Impact of Innovative Health Marketing

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 The Impact of Innovative Health Marketing

Good marketing campaigns are defined by their ability to connect with their audience on a much deeper level. It should have a narrative so strong that even individuals who are not the target audience can resonate with the message. These wellness narratives can be especially important in innovative health marketing. Just one good campaign can make a brand synonymous with certain emotions and become instantly recognizable.

The impact that these types of wellness narratives can have on a marketing campaign is incredible. Along with the immediate effects of associating with certain emotions, they can also become staples of other content marketing strategies as well.

The Popular Use of Wellness Narratives in Health Marketing

A multitude of companies have already used wellness narratives in their health marketing to varying levels of success. In 2016, Philips released the Breathless Choir, which featured multiple people coming together to perform in a choir despite their breathing difficulties.

Each individual had a respiratory condition, which also required them to use the Phillips’ CPAP machines, which was the focus of the campaign. Not only was the short film a major success, winning many awards in various film festivals, but they would go on to reinforce the message of the short film in their other marketing material.

Another campaign by the Movember Foundation in 2020 focused on men and their struggles when talking about their mental health. There was a series of clips that shared the troubles that men faced when trying to talk about their mental health. The short film won many awards and connected with audiences worldwide. The short film also came out at a difficult time, as the pandemic was just about to hit.

Stories Can Be Much More Engaging

The reason why wellness narratives are so effective as a marketing campaign is that they are significantly more engaging. Compared to social media posts, short ads, blog posts, and even testimonials, a good story can be more memorable than all of these combined. Furthermore, since these stories can often be inspiring and emotional, audiences can develop a much deeper connection with the story.

The connection is a lot more than emotional; and it can even be psychological. People can develop core memories with media that makes them feel strong emotions, especially if the story has people triumph over some adversity.

Much More Memorable and Compelling

Good stories told through short films allow for greater opportunities to drive home their emotional message. The choice of lighting, camera angles, and even the choice of music all contribute to a much more memorable marketing campaign. Therefore, it greatly allows people to connect with these types of stories on a much deeper level.

Another reason why these types of stories will often catch the hearts of target audiences is because the audience itself can include people being depicted in the ad campaign. Since these ads are part of the healthcare industry, people watching them could likely be going through transformative treatment.

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Helps Build Trust with Patients

The impact of these wellness narratives is often that the brand manages to create a strong bond with its target audience. As many patients see themselves in those ad campaigns, they will trust that a company has their best interest at heart. Along with informing more people about the product, it also informs them about the values that a company holds dear. Philips was able to show that it cared about the people who used their CPAP devices and helped them achieve great things.

This trust can, in turn, develop brand loyalty, which can then trickle down to word-of-mouth marketing for a company. Therefore, developing a good ad campaign can have a domino effect, providing a multitude of other benefits.

Elements of a Good Wellness Narrative

A good wellness narrative will often include certain elements regardless of the medium or the target audience. However, even though these different narratives can have similar elements, that does not make them completely homogenous. Some of these elements can include:


Good stories always need to be inspirational. Through success stories, testimonials, or even the short film itself, companies can show how their products benefit individuals. Not only does it show how much a company cares about its patients, but it also shows how those patients can properly overcome adversity.

In fact, these types of ad campaigns offer tangible proof of how people can benefit from a certain product or service. And nothing quite sells that concept like an inspirational success story.


Empathy is another important element of a good wellness narrative since it caters to individuals who do not directly benefit from a specific service or product. It is important for healthcare companies to show that they empathize with a specific condition, as it helps build even greater trust between patients and their service providers. Ad campaigns that manage to deliver their message well can also allow individuals who have no direct connection to this issue to connect with the source material. This can contribute to word-of-mouth marketing and generally allows a company to enjoy a lot of positive press.


Finally, one of the most important aspects of a good wellness narrative is that it should be authentic. Some short films tend to use actors in place of people who are actually suffering from the condition being shown. In most cases, this can be frowned upon since it does not make patients feel represented in ad campaigns directed toward them. Therefore, companies should focus on showing the genuine experiences of individuals and show the truth surrounding their products. It is also good if a company focuses on showing an authentic image instead of glamorizing or sensationalizing a condition.


Weaving wellness narratives into your ad campaign can be a very effective way to connect with your audience. By focusing on inspiration, companies can show how their product or service can help people. On the other hand, by using empathy, they can also connect with people who are not directly affected by the condition that the company is looking to solve. Therefore, investing in a good wellness narrative offers a multitude of benefits.

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