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WiredBucks Review – A Scam Or Legit Site To Earn $200 Online? is a fraud website that collects user data. This website’s main goal is to sell users’ personal information to spammy third-party advertising. It fraudulently claims to give you a lot of money for carrying out absurdly simple activities via phoney survey questions and gift offers in order to get as many individuals to join up and provide their personal information. You’ll see $10–$30 added to your dashboard after each job you accomplish, which will encourage you to keep going.

Is WiredBucks A Scam Or Legit?

It sounds simple to “earn” a few hundred bucks, much like the slogan “Make your first $200 with us TODAY,” but only within your WiredBucks account. The problem is that the money in your account is fake. You will never be able to truly cash it. It will either reject your withdrawal request or invalidate your membership by providing an explanation if you send one. In any case, your access will be restricted and your WiredBucks account will be terminated shortly.

Is WiredBucks A Scam?

Hello there Here you will find the WiredBucks Review. Have you come across the website and are wondering if this programme is legitimate? Is WiredBucks merely a hoax, or can you actually make $200 every day as they say on their homepage? Describe WiredBucks. WiredBucks: Legit or Scam? Let’s learn more. We are about to learn how this system operates, for whom it is intended, how much money you can potentially make using the WiredBucks (if anything at all), and what the alternatives are.

More than 200 digital items have been the subject of my investigation, and something tells me that WiredBucks is not what it seems to be. Let’s begin straight now. Disclaimer Please take notice that I am not a WiredBucks affiliate or member. This assessment is based on investigation and publicly accessible web data. Any advice and conclusions are only personal judgments that might not apply to all people or circumstances.

WiredBucks Scam Review - Is Wiredbucks a SCAM

What is Wiredbucks about and who are the founders?

Without mentioning the proprietors, is a GPT (Get Paid To) website that was established in June 2020. In order to get you to sign up, they make statements like “Make your first $200 with us today…” and assert that they are the top influencer (whatever that term implies) on the internet. These websites have a reputation for collecting your personal information and selling it to other websites.

It is often referred to as “Data Fishing” or “Data Dredging.” Do not be taken in by these services’ claims that you would receive $25 merely for joining up, even if for many people it is a sizable number. The major goal of this website is for you to invite everyone you know to join.

wiredbucks review - Is Wiredbucks a SCAM

What is WiredBucks?

The goal of WiredBucks is to be a rewards site where you can get money by completing surveys and other easy tasks. It appears that you may earn money by encouraging others to sign up for WiredBucks. Their webpage claims that they are the top influencer network. One would anticipate that these individuals would use social media in general. Well, given that their homepage’s social media buttons are broken, it is very interesting! (We’ll look at that in more detail later.)

Additionally, the claims that you will make $200 today or receive the $25 bonus are false! And there is more: They have already paid you more than $410,000,000, according to the website! Considering that the site was only registered in April 2020, it is a significant sum of money.

Together, let’s solve the arithmetic. The existence of the website as of this writing (August 28, 2020) is around 4 months. That indicates that they have paid out $100M per month, or $3.3M every day! What makes them do that? Where does the funding come from? It reads: “Our members are paid using money from advertising and sponsorship items. You may increase website traffic and ad income by referring friends.

Additionally, you are raising the visibility of our sponsors’ goods, which will strengthen our network’s relationships with them. But neither on their website nor in the member’s area do I notice any advertisements (we are about to check as well). And now for anything else regarding the sum.

These $400M are only the purported payouts they made; their income is not included. Therefore, their wages must be at least 10% greater. But are we to think that a new website or system can provide income equivalent to Wendy’s income, which was around $1.59 billion USD in 2018? If so, the WiredBucks website ought to receive tens of millions of visitors per day. But is it really the case? Alexa indicates that has just lately attracted attention.

Let’s look at InboxDollars as an example to provide you some insight on a trustworthy website (here is the review). In the past 20 years, this GPT site has paid out less than $60 million! And have a look at the data: Traffic to InboxDollars has been steady. For Alexa, a lower number indicates a higher position. (Google, for instance, has 1). See the distinction? $60 million in 20 years compared to $400 million in 4 months If you continue to think that WiredBucks’s assertions are true, please let me know in the comment area below.

Who Is Behind?

I am clueless. Does that imply I neglected to complete my homework? In no way. My argument is that it is very challenging—nearly impossible—to determine who is truly behind this website. Most likely, this is some type of group that continues to produce these hoaxes in order to obtain people’s email addresses (and most likely other personal data as well). We can only determine the domain’s age using free tools, and we can try to get in touch with the owner by email or the contact form. Let’s go see how old this website is.

I’ve already indicated that is a 4-month-old domain (as of this writing). How do you learn it? Visit and follow the instructions in the video below to find out the age of a domain. It is a really simple procedure: Please take note that the precise video in question demonstrates how to find out when, another dubious scheme, was founded. (That website is no longer accessible) In other words, redirects to RewardDollars, another shady website.

Therefore, was registered in April 2020, according to Let’s use the contact form to get in touch with them. It’s not hard to see that this situation is strange: Google claims that the address is fake. It just depicts a general Brooklyn area. The phone number and email address are both the same. I decided to contact them using the contact form just out of curiosity, but you guessed it – that doesn’t work either. All of these are huge caution signs, and you should avoid using the WiredBucks.


What is WiredBucks?

A data-fishing website called WiredBucks pretends to give customers the ability to work from home while really tricking them into providing their credit card, Paypal, bank account, and personal identification information. By promising users the option to earn money by recommending friends and using the TaskWall, WiredBucks impersonates a Get Paid To website in order to deceive users into providing their personal information (more on that later). WiredBucks steals your data and never pays you when you ‘withdraw’ money, refusing to give consumers their earned money. Below is a snapshot of the websites’ dashboard.

Is Wiredbucks a SCAM A screenshot of the WiredBucks dashboard.

How Does WiredBucks Work?

When you create an account with WiredBucks, you are given a hideous tiny symbol and informed that there are two ways you may make money. First off, the website suggests that you share links to it with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram. You will receive $2 for each click-through and $10 for each sign-up for each referral. Later, I’ll go into detail about how WiredBucks never gives people this money. Yikes. (Yikes, they also give you a horrible avatar.)

The website also offers you a another method of earning money called “TaskWall.” You may complete jobs like “Win iPhone X” and “Win Brand New Win Xbox X” on TaskWall to win $30. You must carry out a number of actions in order to finish the “tasks,” including

  • Share your e-mail and telephone quantity.
  • Sign up to a random web site along with your bank card info.
  • Submit your tackle, first and final identify and date of start.
  • Enter your bank card info.
  • Obtain applications onto your laptop.

Is Wiredbucks a SCAM WiredBucks ‘Taskwall’ Page.

Who owns WiredBucks?

  • From researching WiredBucks on the listing, we study the next issues in regards to the proprietor of the web site:
  • Wiredbucks was based on the 23rd of April, 2020.
  • The web site was based by somebody within the US.
  • The IP tackle of the founder is unknown, as the web site is hosted on a NameSilo server in California.

Though WiredBucks record their tackle and cellphone quantity as ‘A108 Adam Road, New York, NY 535022’ and ‘+1 5589 55488 55’, they don’t have a bodily location. As a substitute, these particulars belong to BootStrapMade, the corporate that made the theme that WiredBucks makes use of.

Who is it For?

Who do you think this is for given what we have just learned? I’ll put it like this. There is only one piece of advice to follow when a system claims to be able to help you make hundreds per day but you are unable to contact them: Run for the hills! Unfortunately, many people—especially beginners—still fall for this stuff. The truth is that no system exists that can produce hundreds of dollars every day automatically. If you encounter someone suggesting differently, you may be assured it is a fraud.

I’ll share some trustworthy websites with you so you may make money without spending too lot on or

Only a small number of legitimate GPT (Get-Paid-To) websites exist where users may get paid to do surveys and other simple tasks in exchange for a little sum of money. What is the disadvantage? There are several. The fact that some of them are only accessible in particular countries is a start, but the earning potential is maybe what is most depressing. You may make some extra money to spend when you need to fill up your car with gas or when you want to take your spouse out to supper. If numbers interest you, our average monthly income is $100.

Is Wiredbucks a SCAM?

Nowadays, everyone wants to earn money online, and since there are so many offers available, people will often attempt anything that promises quick cash. When websites like give you money for doing very nothing, they seem like a breath of fresh air. I’ve tested websites like for hours, and I can assure you that they are quite time-consuming and a complete waste of your time.

I will say that I have no connection to Wiredbucks and will not provide you my referral link to sign up; rather, I am here to explain Wiredbucks to you and give you a better understanding. So let’s get started.

wiredbucks logo Product: Wiredbucks

Founder: Unknown

Founded: June 2020

Product Description: Get paid to do activities


Price of product: Free to join

Best For: Nobody

Recommended: No

Summary: There are plenty of Red Flags which I have highlighted.

If you are sick and tired of SCAMS, Pyramid schemes, MLMs, recruiting, having to purchase stocks, haggling family, friends and customers.


Who is Wiredbucks for?

These websites prey on those with modest means, those who reside in impoverished nations, and those who are in debt. When you are suffering to make ends meet, you would try everything with misleading adverts that offer great money. I distinctly recall trying several of these companies a few years ago when I was trying to figure out how to make money online and wasting far too much time for only occasional earnings of a few cents.

Giving a few dollars or pennies to those who are in need can make a big difference, but if you want to learn how to generate money online properly, this is most definitely not the way to go.

How does Wiredbucks work?

There are several settings visible from the primary console down the left side of the screen.

Where you may share your referral link on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • $30 Task Wall

Where you participate in chores for gift cards, mobile phones, shopping vouchers, and so on. If you complete a task related to the campaign, you will get between $10 and $30 added to your account. However, according to my study and observations of member complaints, this money is not real until it is cashed out, but the difficulty emerges when a member wants to cash out and the payment is denied, resulting in membership cancellation. More to come on that later!

  • YouTube submission, Instagram submission, Facebook submission, Twitter submission

A section where you may easily submit your referral link.

The more people that sign up, the more money will make. This is accomplished by participating in assignments from the $30 TaskWall for which Wiredbucks will be compensated by the sponsors.

Wiredbucks: Red Flags to watch out for

If you’ve studied as many items and opportunities as I have, you’ll recognise when something isn’t quite right. Do not believe or at least disregard what people tell you; instead, conduct your own study first. Normally, there are Red Flags all over the place with many of these goods; find one and the rest will follow. If you find one, all credibility you have should be tossed out the window.

I’ve highlighted a few Fake Testimonials below. A easy approach to get any unfavourable data is to look at any testimonials that the company provides, and there is a testimonial link on the very first page across the top. If there are any images connected, simply hover your mouse over the image and right-click to search Google for the image. The photographs used in the testimonials below may be obtained on royalty-free image sites such as Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay…

Is Wiredbucks a SCAM Fake Payments

Is Wiredbucks a SCAM

The payment disclosure is the same; the payment you see to the right was discovered on numerous other comparable sites. When I ran a search, the sites that came up were Click4Cash and CloutBucks. A simple search for revealed that the domain had expired and was available for purchase. This phoney money, along with phoney testimonials, should be more than enough to send you packing.

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Fake Business Address’s address (A108 Adam Street, New York, NY 535022) does not exist since the zip code is too lengthy.

What I like about Wiredbucks

There was virtually nothing about this firm that I loved. The fact that joining is free is perhaps the only positive thing to say about it.

What I don’t like about Wirebucks

  • Fake testimonials.
  • Fake fee disclosures.
  • Members will not be capable of money out and find yourself having their memberships blocked or cancelled.
  • No method of contacting anyone from as a result of the contact kind simply doesn’t work.
  • There isn’t any point out of a mum or dad firm wherever.
  • False disclaimer, claiming that they’ve paid out over $400 million in 6 quick months.

Is Wiredbucks a SCAM or LEGIT?

In fact, I very seldom label an opportunity as a scam, but in this situation, absolutely falls into that category. In my opinion, a scam is when you pay for a product or service but do not receive it, but since membership is free, this does not apply. However, if you make money on this site and fails to pay you, this might be considered a fraud.

Is Wiredbucks a SCAM

Everyone who attempts to pay out receives this kind of notification, thus there appears to be a pattern here. cancelled due to fraud statistics! It appears to me that your worth will no longer be needed after you have succeeded in persuading others to join this scam.

Is WiredBucks Legitimate?

It appears like WiredBucks is a fraud trying to extort customers for their credit card information based on the information it requests of them and the dubious payment mechanism the site uses. But is it a scam? There are three key reasons why WiredBucks is a fraud.

The website exists to take advantage of users with false advertising.

It is a clear falsehood to say that users may “start generating money with social networking.” Users would need to successfully recruit 20 friends or get 100 individuals to click the signup link EVERY DAY in order to earn the $200 that the website promised.

Is Wiredbucks a SCAM

It would be quite difficult to really make any money using the service unless you have thousands of followers on each social media account. It is horrible to lie to others. When they are in need of cash, individuals search for Get Paid To Websites, and this website takes advantage of those searching for a reliable online employment. There are respectable internet jobs available, but this is not one of them, Chief.

The website uses the TaskWall function to mine data from users.

The TaskWall feature is another another technique, as was already described, to steal your personal data. If you click on one of the links, a number of other websites will ask you to provide personal information (which are likely run by the same scammer). An example of one of those websites is shown below:

Dodgy wiredbucks website

Users are never paid the money they earn.

WiredBucks promises customers cash bonuses, however the service never pays its consumers. You can come across what are merely photoshopped “payment evidence.” We also observed it in the PTC Share scam, which is unfortunate because this is a very prevalent behaviour on get paid to websites. The fraudster who built this up is only exploiting the withdrawal option to steal your information rather than paying users.

wiredbucks-review WiredBucks Review From this information, it’s fairly obvious that this is a scam – but what can you do about it?

How To Delete WiredBucks Account

You are unable to remove your account once you have registered on the website. However, you may alter your personal information and payment details to prevent theft. To edit your information under the “settings” section, click the nasty little man in the top-right corner of your dashboard.

In order to stop money from being stolen from your accounts, get in touch with your bank or PayPal if you have provided them with information. In the end, more “#1 influencer marketing” frauds will surface. Last week, I wrote about ZoanCash, another one.

Don’t trust any invitations to join WiredBucks that claim the website would enable you to earn money. You shouldn’t even register with them just because it is promising a “$25 signup bonus” since this is a bogus offer that will waste your time and money and never pay you anything. After reading my review of WiredBucks, you’ll know which websites to stay away from if you want to work from home and make a respectable living.

WiredBucks Review

Product Name:Wired Bucks
Type:Data harvesting scam
Owner:Not known
Launched:June 2020
Price:Free to join


How WiredBucks Steals Your Data

You must perform mostly two different kinds of “jobs” for WiredBucks.

Task Wall

WiredBucks’ “Task Wall” is its key feature. None of them are actually tasks since each one promises to deliver a prize with an inflated value, such a $100–$1,000 gift card or a brand-new smartphone, in exchange for completing a few pointless survey questions. Additionally, WireBucks (falsely) states that it will pay you $30 for each assignment you complete. It seems too wonderful to be true, isn’t it?

Fake Task Wall

You must always enter your information (full name, email address, phone number, street address, date of birth, etc.) in order to finish a “job.” Your information will be distributed to spammers, and you’ll soon start receiving unwanted emails, messages, and phone calls. You’ll see a message like “Your brand new Samsung Galaxy is now secured!” as though you’ve just won it, but these presents are obviously false. You will then be prompted to complete the form. If you were duped, you would divulge all the details so they could deliver your award to the correct address, wouldn’t you? That’s how it’s meant to work.


WiredBucks also erroneously promises you a sizable sum of money for introducing a friend or a follower in an effort to con as many people as possible. $10 every time a friend or follower signs up, and $10 every time you spread the word about WiredBucks on YouTube and other social media. You may have noticed posts made on social media by numerous individuals claiming “It’s true what they say about WiredBucks! I just got paid! Join me by clicking this link >>>” They just publish this kind of statement to receive $10.

Despite the fact that they have not received payment, they still think they are. Shortly after they send the message, the $10 will be credited to their WiredBucks account, but as I have mentioned, they won’t ever be able to cash it.

“How Do You Want To Get Paid?”

You will be prompted to save your preferred payment method—PayPal, CashApp, Bitcoin, or by check—when you first log into your WiredBucks account. They’re only stating that so you would think it’s true. Don’t store anything in the box since they could access it and sell it to others. When you ask to withdraw money, they either ignore you and don’t reply, or they reply and tell you that you’re ineligible since your actions with WiredBuck were discovered to be fraudulent. In any case, you will soon lose access to your account, and that will be the end of it.

Risk of Identity Fraud

Now that you are aware that the gift offers on the Task Wall are phoney, you should avoid applying for any of them. Additionally, avoid giving them your home address. If you believe that since my inbox is already full, they can send me marketing emails and SMS and I’ll just ignore them all, then The fact that these lists of personal information will be shared with anyone outside advertising is even more concerning.

They can be given to anyone with the intention of using them for bad deeds like hacking into people’s financial information, obtaining insurance in someone else’s name, taking out a sizable loan while posing as someone else, etc. You never know. You may have seen or heard of phoney emails from con artists posing as PayPal or your bank. You definitely shouldn’t divulge all of your information to anyone until you are certain that they deserve it.

It’s NOT the #1 Influencer Network

Effectively firstly, there is no such factor as an influencer community. And if it was so common sufficient for them to name it No. 1 community, it may simply be discovered by googling. However that is not the case. It says on the homepage that WiredBucks;

  • gives straight transparency to its members,
  • generates cash from “ad-spend income and sponsorship merchandise”, and
  • has a guardian firm that is been creating on-line monetizing options since 2008.

You see, these statements contradict one another. It by no means explains what sort of ad-spends and sponsorships are concerned, or who the guardian firm is. Removed from clear. Registration

The truth is, the web site is model new, solely created in June 2020. “Paid out over $400 million”… No, it has not paid a penny to anybody, and it is by no means going to!

Fake Address

WiredBucks Fake Address

WiredBucks claims to be positioned at “A108 Adam Avenue, New York, NY 535022”. You may simply inform on Google Maps that no such handle exists…nicely, the zip code needs to be 5 digits, and it has 6…!

Fake Testimonials and Proof of Payments

The individuals who seem on the homepage to depart a testimonial are all pretend; all of the images are simply inventory photographs, obtainable on royalty-free picture websites. The proof of funds are collages created by graphic software program. None of them truly says “I acquired my money paid”. And you will discover that the scammer could also be from Europe, from the best way they use a “comma” because the decimal separator as an alternative of a interval like they do in Europe. (e.g. $150,00)

WiredBucks Fake Testimonials

WiredBucks Fake Testimonials

Now Seriously… How Much Do They Owe You?

Now you know that WiredBucks is a scam site and that you will not be paid by them. But if a fraudster is behind this system, who exactly is it? In what amount are you owed by them? Unfortunately, I must say no. Since you haven’t completed any work for them, they owe you no payment. Since they haven’t really taken any of your money, it would be inaccurate to term them a “scammer.” Their entire act was a fake.

Do you get my point now? If you tracked these people down and filed a lawsuit against them, the court would likely compel them to pay you the going rate for internet jobs, which is zero. Because inviting your friends by posting a link on social media is a free service. Spending a few minutes of your time to respond to a survey can earn you a few pennies. What I’m getting at, do you see? Ignore that and continue on. Then the following inquiry occurs to you…

Which Sites Pay You Decent Money?

Now that is the fact. You possibly can’t count on to earn quite a lot of {dollars} a day should you’re on the lookout for a simple job that anybody can do. You do not know who you are speaking with on the web – similar to you do not belief strangers on-line, they do not belief you both. No one provides a critical job and pay critical cash to random individuals on-line.

It implies that if you wish to do an honest job and receives a commission an honest fee by somebody, issues work no otherwise from a neighborhood job search. You will need to have a résumé with you, be away from your specialty (what you are able to do however others cannot), and be able to attraction your abilities on the interview. On-line job search is way more aggressive for an apparent motive – as a result of it is accessible by a wider vary of individuals. Boring? Yeah.

Start Your Own Business Online

That leaves with the choice to change into your individual boss. Actually, if you wish to begin incomes earnings on-line critically, the one means is to start out your individual enterprise, and that is not as tough to start out as you assume. Actually, you can begin your internet online affiliate marketing enterprise right this moment. First it’s good to have your individual web site (at no cost), then you definately change into an affiliate to advertise any merchandise from Amazon or ClickBank.

I by no means mentioned it will be “straightforward” – you will must study numerous strategies, and you will have to be trustworthy. Advocate merchandise to others with out deceptive them or mendacity to them. If you happen to prepared to study and decided to work laborious to attain your monetary targets, the sum of money you earn will probably be immense. Be a part of from the hyperlink under in the event you’re . Any questions, do not hesitate to depart a remark under. Good luck!

How to make a consistent income?

Relating to actual cash on-line, there’s a studying curve concerned. It’s important to achieve sure information and apart from that, it’s advisable to develop the next:

  • It’s important to be constant
  • Be affected person
  • And you must make investments your effort and time

Do you agree with the aforementioned conditions? Okay, so I know of one resource where you can learn how to make four figures on the internet, and I can recommend it to you. I “worked” for free at first and didn’t get paid anything until the sixth month. In terms of monetizing the new website, that is very standard practise. However, revenues increase steadily as the site’s popularity grows.

The most wonderful thing about my website is that I can maintain it from any location with an internet connection, at any hour of the day. Anyway, I’m getting off topic. Now, let’s circle back to the WiredBucks.

How Does the WiredBucks Work?

These guys behind the WiredBucks want to purchase as many e-mail addresses (and completely different data) as doable and subsequently they made it large easy to hitch.

  • Be part of and be a part of the “group”
  • Share your hyperlink and invite mates to this site. You may earn $10 for every good good friend
  • Withdraw your earnings instantly using PayPal, CashApp, Bitcoin or mailed checks

Let’s go once more by these three factors and this time for actual.

1) Once you need to enroll you must have an opportunity to test the Time period and Situations, Privateness Coverage, and Fraud Coverage. Sadly non of those pages work! When you click on on these hyperlinks, it says “404 Not Discovered”

What is WiredBucks

2) I don’t advocate sharing that hyperlink. Individuals who do, assume that earn the $10, however the fact is that WiredBucks doesn’t pay in any respect.

3) It says you may withdraw the incomes immediately, however it’s not true.

Here is how it really works:

  • By taking the duties and surveys your steadiness inside the WiredBucks dashboard reveals let’s say $200 bucks
  • You’re able to request the cash-out, so that you accomplish that.
  • Regardless of their declare that you may withdraw your earnings immediately, for some purpose it’s placed on maintain.
  • A couple of weeks later you discover out that your request is rejected.
  • In case you are fortunate, you get the suggestions saying that you simply did use pretend referrals and clicks and due to this fact. Due to this fact you aren’t getting paid and your account is closed.

Inside of the WiredBucks

Simply briefly let’s see how the dashboard seems like. It’s once more the identical as MoneyGuru or Use2Earn web site.

What is WiredBucks

On the left, you’ve got a menu, within the center some notifications along with your “distinctive” hyperlink and on the backside the Duties.

  • Refer mates – Earn $10
  • Get clicks – Earn $2
  • Full surveys – Earn $30
  • Create YouTube movies – Earn $50
  • Obtain apps – Earn $20

These are all false claims. Unfortunately, there is no referral programme that will reward you with $10. WiredBucks is available without cost to all users. If the membership is $20 per month and you suggest someone who signs up and pays for the service, you both stand to gain $5 (or 50%) of the total. However, we are aware that anyone may join at no cost. That implies there is no way for you to get compensated for referring your friends because there is no money going into the system. The claim that each click earns you $2 is completely false. And there is no logic to it.

List of the Red Flags

We’ve covered a lot, I’m sure. And you have undoubtedly seen that there are other frauds that follow the same exact patterns as WiredBucks. Let’s go through them so that you are aware of them and know what to look for the next time.

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1) Age of the system

I imagine no additional remark is required. We’ve got proven the best way to examine the age of a website and if the data on the web site is totally different, simply steer clear of it.

2) Fake Payment Proofs

Older clones make use of a few screenshots that illustrate how payments were made to individuals. These screenshots must be phoney if you look at MoneyGuru as an example. Prior to the domain name being registered, the dates are. “Improved” WiredBucks Payment proofs are now available. Dates are no longer used.
What is WiredBucks - Dashboard - WiredBucks

3) No One Gets Paid

On Facebook, people discover a “opportunity” to make $200 today. They hurry in, finish the jobs, and discover two weeks later that they are unable to receive any payment from them. After that, people begin to conduct research and whine about being defrauded. My suggestion is to start with research.

4) Fake Testimonials

They don’t use genuine testimonials.
What is WiredBucksYou may find a tonne of results by searching for the photographs. That implies that these are stock photographs and not actual members of WiredBucks.

5) Terms and Conditions

Each web site providing to earn a living has to have the Privateness Coverage web page and/or Phrases and Circumstances.

What is WiredBucksThe Time period and Circumstances Web page doesn’t exist, nor the Privateness coverage web page.

6) Clone of other systems

At least 30 more con games run similarly to WiredBucks. Same rewards, same claims that they are the top influencer network, and same cautionary signs. Like RainMoney or CloutBucks, some of them are no longer in use, while others have yet to be introduced. The majority of them only endure for around 16 months. These systems are shut down for obvious reasons. The creators are free to continue working on new con artists.

7) Fake Contact Info

It’s not doable to contact them, as talked about above. These people can maintain creating new and new scams with out being tracked.

8) Unrealistic claims about the payout

Did the pay greater than $410,000,000 final for four months? That is an outright lie. That’s it.

9) Social Buttons

One would assume that the #1 Influencer Community ought to have the web site in excellent form. After all, nothing is ideal, however at the very least the social buttons should work, proper?

Is Wiredbucks a SCAM

Properly, these buttons don’t work both. After clicking on them you get to the top of the house web page.

What I like

  • There may be completely nothing that may be favored in regards to the WiredBucks!

What I don’t like

  • Fake Testimonials
  • Improper/Pretend Contact info
  • Payment proofs – faux information
  • Clone of different scams
  • No Time period & Situation Web page
  • No Privacy Policy Page

Where to Go From Here?

Aren’t you sick of all these dubious methods and claims? Exists anything that functions without costing $8,000? I really get how you feel. Prior to 2017, I was fairly certain that earning money online was impossible owing to the numerous scammers and deceptive items I had encountered. Then I discovered a platform that provided step-by-step instructions on what to accomplish.

I have to acknowledge the fact that there is no such thing as quick money. Although it requires time and work, it is worthwhile. Don’t even bother reading the next piece if you lack patience and are still seeking for push-button solutions or shortcuts. I don’t intend to be rude, but if you look at people who work from home, you’ll see that it took them at least two years to establish a reliable internet income. Effort and patience are crucial.

Do you consent to that? Then allow me to share with you this evaluation of one online learning platform that imparts knowledge on how to build a sustainable company. I currently work as an internet marketer full-time and earn four figures online.

Is WiredBucks a Scam?

There is an easy solution. It’s true that WiredBucks is a fraud. We have covered the main caution signs. It is sufficient to state that this is fraudulent and that no one should engage in it. There are probably more warning signs in the Dashboard, but I don’t want to occupy your time any longer. However, feel free to post your inquiries in the comment box below. Please let me know if there is anything more you would like to learn about internet revenue generation.

I’ll be delighted to offer you comments (hopefully within 24 hours) Thank you for reading By just introducing your friends to the site, WiredBucks claims to be the #1 influencer network where you can make up to $200 on your first day. Making promotional postings on social media and finishing surveys are two other ways to get money.

It certain appears a straightforward option to earn cash on-line while you check out the incomes potential right here:

  • $10 for each buddy referred
  • $2 for each click on in your referral hyperlink
  • $50 per YouTube video
  • $30 per survey (three accessible)
  • $20 for downloading apps
  • $10 for Instagram, Twitter, and Fb posts

Now, for those who did all these in a single day, you’d be totaling just a little over $200, however doesn’t that sound just a little too good to be true for therefore little work? That’s some huge cash to pay for a single person that has posted just a few social media posts. I ponder the place WiredBucks will get all this cash to pay for the reason that platform is free to hitch, and there will not be any paid companies inside? Let’s see how legit they are surely.

Is WiredBucks Legit?

I can get how someone in a tight financial condition may think that possibilities like these are the solution. WiredBucks is aware of this and is utilising such terminology to entice users to their site since they are aware that it would resonate with them. Unfortunately, WiredBucks is not a legitimate business, thus it cannot be the solution to any financial issues.

The website is a part of a fraud network with a poor reputation for paying its members. They build the same platform under several domain names, making it difficult or impossible to shut down the fraudulent network. 50 more sites are doing the same fraud after one is taken down. I’ve previously evaluated a few of these websites, but I feel like I’m just getting started:

  • KashTree
  • ShareCash
  • Tap2Earn
  • CashForShare
  • Click4Kash
  • JustEarn
  • CashOG
  • PaidLeaf

I’ll go through some evidence that this website is a hoax later on in the essay.

Red Flags Of WiredBucks

#1 – The Domain Age

If you are dealing with a website that might be a fraud, there is one simple method to detect. The website’s age is the cause. The majority of the websites in this network of scams claim to have existed since 2015, but when you look at the domain age, you can discover that they are just a few months old. The year 2015 is not specifically mentioned anywhere by WiredBucks, despite their claim to be the top influencer network. If they have earned such a designation, they must be well-established.

See for yourself:

WiredBucks Domain Age

The website is only a little over two months old, surprise, surprise. Who dared to guess? What about the payment evidence, then? Surely, people have earned such amounts. Let’s investigate that.

#2 – Fake Payment Proofs

WiredBucks Fake Payment Proofs

These can appear to be genuine at first glance, but they are not. Consider the tweet on the right as an illustration.

First off, she just earned $245 in payments, so why is she even making a sad face? I believe that the image’s editing is the most plausible explanation. The following tweet was also posted on other websites in the fraud network I’ve been mentioning:

These websites all make use of fraudulent and recycled payment evidence. The site would look more credible and authoritative if these phoney payment proofs weren’t used. You can bet that all of the payment evidence are fraudulent if even one of them is.

#3 – Unknown Owner

How come WiredBucks claims to be the top nfluencer network, when we have no knowledge who is in charge of it? The owner would undoubtedly want to stand up and present themselves for developing such a successful platform. That won’t happen, in my opinion. With fraudulent websites, this is typically always the case. Because there is something to conceal, the owner does not want to be connected to the website. If this website were legitimate, I have no doubt that the proprietor would readily reveal himself or herself.

#4 – Copy & Paste Clone Sites

I’ve gathered some photographs from the websites belonging to the rip-off community, and I wish to present you what they appear like. This isn’t an entire listing, however you possibly can see how all of them have the identical guarantees.

  • “#1 influencer community”
  • “Earn $200-$500 right this moment”
  • “Earn $10-$30 for each buddy you refer”

Right here’s the listing:




JustEarn Review


Is Kashtree A Scam






Click4Cash Scam



Can You Make Any Money With WiredBucks

WiredBucks does not allow for any form of financial gain. Let me describe what occurs. Your earning amount does increase when you recommend friends to the site or finish any other job that earns money, however issues arise when you attempt to withdraw the money. When you do ask for a cashout, you are entered into a 30-day manual review process where they look to see whether you tried to game the system in any way.

However, even if you didn’t cheat, your cashout request will still be denied or put off indefinitely. For no other reason than to prevent you from forgetting that you even sought a cashout, the manual review procedure is so drawn out. It’s simply one more ruse. From WiredBucks or the other websites connected to the same fraud network, nobody has ever received any money. The most common thing users of these fraudulent websites will complain about is this.

How Does WiredBucks Really Work

You might be wondering why they con people and how they get money from it. Let me describe the scam’s operation. This process essentially consists of two steps.

Part 01 – The Traffic

The goal of the first segment is to get individuals to join by making enormous payments for little effort. When people sign up, they are told to submit promotional content on social media since doing so should pay them well for each promotional post. Additionally, you receive $10 for each new member. The lure on the stick is those huge bonuses, and individuals are eagerly promoting this chance for free on social media. Since the users are doing this for free, WiredBucks doesn’t need to advertise. You can see what type of domino effect those promised rewards can have by looking at the traffic data for one of the con sites.

At its height, that amounts to just around 3.3 million monthly visits. You can also see how the scam’s exposure caused the pattern to fade.

Part 02 – Making Money

So, how does WiredBucks profit from all this traffic? The site’s banner adverts are their primary source of income. Every time a user clicks on an advertisement, WiredBucks is compensated. The platform’s internal offer wall is the second strategy.

These surveys are offered by independent market research firms, and each time a user completes one, the firms pay WiredBucks a modest fee. Any legitimate rewards site would give you a portion of that money, but since WiredBucks is a fraud, they retain the whole sum that they earn from market research firms. In essence, those who sign up for these networks promote and work for free in order to earn WiredBucks without receiving anything in return.

A Legit Alternative For Making Money Online

A legit alternative for making money online

There are legitimate methods to generate money online, which is wonderful because I detest seeing scam networks take advantage of others. I said I would demonstrate my own internet revenue stream, so here it is. I engage in a practise known as affiliate marketing. Anyone can do it, and with dedication, anyone can do it to the point of earning a full-time income.

How Does Work?

They assert that sponsorship items and ad-spend income are utilised to fund the payment of their members. All you have to do as a member is invite your friends, which will increase their traffic and ad income. What website offers $10 for each person you refer without requiring you to register. If advertising are their only source of income, how can they compensate their members?

How to Earn on Wiredbucks Income Program

According to, you receive $25 for signing up, $10 for referrals, and $2 for clicks. How is it even possible? If they are not a hoax, how do they plan to pay? Additionally, they guarantee to pay users $30 for each work, which appears to take between 10 and 15 minutes. They didn’t stop there; they also assert that you may begin generating $200 on the same day that you begin. How can someone earn $200 on their first day using an income programme? There are several warning signs on this site.

Wiredbucks Overview – Overview

I’m going to highline some factors that may proof this Revenue Program is nothing however a rip-off.

1.) Area Age

Judging by info gotten from, their area was created on the 23rd of April 2020. However for those who examine their website, you will note an announcement like “We’ve got been within the web advertising trade for some time now.”

2.) Location/Telephone Quantity

This website tackle is A108 Adam Road, New York, NY 535002. There are completely different web sites with the identical location. This merely means this location is faux. The opposite web sites with the identical location are usually not in any means associated to The telephone quantity can be utilized by different websites. Hitspro.internet is an instance of websites which have the identical Location and Telephone quantity with Beneath is a picture that confirm this discovering.

3.) Proprietor of Website Unknown

A platform that guarantees to present out $25 as bonus for registration ought to as least be clear. However right here on Wiredbucks, the proprietor of the location is just not recognized. Even for those who click on on About us, a lot info can’t be gotten from this website.

4.) Promised Cost

The location was launched final month they usually declare to have paid $410,754,123 in money. How is that this attainable? Even when they’re working with the richest man on this planet, it’s nonetheless fairly inconceivable. Does this imply is doing charity work? Wiredbucks is only a scamming website.


Is Wiredbucks Legit?

Wiredbucks is a scam website that tries to squander the time and data of its users; it is not legitimate. They want members to assist them in generating income.

Is Wiredbucks a Scam? is a fraudulent website that is in no way legitimate. Please remember this. There is no quick method to get wealthy. By leaving a comment below, you can assist in developing this Wiredbucks Review and assisting potential users of this money-making site.

Wiredbucks Review: Final Thoughts!

The promise of big-bucks is usually a lure that encourages individuals to enrol, but conduct your homework first before wasting hours and days. WiredBucks gives you false prospect of quick money online, then dashes your hopes. When you see the promise of fast money, halt because there isn’t any other way except winning the lotto. I spent a few years on comparable sites before deciding what I wanted to accomplish. Affiliate marketing was a good match for me, and it may be for you. If you want to discover how all this works, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to register with no credit card required, so you may check out the site to see if it interests you, and I’ll help you along the way. encourages individuals to register, help them make money through adverts, and then not pay them. Even online, making money isn’t easy. Be wary of sites that offer excessive compensation. frowns on this site’s One Year Domain. A two- or three-year domain provides your site longevity. This site’s future is uncertain.

WiredBucks is a website where you may earn money by doing basic chores, introducing friends, or testing advertisers’ items. “Make $200 now” and “Get $25 sign-up bonus” are hollow promises. WiredBucks doesn’t pay. This fraud captures email addresses and other personal data. Join WiredBucks!

When it comes to making money online, here is the “Secret”:

Online money-making requires time and, most importantly, your work. Therefore, if you don’t want to work on your business online, you may also look into alternative methods that make bogus claims. Check out the link below to learn what it takes to get steady internet income. The good news is that you may check out the educational platform and access the first 10 sessions without charge.

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