Instagram Growth Hacks For Businesses

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6 Instagram Growth Hacks For Businesses

Instagram is an attractive social media platform for brand growth, considered by small and big businesses alike. Especially that recently, online activity has significantly increased, a strong Instagram presence must be on every entrepreneur’s priority list.

According to statistics, the growth of Instagram is projected to soar to greater heights in 2022 and 2023. This projection should only mean one thing—businesses and individuals alike should strive to penetrate the Instagram market through a mix of both old and new Instagram content strategies.

There are a few failproof Instagram growth hacks businesses can use. Read on to find out more:

  • Create A Business Profile

This tip may sound like it should be a given, but there are still so many businesses settling for an ordinary Instagram account. Technically, there isn’t any problem with this, but using a personal account for your business hinders growth potential. When it’s for your business, then it’s fitting to have an Instagram business account rather than a regular one.

The main difference between the two accounts is that you can access your analytics with a business account. Your metrics are valuable data you can use in creating Instagram marketing strategies.

For example, you’ll have insights into what posts fared better than others on your account. Knowing this, you can tweak your Instagram content to focus only on those types of posts that sit well with your followers.

Instagram Growth Hacks For Businesses

  • Engage With Similar Accounts In Your Niche, Every Day

Businesses that operate in the same niche as you do are your competitors. But do not automatically consider them as business rivals. When you engage in friendly competition, those businesses can actually be resources you can use to grow your business.

Remember this basic rule of Instagram: engagement brings about more engagement. When you interact with other users on Instagram, particularly those businesses within the same niche as you, you’re also creating buzz around your account—increasing likes, Instagram reels views, and others. Your account gets pushed to your target market’s feeds and Explore Page, making this a viable growth hack.

  • Look At Your Competitors’ Accounts

You share many similarities with your competitors: you’re selling more or less the same or similar products in a particular niche, and you’re also targeting the same customers. So, it just makes sense why you should also take into account your competitors’ Instagram accounts.

From time to time, check their accounts and see their theme, tone, and design style. The trick isn’t for you to follow their strategies. Rather, it’s to gain inspiration from the techniques they’re using to meet their Instagram goals. Who knows, you may be able to come across pain points in your competitors’ accounts, which you can use to your advantage.

  • Use Hashtags Strategically

When you click a hashtag, it takes you through all the other posts using the same hashtags. This is a simple, effective way for businesses to grow their audience.

The whole point of using hashtags is that those are keywords that accurately reflect the context of your post. New posts are added to certain Instagram hashtags by the minute, and maximizing them can mean a high growth potential for your business. You could reach a wider audience, which you otherwise wouldn’t have done so, through the right hashtags.

  • Use An Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy
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Influencers are the celebrities of the online community. For businesses, these influencers are assets. Because they seem like ‘ordinary individuals,’ they look more relatable than regular celebrities. Because they usually have a following for their curated lifestyle, their followers take their word for any product they endorse.

Connecting with these influencers through your influencer marketing strategy may be the strategy to grow your brand and reach on Instagram. Especially when you have fewer followers in your business than a specific influencer has, you may be able to see an increase in your traffic with a growth in your number of followers.

Instagram Growth Hacks For Businesses

  • Create Powerful Captions

On Instagram, a caption should be neither too long nor too short. Write a catchy caption and finish it up with a hashtag. Much like drafting headings, your captions should be powerful and attention-grabbing. By this, it means your Instagram captions should be able to capture your audience’s attention right away.

One good way to achieve this is by using emojis! They’re there for a reason. Emojis bring your captions to life and make your posts more engaging.

Conclusion – Instagram Growth Hacks For Businesses

As you can see, there are so many ways you can grow your Instagram following without necessarily reinventing the wheel. Many businesses are leading in the social media game, and it’s always a wise approach to look into their best practices. Remember that there’s no universal approach to growing businesses on Instagram. Every business has respective needs, and it’s on your business to do a little trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t. Try out the Instagram growth hacks mentioned above and see if they can boost your brand’s engagement and reach.


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