How to Use Influencers to Grow Your Ecommerce Brand

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How to Use Influencers to Grow Your Ecommerce Brand

Every eCommerce brand needs to work hard to maintain a strong image and stand out from its competitors. Growing your eCommerce brand is a handful, but also a necessity. This is why adopting new and innovative methods for making your brand stronger is a must. And, influencer marketing is one of the key strategies you have to apply.

Influencers can truly make a difference and help you skyrocket your brand. All you need to do is learn how to use influencer marketing in the best way. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for the best tips you can start applying today.

How to Use Influencers to Grow Your Ecommerce Brand

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Illustrate Your Ideal Target Customer

The first and most important job you have when it comes to influencer marketing is choosing the right person to represent your eCommerce brand. Just because someone has a huge follower base doesn’t mean they’re a good fit for your brand.


Because influencers need to connect with your target audience and help them relate to your brand. So, choose an influencer who:

  • matches your target audience in terms of age, gender, personality, and other characteristics
  • is relatable
  • is trustworthy

You need to make sure that the person representing your brand is someone who your target audience will find interesting, entertaining, and worth their attention. So, choose wisely.

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Share How-To Content

It’s not enough that you find an influencer and pay them to praise your brand. Instead, they need to show they actually believe in you and love your products.

How-to content can help you kill two birds with one stone:

  • create valuable and useful content
  • show the influencer using your products

You can create how-to videos and guides, explaining how products are used or what’s the best way to apply them in your home, office, backyard, or wherever! Brand & Influencers will draw attention to the videos or images, and showcase your products.

Solve Problems

Does your target audience have specific pain points? Are there problems or issues you can help them solve? Make sure your influencer covers these topics as well.

Here’s an example:

  • You are a pet supplies eCommerce and the influencer you choose has a French bulldog for a pet.
  • They’re known for their sensitive health and luckily you sell the food, clothes, and grooming goodies that are great for them.
  • Your influencer can talk about solving a sensitive stomach problem or finding the best winter jackets for their pet.

Simply put, the influencer can help you show just how amazing your products can be, and give examples and ideas on how to use them.

Influencer Discount Code

People love discounts and special offers. Discount codes are a great way to boost your sales and motivate customers to shop.

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Plus, when the code is shared by a person they follow and love watching online, it’s even more successful.

How to Use Influencers to Grow Your Ecommerce Brand

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Here’s what Ana Mayer, the content manager at TrustMyPaper, advises: “Have the influencer invite their followers to visit your eCommerce website. Assign them a discount code and make sure it has their name in it- e.g. “AshleySummer2022”. Have them explain that using the code will provide a 10% discount on the first purchase?”

Once they share this information on their social media profiles, people will at least visit the website to see if there’s something they’ll like.

Joined Giveaway

In your collaboration with an influencer, you shouldn’t forget to set up a joint giveaway. That means that your brand will team up with this person and reward someone for their loyalty.

To enter the giveaway, people should follow both you and the influencer on social media. They should also leave a comment, tag someone, or repost the giveaway post. The prize should be something from your eCommerce.

That is the winning formula.

How to Use Influencers to Grow Your Ecommerce Brand

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This way, you are:

  • increasing your followers’ base
  • promoting your products
  • acquiring new customers
  • strengthening your brand through the influencer’s followers’ base

Giveaways are popular for a reason so make sure you include them in your marketing strategy.

Organize an Event

Who wouldn’t like to see their favorite influencer in person?

Influencer events are the perfect combination for you as an eCommerce brand. You get to promote your products live and interact with people who might become customers. The influencer’s name will get you the attention you need.

But, don’t forget to make this event extra interesting:

  • create a program around the influencer
  • set up a meet and greet session
  • allow photos
  • organize an on the spot giveaway
  • have the influencer perform

Make sure your event is worth visiting. Take photos and create a post-event video to share on social media. This will allow for further promotion, even after the event is over.

Live Sessions

If you can’t host an in-person event, you and the influencer can have a live-streaming video on your social media.

To get people to participate, you should:

  • come up with a topic
  • announce what you’ll be talking about
  • invite people to send their questions in advance
  • invite people to join and ask questions live

People will love the idea of listening to their favorite person talk about a relatable topic and have the chance to participate. You should be the host of the event to ensure more people discover your brand.

Also, your products need to be one of the topics you’ll cover.

Final Thoughts – How to Use Influencers to Grow Your Ecommerce Brand

Influencer marketing can work wonders for your eCommerce brand. A relatable and trustworthy influencer can get more people to learn about your brand, and become customers. Your only task is to find the right person and choose the right methods.

Hopefully, the tips we’ve shared with you today will help you create a killer influencer marketing strategy. Start working on it today!

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