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20 Best Hootsuite Alternatives For 2024: Tried & Tested | Updated |

Are you struggling to manage your social media presence and looking for the best Hootsuite replacement? Perhaps you want a social media platform with additional features, a better user experience, or a fair team and reporting cost.

Or maybe you don’t want anything to do with a company that does business with ICE while lying about it. In this article, I’ll break down the best Hootsuite alternatives I’ve personally tried and tested to help you make an informed decision.

Marketers use social media management tools such as Hootsuite and equivalents. Social media management solutions save marketers time and effort by allowing them to give services to customers across several social media networks at the same time. Let’s get started:

Managing all social networks on your own is a difficult undertaking. If you work as a social media manager or a digital marketer, you are familiar with the everyday challenges of conceiving, producing, designing, and uploading material on various social networks. The cycle does not stop there! Then there are the figures for tracking, interacting, and reporting. Each of these duties takes a significant amount of time, energy, and effort. Managing social accounts may be difficult whether you’re a one-person team or part of a bigger group.

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Social Media Manager?

One of the most difficult aspects of working in social marketing is that you never stop learning. With the current developments in their profession, social media managers must constantly grow. They must adapt to the newest trends, create plans for various social networks, post material at the appropriate times, manage organic and paid campaigns, communicate with the community, and everything in between.

Communication, creativity, writing, organising, and management abilities are essential in a social media professional. He must be a wordsmith as well as a designer. He can also work as a strategist, marketer, analyst, or customer service representative. Sometimes it all happens in a single day. With all of these chores, two things keep the individual sane: coffee and a social media management tool. If you’re part of a bigger team, your supervisor may introduce you to a variety of tools to help you organise and prioritise your daily work. But what if you just need one tool?

Why Consider Alternatives to Hootsuite?

Though Hootsuite presents a spread of engaging plans, small companies can’t leverage the true capabilities with out spending a lump sum quantity. Right here’s why try to be switching to Hootsuite options:

  • A jaw-dropping worth of Hootsuite plans
  • A steep studying curve
  • Assist out there in chosen plans
  • Restricted URL shortener characteristic
  • No Google Enterprise integrations
  • Group collaboration on larger plans

Regardless of spending a reasonably enormous quantity, you may not get the very best final result due to such limitations.

On this publish, we will overview every different to Hootsuite, so that you don’t should. And once we conclude, it is possible for you to to resolve on the social media administration device that caters to your advertising and marketing wants.

Reasons to Consider Alternatives to Hootsuite:

Significant Price Increase:

Concerns have arisen regarding Hootsuite’s pricing model. Agencies managing over 20 social profiles are compelled to choose the business plan, priced at $8,900, without any monthly payment options.

Scheduling Glitches:

Users have reported reliability issues, especially with LinkedIn and Instagram posts failing to publish as scheduled. Some users have encountered errors such as missing links or images when posting scheduled content.

Clunky User Interface:

Hootsuite faces criticism for its cluttered interface, prompting users to seek alternatives. Many users find the interface cumbersome, leading to the exploration of more user-friendly options.

Sluggish Customer Support:

Customers on lower-tier plans have experienced slow customer service response times. The platform lacks advanced automation features, leaving some users desiring more robust customer support. If you resonate with these concerns, we’ve conducted research and compiled a list of the best alternatives to Hootsuite. These alternatives offer comparable or superior functionalities while being more cost-effective.

While we take pride in our product, Statusbrew, our objective in this article is not to promote but rather to provide an unbiased comparison to assist you in making an informed decision.

20 Best Hootsuite Alternatives For 2024

FeaturesFree TrialPricing Starting fromIntegration Property (total no. of apps)Our RatingsSuitable for Pinterest or Instagram
Hootsuite30 days$1260Powerful5Both
eclincher14 days$59Good5Both
monday.comAvailable$8 per seat per monthPowerful5
Agorapulse28 days$85Okay5Instagram
Buffer7 to 14 days$15Good4Both
TweetDeckForever freeFREEModerate4Only Twitter
Sendible14 days$29Moderate4Both
SocialOomph30 days$15Moderate3Both
SocialReport30 days$49Excellent4Pinterest
SproutSocial30 days$99Very Good5Both

Let’s now learn more about each of these Hootsuite Alternatives in detail.

20 Best Hootsuite Alternatives For 2024 – Full Review

1. Hootsuite Alternative – Buffer

Hootsuite alternative buffer

Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer is one of the oldest Hootsuite alternatives and has been around for quite some time. Buffer is an Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest scheduling application. In comparison to Hootsuite, Buffer includes a greater number of features, including a full feed for each social network, repeat, and a visual calendar. In addition, they provide a social inbox for responding to messages and comments. Additionally, one of their most popular features is analytics, which records and generates information on published content. Buffer’s pricing plans begin at $15 per month and are more expensive than those of other Hootsuite competitors listed above. If you are interested in a comprehensive comparison of Social Champ and Buffer, we have one available.

Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer began as a Twitter scheduling tool and is now highly popular among other Twitter tools used for social media marketing. With the passage of time, however, Buffer has experienced more modifications than Hootsuite. It integrates many essential applications for improved social media management.

Buffer is perhaps the finest alternative to Hootsuite. What is the meaning of that? Buffer lacks many of the additional capabilities that other applications provide. What it does have is the primary function for which the majority of users employ Hootsuite. It schedules social media updates across several channels. Even better, the company’s price plans reflect this. The monthly costs are so inexpensive that even tiny enterprises will have no trouble paying them. Are you unable to pay? Then simply enrol in the free Buffer plan. For those interested, a 14-day free trial is also available. While their automation tools are straightforward, they are far from elementary. In addition to Direct Scheduling, which allows you to plan and schedule posts, Buffer offers features such as First Remark, which adds a first comment to scheduled Instagram posts. Shop Grid also generates traffic and revenue from your Instagram profile to your online store. Additionally, you may respond to social media comments from your PC. It will be difficult to miss a remark while using Buffer.

Buffer vs. Hootsuite

Although both programmes have comparable dashboards, Buffer does not provide alerts for direct conversations or comments. Under the Analytics – Posts route, Buffer only shows planned and already published posts. When planning posting schedules for many social networks, using Buffer is beneficial. You may use these schedules to upload fresh material on a regular basis. Hootsuite offers a similar function, although it is limited to a single schedule. Buffer, on the other hand, does not provide many possibilities for interacting with fans and followers, but it is excellent for scheduling articles and republishing successful ones.

comparison. Buffer, unlike other of the Hootsuite rivals, does not bundle all of its capabilities in a single application.

If you want an alternative to Hootsuite’s free plan, Buffer Publish is a good choice. However, keep in mind that it is only a scheduling tool and does not feature social streams or other means to communicate directly with your audience. You may save posts to your ‘Buffer,’ create a publishing schedule, or schedule them to appear at specified times. Analytics is integrated, allowing you to observe how well your postings are performing. The user interface is fantastic, and the free plan is limited, making it suitable for individuals who are new to social networking platforms. Paid plans are available, however the cost is not clear.

2. Hootsuite Alternative – Meet Edgar

Hootsuite alternative Meet Edger

As a social media management platform for small firms and entrepreneurs, Meet Edgar is our second choice for Hootsuite alternatives since they provide options for organising and scheduling material for automated publication. You may schedule articles for various networks using Meet Edgar, and you can reuse previous material as well. However, Meet Edgar only offers two payment tiers and is a little more expensive than other Hootsuite substitutes. The Edgar Lite costs $19 per month, while the other one costs $49 per month.

3. Hootsuite Alternative – Sprout Social

Hootsuite alternative Sprout Social

Another Hootsuite substitute with equivalent plans in terms of both features and cost is Sprout Social. You get access to a few potent features with Sprout Social, including a social inbox, scheduling, and team collaboration. The most well-known sub-task function with approvals is the CRM capability. Like other Hootsuite competitors, Sprout Social offers analytics and reporting. You may build presentation-ready reports with streamlined analytics in Sprout Social and export them to PDF or CSV format. Plans for Social Champ start at $10/month, while those for Sprout Social start at $99/month. Visit this page to get a thorough comparison of Social Champ vs Sprout Social.

Even though it comes in last on this list of Hootsuite rivals, Sprout Social is certainly no slouch. Most of the Hootsuite-specific functions, including publishing and scheduling, are performed by it. However, it is capable of much more. On the platform, you may post and save your materials, including photos and videos. The best times to plan your posts to gain the greatest interaction are provided by Sprout Social. After that, you may follow your progress from anywhere using its mobile app. You may get a bird’s eye perspective of how your campaigns are performing with the analytics capabilities.

Then, you may assess your performance in relation to that of your rivals to see whether you perform on a par with them. With the help of Sprout Social’s listening tools, you can learn more about what promotes your brand and sector. You may follow the influencers in your industry and interact with them to get them to promote your company. The majority of the sophisticated features people search for in social media management software are included in it. There is a 30-day free trial for Sprout Social.

Sprout Social is a wonderful option if you’re looking for a substitute for the business or corporate services offered by Hootsuite. You get access to a robust scheduling tool and a consolidated social inbox. Your team will stay organised if you use a social calendar. Team management and content approval are made simple by the integrated CRM and task management tools.

Then there’s numerous forms of reporting. Access to competition reports, trend analysis, etc. is available in higher plans. Even reaction time reports exist, which are excellent for teams. Additionally, additional capabilities like chatbots and automation tools are available on the higher tier plans and are a great complement to the platform. For a while, I used Sprout Social as my go-to social networking tool. While they had a great platform, their emphasis on serving enterprise clients rather than smaller businesses did not fit my needs. The cost of these programmes might quickly increase due to the way they are priced.


4. Hootsuite Alternative – Friendsplus.me

Hootsuite alternative Friendsplus.me

Friendsplus.me is yet another option to Hootsuite that is available to users. Friendsplus.me comes equipped with all of the fundamental functions that are necessary for managing social media accounts. However, there are a few areas in which they fall short of expectations. They do provide customer assistance, as well as bulk upload and content development services. Their price options range from $9 per month all the way up to $259 per month for the most expensive plan.

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5. Hootsuite Alternative – Postify

Hootsuite alternative Postify

As a social media planner, Postify is an excellent alternative to Hootsuite. It supports Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and Vkontakte. They provide outstanding customer service in addition to having an interface that is simple to use and explore. Despite this, they do provide a limited set of functions as well as integrations with social networking. There are just three different pricing options available for Postify, ranging from $10 per month all the way up to $80 per month. They also provide users of the iOS and Android operating systems with a mobile application.

6. Hootsuite Alternative – Loomy

Hootsuite alternative Loomy

One of the alternatives to Hootsuite is a social media management application called Loomly, which is designed specifically for business owners. One of the benefits of using Loomly is that it integrates with both Slack and Microsoft Teams. Loomly’s primary functions are in the areas of content production and brand management. In contrast to other possible substitutes for Hootsuite, they do not, however, provide comprehensive integrations for large enterprises. There is a social media calendar available for use with Loomly, in addition to content ideas. They do not have a social inbox to their disposal. Loomly offers options with prices ranging from $25 per month all the way up to $249 per month!

7. Hootsuite Alternative – SocialOomph

Hootsuite alternative SocialOomph

Originally known as TweetLater, Social Oomph was created as a Twitter automation and management application. But after it had been in operation for a while, they understood they could have done much more. At that point, they expanded their services and began providing access to more social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn.

One of the greatest free alternatives to Hootsuite is Social Oomph, which offers a user interface that is simple and easy to manage. Pricing for Social Oomph plans begin at $15 per month. However, Social Oomph has a few drawbacks, such as the fact that their most affordable subscription only allows for one user and that it only offers sophisticated automation tools for Twitter.

8. Hootsuite Alternative – Agorapulse

Hootsuite alternative Agorapulse

Another Hootsuite substitute, Agorapulse is a social media posting tool rather than a management tool. Agorapulse supports Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn and provides a social inbox for responding to all conversations, messages, and comments. They also provide a social media calendar and a hashtag manager similar to Social Champ. Agorapulse is more expensive, with options beginning at $79/month, compared to Hootsuite’s $99 and Social Champ’s $10. Additionally a great alternative to agora pulse is Social Champ. Here is a thorough comparison of Social Champ vs Agorapulse.

You can control every facet of your social media activities with Agorapulse. Like Hootsuite, there isn’t a streams function. You receive a social media inbox in its place. Because it saves so much time compared to utilising streams, I prefer this. You can build thorough reports, do keyword searches for brand mentions on social media, schedule updates, and interact with your audience. However, there are a few characteristics that stick out.

You may create rules for particular actions in the inbox assistant for tweets. For instance, you may instantly assign a team member to a tweet that contains a specific term. This can save you a lot of time. Agorapulse will further classify your followers to assist you in identifying brand ambassadors and avid followers. AgoraPulse is the perfect choice for teams and agencies given its pricing range and feature set.

The platform of Agorapulse has all the components you want for a social media management solution. All of your social media posts, comments, and reviews may be managed here. You may attach thumbnails and schedule articles with it as well. You can even get a preview of your article before it goes live so you can check how it will appear. The social listening tools display patterns related to your company. Additionally, this platform offers useful reports that let you know whether or not your campaign is successful. Agorapulse’s customer care will respond to any questions you have about the software within 30 minutes. The business has a 96% consumer satisfaction rating. Additionally, it has excellent ratings on Capterra and TrustRadius.

Ideal for medium-sized to big organisations. Agorapulse is a platform that makes managing social media simpler. It features customizable scheduling settings and a social inbox to record every discussion. Agorapulse is also well-liked for real-time team cooperation to maintain social media’s efficiency. For clearly defined working settings, it is meant to arrange your queued material by topic and time slot, accordingly. It is a well-liked tool, and YouTube has video guides for this platform.

Website: Agorapulse

9. Hootsuite Alternative – Content Studio

Hootsuite alternative contentstudio

Another tool for finding, producing, planning, and tracking postings on social media networks is called Content studio . They provide all of this at a lower cost than Hootsuite and with an intuitive user interface. They include content recommendations, hashtag managers, queues, post approvals, bit.ly integration, and UTM monitoring, much like any other social media management platform. With subscriptions beginning at $49/month and rising as high as $599/month, Content Studio is likewise more expensive than some of the other Hootsuite rivals.

10. Hootsuite Alternative – Falcon.io

Hootsuite alternative Falcon Our second recommendation on the list of Hootsuite alternatives is Falcon.io, a cloud-based social media management and customer experience tool. They lack a few Hootsuite star traits, but they have almost all of them. For marketers, solopreneurs, and agencies, they provide solutions. They have an auto-queue and a visual calendar as its key features. Their calendar has a tonne of choices for scheduling and creating content. However, several of the aforementioned Hootsuite substitutes, including Social Champ, also offer the same feature. There are just two options available, and prices start at $129 per month. With regard to the add-ons you select, the cost rises!

11. Sendible

Sendible is my top pick for Hootsuite alternatives.

Hootsuite Alternatives - Sendible Homepage

All of your favourite social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others, may be connected. You may monitor social media streams just as in Hootsuite, but you also have the benefit of a social media inbox that collects all messages, tweets, and comments into a single feed. Just this function alone gives me and my assistance hours of weekly time savings! You won’t miss any crucial communications, is the aim here. Additionally, if you collaborate with a team or utilise a virtual assistant for social media, you may delegate any social media updates to your group.

Additionally, Sendible has industry-leading scheduling capabilities. This covers publishing from RSS feeds, queues, content libraries, and a social media calendar. You may even locate stuff to share with your audience using the content curation option. The reporting and analytics features are the next. To gauge the development of your social presence, you may produce personalised reports for each social network. What happens if individuals share your material without mentioning your username? It includes social listening so you can monitor your brand. An amazing tool is Sendible. You should definitely join up for a free trial and check it out for yourself!

A technology called Sendible makes it easier to manage and amplify many brands on social media by automating interaction, planning, and teamwork procedures. You can manage several campaigns and create content specifically for each social media platform using Sendible. It makes a fantastic Hootsuite substitute because it is more of an agency-focused platform.

12. TweetDeck

Those who solely use Hootsuite to manage their Twitter accounts might consider TweetDeck as an excellent alternative. You will fit in just fine with TweetDeck if you enjoy the way Hootsuite’s streams operate. Each column in your streams may be customised by include your messages, mentions, new followers, Twitter lists, and more. Additional basic social media scheduling features are available in TweetDeck. You may use this tool a lot given its fantastic pricing point of nothing at all (yep, it is completely free!). This does imply that if you need to use other social networks like Pinterest, Facebook, and Linkedin, you will need alternative tools. Even so, it’s perfect for individuals who are only interested in Twitter.

For individuals who merely need a platform to manage their Twitter updates, TweetDeck is the best option. You will feel right at home because the UI is comparable to Hootsuite’s. You can schedule messages, manage numerous Twitter accounts, and more using TweetDeck. Given that you can just use it on Twitter, it isn’t the ideal Hootsuite substitute. However, given that it’s free to use, it’s absolutely worth noting, particularly if you have an excessive number of Twitter accounts. Additionally, TweetDeck functions whether you’re an individual or part of a team.

Best for freelancers and small to large organisations. TweetDeck is a dashboard programme for the organised management of Twitter accounts. TweetDeck is taken over by Twitter Inc. and integrated into Twitter’s UI. It connects to the Twitter API to enable users to read profiles and get tweets as needed. It is regarded as the most potent Twitter tool for tracking and categorising tweets in real-time to find the finest of Twitter. By keeping track of helpful messages, monitoring user feeds, and aiding in routine tweet filtering, the platform provides flexibility.

Try TweetDeck

 13. Tailwind

A social media programme called Tailwind is focused on Pinterest and Instagram, two of the most visually appealing social networking sites.

Hootsuite Alternatives - Tailwind New Homepage

I can’t really comment on Tailwind’s Instagram functionality, but there isn’t a programme like it for Pinterest. To your boards, group boards, or even loop pins for resharing, you can schedule pins. View analytics after that to check how things are doing. I adore Tailwind’s commitment to integrating Pinterest best practises throughout their platform.

For instance, you receive a warning if you attempt to share to more than 10 separate boards or if you have previously shared a pin to a board. This maintains the reputation of your Pinterest account. Additional capabilities include Tailwind Generate, which makes it simple to create pins right from the site. The Tailwind Communities function is my fave. You can find many pins to share if you join forums centred on various themes. In order to increase shares and expand your audience, you can also share your pins with the community.


14. SocialPilot

Hootsuite Alternatives - SocialPilot

Developed particularly for small companies and companies, SocialPilot is the most effective Hootsuite various for publishing, engagement, and analytics. It’s arms down extra highly effective than Hootsuite and provides a variety of options which are a should for small companies and companies at a fraction of the price. Listed below are the important thing options that SocialPilot higher than Hootsuite:

  • Aggressive Pricing: SocialPilot plans are fairly pocket-friendly when in comparison with Hootsuite. You possibly can join as much as 50 accounts on SocialPilot for simply $125, whereas Hootsuite solely permits as much as 35 accounts and prices you $739.
  • Immediate Assist: SocialPilot gives enterprise-like help whatever the plan you might be on without cost. You possibly can at all times attain out for assist by way of calls, emails, reside chat, and social media. Whereas Hootsuite fees its prospects for precedence help in case of emergency and speedy help.
  • Clear UI: Relating to seamless person expertise, SocialPilot takes the crown with its easy but intuitive UI. It’s straightforward to make use of and undertake from day one. Whether or not freshmen or consultants, working with the software wants no particular coaching. That’s not the case with Hootsuite, although.
  • Cherished by Businesses: Providing the most effective function stacks for social media administration, SocialPilot is the favourite decide for Businesses. Whereas Hootsuite’s plans primarily cater to enterprises, SocialPilot fills within the gaps for companies massive and small.

Greatest for small to giant companies and freelancers. SocialPilot is an easy social media advertising and marketing and scheduling software and gives a single interface for managing 200+ social media profiles. It additionally gives analytics and monitoring studies in a straightforward to know format. It acts as a very good planner and assists in promoting weblog content material. It’s thought of as probably the most artistic publishing software. It’s a excellent resolution for all social media associated worries.  

15. eClincher

eClincher is a strong and feature-rich social media administration device that can be utilized by small and medium companies to streamline their social media presence. It’s identified to make social media administration simpler and more practical with its clever social media dashboard and centralized inbox. Key options of eClincher embody:

  • Superior publishing
  • Content material curation
  • Advertising automation
  • Key phrase monitoring
  • Social media analytics
  • Content material recycling
  • Scheduling
  • Engagement
  • Workforce collaboration

16. Socialbakers

Socialbakers is an AI-focused social media advertising and analytics platform that empowers small companies to publish their content material on the proper time to generate most traction. You may simply measure, evaluate, and optimize your social media campaigns with its easy-to-use interface. Key options of this software embody:

  • Social media analytics
  • Reporting
  • Publishing
  • Aggressive Advert insights
  • Predictive intelligence
  • Information integration

17. Sendible

Hootsuite Alternatives - Sendible Homepage

The Hootsuite substitute Sendible promotes team cooperation to boost social media profiles and ease process. You may alter the appearance of your postings on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Even images and videos for Instagram company profiles may be scheduled. It comes with a built-in editor, but Canva may also be used to create graphics. In order to ensure you always have things to research, Sendible also provides content recommendations through Google Alerts.

Bulk scheduling enables you to do a month’s worth of planning in a one session. Even hashtags and pre-written comments may be saved for later use. There is an iOS and Android app for this platform so you can keep working while on the road. Price points include Creator ($29/month), Traction ($89/month), Scale ($199/month), and Expansion ($399/month).

Try Sendible Free

18. NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat is a platform where you may reply to comments made on social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Messenger. This is excellent, especially if managing your online reputation is part of your social media marketing plan. Based on the information it gathers from your social media accounts, it will even go so far as to assist you in creating the ideal social media plan. Additionally, it may keep an eye on what your rivals are doing. The built-in team collaboration tool can help you properly organise your workflow if you manage too many social media accounts. Pricing: Price dependent on the number of social media accounts you require and the number of individuals you wish to grant access to. Plans begin at $27 monthly (3 social media profiles and 1 user).

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19. Crowdfire

With the aid of Crowdfire, you can pick content and schedule updates to maintain a consistent social media presence. It compiles content from throughout the web so you always have something to share with your Facebook and Twitter followers. Crowdfire will handle the majority of the work for you if you just feed it with topics that are relevant to your business. Each post you plan with Crowdfire will automatically be optimised for all the social media accounts associated with your account. You only need to preview your article and choose which ideas to share. Additionally, it provides analytics capabilities that let you monitor your development. Even social media competition analysis is possible with it, allowing you to understand what is effective for other companies in your industry. Pricing includes the Free Plan, Plus ($7.98 per month), Premium ($37.48) and VIP ($74.98) plans.


20. Missinglettr

One of the most distinctive alternatives to Hootsuite on this list must be Missinglettr. Why? because this platform, unlike other social media platforms, allows you to leverage your content collection to produce posts. It will manage your social media activity. Your blog entries just need to be published for Missinglettr’s AI to schedule them for social media sharing. You only need to read over and accept the material. To identify pertinent information to share with your audience, use the Curate add-on.

By doing this, you may engage your audience without having to choose pieces that you personally believe they’ll enjoy. The fact that Curate may also be used as a tool for content marketing is, however, its strongest feature. enabling other Missinglettr users to share your content. Although Missinglettr may be used with many social networking platforms, at the moment it only supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A 14-day free trial is available for this Hootsuite substitute. Pricing: Pro ($59/month), Solo ($19/month), and free

Hootsuite alternatives: what features to look for

To have a greater thought of which social media administration software can compete with Hootsuite, we’ll want to debate all of the options it has to supply in addition to its present pricing plans.

What do you get whenever you join Hootsuite?

Hootsuite options

Hootsuite has 5 core options. Ideally, you’d wish to search for a substitute for Hootsuite that has most of those options, if no more.

  • Publish Posts — It helps you to draft, evaluation, and schedule social media content material posts. Members of your group can collaborate by this platform. It helps a number of platforms together with Twitter and Fb.
  • Interact Customers — It retains monitor of your social media posts and allows you to talk with customers who wish to get in contact with you. You possibly can tackle customers primarily based on actions that you simply wish to soak up bulk.
  • Monitor Exercise — It permits you to monitor particular developments and matters in your social media stream. You get real-time knowledge about your viewers.
  • Promote Your Model — It offers you an choice to spice up your Fb posts. You are able to do sponsored posts on LinkedIn as effectively.
  • Analyze Outcomes — It presents methods that will help you gauge the outcomes of your campaigns and calculate your return on funding or ROI.

Hootsuite pricing

There are four different options available in addition to the Free one. Monthly cost for the Professional plan is $19. Team costs $99 a month, while Business costs $599. For individuals that want a specialised solution, there is an Enterprise plan. To get a quotation, get in touch with Hootsuite.

Both the Professional and the Team plans come with a free trial period of 30 days. Social media scheduling is limitless for all plans. The number of social networking profiles you may link to is restricted. Only 10 are provided with the Professional package. Your team awards you 20. Up to 35 people can connect in business. You’ll want the Enterprise solution if you need to connect more than 50 people. When you register for Hootsuite, you receive precisely this.

How to Choose the Best Alternative to Hootsuite:

Budget Considerations:

Evaluate the cost of different plans, considering the number of users or accounts supported and any additional fees.

Feature Evaluation:

Compare features such as social listening, scheduling, team collaboration, analytics, and reporting with your objectives. Prioritize tools with a user-friendly interface, addressing concerns about Hootsuite’s complex interface.

Shareable Content Calendar:

Prioritize tools, like Statusbrew, that offer easy sharing, real-time collaboration, and customization options for a shareable content calendar.

Unified Inbox:

For larger teams or businesses with multiple social media accounts, prioritize tools offering a smart inbox with intuitive team collaboration features. Consider that Hootsuite’s advanced Inbox 2.0 is only available in its enterprise plan, while Statusbrew provides automation, team collaboration, and conversation tagging features in the standard plan.

Access Permissions:

Choose tools with comprehensive access permission controls and robust security features to protect sensitive data, safeguard brand reputation, and comply with data privacy regulations.

Multi-Channel Reporting:

Opt for tools with access to comprehensive multi-channel and cross-channel reporting, providing a holistic view of social media performance across all channels.

Customer Support Service:

Select a tool with reliable customer support for a hassle-free transition and ongoing assistance. Consider tools like Statusbrew that offer customized onboarding and 24/7 support.


Frequently Asked Questions – 20 Best Hootsuite Alternatives For 2024

Is there anything better than Hootsuite?

While this is completely subjective, you can argue that other platforms are better than Hootsuite. It really depends on what features you need and what price you’re willing to pay monthly or annually. For example, Buffer does not have a lot of advanced features compared to Hootsuite but it’s a good scheduling tool. And since its plans are more affordable, some choose it over Hootsuite. If you’re a social media manager, you’d have to decide which Hootsuite features you need. Then look for an alternative that offers the same things.

Is there a free alternative to Hootsuite?

There are other alternatives to Hootsuite that have free plans. However, all of them will have limitations in one way or another. TweetDeck is a free service but it’s only useful for managing Twitter accounts.

Which is better: Buffer or Hootsuite?

If you only need to schedule posts, Buffer should be enough. But if you need more features, Hootsuite is the stronger platform.

Who are Hootsuite competitors?

The social media scheduling platforms in this list are some of the best Hootsuite alternatives today. You have Agorapulse, Sendible, Crowdfire, NapoleonCat, TweetDeck, StoryChief, ContentCal, Buffer, Missinglettr, and Sprout Social. All of these have their set of advantages and disadvantages. Some are better for team collaboration. Others are better for social media marketing. Some offer a free plan. Some have better pricing plans. While others have an appealing user interface. But all of them are more than capable of taking on Hootsuite.

Is Hootsuite the best tool?

It totally depends on what your requirements are. But yes, SocialPilot comes out to be the better social media management tool one can use for their brand or agency compared to Hootsuite. SocialPilot covers mostly all features a small business or digital agency needs to manage social media efficiently and is the most affordable one with a price starting from $50/month for 3 users.

Is SocialPilot better than Hootsuite?

It totally depends on what your requirements are. But yes, SocialPilot comes out to be the better social media management tool one can use for their brand or agency compared to Hootsuite. SocialPilot covers mostly all features a small business or digital agency needs to manage social media efficiently and is the most affordable one with a price starting from $50/month for 3 users.

Which Hootsuite alternative is better for small businesses – SocialPilot, AgoraPulse, or Buffer?

SocialPilot is the best choice as a social media management tool to help small businesses build their brand on social media at pocket-friendly prices.

Which is better, Hootsuite or Buffer?

It totally depends on what your requirements are. If you don’t want to shell out much and use an easy user interface, Buffer is the tool for you. But if you are an enterprise and a larger agency where you have the time and money to invest, Hootsuite might be the right fit.

What is cheaper than Hootsuite?

SocialPilot is much cheaper than Hootsuite and offers a similar feature set. You can post on top social media platforms from multiple accounts. The pricing begins at $25.5 per month when billed annually, while the cheapest plan of Hootsuite starts from $49.

Which 10 best social media management tools are best in 2024?

Here are the 10 best social media management tools in 2024 worth considering:

  • SocialPilot
  • Buffer
  • eClincher
  • Coschedule
  • Social Bakers
  • Agorapulse
  • Sendible
  • Zoho Social
  • MeetEdgar


Conclusion – 20 Best Hootsuite Alternatives For 2024

As a Hootsuite alternative, I use Sendible and AgoraPulse. Both are first, but some use situations are superior. Sendible includes a few more capabilities that AgoraPulse lacks. Social inboxes and streams are examples. Learning takes longer. Both are great for agencies and in-house teams, while Sendible provides solopreneur pricing. They’re sturdy, reasonably priced, and reliable. They get feature changes to match social media trends. Tailwind helps you manage Pinterest. Use it with Sendible or AgoraPulse.

Buffer Publish is a wonderful free alternative for scheduling social media updates, but it’s restricted in the amount of articles you can schedule. You could upgrade to a subscription plan, but it would be better to use Agorapulse instead. TweetDeck is a free Hootsuite alternative. Only Twitter is supported. No limits on scheduling postings is wonderful. Your needs determine the best Hootsuite alternative. So examine your requirements, finances, and future demands. Choose a tool with room to expand rather than migrating afterwards.

Hootsuite is one of the oldest social marketing solutions, but SocialPilot offers fresh USPs and greater outcomes at a lower price. Agencies are usually constrained on budget and should choose Hootsuite carefully. SocialPilot makes that easier.

Finally! Even if Hootsuite is a social media marketing pioneer, Social Champ offers a superior experience at lower pricing. Your team needs the correct social media management tool to establish a winning plan. With the above list, you’ll discover love.

Is there anything better than Hootsuite?

Even while this is wholly subjective, one may contend that Hootsuite is inferior to competing platforms. What features you require and how much you’re prepared to spend on a monthly or annual basis are truly what matter. For instance, Buffer is a nice scheduling tool but does not have as many sophisticated features as Hootsuite. And some prefer it to Hootsuite since its plans are more inexpensive. You would have to select which Hootsuite features you require if you were a social media manager. then seek for a substitute that has the same benefits.

Is there a free alternative to Hootsuite?

There are more services that provide free options besides Hootsuite. However, everyone of them will be constrained in some manner. Although TweetDeck is a free service, managing Twitter accounts is the sole use it has.

Which is better: Buffer or Hootsuite?

Buffer should be adequate if all you need to do is schedule blog articles. Hootsuite, however, is a more robust platform if you want additional functionality.

Who are Hootsuite competitors?

The social media scheduling platforms in this list are some of the best Hootsuite alternatives today. You have Agorapulse, Sendible, Crowdfire, NapoleonCat, TweetDeck, StoryChief, ContentCal, Buffer, Missinglettr, and Sprout Social. All of these have their set of advantages and disadvantages. Some are better for team collaboration. Others are better for social media marketing. Some offer a free plan. Some have better pricing plans. While others have an appealing user interface. But all of them are more than capable of taking on Hootsuite.

Is Hootsuite the best tool?

It totally depends on what your requirements are. But yes, SocialPilot comes out to be the better social media management tool one can use for their brand or agency compared to Hootsuite. SocialPilot covers mostly all features a small business or digital agency needs to manage social media efficiently and is the most affordable one with a price starting from $50/month for 3 users.

Is SocialPilot better than Hootsuite?

It totally depends on what your requirements are. But yes, SocialPilot comes out to be the better social media management tool one can use for their brand or agency compared to Hootsuite. SocialPilot covers mostly all features a small business or digital agency needs to manage social media efficiently and is the most affordable one with a price starting from $50/month for 3 users.

What is cheaper than Hootsuite?

SocialPilot is much cheaper than Hootsuite and offers a similar feature set. You can post on top social media platforms from multiple accounts. The pricing begins at $25.5 per month when billed annually, while the cheapest plan of Hootsuite starts from $49.

Which 10 best social media management tools are best in 2022?

Here are the 10 best social media management tools in 2022 worth considering:
Social Bakers
Zoho Social