How to Start Your Own OTT Video Platform in 2021?

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How To Start Your Own OTT Video Platform – First Profitable OTT Service – Full Guide

Switching to OTT Video Platform is not an escapable decision anymore. The reach and grip of OTT is now known to everybody, and so, still ignoring it can be a missed opportunity. Moreover, because of the readiness that consumers have shown for OTT’s adoption, the businesses should prepare to respond to the changing preferences.

In a research of 1.1 million Uscreen subscribers, we discovered that 65% of video streaming is finished on cell and TV apps. And that the SVOD (subscription video on demand) market is predicted to grow by 52% by 2025.

The time is absolutely correct for starting the OTT Video Platform. It is emerging as a savior to the content-hungry audience who is always in search of different genres of entertainment. Also, it has got the nod of emerging technologies and the support of experts who need not make many changes in their knowledge pool to embrace this platform for connecting with audiences.

What Is An OTT Platform?

Video delivery via the internet has accelerated due to OTT streaming. The media industry has been significantly impacted by the fast changes that OTT services are bringing about.

“The OTT is claimed to be the appropriate technique to satisfy the customers,” says the report, “as the OTT income is anticipated to nearly touch 167 billion dollars in the year 2025 around the globe.”

The OTT channels are deliberately segmented for progressive streaming based on the types of content delivery and revenue mechanisms. Based on their preferred content, OTT services are categorised as,

  • E-Learning
  • Gaming
  • Sports
  • News
  • Music
  • Entertainment
  • Movie

More than 82 percent of American adults believe that video streaming of movies, TV shows, and other media is more captivating than cable TV. Surprisingly, less than 66 percent of adult Americans in the country are cable TV users.

Why Should You Start An OTT Service In 2022?

I know I want to start my OTT service. Take me to the good stuff! Whenever a content material creator asks me why they should begin an OTT service, I give the identical reply: Because entry to an OTT platform permits customers to stream video content material from any machine utilizing the internet. It’s additionally the best monetization alternative for video-focused companies to build a worthwhile on-line OTT service they control. You have the chance to tap into a growing market crammed with individuals on the lookout for content material like yours. In truth, OTT enterprise customers are predicted to hit 3.5 billion by 2023:

How to Start Your Own OTT Video Platform in 2021?

Big firms like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu could also be driving a lot of this progress, however we all know that viewers continue to explore other app options as soon as they’re transformed. This is nice information. Because it means your target market is already used to paying for OTT video streaming and sees the advantages. With an OTT streaming service, you’re additionally in control of:

  • How you monetize it.
  • The performance of your web site and apps.
  • The subscription model.
  • How a lot do customers pay to your video streaming service.

These are outcomes that platforms like YouTube – who only present minimal possession – can’t provide. As such, 96.5% of “successful” YouTubers won’t make enough to break the poverty line this year.

Advantages Of Creating A Custom OTT Platform

By developing a distinctive brand experience, content producers may connect with their audience and engage them through video streaming platforms. With access to material, viewers become familiar with and aware of your brand. With today’s smartphones’ flexibility, consumers have grown increasingly accustomed to watching movies whenever and wherever they choose.

How to Start Your Own OTT Video Platform in 2021?

# Increasing Brand Awareness

The brand recognition, interest, and perception are effectively increased by the OTT videos. The average viewer watches three hours of video every day; this percentage is around 70%. More customer loyalty will result from a chain of factors including brand awareness, user behaviour, etc.

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#Increased Scalability

With the aid of contemporary technology, businesses may build their own OTT platforms and enhance user engagement and platform measurement to boost corporate revenues and return on investment.

# Monetization

The main motivation for OTT service providers to build their own OTT platform is to monetize their platform for streaming music or video by using one of the many available business models.

# Diminishing The Cost And Time

Building your own online video platform with the aid of a white label OTT platform provider will be a more affordable option because it streamlines the procedure and incorporates all of the solution provider’s technological improvements.

# Micro-Targeting And Data Transparency

The main component of creating your greatest online video platforms is keeping data encryption and original content in mind. Securely guarantee that videos are published to set geo-locational restrictions and strive to persuade your audience to view via the use of a microtargeting plan.

# Convenience

When deciding how to start your OTT platform, it is imperative to pick the appropriate niche that appears to be in-demand. Other popular categories to investigate in the OTT streaming industry outside entertainment include sports, eLearning, spirituality, fitness, etc.

So, the only question that remains is – How to Start Your Own OTT Video Platform? Here is a little help.

  • Develop infrastructure

If we say, the cable TVs have finally got its successor; it would not be an overstatement. The people are ready to cut the cord and move to live streaming platforms that don’t even need TV, sometimes. Such a flexible way of accessing entertainment becomes possible to provide when you have sourced these components:

  • Multiple CDN: Online video streaming services reach people beyond boundaries. You can find Russian OTT, Korean OTT, and other contingents developed in different parts of the world. It requires an omniscient delivery network that serves both needs of speedy downloads and high-quality format. Multiple CDNs located across the world helps ensure quality of data and quicker adjustments in bandwidth as needed.
  • Transcoder: The live streaming platform can be made available on any device or platform. It requires adjusting the files’ size, audio and video formats compatible with these platforms. The OTT owners need to have transcoding technology that helps achieve compatibility with multiple devices that support various video formats. Transcoding allows adapting video streaming to multiple bitrates needed for OTT publishing to achieve multi-device compatibility.
  • Cross-platform presence and custom monetization model: Users expect to have OTT available to them on any device of their choice and also in the chosen formats at preferred time. This ease of accessing OTT content from various devices requires including cross-platform compatibility features in online video streaming service. It helps to leverage the extensive reach capacity of this service which is one of the prime reasons for switching to OTT services.

The other thing to care about is the monetization model. Depending upon the platforms chosen for streaming, the services finalize the monetization model. They can go for subscription selling, pay-while-on-the-go, and others suitable for matching consumers’ varying payment preferences.

  • Select streaming protocol: You must know that there are multiple streaming protocols that online video streaming services can pick.

For cross-platform delivery, RTMP protocol is useful. It offers better connection sustenance required for buffer-free experience. Further, its low-latency interaction format allows breaking information into smaller chunks leading to better refinement of user-service interaction experience.

Next, there is an option of HLS protocol. It is one of the widely used protocols, as it helps make adaptive streaming a seamless affair. Dispensing with the need to make any change in web server allows offering plug-and-go convenience to the protocol users.

A combination of HTTP and RTMP offers a suitable protocol for a live streaming platform that is known to deliver captivating viewing experience.

build your own ott platform - How to Start Your Own OTT Video Platform in 2021?

  • Choose hosting style

Where to host the application is quite a crucial consideration. One can either go for having in-house server hosting or can move the operations to a cloud. The cloud hosting offers to you the advantages like:

  • better levels of scalability
  • security and
  • the latest technology advantage

Cloud solution keeps the live streaming platform protected against latency issues as the delivery becomes quicker, buffering quite smooth and seamless, and downloading or streaming exceptionally high in quality.

  • Market it with appropriate targeting strategies

OTT platforms have the choice of adopting multi-platform and multi-genre business models according to their scale of operation. The online video streaming services can reach correct markets by designing appropriate marketing strategies. For instance, design a campaign directed at multiple device users and for multiple platforms when your functionality is cross-platform.

If you plan to launch a niche solution, the marketing strategy ought to change. Some of the ways you can draw audience to your OTT service are:

  • Highlight new shows and encourage customers for opt-ins to grab the information about them instantly
  • Design messages that tell clearly what to expect
  • If you have partnered with a new production house or signed a new sports coverage deal, aggressively spread the word about it through proper channels.
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How to create an OTT channel – How to Start Your Own OTT Video Platform?

Create ott channel - How to Start Your Own OTT Video Platform in 2021?

If you do not have a committed staff, developing and launching an OTT platform is not going to be a quick or simple process; in fact, it can take many years to get it to that point. You may, however, finish the OTT channel project with a significant amount of success if you work hard, have tenacity and commitment, and work well. Components of digital rights management systems (DRMs) like Google WideVine are part of the OTT infrastructure. In addition to this, it uses cloud computing in conjunction with content delivery networks (CDNs) to reduce the amount of time needed to buffer media material around the globe.

Creating an OTT channel yourself

The kind of material you will be sharing is the first thing to think about when developing an OTT app. From there, you may obtain a DRM and begin developing the price plan for your OTT business’s monetization approach. You will decide whether it is feasible to move forward with the development at that period. You may then proceed with designing and creating the user interface if it is still a financially sound business plan. After that, you may link the middleware and outside extensions to the appropriate APIs.

Hiring a developer

The project burden can be streamlined, and the estimated duration can be shortened, by hiring a developer. The creation of the user interface and functionalities is part of the OTT app development process, which would be handled by a developer.
How to Start Your Own OTT Video Platform in 2021? - Ott DevelopmentIn order for a project to be successful, it is imperative that a developer be trained in both the process of developing media output and cloud systems. However, it is important to keep in mind that the project might perhaps take a little bit longer if there is just one person working on it. The task can be completed more quickly by a group of developers, but if resources are limited, it may be possible to get by with only one programmer.

Hosting on a third-party platform

The use of third-party video hosting services for your whole video system may substantially simplify the construction of an OTT App. Although substantial programming knowledge is not required, you may change the features and design to your liking.
How to Start Your Own OTT Video Platform in 2021? - Ott Channel Hosting

These third-party platforms function similarly to content management systems in that they may control how your video is distributed digitally via an already-built, highly customisable OTT channel app. Without worrying about a protracted development process, you can have a multi-screen online content collection and all that goes with it. This makes it more simpler and takes a lot less time for aspiring individuals to start OTT commercial activity.

What do you need to build an OTT channel?

What are the requirements for developing an OTT platform that generates income, given some of the technicalities and development possibilities discussed? To get to the launch of your service, you must clear a few hurdles. Which hoops are those?

Profitable business plan

Drafting the business strategy, which should include every last-minute aspect of monetization, is the first and most crucial phase. You should record everything, including the project layout, financial predictions, and the operating strategy. Create a marketing strategy that is pertinent to the service you will be offering and put a strong emphasis on developing a brand. Prior to exploring the service’s technical elements, you must do this. By doing so, you will reduce the danger of failure while optimising business profitability and success.

App development

You may start the development phase once you have written a solid business strategy and taken into account every area of the enterprise. To create the app, website, and user interface, you have a number of choices. You may, for instance, do it yourself, hire a developer, or use reputable services for third-party video hosting. The latter offers a broad range of possibilities as well, and you may compare each service provider to choose which is ideal.

How to Start Your Own OTT Video Platform – To conclude

In a nutshell, a correct mix of technology, vision, marketing strategy and operations-oriented planning is required to launch an OTT video platform. Start thinking around these points if you have decided to foray into these highly promising OTT platforms; these are the basic things to do to launch the OTT video streaming service business.


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