Hex Color Codes for Social Media Platforms

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Hex Color Codes for Social Media Platforms –  Beginner’s Guide

What Are Hex Colors?

Hexadecimal numbers are used to represent colours from different colour models as hex colours. Hexadecimal colours are represented by the symbol #RRGGBB, where RR stands for red, GG for green, and BB for blue. The hexadecimal integers used to specify the color’s intensity can range from 00 to FF.

An easy illustration of this is #FF0000. Because the red component is at its highest value of FF while the green and blue components are at their lowest value of 00, the colour is completely red.

A colour hex code is a representation in hexadecimal of a colour in the RGB format. It is created by combining three numbers, which correspond to the amounts of red, green, and blue in a certain tint of colour.

These colour hex codes have always been an essential component of HTML for web design, and they continue to serve as an important method of digitally describing colour formats.

Uses for Hex Colors

It is simple to distinguish between colours by using hex colour codes to represent them. You can easily alter the red, blue, or green values to get a different colour if you have a basic understanding of how they function. This is especially convenient because hex colour codes, which ensure colour accuracy, offer such a wide variety of colour selections.

How Many Different Hex Colors Exist?

There are 2563 colour combinations, or 16,777,216 possible colour combinations, in the common notation #RRGGBB. This is due to the fact that each of the colour values RR, GG, and BB has a possible 256 value range, from 00 to FF. As a result, there are 2563 combinations.

The fact that many contemporary browsers will also enable transparency is an intriguing side note. This implies that #AARRGGBB, a brand-new set of colour codes, is now available. There are 256 colour codes total, or 4,294,976,296 in this case. It’s vital to remember that simply increasing transparency does not alter the colour, therefore this does not imply that there are additional colours. This essentially increases the amount of data and colour codes that are available based on transparency or opacity.


The Function of Hex Colors

Whether red, green, or blue, hexadecimal colours use sixteen separate numbers to express a single hue. This is effective since it offers you sixteen different shades of each hue, which is a wide variety. Each colour is denoted by a number or letter that ranges from 0 to 9 and from A to F, where 0 denotes the lightest value and F denotes the darkest. The colour format is then broken down into #RRGGBB, where RR stands for red, GG for green, and BB for blue.

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Why Are Hex Colors Important?

Consider the Coca-Cola® company. What shade do you perceive? If you’re like the majority of people, red is what you see. Not any red, though. Red Coke.

coke-red-logo-300x300Color plays a significant role in how much money Coke invests in sustaining its brand. Throughout all of Coke’s packaging, TV ads, magazine ads, websites, digital ads, and in-store merchandise, the Coke red is consistently present. It’s difficult to maintain accurate and constant colour. In addition to the countless different mobile devices, browsers, TVs, and printing techniques that bear the Coca-Cola logo, there are hundreds of designers, developers, and printers working on Coke’s packaging and marketing worldwide.

There are certain colour kinds we employ that are universal, despite the fact that nobody has any control over the variances present in the billions of individual mobile devices and computer monitors. When used appropriately, can go a long way toward preserving colour uniformity. There is a unique, six-digit Hex colour code for Coke that specifies the precise shade of red that should be used in HTML design for the Web: #F40009


Brand, Company, & Website Hex Color Codes

Some of the most well-liked Hex colour codes for social media and online publishing platforms are listed below.

Medium Hex Color

Sea green, solid black, and solid white may all be found on Medium’s colour wheel.


Substack Hex Color

A mild orange hue may be found in Substack’s colour scheme, along with a white accent.

substack orange, substack hex color, substack orange hex color, substack icon, substack logo, substack orange logo


LinkedIn Hex Color

In addition to a solid white accent colour, LinkedIn’s colour scheme also features a light blue hue.

linkedin logo, linkedin hex color, linkedin hex color code, linkedin blue color, linkedin blue


YouTube Hex Color

A prominent bright red colour and a solid white accent colour are both part of YouTube’s colour scheme.

youtube red color, youtube hex color, youtube red hex color code, youtube logo red, youtube red icon


Amazon Hex Color

An obvious bright orange colour and a solid black accent colour are both part of Amazon’s colour palette.

amazon hex color, amazon hex color code, amazon orange color, amazon orange hex color


Facebook Hex Color

Facebook uses a striking dark blue as its main hue and a solid white as an accent.

facebook hex color, fb hex color, fb color code, facebook color code, facebook blue


Reddit Hex Color

A unique orange colour with a crimson tint and a solid white accent colour are among the colours used by Reddit.



Skype Hex Color

Light blue and a solid white accent colour are included in Skype’s colour scheme.



Alphabet Hex Color

Bright red and a solid white accent colour are among the colour choices for Alphabet.

red color alphabet, alphabet red color, alphabet red hex color code


Canva Hex Color

A vivid blue and a solid purple accent hue can be found in Canva’s colour palette.

canva hex color, canva blue hex color, canva hex color code


List of Hex Color Codes for Social Media Platforms

Here is our list of 50 of the top social and technology brands’ social media hues. Each entry includes the primary HEX and RGB value for each social media platform, as well as a list of the secondary and accent colours. Are HEX or RGB values sufficient in place of SASS or LESS variables? We also have those. To navigate to the bottom of the page, use our quick links. Anywhere a brand guideline existed, these were taken from the official brand guidelines for each social media network.




Blue Hex: #1877f2

RGB: 24, 119, 242

#3b5998 rgb(59, 89, 152)



Blue Hex: #1da1f2

RGB: 29, 161, 242

#14171a rgb(20, 23, 26)

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#aab8c2 rgb(170, 184, 194)

#e1e8ed rgb(225, 232, 237)

#f5f8fa rgb(245, 248, 250)



Red Hex: #ff0000

RGB: 255, 0, 0

#282828 rgb(40, 40, 40)

#ffffff rgb(255, 255, 255)



Blue Hex: #0a66c2

RGB: 10, 102, 194

#000000 rgb(0, 0, 0)

#ffffff rgb(255, 255, 255)

#f0b6a8 rgb(240, 182, 168)



Magenta Hex: #c32aa3

RGB: 195, 42, 163

#4c5fd7 rgb(76, 95, 215)

#7232bd rgb(114, 50, 189)

#f46f30 rgb(244, 111, 48)

#ffdc7d rgb(255, 220, 125)



Black Hex: #010101

RGB: 1, 1, 1

#69c9d0 rgb(105, 201, 208)

#ee1d52 rgb(238, 29, 82)

#ffffff rgb(255, 255, 255)



Blue Hex: #4285f4

RGB: 66, 133, 244

#ea4335 rgb(234, 67, 53)

#34a853 rgb(52, 168, 83)

#fbbc05 rgb(251, 188, 5)



Red Hex: #bd081c

RGB: 189, 8, 28


Yellow Hex: #fffc00

RGB: 255, 252, 0

#ffffff rgb(255, 255, 255)

#000000 rgb(0, 0, 0)



Green Hex: #25d366

RGB: 37, 211, 102

#075e54 rgb(7, 94, 84)

#128c7e rgb(18, 140, 126)

#dcf8c6 rgb(220, 248, 198)

#34b7f1 rgb(52, 183, 241)



Blue Hex: #35465d

RGB: 54, 70, 93


Orange Hex: #ff4500

RGB: 255, 69, 0

#ff5700 rgb(255, 87, 0)

#cee3f8 rgb(206, 227, 248)

#336699 rgb(51, 102, 153)

#5f99cf rgb(95, 153, 207)



Purple Hex: #9146ff

RGB: 145, 70, 255

#f0f0ff rgb(240, 240, 255)

#000 rgb(0, 0, 0)



Blurple Hex: #5865f2

RGB: 88, 101, 242

#ffffff rgb(255, 255, 255)

#23272a rgb(35, 39, 42)



Red Hex: #d32323

RGB: 211, 35, 35

Hex Color Codes for Social Media Platforms – Colour Codes for Social Networking Icons

Here, we’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of colour codes for well-known social networking symbols like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. to aid designers and ourselves. Along with the actual visibility of the colour, the RGB and Hexadecimal colour code values are displayed. When an icon contains many colours, we have either utilised a gradient to depict the numerous colours or selected the most dominating single colour.

Social Networking SiteRGB ValuesHex Code
Flattr246,124,26 / 51,141,17#f67c1a / #338d11
Buffer0, 0, 0#000000
Xing2,100,102 / 207,220,0#026466 / #cfdc00
Amazon0,0,0 / 255,153,0#000000 / #ff9900
Yahoo Mail65,0,147#410093
MySpace0, 64, 93#00405d
Yummly0, 64, 93#00405d
Viber0, 64, 93#00405d
Telegram0, 64, 93#00405d
Foursquare0, 64, 93#00405d
Github0, 64, 93#00405d

If you feel any social networking site is missing, feel free to comment so that we will update the list.

Top Hex Color Codes for Social Media Platforms

Digg #486ca3

Disqus #35a8ff

Foursquare #1cafec

Github #181616

Google #0266C8

Hyves #f9a539

Instagram #406e94

Kaixin #bb0e0f

Live #004C9A

Livejournal #3770a3

Mixi #d1ad5a

Myspace #313131

Odnoklassnikki #f69324

Orange #ff6600

Paypal #13487b

Persona #e0742f

Pinterest #cb2128

QQ #009BD9

Reddit #ff5700

Renren #005baa

Salesforce #219CDF

Stackexchange #4ba1d8

Steam Community #666666

Tumblr #32506d

Verisign #0261a2

Virgilio #eb6b21

Vkontakte #45668e

Sinaweibo #bb3e3e

WordPress #21759c

Mailru #1897e6

Xing #007072

Openid #f7921c

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