1. The universe is governed by the laws of Nature.

2. The laws of Nature are fixed, rigid and eternal.

3. The laws of Nature apply to living creatures just as firmly and relentless as they do to inanimate objects.

4. The human race, too, is a creature of Nature.

5. Nature is interested only in survival of the species, and not the individual.

6. Only those species survive that can complete in the hostile face of all others and either hold their own or increase.

7. Nature continually tries to upgrade the species by the law of the "Survival of the Fittest." It ruthlessly culls out, generally before reproduction, all the misfits, the sickly and the weak.

8. In the struggle for the survival of the species Nature shows that she is completely devoid of any compassion, morality, or sense of fair play, as far as any other species is concerned. The only yard stick is survival.

9. Nature favors and promotes the inner segregation of each species and causes the sub-species to compete against each other.

10. Nature frowns upon mongrelization, cross-breeding or miscegenation. She has given not only each species, but each sub-species, the instinctive drive to mate only with its own kind.

11. Nature has evolved for each particular species a particular pattern in its life cycle which that species must follow. This is called instinct, a very important and vital part of its makeup. Any deviation, deadening or dulling of its instincts, usually results in the extinction of that particular species. The White Race should note this well.

12. Not only has Nature usually assigned a particular lifecycle for each species, but usually also a certain type of environment that the species is limited to, such as fish can only live in water, polar bears in the Arctic regions, etc.

13. Nature is completely impartial as to which species survives, each being on its own, in the hostile faces of all others.

14. Each species is completely indifferent to the survival of any other species, and Nature tells each species to expand and multiply to the limit of its abilities. Love and tenderness are reserved exclusively to its own kind.

15. There are many species that realize the importance of territory and stake out limits of the territory that they need for the survival and raising of their families.

16. Many animals, birds, insects, and other categories have a well developed social structure.

17. The leadership principle is instinctively ingrained and utilized by many species of animals, birds, and insects as well as the human race.

18. One species, for example a flock of gulls, will sometimes wage wholesale war against another species, such as a plague of locusts. A pack of wolves will attack a herd of musk oxen.

19. However, fratricidal wars among the species against its own kind are unknown in Nature, except for some misguided human species.

20. Nowhere in the realm of Nature does a stronger, superior species hold back its own advancement and expansion in deference to weaker, inferior species. There is no compassion between one species and another, only life and death competition.

21. Species themselves are continuously changing and evolving over the millenniums of time. This can even be greatly speeded up by means of deliberate selection, as in the breeding of dogs and horses. Some species die out. New species evolve. None remain static, but all, including the human species, are forever changing and evolving. Evolution is a continuous process.

22. Eternal struggle is the price of survival.

23. Nature has given each creature a strong natural instinct whose basic drive is the perpetuation of its own kind. Ingrained in this instinct is a complete blueprint for its whole life pattern that will propagate its own kind, generation after generation. A species must follow its ingrained instinctive pattern or perish.

24. Last, but not least, Nature clearly indicates that is her plan that each species continuously improve and up-grade itself, or be ruthlessly phased out of existence.