by those who resonate with Tammy’s approach and the impact she aims to make through her coaching.

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21.  Jacquette Timmons Jacquette Timmons.png

Jacquette’s website effectively sparks curiosity with the intriguing header. The statement “you don’t manage money” seamlessly leads visitors to her email opt-in section. Throughout the site, strong copywriting is evident, capturing attention and encouraging engagement. While the website may not have the most polished appearance, it doesn’t hinder its effectiveness. The inclusion of great photos of Jacquette contributes to showcasing her personality, allowing her authentic self to shine through. Overall, despite not being the flashiest website, Jacquette’s site successfully generates interest and effectively communicates her expertise in a relatable and genuine manner.

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22. CareerSequel

Career Sequel.png

This website demonstrates the power of having a well-defined niche, as evident from the clear header. Lee specializes in assisting moms in bridging their career gaps to secure flexible and meaningful employment. Her copy and site name align perfectly with this niche, creating resonance and attracting the right audience. The “Work With Me” page on the website is particularly appealing. Lee outlines her process in detail and emphasizes that clients receive unlimited access to her. As a potential ideal client, I would be compelled to book a call based on this information. Overall, the website effectively communicates Lee’s expertise and value proposition, making it highly appealing to her target audience of moms seeking career support.

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23. Happen To Your Career Happen to Your Career.png

Upon landing on this website, the immediate impression is that of a reputable and legitimate company. The branding is well-executed, exuding a professional appearance. The website further establishes credibility by showcasing features in major publications. The overall presentation exudes a sense of professionalism. Notably, this website excels in content marketing, offering a wealth of free resources to educate their ideal clients.

The inclusion of a podcast, an 8-day email course, and a blog demonstrates a strong commitment to providing valuable content. This comprehensive content strategy is commendable and contributes to the website’s success in engaging and nurturing its audience. Overall, the website effectively combines a polished brand image with an excellent content marketing approach.

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24. Wildly Healthy by Tiffany

Life coaching websites design

This life coaching website belongs to a health and wellness coach, and its design is carefully crafted to reflect her brand. The choice of images, colors, and placement of content is thoughtfully executed, resulting in a visually appealing and user-friendly website. The design elements are arranged in a strategic manner, starting with an introduction to the coaching firm and clearly outlining the services they offer.

This is followed by client testimonials, which serve to build trust and credibility. Finally, the website provides clear Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons that allow visitors to select the specific aspect of the coaching service they are interested in. Overall, this website effectively showcases the coaching firm’s brand, facilitates easy navigation, and encourages visitor engagement through its well-planned design features.

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25. Cortney Mcdermott

Life coaching website examples

This coaching website is designed with the aim of instantly persuading visitors. The layout and design template are strategically crafted to provide all the necessary information that would convince visitors that choosing this coaching service is the right decision. The website focuses on presenting compelling content and features that highlight the benefits and effectiveness of the coaching sessions. The overall design aims to create a persuasive and convincing impression from the very first glance, ensuring that visitors feel confident in selecting this coaching service.


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26. Patrice Washington


Patrice, a best-selling author, speaker, and “hope-restoring coach to women,” has created a coaching website that serves as an exceptional example of combining exquisite branding with powerful imagery. The website exudes a high-end aesthetic, capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression. The home page, in particular, is remarkably impactful, thanks to an electrifying portrait of Patrice.

This portrait showcases her personality and radiates a captivating aura, making her someone we naturally want to be around. It conveys the idea that Patrice has discovered the key to happiness, making her an inspiring figure. The stunning design and compelling imagery on Patrice’s coaching website effectively communicate her expertise, allure, and ability to guide women in doing meaningful work in the world.

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27. Dominique Ara


Dominique firmly believes in the notion of enabling organizational change from within. Her coaching practice focuses on empowering professionals to unlock their full potential, and she has already assisted over 8,000 individuals in this journey.

Dominique’s website and branding embody the idea that at times, it can be challenging to perceive the bigger picture amidst the details. She skillfully weaves this concept into her branding, resulting in a visually striking and distinctive design. The website’s visual elements and overall aesthetic make a bold statement that sets Dominique apart. Her unique approach and dedication to helping individuals see beyond the immediate obstacles are reflected in the website’s design and branding choices. This cohesive and thoughtfully crafted visual representation enhances Dominique’s coaching practice and communicates her expertise in facilitating transformative change within organizations.

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28. Hannah Beko


Hannah is dedicated to assisting lawyers in preventing and recovering from burnout. As a coach, trainer, and lawyer herself, her mission is to support exhausted or frustrated lawyers in finding their way forward.

When targeting a specific group, it is crucial for your website to be direct and transparent. By doing so, you avoid wasting both your own time and that of others. Hannah’s website and content excel in clearly communicating the type of clients she serves (lawyers) and directly addressing the issue of burnout. Her site effectively conveys her specialization and explicitly states her focus, allowing lawyers to easily identify her as a relevant resource.

By directly acknowledging and tackling the burnout issue head-on, Hannah’s website establishes her credibility and resonates with lawyers who are experiencing these challenges. The site serves as an effective platform for attracting her target audience and conveying her commitment to supporting lawyers in their well-being.


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29. Marie Forleo

Life Coach Website Example - Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo’s website is an exquisite and daring representation of her brand. The inclusion of a “Get Started” link in the header menu is a prime example of a clear and effective call-to-action, guiding visitors towards taking specific actions. The website stands out as a custom-designed and built platform, showcasing the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Overall, the website is executed with great finesse and is highly commendable in its design and functionality.

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30. Melissa Ambrosini

Life Coach Website Example - Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini’s website showcases a clean, minimal, and captivating design. The website adopts a straightforward approach, featuring a prominent photo that captures attention. Alongside the image, a simple question is posed, immediately engaging visitors.

The strategic placement of a clear call-to-action button leads visitors to a lead magnet quiz, enticing them to further explore and engage with the content. The overall design of the website is visually appealing and creates a sense of curiosity, encouraging visitors to delve deeper into Melissa’s offerings. The clean and minimalistic aesthetic contributes to a pleasant user experience, allowing the content and message to take center stage.

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31. Kate Crocco

Kate Crocco - Mindset & Confidence Coach - Squarespace websiteKate Crocco’s website is a prime example of effective utilization of photography, website copy, and cohesive branding. The incorporation of captivating photographs enhances the visual appeal and engages visitors. The website copy is skillfully crafted to convey Kate’s message and offerings clearly. The consistent branding elements throughout the website create a cohesive and professional look.

Notably, Kate employs a compelling call-to-action strategy by offering two free chapters of her book as a lead magnet. This approach entices visitors and encourages them to engage further with her content. Overall, Kate Crocco’s website effectively combines visual elements, persuasive copy, and consistent branding to create an impactful online presence.

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32. Matthew Kimberley



When aiming to establish oneself as a leader in a specific field, a well-designed website can play a crucial role. Matthew’s website serves as a good example in this regard, especially for small business owners looking to enhance their sales. The use of dark imagery and strategic pops of color creates a sense of luxury, elevating the website’s aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, placing emphasis on testimonials from industry leaders builds credibility and assures visitors that Matthew’s expertise and programs are valuable investments.

By incorporating these elements, Matthew’s website effectively positions him as a trusted authority in his chosen field. The combination of visual elements, such as imagery and color scheme, along with compelling testimonials, conveys a sense of professionalism and expertise. This approach helps to establish Matthew as a leader and influencer within the realm of business coaching and public speaking, instilling confidence in potential clients and making his website an effective tool for showcasing his value proposition.


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33. Emily Jacob


Emily is a certified coach from One of Many, specializing in working with survivors of rape. As an advocate for change, she guides women on a transformative journey, empowering them to move from being survivors to living beautiful, reconnected lives.

Emily’s website stands as a testament to her strength and determination to change the narrative surrounding rape. The website’s bold and vibrant design captures attention, while her writing conveys both beauty and vulnerability. By shining a spotlight on rape and rapists, Emily challenges the prevailing somber perception associated with such a heinous act. Her website serves as a powerful reminder that there is life after rape and emphasizes the strength found in the healing process.

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34. Joanna Martin



Dr. Joanna Martin is widely recognized as a visionary, coach, and catalyst for change. Her influential message and transformative work have directly touched the lives of over 70,000 individuals worldwide.

Although her personal website may not enjoy the same level of prominence as her other ventures, such as, it is nonetheless a valuable platform. The site effectively incorporates social proof and testimonials, showcasing the profound impact of Dr. Joanna Martin’s unique coaching abilities. In the realm of coaching websites, client testimonials hold immense value as they inspire potential clients to take the leap of faith and seek her guidance.

By featuring testimonials, Dr. Joanna Martin’s website reinforces her credibility and showcases the transformational experiences of those she has worked with. This social proof serves as a powerful motivator for potential clients, encouraging them to engage with her coaching services. While her personal website may not be as widely recognized, it stands as a testament to her profound influence and ability to bring about positive change in the lives of others.


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35. Heather Waring


Heather is a certified women’s coach who offers a distinctive approach to self-care, emphasizing the importance of setting aside time for walking. Through her coaching, women have experienced significant and meaningful transformations in just a few hours.

One website that stands out on our list is WomenWalking: WomenTalking. Upon entering the site, users are greeted with an interactive experience that encourages them to pause and reflect. This unique feature sets the website apart, creating a calming and captivating atmosphere. The brief yet rewarding experience mirrors the rewarding nature of working with Heather herself.

WomenWalking: WomenTalking not only captures attention but also aligns with Heather’s coaching philosophy and approach to self-care. The website’s interactive design effectively engages visitors and offers a taste of the transformative journey that awaits them. This standout website provides a glimpse into the enriching experience of working with Heather and sets the stage for potential clients to embark on their own rewarding self-care journeys.

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36. Jess Rowe


Jess is not only a mother but also a parenting coach who specializes in assisting mothers in addressing and eliminating their child’s extreme emotional behaviors through love and connection.

Establishing a connection with website visitors can be challenging. It requires a deep understanding of your ideal clients and the ability to effectively communicate your expertise. Jess excels at this on her ‘about’ page, where she opens herself up and shares her personal journey. This transparent and vulnerable approach creates a profound and lasting connection with the readers.

By sharing her personal experiences, Jess showcases her authenticity and relatability. This level of openness not only resonates with her target audience but also demonstrates her understanding of the challenges they face. Through her ‘about’ page, Jess establishes herself as a knowledgeable and empathetic parenting coach, leaving a memorable impression on her visitors and fostering a strong connection from the start.

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37. Julia Carter


Julia is a pharmacist and coach who brings together her scientific background and training expertise to offer a unique blend of coaching services. Her approach involves combining coaching with appropriate development interventions to support her clients.

In the realm of coaching websites, photography serves a purpose beyond mere aesthetics. Julia skillfully utilizes photography on her website to tell a compelling story and establish a connection with her visitors. Through the use of professional women depicted in various day-to-day situations, the website evokes a sense of relatability and reminds visitors of their own responsibilities. This visual storytelling approach allows visitors to develop a deeper connection with Julia’s message and resonates with their personal experiences.

By integrating relevant and relatable photography throughout her website, Julia enhances the impact of her coaching services. The images serve as visual cues that reinforce the concepts and themes she communicates, creating a cohesive and engaging user experience. Through this thoughtful use of photography, Julia effectively captures the attention and interest of her visitors, fostering a strong connection and facilitating a deeper understanding of her coaching approach.


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38. Brene Brown


Brené, a highly acclaimed author with five #1 New York Times bestsellers to her name, is a prominent figure on our list. Her 2010 TED talk, titled “The Power of Vulnerability,” holds a place among the top five most viewed TED talks globally.

Brené’s website showcases a distinctive visual style, incorporating paper tears that add a unique touch befitting an author. The website has been thoughtfully designed to optimize performance and functionality. Effective design is often unobtrusive, and Brené’s website excels at guiding visitors to their desired destinations without hindrance.

While the design elements are visually appealing, the website’s primary focus is on functionality. It efficiently directs visitors to the necessary information and resources without impeding their navigation. The site’s user-friendly design ensures that visitors can access the content they need with ease and clarity.

Brené’s website exemplifies the balance between aesthetics and usability, delivering a seamless experience for users. By prioritizing functionality and removing obstacles, the website effectively serves its purpose of connecting visitors with the valuable resources and insights that Brené has to offer.


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39. Marie Forleo


Marie, a global sensation and a well-known figure, has garnered recognition by associating with some of the most influential individuals in the world.

In addition to her remarkable personal brand, Marie has amassed an impressive collection of video content. Her YouTube channel, aptly named ‘Marie TV,’ boasts over half a million subscribers and features hundreds of videos. What sets Marie apart is her ability to seamlessly integrate these videos into the blog section of her beautifully designed website.

Marie’s website serves as a hub for her inspirational and empowering content. By incorporating her extensive video library within the blog section, visitors can easily access and engage with her wealth of knowledge and insights. This strategic approach ensures that her audience can conveniently consume her video content while exploring the other valuable resources on her website.

Marie’s dedication to creating inspiring content and sharing it through her website and YouTube channel has solidified her status as a powerhouse in her field. Her unwavering commitment to providing valuable resources and her ability to connect with her audience have contributed to her enduring success. With no signs of slowing down, Marie continues to inspire and impact the lives of countless individuals around the world.

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40. Denise Duffield Thomas


Denise, the ‘money mindset mentor for women,’ has created a successful coaching website without relying on extravagant features. Instead of prominently promoting 1-on-1 coaching services, Denise focuses on her books, courses, and workshops to amplify her impact and reach a broader audience. By offering practical financial insights through her blog and providing actionable resources, Denise establishes herself as a trusted authority in empowering women to improve their money mindset. Her website demonstrates the power of simplicity and strategic emphasis on valuable resources to attract and engage an audience seeking financial guidance and personal growth.


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41. Mira Joleigh



Mira, a life coach specializing in ambitious women in their 20s and 30s, has created a compelling website that allows visitors to get to know her and her coaching approach. The video on the homepage serves as an impactful introduction, capturing Mira’s energy and passion. Her authentic storytelling and relatability offer hope and inspiration to those who can relate to her experiences. As Mira’s website and branding continue to evolve, it will be exciting to see how she further engages and empowers her target audience. The website serves as a gateway to Mira’s coaching services, inviting ambitious women to embark on a transformative journey of personal growth and fulfillment.

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FAQs about Great Coaching Websites

Q: What makes a coaching website great? A: A great coaching website combines visual appeal, user-friendly navigation, compelling content, and showcases the coach’s expertise.

Q: How important is visual appeal for a coaching website? A: Visual appeal is crucial as it creates a positive first impression, establishes trust, and conveys professionalism.

Q: What role does content play in a coaching website? A: Compelling content connects with the target audience, addresses their needs, and establishes the coach as an authority.

Q: Why is it important to showcase expertise on a coaching website? A: Showcasing expertise through credentials, success stories, and testimonials builds trust and confidence in potential clients.

Q: How does mobile responsiveness impact a coaching website? A: Mobile responsiveness ensures a seamless browsing experience for users on smartphones and tablets, expanding the website’s reach.

Q: Can multimedia elements enhance a coaching website? A: Yes, multimedia elements like videos, podcasts, and infographics engage visitors on different levels and cater to various learning preferences.


Investing in a great coaching website is an investment in the success of your coaching business. By incorporating visual appeal, user-friendly navigation, compelling content, and showcasing your expertise, you can create a powerful online presence that attracts clients and sets you apart from the competition. Remember, a great coaching website is not just a website; it is a gateway to transformation for both you and your clients.