How to Design a Beautiful Website

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How to Design a Beautiful Website if You’re Not a Designer

The 21st century is an era dominated by digital ground. Almost no manual work is being done here. Instead, everything is determined by technology and the internet. Starting from small-scale startups to tycoons, everyone is prospering through websites. Hence, the utility of a website nowadays is beyond explanation.

Building one for yourself may need technical knowledge and may seem overwhelming at first if you are not tech-savvy or a designer.

So, the biggest question that comes to mind is how to build a website if someone is not a designer? Well, it is not rocket science. Smart are those who use tricks to build one for themselves. And if you are clueless about it, let me help you out.

Here are some tips and tricks for building a beautiful website if you are not a designer.

How to Design a Beautiful Website

Choose tools

Like every other task, website building also needs some tools. Now, choosing them might be a bit bumpy for you. But here, let me help you through it.

There are two fundamental tools that you may use to build your website. One is a CMS or Content Management System and the other is a Website builder.

Now, what is the primary difference?

With CMS (for example, WordPress), you are allowed to design your website most efficiently. By utilizing their templates and ready-made web designs, you may accomplish the task.

And the Website Builder is used to design a website professionally. You can build your website without any technical knowledge and by just dragging and dropping tools. With a website builder, you are allowed to control the design, location, and every other detail just with your mouse.

Use these and ace the creation process. And if you want to make it all look professional, you can choose a local web design company for the best results.

Identify pages

While designing a website, one vital thing to keep in mind is your layout. The structure should be clear enough for the customers or audience. It would help if you had separate navigation buttons, different tabs for different topics, and several pages related to the website.

For example, you should keep the ‘about us,’ ‘contact,’ and the product sales page clear yet connected so that your audience can go through the funnel process.

Make sure you do not mix all the things in one single page or one single button. Make separate areas for different things.

Use images

Remember one golden rule while building your website. Apart from your business strategy, visual attraction is necessary for making the first impression. Hence, try creating your website with relevant images.

Find images that have a considerable resolution rate and saturation. Add those to your website. You can spend time in photography and add the customized images all by yourself. A photographer can also be hired to do the job.

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Whatever you do, make sure you add some beautiful, relevant photos alongside content. It enhances the user experience.

Have a clear CTA

This is something that is probably the most helpful strategy in building a position in the market as well as in creating a website. Sometimes you need to push or pursue your audience for buying or purchasing your product.

This is not always a monetary purchase idea. It doesn’t matter what it is, a little bit of driving is needed. And this influence is called Call to action or CTA. Make sure you add some buttons like ‘Sign Up’, ‘Buy now,’ and some other CTAs according to the website’s pursuit and the user intent.

Spend time on Wireframe

This is something similar to the layout. Basically, a website is just like a map. Users will be more attracted if you can structure it beautifully.

Make sure you add a logo of your own brand. Even if you do not have one, spend some in the making process and add it. Try providing different buttons for different menus. Also, ensure adding the CTA buttons creatively.

Posting relevant content on a creative background image with clear fonts regularly will automatically draw traffic. And if you can tie that up with some testimonials or some remarks from your past users, success is not far from you.

Enhancing user experience

It doesn’t really matter how beautiful your website is if you are losing your audience. Hence, improving the user experience once in a while is necessary.

Try making a mobile version of your website if possible. Incorporate a CDN network system so that people across the globe can access your website with ease and comfort.

Final thoughts

When your pursuit is clear, the primary focus should be on what activity you need your audience to take when they come to your site. Is your site there just to show data? To sell items? To get recruits? Is it a site for your business or for individual use? What might be the most challenging aspect for you?

Try finding the answers to these questions first. And once you have got all the necessary solutions at your disposal, you can start building a website.

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