How Animation Can Become an Important Part of Your Digital Marketing

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How Animation Can Become an Important Part of Your Digital Marketing – Full Guide

The importance of digital marketing for companies cannot be overstated. If you cannot get your ads and information about products/services in front of the right eyes, it will be difficult for your company to grow. You need new customers to grow a business, and marketing helps you reach those customers. While there are many tactics that can be used when it comes to digital marketing, one of the most underrated is animation. Animations are not only fun to watch, but are quite memorable and will stand out over simple text or photo-based efforts. If you are curious about how to add animations into your digital marketing plan, this article is going to go over a few tips to help you out.

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Use it to Explain Your Business or Product

A great way that any business can utilize animation in regards to their digital marketing is by using it to explain their business, product, or services. A cute and short animation can be an incredibly memorable way to explain what you do, or what the things you sell can help potential customers with. This is particularly great as animation can help to explain and show complex ideas or topics, in a much simpler and digestible manner.

Using animation in this way can also differentiate your content and business from all the others, as many other companies will simply have a person talking on camera, instead of putting in the time and effort to use animation. In addition to great animation, ensure the voiceover work is well done and fits well with the images or graphics on the screen.

Another creative way to use animation is to actually animate your logo. There are already several examples of animated logos, and it can be a great way to ensure people remember who you are and what you do. This gives you more freedom with your logo and allows you to express yourself and your business in even more ways. You can have the animated logo tie into your industry in some way, and you will eventually become recognized for this creative and unique logo.

The animated logo can be a spin-off of your existing logo, or you can create something brand new, the choice is yours. Many large companies have decided to make the change to animated logos, and this isn’t a trend that is going anywhere soon. Also, with many businesses existing primarily online today, animated logos can take off in a way they simply wouldn’t have been able to in the past.

Use Animations on Social Media

How Animation Can Become an Important Part of Your Digital Marketing - Full Guide (via:


Summary – How Animation Can Become an Important Part of Your Digital Marketing

While animations can be great anywhere, they are especially great on social media. They may be phenomenal advertisements as people are very visually-oriented and often respond better to things like videos and animations more than text. An animation will often have a good chance of reaching the most people on social media vs. posting it anywhere else. While videos are great, animations might actually be the future of advertising on social media.

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Not only are they easier and more affordable to create than a full-length living video, but it is also easy to develop a “style” and recognizable look to your animations. Everyone does live video and many look similar, but animating gives you a chance to do something different, while still having it be very effective. As you can see, animation can be an important part of any digital marketing strategy and can help set you apart from your competitors.

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