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Heart Alt Code Special

It is true that the ♥ heart symbol is often inserted using the heart alt code, as it cannot be directly inputted from the keyboard. However, the way the heart symbol is displayed can vary across different software, search engines, and social networking platforms. While the overall shape of the heart remains the same, there can be subtle differences in its appearance when viewed online or offline.

These variations could be due to differences in font rendering, graphics rendering, or platform-specific implementations. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that the exact visual representation of the heart symbol may vary slightly depending on the application or platform you are using.

Using ♡💔♥💞Heart Alt Code Special Characters – Easy Guide 2023


Heart Alt Code Special Heart Alt Code

The List of All Heart Codes:

  • Press Alt+3 to insert the ♥ Black heart symbol.
  • Press Alt+9825 to insert the ♡ White heart symbol.
  • Press Alt+10084 to insert the ❤ Heavy black heart symbol.
  • Press Alt+10083 to insert the ❣ Heart exclamation symbol.
  • Press Alt+10085 to insert the ❤ Rotated black heart symbol.
  • Press Alt+10086 to insert the ❦ Floral heart symbol, Aldus leaf.
  • Press Alt+10087 to insert the ❧ Rotated floral heart symbol bullet, hedera, ivy leaf.
  • Press Alt+128140 to insert the 💌 Heart symbol with Letter.
  • Press Alt+127892 to insert the 🎔 Heart symbol with tip on the left.
  • Press Alt+128143 to insert the 💏 Heart on the two kissing People symbol.
  • Press Alt+128144 to insert the 💒 Heart with Wedding chapel symbol.
  • Press Alt+128147 to insert the 💓Beating heart Symbol.
  • Press Alt+128148 to insert the 💔 Broken heart Symbol.
  • Press Alt+128149 to insert the 💕Couple hearts Symbol.
  • Press Alt+128150 to insert the 💖 Sparling heart symbol.
  • Press Alt+128151 to insert the 💗 Growing heart symbol.
  • Press Alt+128152 to insert the 💘 Heart with arrow symbol.
  • Press Alt+128153 to insert the 💙 Blue Heart symbol.
  • Press Alt+128154 to insert the 💚 Green heart symbol.
  • Press Alt+128155 to insert the 💛 Yellow heart symbol.
  • Press Alt+129505 to insert the 🧡 Yellow heart symbol.
  • Press Alt+128156 to insert the 💜 Purple heart symbol.
  • Press Alt+128157 to insert the 💝 Heart symbol with ribbon.
  • Press Alt+128158 to insert the 💞 Revolving 2 hearts symbol.
  • Press Alt+128159 to insert the 💟 Decorated Heart.


How to Use ♥ Heart Alt Code Shortcut:

  • Using the heart alt code, place the cursor where you wish to insert the heart symbol. An illustration. adding to a word document.
  • On the keyboard, hold down the “alt” key while pressing it. then enter 3 using the numeric keyboard (make sure the numeric keypad lock turns on).

Alt Code Keyboard Shortcuts for Heart Emoji

The Alt key, which is the keyboard’s most potent key, is rarely used by regular users. When inside a document, we rarely utilise the alt keys besides shortcuts like “Alt + F4” and “Alt + Tab.” However, you may quickly input different symbols by using one of the keyboard’s alt keys. We will provide all alt code keyboard shortcuts for the heart emoji in Windows, Mac, and HTML pages in this shortcuts guide. See the complete list of Alt Code Shortcuts for Windows and Mac to Insert Symbols.

Inserting Heart Emoji in Windows

People typically use the heart emoji to convey love, passion, and affection. It might be for joyous or unhappy reasons. Additionally, the playing card suit includes the heart. These heart symbols can be inserted in various ways.

Alt Code Shortcuts for Heart Symbols

The simplest approach to put heart symbols in Windows-based documents, including Outlook emails, is to use alt code shortcuts. A complete collection of heart symbols with their alt/decimal and hex codes may be found in the table below. Type the numbers indicated in the third column of the table while holding down one of the alt keys. Alt + 128152, for instance, will result in a heart with an arrow sign like 💘.

When inputting numbers, you should utilise the number pad on the keyboard because using the default keyboard’s number keys will not work. All office documents, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, can be opened using this technique.

Heart EmojiEmoji DescriptionAlt + CodeHex Code, Alt + X
🫀Anatomical HeartAlt + 1297281FAC0
🥰Smiling Face With HeartsAlt + 1293921F970
🤍White HeartAlt + 1292931F90D
😻Smiling Cat Face With Heart Shaped EyesAlt + 1285711F63B
😍Smiling Face With Heart Shaped EyesAlt + 1285251F60D
💟Heart DecorationAlt + 1281591F49F
💞Revolving HeartsAlt + 1281581F49E
💝Heart With RibbonAlt + 1281571F49D
💜Purple HeartAlt + 1281561F49C
💛Yellow HeartAlt + 1281551F49B
💚Green HeartAlt + 1281541F49A
💙Blue HeartAlt + 1281531F499
💘Heart With ArrowAlt + 1281521F498
💗Growing HeartAlt + 1281511F497
💖Sparkling HeartAlt + 1281501F496
💕Two HeartsAlt + 1281491F495
💔Broken HeartAlt + 1281481F494
💓Beating HeartAlt + 1281471F493
💒Wedding Chapel With HeartsAlt + 1281461F492
💑Couple With HeartAlt + 1281451F491
💌Love LetterAlt + 1281401F48C
🏩Love HotelAlt + 1279771F3E9
Rotated Floral Heart BulletAlt + 100872767
Rotated Heavy Black Heart BulletAlt + 100852765
Red HeartAlt + 100842764
Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark OrnamentAlt + 100832763
Black Heart SuitAlt + 98292665
White Heart SuitAlt + 98252661
Reversed Rotated Floral Heart BulletAlt + 97532619

Note: The alt + 3 shortcut can also be used to make a straightforward heart, but not all documents will support it.

Using Alt + X Method

Have a keyboard without a numeric pad? Along with the alt and x keys, you can still use the hexadecimal codes in the table’s last column. But only Microsoft Word documents will be compatible with this technique. The symbols can be copied and pasted on Excel worksheets and PowerPoint presentations. For instance, 1F495 + alt + x will result in the symbol for two hearts, which is 💕.

Using Emoji Keyboard in Windows

These heart symbols are very common in chat exchanges on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. The emoji picker makes it simple to select the desired symbol. Following suit, Microsoft included an emoji keyboard to Windows 10 and expanded the app’s features in Windows 11. As a result, you can quickly select the heart icon from the emoji keyboard and insert it into any document, including Skype and Outlook.

  • To access the emoji keyboard, press “Win + ;” keys.
  • To filter the appropriate symbols, either click the heart symbol icon or type heart.
  • Click to insert after selecting the symbol.

Windows’s heart emoji symbols

Inserting Heart Emoji in Mac

On Mac documents like Pages and Keynote, you can place hearts using a variety of techniques, much like on Windows.

Heart Emoji Alt Code for Mac

To utilise the alt code on a Mac, first switch the input type to Unicode Hex Input. Holding down the alt/option keys, type the hex code in the final column of the table above. Option + 2764, for instance, will generate a heavy black heart symbol that looks like .

Using Character Viewer App in Mac

Hexadecimal codes do function on Mac, however you can only use a 4-digit code with the Alt key. You can utilise the Character Viewer app since all of those lovely heart emoji symbols have a five-digit hex code.

  • To launch the Character Viewer app, press “Control + Command + Space.”
  • To filter all heart symbols, type “heart” into the search box.
  • To insert the symbol into your document, double click on it.

Heart Symbols in Mac Character Viewer

Here is a comprehensive list of emoji shortcuts for WhatsApp Web and Desktop if you’re wanting to add hearts and other emoji symbols to messages.

Font Variations

The majority of the symbols are solid emoji symbols, as you can see in the table above. They will have a default colour in accordance with the Unicode standard, therefore you cannot change it. With a line symbol, you can alter the colour of those few hearts. However, you can change the size such that it corresponds to the text in your document. Here are some hypothetical hearts with increasing sizes and various backgrounds.

💔 💞 💖

Heart Emoji Image Download

Click the image below to download it to your PC. For offline use, you can use this image of the shortcuts for hearts.

How to text love heart by using its Alt Code ❣

  • To create a heart symbol, turn on NumLock, press and hold the Alt key, type the number 3 for the heart symbol’s Alt Code, and then release the Alt key.

The approach described above is not applicable for MacOS. Please visit our How to use Alt-Codes? page for further details on how to utilise symbols and emojis.

Heart Emoji

Heart emoji list of new heart symbol types for you to use on your blogs and social media pages like facebook, google+, twitter, etc., including “white heart,” “brown heart,” and “happy face with hearts.” Emojis with hearts can be copied and pasted anywhere, or their Unicode Hex values can be used in computer programming or web page design.

Heart EmojiHeart Symbol TypeUnicode Hex
White Heart Suit♡
Black Heart Suit♥
🖤Black Heart🖤
💙Blue Heart💙
💚Green Heart💚
💛Yellow Heart💛
💜Purple Heart💜
🧡Orange Heart🧡
🤍White Heart🤍
🤎Brown Heart🤎
Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament❣
Heavy Black Heart❤
Rotated Heavy Black Heart Bullet❥
🎔Heart With Tip On The Left🎔
💓Beating Heart💓
💔Broken Heart💔
💖Sparkling Heart💖
💗Growing Heart💗
💕Two Hearts💕
💞Revolving Hearts💞
💘Heart With Arrow💘
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Heart EmojiHeart Symbol TypeUnicode Hex
💝Heart With Ribbon💝
💟Heart Decoration💟
💌Love Letter💌
🥰Smiling Face With Hearts🥰
😍Smiling Face With Heart-shaped Eyes😍
😘Face Blowing a Kiss😘
😻Smiling Cat Face With Heart-shaped Eyes😻
💑Couple With Heart💑
Floral Heart❦
Rotated Floral Heart Bullet❧
Reversed Rotated Floral Heart Bullet☙
Cjk Radical Heart One⺖
Cjk Radical Heart Two⺗
Kangxi Radical Heart⼼


The meaning of Heart Symbols

You can utilise a variety of heart symbols to provide your recipients a more appealing impression of your words. Let’s examine what they imply.

  • Some platforms may display a White Heart Suit as a heart symbol with a black outline, while it can also be displayed as a heart with a red outline. Along with the clubs, diamonds, and spades, it is frequently used to indicate a heart suit.
  • To represent grief, dark humour, darkness in the heart, or other comparable feelings, a black heart is displayed as the heart that is completely black.
  • The traditional red heart, commonly referred to as a “Love Heart” or “Heavy Black Heart,” is used to convey love or friendship.
  • A yellow or golden heart is used to represent a yellow heart. It is frequently used to identify the finest friends and highlight the most significant friendships. On some platforms, a yellow #1BF heart turns into a red heart after two weeks by default.
  • One of the freshly introduced heart symbols is a blue heart. It is seen as a symbol of harmony, loyalty, unending trust, deep, calm love, and peace.
  • A green heart typically represents a love of nature, growth, and development as well as jealously and envy.
  • Veterans of the military are often represented by a Purple Heart or Violet Heart. It is intended to emphasise tender and understanding love, respect and dignity, giving and forgiving.
  • A broken heart emoji can be used to express brokenheartedness, missing someone, or experiencing an unrequited love.
  • A red or pink heart with a few vibration lines above it is the typical visual representation of a beating heart. One of the heart symbols, which may be used to symbolise both love and a life that is motivated by it, is this one.
  • The widely used emoji “Heavy Heart Exclamation” is used to convey both the sensation of missing someone dearly loved as well as a warning or piece of advise that has been offered with great love.
  • A red, pink, or white heart wrapped in a yellow ribbon is used to symbolise a “Heart with a Ribbon” or “Gift Heart.” This one can be used by someone who describes their love as a gift or a blessing from God. It can surely be used to represent an impending gift from a loved one.
  • A heart with an arrow is typically depicted as being struck by an arrow of one of the following colours: yellow, purple, brown, or blue (depending on the platform). It can be used as a Cupid symbol to signify a romantic relationship or as the primary Valentine’s Day symbol.
  • Revolving Hearts are typically depicted as two hearts of a red or pink colour rotating in a circle, but some platforms also use three or four hearts. This emoji can be used to highlight several romantic interests or a type of love between a few people (i.e. a family, etc.)
  • One of the heart symbols proposed and produced by Japanese designers is called a Growing Heart, and it is typically used to symbolise growing love or to represent charming and uplifting love.
  • A pink or red heart with two or more yellow or white stars on it is a symbol for a Sparkling Heart. This is a great emoji to use when expressing priceless love or the affection of supernatural beings.

Heart Alt Code Shortcuts on the Windows and Mac Keyboard

The Black Heart Symbol Alt code is 3.

This alternative code is compatible with any application running on a Windows PC, including Google Docs and applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The numerous varieties of the heart symbol are listed below along with the appropriate Alt Code keys for Word. NOTE: Only Microsoft Word for Windows supports the alt code shortcuts in this table.

DescriptionSymbol TextAlt Code
Reversed Rotated Floral Heart BulletAlt + 9753
White Heart SuitAlt + 9825
Black Heart SuitAlt + 9829
Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark OrnamentAlt + 10083
Heavy Black HeartAlt + 10084
Rotated Heavy Black Heart BulletAlt + 10085
Rotated Floral Heart BulletAlt + 10087


How to use the Heart Symbol Alt Code Shortcut

To get the Heart symbol using these alt code shortcuts:

  1. Launch your MS Word document.
  2. Place your insertion pointer where you need to insert the Heart sign ().
  3. Press down the Alt key.
  4. While holding the Alt key, type the Heart Alt code (3) using the numeric keypad.
  5. Then release the Alt key to insert the symbol ().

Heart Alt Code Special


More About Alt Codes

In computers running Microsoft Operating Systems, alt codes are used to type symbols and characters for which there is no specific key on the keyboard. To achieve this, hold down the Alt key while using the numeric keypad to enter the alt code. To type the Heart Alt code of 3 on the numeric keypad, turn on NumLock first, then press and hold the alt key while typing the code. Release the Alt key after that. This Alt code capability also exists in other operating systems, such as the Mac OS, and I’ll explain it shortly.

Rules for using the Heart Alt Code

  • You should press and maintain the Alt key earlier than typing the Alt code.
  • You should use the numeric keypad on the appropriate of the keyboard to type the alt code.
  • Since you might be utilizing the numeric keypad, the NumLock should be turned on. Turning off the NumLock will disable the quantity pad, and therefore no numbers may be typed utilizing the num pad.
  • If you might be utilizing a laptop without the numeric keypad, you should first turn on the hidden numeric keypad. On most laptops, you’ll be able to flip this on by urgent Fn+NmLk keys concurrently. Not all laptops have the hidden numeric keypad. If it appears lacking in yours, then you definately can not use the alt code methodology to type the Heart (♥) image along with your laptop until you join an exterior keyboard that has a numeric keypad.
  • You should additionally perceive that not all symbols may be typed with the alt code relying on the doc you might be engaged on. Some of the alt codes work only in Microsoft Word. However, the black Heart (♥) alt code works anyplace on Windows resembling textual content editors, on the web, varieties, and so forth.

Heart (♥) Symbol alt code for Mac

  • The Heart alt code shortcut for Mac is Option + 2661. Obey the next steps to type on Mac:
    • First of all, place your insertion pointer the place you want the Heart image.
    • Then press Option + 2661 concurrently in your Mac keyboard.

    These keystrokes will give the image.

    moreover understand that not all symbols could also be typed with the alt code counting on the doc you is perhaps engaged on. Some of the alt codes work only in Microsoft Word. However, the black Heart (♥) alt code works anyplace on Windows resembling textual content material editors, on the web, varieties, and so forth.


On the Windows operating system, many people prefer using the alt code method to type symbols. However, the way alt codes are used on Windows is different from how they are used on Mac. There is a common misconception that Mac users cannot utilize alt code shortcuts. While it is true that newer Apple keyboards, such as the Magic Keyboard, no longer have the “alt” label on them, the Option key on the Mac keyboard serves the same function as the Alt key on Windows. This means it can be used in non-Mac software as well.

However, it is important to note that Mac operates differently from Windows, and the Alt code method is not applicable on a Mac. Apple has designed specific shortcuts using the Alt/Option key in combination with other keys, which are easier to remember compared to the number codes used in applications like Microsoft Word. For the heart symbol on a Mac, the shortcut you may already be familiar with is Option + 2661.

In summary, while Mac keyboards may not have a dedicated “Alt” key like Windows keyboards, the Option key on a Mac functions as the equivalent of the Alt key and can be used for shortcuts in non-Mac software. However, Mac has its own specific key combinations for shortcuts, and the Alt code method used in Windows is not applicable on a Mac.

Heart Symbol Alt Codes, HTML Code, Heart Emoji (Copy and Paste)

The collection of alternative codes for heart symbols and the Heart Emoji is shown below. In Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you can copy and paste the heart symbol, or you can create several sorts of hearts using alternative codes. To copy, simply click on the icon. Use HTML code to insert the heart symbol in HTML pages.

List of alt codes for heart symbols

SymbolDescriptionAlt CodeHTML Code
Reversed Rotated Floral Heart Bullet9753☙
White Heart Suit9825♡
Black Heart Suit3♥
Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament10083❣
Heavy Black Heart10084❤
Rotated Heavy Black Heart Bullet10085❥
Floral Heart10086❦
Rotated Floral Heart Bullet10087❧

Heart Emoji List

SymbolDescriptionAlt CodeHTML Code
💑Couple with Heart128145💑
💓Beating Heart128147💓
💔Broken Heart128148💔
💕Two Hearts128149💕
💖Sparkling Heart128150💖
💗Growing Heart128151💗
💘Heart with Arrow128152💘
💙Blue Heart128153💙
💚Green Heart128154💚
💛Yellow Heart128155💛
💜Purple Heart128156💜
💝Heart with Ribbon128157💝
💞Revolving Hearts128158💞
💟Heart Decoration128159💟
🖤Black Heart128420🖤
😍Smiling Face with Heart-Shaped Eyes128525😍
😻Smiling Cat Face with Heart-Shaped Eyes128571😻
🤍White Heart129293🤍
🤎Brown Heart129294🤎
🥰Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes and Three Hearts129392🥰
🧡Orange Heart129505🧡

[♥♡] How to Type Heart Symbol Text in Word (with Keyboard Shortcut)

The Heart Symbol Text or Sign (♥) can be inserted or typed using a variety of methods on any programme, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, whether you are using a Windows or Mac keyboard. All the simple techniques, including the Heart Alt code shortcut, are taught to you. Let’s get started right away without wasting any time.

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Quick Guide for typing the Heart symbol Text (♥)

To type the Heart Symbol textual content wherever in your PC or Laptop keyboard (like in Microsoft Word or Excel), press Option + 2764 shortcut for Mac. And if you’re utilizing Windows, merely press down the Alt key and type 3 utilizing the numeric keypad on the suitable side of your keyboard.

The desk below accommodates a number of information you want to have the ability to type this image on each Windows and Mac.

Name of SymbolHeart
Symbol Text
Alt Code 13
Windows ShortcutAlt + 3
Mac ShortcutOption + 2764
Shortcut in Word2665, Alt+X


Getting into the Details

The information provided above should be sufficient for you to insert the heart symbol or any other symbol into your documents, whether you are using Windows or a Mac. However, if you would like more detailed instructions on how to access the heart symbol or other symbols in applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, please continue reading.

Both Windows and Mac keyboards have various keys that can be used to access symbols through key combinations. These symbols are accessible by pressing two or more keys simultaneously on the keyboard. For example, pressing Shift + 6 keys will display the caret symbol (♥). However, not all symbols are readily visible as second keys on the keyboard, which can make typing them challenging.

The heart symbol (♥) is one such symbol that may not have a dedicated key. If you frequently need to include such symbols in your work, typing them can be a challenge. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult, especially now that you have read our detailed instructions.

Please let me know if there is anything specific you would like to know or if you have any questions regarding typing symbols on either Windows or Mac.

How to Insert Heart Symbol Text in Word/Excel

In the next sections, I’ll present you all of the easy methods to type or insert this image () anyplace in your Windows or Mac PC (equivalent to Word or Excel or PowerPoint).

As a fast information, press 2665, Alt+X in your keyboard to type the Heart image in Microsoft Word. This shortcut works in MS Word only. You may press Option + 2764 on Mac.

However, without any additional ado, below are the strategies defined into particulars.

Method 1: Heart Symbol Shortcuts (Windows and Mac)

The Heart Symbol Shortcut for Mac is Option + 2764.

Windows has a number of shortcuts, a few of these shortcuts works only in Microsoft Word. Heart image shortcut is one in all them.

The Heart Symbol shortcut for Microsoft Word is 2665, Alt+X. This shortcut works in Microsoft Word in Windows only. To use this shortcut, obey the next directions:

  • Place the insertion pointer in the best place.
  • Type 2665 in your keyboard, then press Alt + X. This will convert the code (2665) into the Heart image at the place you place the insertion pointer.

Below is a breakdown on the right way to use the Heart image shortcut for Mac:

  • First of all, place the insertion pointer the place you have to insert the image.
  • Now, utilizing the Mac keyboard, Press Option + 2764 concurrently.

This shortcut should insert the image for you in your Mac PC. In the following part, I’ll present you the right way to use the Heart Symbol Text Alt Code to type the image in your keyboard.

Method 2: Heart Symbol Alt Code (Windows)

The Heart () Symbol Alt Code is 3.

Every image in Word has a novel code that you should utilize to insert the image into your doc. This code is well generally known as “Alt code”. Below are the steps to type this image in your keyboard (utilizing the Alt code offered above:

  • Press the num lock key to allow the numeric keypad. Use Fn key + NumLk keys to turn on Num Lock on laptops without the numeric keypad.
  • Press and maintain the Alt key and type 3 utilizing the numeric keypad.
  • After typing the Alt code (i.e. 3), launch the [Alt] key you pressed down.

Heart Alt Code Special

As quickly as you launch the Alt Key, the Heart () Symbol Text should seem in your doc. Below are some completely different variations of the Heart Symbol together with their Alt code shortcuts that you should use to type these symbols in Microsoft Word utilizing your keyboard:

Heart Symbol NameHeart Symbol TextAlt Code
Reversed Rotated Floral Heart BulletAlt + 9753
White Heart SuitAlt + 9825
Black Heart SuitAlt + 9829
Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark OrnamentAlt + 10083
Heavy Black HeartAlt + 10084
Rotated Heavy Black Heart BulletAlt + 10085
Rotated Floral Heart BulletAlt + 10087
Love Hotel🏩Alt + 127977
Love Letter💌Alt + 128140
Couple With Heart💑Alt + 128145
Wedding Chapel With Hearts💒Alt + 128146
Beating Heart💓Alt + 128147
Broken Heart💔Alt + 128148
Two Hearts💕Alt + 128149
Sparkling Heart💖Alt + 128150
Growing Heart💗Alt + 128151
Heart With Arrow💘Alt + 128152
Blue Heart💙Alt + 128153
Green Heart💚Alt + 128154
Yellow Heart💛Alt + 128155
Purple Heart💜Alt + 128156
Heart With Ribbon💝Alt + 128157
Revolving Hearts💞Alt + 128158
Heart Decoration💟Alt + 128159
Smiling Face With Heart Shaped Eyes😍Alt + 128525
Smiling Cat Face With Heart Shaped Eyes😻Alt + 128571

ALT Codes for Heart Symbols & Romance Symbols

ALT codes for love and heart symbols. The complete set of HTML entity numeric character references and, when available, their associated HTML entity named character references for the heart and romance symbols found on the Windows ALT key is shown below. if you are unfamiliar with ALT codes and require comprehensive usage instructions.

SymbolALT CodeALT X CodeSymbol NameHTML Entity HEXUnicode Code Point
ALT 97532619 ALT XReversed rotated floral heart bulletU+2619
ALT 98252661 ALT XWhite heart suitU+2661
ALT 3 or ALT 98292665 ALT XBlack heart suit, valentineU+2665
ALT 100832763 ALT XHeavy heart exclamation mark ornamentU+2763
ALT 100842764 ALT XHeavy black heartU+2764
ALT 100852765 ALT XRotated heavy black heart bulletU+2765
ALT 100862766 ALT XFloral heart, aldus leafU+2766
ALT 100872767 ALT XRotated floral heart bullet, hedera, ivy leafU+2767
🎔ALT 1278921F394 ALT XHeart with tip on the left🎔U+1F394
💋ALT 1281391F48B ALT XKiss mark, lips💋U+1F48B
💌ALT 1281401F48C ALT XLove letter💌U+1F48C
💍ALT 1281411F48D ALT XRing, jewelry💍U+1F48D
💎ALT 1281421F48E ALT XGem stone💎U+1F48E
💏ALT 1281431F48F ALT XKiss, two people kissing💏U+1F48F
💐ALT 1281441F490 ALT XBouquet💐U+1F490
💑ALT 1281451F491 ALT XCouple with heart💑U+1F491
💒ALT 1281461F492 ALT XWedding, wedding chapel💒U+1F492
💓ALT 1281471F493 ALT XBeating heart💓U+1F493
💔ALT 1281481F494 ALT XBroken heart💔U+1F494
💕ALT 1281491F495 ALT XTwo hearts💕U+1F495
💖ALT 1281501F496 ALT XSparkling heart💖U+1F496
💗ALT 1281511F497 ALT XGrowing heart💗U+1F497
💘ALT 1281521F498 ALT XHeart with arrow💘U+1F498
💙ALT 1281531F499 ALT XBlue heart💙U+1F499
💚ALT 1281541F49A ALT XGreen heart💚U+1F49A
💛ALT 1281551F49B ALT XYellow heart💛U+1F49B
💜ALT 1281561F49C ALT XPurple heart💜U+1F49C
💝ALT 1281571F49D ALT XHeart with ribbon💝U+1F49D
💞ALT 1281581F49E ALT XRevolving hearts💞U+1F49E
💟ALT 1281591F49F ALT XHeart decoration💟U+1F49F
🖤ALT 1284201F5A4 ALT XBlack heart&#AB1J5E4U+1F5A4
🧡ALT 1295051F9E1 ALT XOrange heart🧡U+1F9E1

FAQ: Heart Alt Code Special

Can we type the heart symbol directly?

We can’t, sorry. On any programme, the heart symbol cannot be directly typed. With the Heart alt code, it can be added. In various applications, search engines, and social media platforms, the heart symbol does not display in the same way. Although the shape is the same, online or offline applications show a tiny shift in the shape.

What is the Alt code to Insert a Heart Symbol?

  • Press Alt+3 to insert the ♥ Blackheart image.
  • Press Alt+9825 to insert the ♡ Whiteheart image.
  • Press Alt+10084 to insert the ❤ Heavy black coronary heart image.

Q: What is an Alt code?

A: An Alt code is a keyboard shortcut that allows you to insert special characters or symbols by typing a specific code while holding down the Alt key.

Q: How do I use Alt codes to type the Heart symbol (♥)?

A: On Windows, you can type the Heart symbol (♥) by pressing and holding the Alt key while entering the Alt code 3 on the numeric keypad. Release the Alt key, and the symbol will appear. However, this method may not work on all applications or keyboards.

Q: Can I use Alt codes on a Mac?

A: Alt codes are primarily a Windows feature and may not work directly on a Mac. On a Mac, you can typically access special characters and symbols using keyboard shortcuts involving the Option key. For the Heart symbol (♥), you can try pressing the Option key + 2665.

Q: Why doesn’t the Alt code method work on my keyboard or application?

A: Alt codes may not work consistently across all keyboards and applications. Some keyboards or applications may have different key layouts or may not support Alt codes. In such cases, alternative methods like copy-pasting the symbol or using character insertion tools within applications can be used.

Q: Are there alternative ways to insert symbols like the Heart symbol (♥)?

A: Yes, there are alternative methods. You can copy the symbol from a character map or symbol library and paste it into your document. Additionally, many applications provide symbol insertion tools or menus that allow you to select and insert symbols without using Alt codes.

Q: How can I access a comprehensive list of Alt codes or special characters?

A: You can find comprehensive lists of Alt codes and special characters online. There are websites and resources that provide extensive collections of symbols, along with their corresponding Alt codes.


In summary, it’s important to keep in mind that the availability and functionality of Alt codes can differ based on factors such as your operating system, keyboard layout, and the specific application you are using. While Alt codes are commonly associated with Windows, they may not work universally across all systems or applications.

To ensure successful insertion of special characters or symbols, it’s recommended to explore alternative methods and consult specific documentation or resources tailored to your particular setup. Alternative methods can include copying symbols from character maps or symbol libraries and pasting them into your document. Many applications also provide symbol insertion tools or menus that allow you to select and insert symbols without relying on Alt codes.

By being aware of the variations in Alt code functionality and exploring alternative options, you can find the most effective and convenient way to insert symbols or special characters in your work. Consulting relevant documentation or resources specific to your operating system and application can provide detailed instructions and additional insights for your specific setup.


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