How to Launch A Successful Blog

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How To Launch a Successful Blog in 2022

Launching a successful blog requires a network of several steps performed smartly and accurately. But many people fail to hit the target of excellence because of a lack of knowledge or experience. May you be also one of those who need support or guide on the process of how to launch a blog successfully? If yes, then this blog is specifically written for you!

Keep in mind that only knowledge can’t do anything but testified knowledge with practical experiences is far better when it comes to results. For, this blog gathers those steps that are experienced with a high success rate.

Successful blog launching requires many steps like blog name, hosting, blog themes, writing, and plugins. All steps have their own worth but the selection of theme or niche is the core thing that should be based on the target audience. It is because a blog ranks high when its purpose of writing is customized to the audience. Many niches are out there; however, to blog about digital product ideas can also be a blockbuster niche to engage more traffic.

So, let’s not wait more and start launching a successful blog together!+

How to Launch A Successful Blog

The blog name is the first thing to prioritize

Choose your domain name:

Domain name creates the first impression, that’s why it is highly important. But what is the domain name actually? Guys, it is the name of your blog which is also known as URL or your web address. For example,

Select the domain name while engaging your all senses and putting in the whole focus. Your blog domain name can be anything like your favorite brand, your own name, your business name, or anything like that. But if your head is numbing while thinking about the domain name, Wordoid – a wonderful naming tool – can throw away your anxiety.

Don’t buy the domain from them as you already have a free and fascinating option – Bluehost.

Setting up Blog hosting

Blog hosting means your blog site needs to be on a server over the internet. After domain selection, it is the next step. Bluehost is a recommended option for blog hosting. Experts suggest it for several reasons:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Gives great discounts!
  • Free domain
  • Reimbursement facility
  • Trust and credibility

WordPress addition is essential

The step forward to blog hosting is the addition of WordPress – a totally free platform. Don’t get terrified with the word “install”. It’s simpler and easier than you think it can be. It is because Bluehost will do all the tasks for you.

Simple theme selection for showing your blog possession

The theme of the blog is the thing that creates a visual impression. It permits you to have a design without coding or designing expertise. In short, a theme is the easiest way to design your blog the way you want. For those who are not coders, themes can be a blessing!

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You can also opt to BYLT for blog designs/themes. BYLT provides aesthetic themes that are feature-rich and impressive.

Track your readers and stats by adding plugins

Plugins – third part appendages – hold great worth because they add additional functionality to your blog site. Keeping the number of plugins minimum is best and also don’t forget to install only the best ones. The con of installing too many and unreliable plugins is that they can incredibly slow down your site. Using only two plugins can be the most reasonable option.

YoastSEO and Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights can help you a lot throughout this step. These are standard SEO plugins for WordPress. The thing which is good about them is these plugins are free-of-cost. These plugins record data about your blog’s traffic along with traffic sources, overall traffic, views per author and category, automatic tracking of clicks and page views.

Content must be persuasive that your readers love

It’s the place where you have the opportunity to turn your vision into reality. Now, you have to write your own blog.

Build the content of your blog site:

The basic pages must be written first. Start writing content for your About page, Contact Page, Start Here Page, and any other page you want to include in the header.

How to Launch A Successful Blog

Add photo:

Add your own photo to make identification easier; professional photos will go well if you want a quality look.

Create logo:

The logo is a must-to-do thing. Create a logo using software like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or any other editor.


Because of images, blogs appear to be more appealing. You can get high-quality stock photos and images from the platforms; Paul Jarvis (free), Unsplash (free), Library of Congress (free), iStock (free), Shutterstock (free-based).


It’s on you to decide whether you want comments or not. But they are beneficial, though, for receiving feedback and engaging your readers.


Attach social links like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.


The frequency of posts matters a lot. Start publishing your post at least once a week. So, start publishing your blog posts and build a circle of audience.

Conclusion: How to launch a successful blog

To put it in the nutshell, just writing a blog doesn’t require much planning but launching a blog is a full-time planning header. Starting from selecting a blog name to writing a blog post, we’ve covered the nitty-gritty of successful blog launching with expert opinions. Hope so, you go with these tips and achieve your goal!

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