How To Migrate From Weebly To WordPress

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How To migrate From Weebly To WordPress – Easy Guide

Do you need to migrate your website from Weebly to PhrasePress? But don’t understand how? I used to be additionally having ZERO data as you have got now after I bought a customized order request on Fiverr(Yes, I’m a Freelancer who affords PhrasePress, associated providers). But I by no means deny any problem or likelihood of studying new issues… It was difficult for me, and I took the chance and mentioned to my consumer to position an order for a similar.

You shall be thrilled to know that I’ve achieved this in much less time, And bought good suggestions as well… Yes, It was not straightforward as migration from PhrasePress to a different PhrasePress… So, In immediately’s put up, I’m going to share how I did it, and it’s also possible to comply with the identical to migrate your Weebly website to PhrasePress.

Why Should You Move From Weebly To PhrasePress?

Here are some the explanation why do you have to transfer from Weebly To PhrasePress:

Hosted Vs. Self-Hosted Platform Weebly is a Hosted service, which means you don’t fully control your website. Your website shall be hosted on their server, and it’s best to abide by their time period and condition. If you need to switch from Weebly to every other platform, the method could be very troublesome. And on one other hand, PhrasePress is a 100% free self-hosted platform which you’ll set up in your internet hosting, and you’ve got full control of your website. And the switching course of a can is very straightforward…

Features Weebly comes with many features which let you construct your website, and you don’t have to obtain any exterior extensions or plugins for that. But if you happen to want any function that isn’t of their dashboard, then you may be an issue since you can’t rent a developer to develop your customized function. But in PhrasePress, there are tons of plugins that aid you to handle and customize your website. If you wish to develop or rent a developer for any customized plugin you want, it may be attainable with PhrasePress.

Design Weebly comes with built-in Drag N Drop features, making it straightforward for first-year students to design their website without realizing Coding. It has restricted themes which you employ in your website and customizes utilizing Drag n Drop web page builder. If you discuss PhrasePress, It doesn’t have a built-in Drag n Drop web page builder. However, it may be attainable utilizing Plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and so on… There are limitless pre-built free and paid themes accessible which you should use or customize. But earlier than transferring to the principle step, let me clarify some Pre-Migration steps you want to do earlier than Migration.

Setup Your New PhrasePress Website

You have a Weebly Website already, which you need to migrate to PhrasePress; however, you don’t have PhrasePress website arrange already, Right?

Note: You can skip this step if you have already got a PhrasePress website put in.

So, let’s Install a brand new PhrasePress website, the place you may be migrating your Weebly website.

Install PhrasePress on A Temporary Domain

Now you have got a Hosting account right here, and you may host your website; however, you want to set up PhrasePress on the internet hosting account you’re bought. For this migration, you want to set up PhrasePress on a short-lived area, so later, you may level your fundamental area to PhrasePress set up. Many internet hosting firms provide a free area with their internet hosting plans so you may take that area in work for momentary: You can learn this:


How To Migrate From Weebly To PhrasePress?

Here I’m going you focus on steps for Migrating from Weebly to PhrasePress. There is no want for coding you if you are a non-techie, then it’s also possible to do that…

Backup Your Weebly Site

Note: If your website doesn’t have a weblog part or weblog put up, you then won’t have the ability to use this step for migrating PhrasePress as a substitute; you must do that manually utilizing the beneath. Step… WPbeginners has created a website known as, which might help you to do that migration routinely.

1. Go to Enter your website URL within the first area, then your Name, Email and verify WXR format due to WXR stands for PhrasePress Extended RSS. This is probably the complete import format; as a result of it imports all feedback, classes, and authors along with weblog posts and pages out of your Weebly weblog into PhrasePress.

Include Pages in export file? : If you need to migrate pages with the put up then you should verify this feature. Once all fields shall be achieved, click on the Export My Weebly Website Button…

Download Your Weebly Export File

After clicking on the Export My Weebly Website Button, you’ll be redirected to the subsequent display screen where you may obtain your Weebly export file. How To Migrate From Weebly To WordPress Just Click on Download Your Weebly Export File to obtain the backup on your Weebly website.

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Import Weebly Export File To Your New PhrasePress Site

Now you have a .xml file that incorporates your Weebly website’s put up & pages that you want to import in your PhrasePress website. So, let’s do that final step… Go to your PhrasePress Dashboard>Tools>Import, then scrolls all the way down to the underside and discover PhrasePress, then Install the Importer. WHow To Migrate From Weebly To WordPress It is going to be put in, and you can see Run Importer in a similar place. Now Upload your .xml file, which you obtain earlier than… Import WordPress Once you selected your file, click on the Upload file and import button.

How To Migrate From Weebly To WordPress

Yippee! You’ve efficiently Migrated your Weebly website to PhrasePress… Now go to your pages and put them up in the PhrasePress dashboard to verify all pages and posts have been imported or NOT? Also, ensure you verify your media library to make sure that all pictures are imported efficiently. Now level to your Domain to your new PhrasePress website and WAIT for the DNS propagation time. This is how one can migrate your website from Weebly To PhrasePress routinely utilizing the WeeblytoWP instrument. But this instrument solely works when you have a weblog part along with your website… But what to do if you happen to don’t have a weblog part alongside your Weebly website. Then it would help if you migrated it Manually…

Migrate Weebly To PhrasePress Manually

This choice is best for you if your Weebly website is small in dimension. When you have a big website, it shall be tough. For Manual Migrated, you must copy all posts and pages from Weebly to the PhrasePress website. It would help if you did it manually by copy and paste. I did the identical for my consumer because his website didn’t have a weblog part; however, I used to be fortunate as a result of his website being small.

#1 Setup Pages

Create all of the pages with the identical title as your Weebly website has. It will take time when you have a great variety of pages on your Weebly website. You can use Bulk Page Creator, which might make this course quick, and It will let you create several pages. So you don’t have to create them one after the other…

General performance comparability



Available themes~280~40
Free planMultiple free vainness URL choices (be aware, you want to purchase an enterprise stage plan to take away their branding)Subdomain on
search engine marketing Functionalitysearch engine marketing instruments for enterprise plans solelyBasic search engine marketing built-in
Import choicesSelf-hosted PhrasePress, Medium, Wix, Squarespace, Blogger, extraNone
Export choicesBasic information exportNone
Google AMPAutomatically supported, editableNot supported
No branding on web siteOnly for enterprise plansFor all plans
Reporting, analytics performanceBasic analytics built-in by way of JetPackBasic analytics built-in
Google AnalyticsOnly for enterprise plansInstall manually
Social media integrationPost to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, extraAvailable by way of apps
Storage6-13 GB for private plans, limitless for enterpriseUnlimited
SupportEmail, reside chat*Email, chat, telephone
PluginsSeveral hundred plugins accessible; can add extra*300+ free and paid 3rd party apps
CommentsFull-featured feedback built-inBuilt-in
MembershipAvailable by way of 3rd party pluginBasic features included extra features by way of third-celebration apps
Project administration or collaboration instrumentsAvailable by way of 3rd party pluginNot accessible
Booking performanceAvailable by way of 3rd party pluginAvailable by way of third-celebration (principally paid) apps
Marketing instrumentsAvailable by way of 3rd party pluginAvailable at a further charge
AdvertisingAdwords accessible by way of third-celebration pluginAdsense built-in, Adwords by way of third-celebration apps
GDPR ComplianceSome GDPR instruments, cookie consent widgets are accessibleCookie decide out, EU guests can block information

eCommerce performance comparability



Adding merchandiseCSV, Manual, Plugins to import from many different merchandisesManual entry, import from CSV, Shopify, Etsy, Square*
Shipping choicesPlugins for UPS, FedEx, and so on. Some have an extra priceAutomatic charges from UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, handbook charges*
Payment processing choicesHundreds supported, some price furtherStripe, Square, Paypal
Buyer customization choicesBasic, extra features accessible by way of pluginsCustomize merchandise, several variants
Inventory administrationAvailable by way of plugins, some prices furtherTrack stock*
User critiquesBuilt-inUser critiques supported*
Additional gross sales channel choicesAvailable by way of pluginsNone
Transaction chargesJust the processor charges3% + processor for base plan, 0% + processor for different plans


Performance comparability

No matter how attractive your website is, it will be unsuccessful if visitors abandon it because it takes too long to load. In addition, Google considers page load speed as one of its factors in determining search engine page ranking. As a result, your website must load relatively quickly. To measure efficiency, we decided to use Google’s PageVelocity to examine the suite on Wix and WordPress.

In terms of methodology, we constructed skeleton web pages for each product. We chose a template at random, then exposed the location and ran the web page speed test on it. We repeated the process several times, using various templates each time, and averaged the results. Obviously, this method isn’t a perfect predictor of how well your website will perform.

However, it provides an excellent starting point for determining how well a website will perform on various platforms. We’ll walk you through the migration process and assist you in successfully transition from Weebly to WordPress in this step-by-step guide. Only a little technical knowledge is required, and you’ll have to make some compromises, but WordPress’s power and flexibility are well worth it. Let’s get started without further ado.

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1. Select a Domain and Web Host

The first thing you should do is start building a WordPress website while keeping your main website operational during the transition. Because you’re currently using free Weebly web hosting, you’ll need to choose a new domain and web host. A simple child internet hosting package should be excellent, and some web servers even include free domains or subdomains. The plans are reasonably priced, with most starting at about $10 per month.

2. Setup a WordPress Site

It’s time to get your WordPress website up and running after you’ve secured hosting and a domain. You’ll need to choose a theme for WordPress. You can use the default theme if you’re importing content from Weebly to WordPress and want to make sure everything is working properly. However, if you want to go ahead and make your website seem great right away, you can choose from hundreds of available themes.

3. Migrate Content

Now that your WordPress site is up and running, it’s time to migrate your Weebly content over. Fortunately, WordPress has a feature that allows you to import content through the RSS feed. To begin, locate your Weebly website’s RSS feed URL. It will have the same appearance as Some people complain about their feed URL not functioning. However this is almost always because they don’t have a blog section set up on their Weebly website. If your feed URL is active and working, you’ll notice that it only displays 10 posts. This is easily handled with Google Reader. If your feed URL was, sort the following into Google Reader: The tag “?n=100” can be found at the end of the URL. This instructs Google to display 100 feed posts instead of the default quantity. If you have more than 100 posts, increase the number. When you type the above URL into Google Reader, an XML file will appear. Right-click the file, select “Save Page As,” and save the page as an Atom feed. The next step is to convert the Atom feed to an RSS feed.

4. Convert the Feed File

You could change the ATOM Feed to an RSS feed because WordPress is built to import from RSS feed files. There are numerous complicated explanations for performing the conversion. Still, the best option is to upload the created ATOM feed file to your web hosting account via FTP or their file manager. Then pick one of the several ATOM to RSS converters that are available. After pressing the “convert” button on a device, go to the “File/Save As” button and save the file as mysite.xml to your computer.

5. Import RSS Feed File To WordPress

With your RSS feed file able to go, go into your WordPress admin panel, choose “Tools,” after which “Import.” Finally, choose the “RSS import” button and add the saved RSS file you downloaded above. Once the import course is accomplished, your whole Weebly weblog posts should be efficiently transferred to your new WordPress website.

6. Transfer Pages

If you want to transfer precise pages from Weebly to WordPress, you’ll have to do that manually. Luckily, there are plugins, akin to HTML Import 2, that make the method moderately straightforward.

7. Match Your Permalinks

While WordPress has a better URL structure than Weebly, we recommend synchronizing your Weebly and WordPress permalinks if you have a fairly common Weebly site with a lot of content. Your Weebly URLs are almost certainly similar to http://www.mysite/1/put up/2015/01/my-post-title.html. Go to your WordPress admin panel and select “Settings” and “Permalinks” to get the same URL structure in WordPress.

Check the “Custom structure” section and enter the following code into it: /1/put up/ percent 12 months percent/percent monthnum percent/percent post name percent.html. This will add.html to the end of your post titles and keep your WordPress URL structure consistent with Weebly’s. Please keep in mind that if your website is still minimal and isn’t achieving good search engine rankings, you should cut your losses and start building a robust WordPress website from the ground up.

8. Update the Feed URLs

Your Weebly feed URLs should seem like, whereas your WordPress feed URL is solely If your website has plenty of subscribers and you’re trying to switch Weebly to WordPress, you want to replace your feed URLs accordingly. Thankfully, redirection plugins assist make the method a bit of cake.

After you’ve finished making all of the pages, copy the content from your old website pages to the new ones one by one. I understand that this will take a long time, but you must do it… After copying all the material, congratulations on a job well done… You have another option if you don’t want to go through the effort. What’s this? Would you please hire me? Yes, I’m good at this work; I’ve done the same for my customers. I hope this article was useful to you; if it was, please share it with others. And if you come across any issues while migrating, please let me know in the comments.

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