Instagram to ‘Double Down’ on Videos

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Instagram to ‘Double Down’ on Videos, Emphasize on Reels in 2022

Adam Mosseri, Instagram head, revealed in a video message that Instagram is not a square photo-sharing application anymore, and there’s some serious competition, thanks to TikTok and YouTube amassing huge active users. Therefore, Instagram will prioritize its video features, especially Reels, in 2022.

The social media platform will also enhance the app’s monetized content creator tools, messaging service and transparency. So, therefore, it is a good time to learn how to download Instagram videos because the platform doesn’t allow you to directly download them and save them to watch later, like Facebook. You can learn about downloading and saving Instagram videos at

In 2021, Instagram Moved Away From Photos, And In 2022, The Platform’s Focus Is On Reels

In Instagram’s evolution, 2021 marked a pivotal shift as the platform moved away from being a photo-sharing app. Instead, the platform started to embrace video features. In addition, it explored various business tools for brands and influencers, such as link stickers available to everyone, paid creator subscriptions, influencer affiliate shops, etc.Instagram to 'Double Down' on Videos

Moving into 2022, the focus is on the platform’s video features and formats. In addition, the social media platform wants to give users more control over the interactions with other users and over the content they consume. For instance, the platform launched the Sensitive Content Control feature that allows users to disable Like on certain posts to augment the experience on the application. Instagram head Mosseri says the platform will focus on rethinking the app according to the fast-paced modern world changing constantly.

The major focus this year will be the continued development of the app’s video features, especially emphasized around Reels. The plan was already in motion in 2021 as the platform attempted to attract video content creators via several paid incentives. In 2022, the app also plans to improve its messaging service and realize the dream of making Instagram the primary place for people to connect with their friends online.

The platform is also working to provide transparency and user controls to share the app’s working. Also, the app focuses on influencers and other creators who use the platform to make money. The app is poised to introduce several new products to help creators monetize their efforts.

How Can Businesses And Brands Benefit From Reels?

Videos Motivate Consumers To Buy

Videos positively impact online buying decisions and improve brand engagement. Studies revealed that 73% of customers are motivated to buy after watching videos clarifying and describing a product or service. Moreover, customers benefit from videos when they make purchasing decisions online because they cannot touch the product. Still, videos make it easy for them to understand what they are buying. So, brands wanting to sell their products or services via Instagram videos can use Reels and connect with their target audience.

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Reels Are Simple To Create

The creation of video content demands a big investment in terms of time, money and production. But Reels are short videos like TikTok, and the videos play for a maximum of sixty seconds. It means brands don’t need to worry about huge investments, and Reels can be made inside the Instagram app. Reels are not only easy to create, but they are quick to consume. Therefore, viewers can understand and learn about brands without spending much time.

Reels Drive Traffic And Conversions

On Reels, brands can create a product and how-to videos to increase traffic and enhance conversion. When brands create how-to videos, they find potential consumers with genuine buying intent. The viewer either wishes to learn more about the product or has a problem and is looking for solutions. By creating these videos, brands are doing their duty of teaching the consumers more about the product. For instance, you can create videos showing how to put a harness on a dog or how to tie a tie correctly. Brands need to avoid aggressively selling their products or services in such videos. Instead, the focus must be on educating them.

Reels Are Permanent

Reels content is permanent and not like Instagram stories with a shelf life of 24-hours. However, since Reels are quick to create, it is advised that brands set time aside to create several different Reels and publish them at infrequent intervals.

Conclusion – Instagram to ‘Double Down’ on Videos

Instagram’s shift from being a photo-sharing app to focusing on videos is paramount, especially for brands and influencers trying to make money on the platform. Stay tuned for more innovations and changes within the app in the coming years.

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