Growing Revenues at a Trade Show

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Essential Tools & Strategies for Growing Revenues at a Trade Show

Trade shows are excellent opportunities for businesses to showcase their products, services, and network with industry professionals. Yet, many businesses still struggle to fully quantify the revenue stream from trade shows. Lead generation is an important aspect of a successful trade show. Yet, many leads need a long time to convert. As such, in the long term, it is tough to assign a lead to trade show activities or to overall marketing and sales campaigns. Yet, this doesn’t mean trade shows can’t drive revenues. In fact, with the right tools and strategies, you can drive visitors with a clear purchase intent to your trade stand. This article will explore some essential tools and strategies to contribute to revenue growth at a trade show.

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Social media presence

A strong social media presence that showcases your activities is indispensable in today’s digital age. But when it comes to trade shows, you can already design social media campaigns to drive visitors to your stand. Indeed, you will need a pre-show information plan, which could include sharing the building process and pre-opening process ahead of the trade show. This is a great idea to attract people’s attention and let them know where you are. Additionally, you can leverage the organizer’s presence by tagging them, using the location tag, and using the branded trade show hashtags to gather some buzz. Finally, mentioning leads and clients who, you know, might benefit from attending the trade show, can generate interest and excitement.

On-site payment capabilities

Being able to accept payments on the spot is a game-changer at trade shows. More often than not, failing to provide a purchase solution for visitors can translate into lost business opportunities. It doesn’t matter how often you remind visitors to check your website to purchase once they leave the trade show. If they leave the trade without making a purchase, the likelihood of them researching your business to buy later is low. Therefore, it can be helpful to use a mobile card reader to eliminate any obstacles to purchasing. This allows visitors to make instant buying decisions. Mobile payment systems facilitate seamless transactions, boosting trade show revenues and enhancing customer satisfaction in real time.

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Touch screen kiosks

Similar to portable car readers, touch screen kiosks can act as self-service stations where attendees can browse your website and order your products. This can be highly useful for businesses that sell either services or large products that can’t be stored on a trade show stand.

Automated service contract drafts

Last but not least, being able to efficiently close deals and secure contracts while on the trade show floor is a vital aspect of revenue generation. The idea is that you don’t want to waste time when a lead is interested and ready to purchase your services. Therefore, having an automated service contract drafting system enables you to streamline the contract creation and signing processes. This not only eliminates post trade show delays, but also reduces paperwork. You can use a screen to sign the contract, and share your client’s copy via PDF. In conclusion, the benefits of bringing revenue-enhancing tools and strategies to the trade show are considerable. Firstly, a strong social media presence can enhance brand visibility and create the buzz you need to attract leads. Secondly, being able to process transactions in any form on your stand unlock new revenue streams, whether you use on-site payment or ordering functions. Lastly, for service providers, crafting contracts in real time can also boost your trade show ROI.

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