Hot Tips For Increasing the Popularity of Your WordPress Blog18 min read

12 Hot Tips For Increasing the Popularity of Your WordPress Blog

Hot Tips For Increasing the Popularity of Your WordPress Blog

WordPress now powers over 30% of all websites, which makes it the biggest blog-building tool in the entire world. If your blog is on WordPress, get some good news. Not only is WordPress easy to work with, but also it’s super popular and considered to be the most powerful content management system for SEO purposes. In this article, I’m going to show you a couple of ways that you can increase the popularity of your WordPress blog.

One of the first big tricks that I like to recommend when working with WordPress is to use CSS. WordPress supports CSS files, which are CSS preprocessors that allow your computer to style your webpage. By installing a CSS plugin, you’ll be able to set various styles on any page that you want. You can make the styles include images, link buttons, and many other great things that you’d never be able to do otherwise. The best part about CSS is that you can change it over without having to rewrite your whole website every time.

Another big WordPress tip involves using plugins. There are hundreds of different plugins out there that will do many different things, from help you track visitors and get stats on them, to helping you create beautiful WordPress themes. Some of the most popular plugins include the All in One SEO plugin, which automates a lot of the tedious SEO tasks that you’d usually be doing manually. The plugin also comes with free video tutorials that show you exactly how to use it.

WordPress is one of the most widely used blogging platforms. Many bloggers choose it as their preferred platform because of its user-friendliness and simplicity. WordPress suffers security challenges as a result of its growing popularity. However, the fight does not end with the creation of a WordPress blog.

To attain your goals, you must make your blog renowned and well-known. Many writers stop writing because they don’t know how to fill their sites with content. This is obviously discouraging, but it is quite possible with these well-crafted suggestions.


1. Be Strategic About Your Content

If you want to boost your blog’s traffic, the most effective strategy is to simply create better content. You’ve probably heard this before – the phrase “content is king” is bandied about as much as a frat party funnel. However, creating “better content” is about more than just quality. Additionally, it requires a more strategic approach to your content marketing efforts.

Hot Tips For Increasing the Popularity of Your WordPress Blog

The most effective content is that which addresses a specific need. Consider your audience and what they enjoy. Nowadays, content is almost always divided into two categories: cool and humorous or useful and educational. Choose either and you’re likely to be on the right track. If you’re looking for inspiration, visit Quora and see what questions are being asked about your industry subject. Additionally, use Buzzsumo to see what others in your field have written about, and then create something even better. Alternatively, you can use one of the eight handy blog topic generators below. When it comes to content style, aim for shocking statistics, stunning infographics, and engaging video storytelling. Create content that others will want to link to and share.

Create Evergreen Content For Your Blog

Ensure that the majority of your content is evergreen. Evergreen content is that which can exist on the web in perpetuity and is not rendered obsolete by time. For instance, a post about this year’s Academy Award nominations will be obsolete in a few months. A post on the greatest film classics will remain relevant for years to come, making it evergreen.

Crafting Kickass Headlines

As a blogger, you should always make an effort to come up with titles that are irresistibly appealing. Visitors to your website are drawn to it by your headline, which then piques their curiosity. Some people even believe that your headline is more significant than the content of your piece! In the event that you have a fantastic content piece hidden behind an uninspiring headline, it will perish quickly. Looks are everything, and just as you wouldn’t show up to a wedding in your ill clothes, you shouldn’t rely on mediocre headlines to market your blog entries either.

One quick and simple strategy to begin attracting more visitors to your blog is to begin collecting email addresses for the purpose of creating a blog newsletter. Once you’ve collected those contacts, you can send them weekly or monthly emails with links to your most popular pieces, which will encourage people who are already familiar with your website to return. Due to the fact that these users are already familiar with your blog, it is likely that they will spend a longer time there on their next visit. Who knows what they’ll come across.

2. Don’t Fear the Keywords

Keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) must be a component of your overall plan if you want to bring significant traffic to your site. People these days are very nervous when you advise that they do something in the name of search engine optimization, but keep in mind that search engine optimization is perfectly great when done correctly. It’s more than fine – it’s fantastic! You receive targeted traffic from Google, and consumers are able to discover the information and answers they are looking for on the internet. How do you stand a chance of competing in a world when there are more websites and advertising online than ever before, all competing for the most popular keywords? Of course, we’re talking about long-tail keywords!

Why Do Long-Tail Keywords Matter for Bloggers?

Long-tail keywords are search phrases that are made up of three or more keywords. Long-tail keywords are easier to target (and less expensive when it comes to pay-per-click advertising) than short-tail keywords because there is less competition for these phrases. Targeting long-tail keywords is your best bet for landing a top-of-the-page ranking in Google’s search results.

For example, if your company operates a health food store, you may wish to rank highly on Google for the term “health food.” There’s a good (or bad) probability of that happening because the term “health food” is a highly competitive one. However, if you concentrate on longer search phrases such as “healthy meal plans” or “healthy food on a budget,” your chances of ranking for such longer keyword phrases increase dramatically.

SEO for Bloggers: Finding Long Tail Keywords

How do you brainstorm these awesome long-tail keywords? Start with Google. Begin typing in a phrase and see what Google’s autocomplete suggestions are. Make note of the “eureka!” suggestions.

Hot Tips For Increasing the Popularity of Your WordPress Blog

Next, put a few of those terms into Google and scratch down some Google’s related search suggestions (you’ll find them towards the bottom of the page).

Hot Tips For Increasing the Popularity of Your WordPress Blog

Next, take all the long-tail phrases you’ve come up with and put them into the Google Keyword Planner.

Hot Tips For Increasing the Popularity of Your WordPress Blog


SEO WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

There are numerous excellent WordPress plugins available that are geared to assist bloggers with SEO. You can rely on them to help you with everything from setting up your URL slugs to crafting excellent meta descriptions and setting up sitemaps, as well as navigating other SEO technical aspects that may not come naturally to bloggers.

3. Find Your Flock: Hunt Down Your Audience’s Nest

When it comes to promoting your blog, it’s critical that you plan out how you’ll spend your time and resources. While it’s beneficial to develop your presence across a variety of social media platforms, you’ll rapidly burn out if you strive to be successful on every social media platform. Take a few steps back and examine which social media platforms work best for you. Is your blog primarily comprised of visuals? You’ll most likely want to concentrate your efforts on LinkedIn. Is your site geared more toward nerd culture than mainstream culture? If you can find the correct subreddits, you have a good chance of making it huge.

If you’re seeking seagulls, you’ll want to head near the coast. If you want to increase blog traffic, you must go where your audience congregates. Understand where to look for your feathered friend. Understanding your target audience is also essential for obtaining high-quality referral links from authoritative websites.

Hot Tips For Increasing the Popularity of Your WordPress Blog

Google Analytics may be used to determine which websites are generating the most referral traffic for your business. Find the forums and websites where your target audience hangs out and participate there. Participate in the discussion and, where appropriate, post links or blog comments.

This is critical — you must avoid coming out as spammy. You must be regarded as a valuable member of the community who is willing to share something of value with others. If someone says that they require assistance with organising healthy meal plans for each week, feel free to direct them to your website! If they’re talking about their difficulties in learning the exquisite art of clowning, you can probably just ignore them for the time being.

Once You’ve Found Your Family, Go All In

Once you’ve identified your most important networks, make them the primary point of your efforts. It has been brought to our attention by Neil Patel that Upworthy, in addition to employing curiosity-driven headlines and emotional content, also limits the number of social sharing icons that can be displayed on any given page. The choice paradox demonstrates that providing people with too many options can overwhelm and upset them.

Despite the common belief that having more options is preferable, studies have revealed that most people are satisfied with a limited number of options rather than hundreds. Upworthy offers only two share buttons, which are for Facebook and Twitter. Consider restricting your social sharing options to only the sites that will provide the greatest value to your business.

Want More Blog Traffic? Just Ask.

Sometimes all it takes is a straightforward request to obtain what you desire. According to a survey conducted by Social Bakers, individuals who requested their followers to “RT” their postings on Twitter earned an average of 73.48 retweets for each tweet. Those who did not request retweets received only 2.09 retweets on average. Rather than assuming that people would share your work, simply ask them to do so! This holds true for nearly all call-to-action buttons. While your aims may be self-evident to you, reminding visitors of the course of action considerably enhances the likelihood that they will follow through.

4. Optimize For Speed and Mobile

Your visitors aren’t going to sit around and wait for your blog to load completely. Your visitors will hit the back button and go on to the next Google listing (ie your rival) before you have a chance to flip a flapjack if your page doesn’t load quickly enough for them. Do you need to examine the speed of your website? It’s not an issue! It is possible to get your page speed score as well as suggestions on what you can do to give your site the boost it may require by using Google Page Speed Insights.

Hot Tips For Increasing the Popularity of Your WordPress Blog

In a similar line, current users spend roughly three hours a day on their tablets or mobile phones, according to statistics. For bloggers, having a mobile presence is a no-brainer. If you don’t think your present blog is up to par, have a look at one of these excellent WordPress plugins that can assist you in creating a version of your blog that is compatible with mobile devices.

Post content daily

It is necessary to maintain your WordPress blog post up and running at all times. By releasing new and high-quality content on a consistent basis, you can make an impression on your target audience. If you continue to produce new content on your blog on a daily basis, your readers will become interested in your site and will return to it on a regular basis.

They will also like and share your blog posts with their friends and connections, so expanding the reach of your blog post even further. Furthermore, visitors will not only return to your blog, but they will also delve deeper and read other blog entries as a result of their experience. It is possible to enhance the reach of an individual blog article on your site at a faster rate in this manner.

Right usage of keywords

If your WordPress blog article is filled with relevant keywords that correspond to the search queries of online audiences, it is more likely to provide beneficial results. Additionally, the placement of keywords in the blog is extremely important for driving visitors to the site. It is always preferable to conduct keyword research before beginning to compose a WordPress blog post. You may either search for the appropriate keywords for your blog’s context on Google or use one of the advanced keyword planners for this purpose. In order to reach your target audience, these keywords are optimised in order to assist your WordPress blog post get the desired top ranking in the search engines.

Utility of the about page

Every blog post in WordPress is accompanied by an introduction page. If you want to write down all of the specifics of what your blog post is about, this is the place to do it. Or, to put it another way, this is the platform via which you may market your blog and attract new subscribers. In the event that you supply your readers with sufficient material that they can relate to, they will be more interested in your blog posts and your writings in general.

5. Create attractive posts

The first impression a visitor has always dictates the next step that the visitor will take. It is important to note that the first appearance of the information on your blog has a huge impact on whether or not your blog post is read by your blog’s visitors. Through the use of artistic and creative themes, WordPress allows you to personalise your blogs and make them truly your own. Consider using one or more of these themes into your WordPress blog post to make it more visually appealing and interesting.

It’s also possible to include relevant photographs throughout the message if you so like. Because of this, viewers will be naturally drawn to your WordPress blog content, which will increase the likelihood of them clicking through. Increasing the amount of traffic that your content receives is something you actively pursue in order to expand its reach and visibility.

6. Make use of Social Media

When attempting to increase the popularity of a blog post or other online publication, it is important to keep in mind the utility of social media. The answer is yes. By actively participating in the sharing of your WordPress blog article on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other well-known portals, you can double or even treble the reach of your material. It’s really useful to use social media portals in order to keep your fans up to date and encourage them to share your material further down the road.

7. Become a guest blogger

It may be worthwhile to explore hiring the services of a third-party guest blogger to increase the number of visitors who visit your WordPress blog post on a regular basis. The first and most crucial guideline of guest blogging is to be certain that the site for which you will be writing publishes only authorised and high-quality content, as this is the most common mistake. It is possible to increase your reach on the internet by guest posting on a popular site that receives thousands of daily visits. Second, keep in mind to only write on relevant websites that can benefit from your blog post by including a link to it on their own website or blog.

Consider post requests

You should make certain that you are taking into account each and every comment and piece of advise on blog posts from your target audience, whether they are coming from new visitors or returning readers. Make sure you stay in touch with them by responding to their messages and responding to their queries and concerns. Obtaining their input and suggestions for topics for your upcoming blog piece will demonstrate that you are interested in their opinions and ideas. When it comes to increasing your online reach and exposure, adding a human touch to post requests is the most effective strategy.

8. Join support groups

This is a very old-school and fundamental method for gaining widespread popularity quickly. Participate in blog carnivals to increase the number of visits to your site immediately. Nothing more complicated than writing on a topic that interests you and submitting it to the carnival’s coordinator. It’s similar to an expert roundup, and it’s uploaded on the host’s page in stages as time permits. If the host is a well-known figure in your industry, this might be a powerful promotional tool for you. It speaks volumes about your knowledge of the subject and attracts visitors from a variety of sources. It is possible to identify blogs that are similar to yours by joining blogging support groups on the internet.

9. Give your blog access to visitors

Writing blogs that are packed with valuable information on a particular subject makes it simple to attract people who wish to take a look at what you’re writing about. This is a pretty natural method of bringing in more new visitors to your website. However, in order for this to happen, you must make use of a plugin that generates a preview image of your article. This will not only make it more appealing than plain text links, but it will also pique the reader’s interest even after only a cursory peek at your piece.

10. Make sure you contribute outside of your blogs

If you keep your enormous knowledge bank to yourself, it may appear like you are doing a fantastic job, but this isn’t true. When you make contributions to other websites, your audience takes note. Guest posting on websites in your field is an excellent approach to establish your expertise and establish your authority on the subject. Not only that, but if the hosting website already has a large number of active audiences, it will work to your advantage. Popular guest blogging websites allow the writer to include a brief introduction of himself or herself at the beginning of the post. Some of them may also allow a link to be placed within the lost or in the introduction portion of the document. If a certain new reader enjoys your content, he will know where to find you in the future.

11. Make connections and interact with your readers

At the very least, most writers write in order to gain approval and appreciation from their readers. As a result, it is critical to understand what people think of you and your abilities. Not only will this assist you in building relationships with them, but it will also improve your writing. Make certain that the information you create resonates with them and encourages them to connect with you as well. Respond to their questions and take into consideration what they have to say in the comments area. It demonstrates that you are concerned about what people think of you.

12. Ensure your posts can be shared

It is likely that your site is well-liked by your target audience since it contains everything she was looking for. What is the most logical thing to do in the next situation? Spread the word about it in a community that she knows will benefit from the knowledge she has gathered. The majority of the time, good posts receive a large amount of attention and sharing. It demonstrates to the reader that he or she has good taste and preferences. However, in order for any of this to occur, the option of sharing must be open. Make your blog post shareable and sharable on other social media platforms by including a compelling call to action.

Summary – Hot Tips For Increasing the Popularity of Your WordPress Blog

It is not easy to increase the online audience reach of a WordPress blog post, and you will need to employ a variety of strategies to accomplish this. Writing blogs on WordPress on any subject is straightforward, but increasing the popularity of your blog among readers is a more tough task. Yes, we’re talking about the blog post’s online reach, which has an impact on its usefulness and hence its popularity.

WordPress is an excellent tool for writing blog posts that are tailored to your target audience, but targeting readers who aren’t interested in the material isn’t the most effective technique for growing your audience and increasing your revenue. When a blog article is able to attract the attention of potential visitors, it is considered to have a large reach. In other words, if you’re looking for information on how to simply increase the reach of a WordPress blog article or what the numerous alternatives are, you’ve come to the right place.

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