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List Top Blogs That Accept Guest Posts –  Updated 2023

What Is Guest Blogging?

For the inexperienced persons, who don’t know what’s visitor running a blog? Here is the definition which it’s best to know earlier than transferring forward. Guest running a blog is the SUPER WORKING means of Backlink building. By this technique, you’re allowed to submit a visitor publish (weblog publish) on another person weblog and it is going to be revealed under your identity.

So, you’re constructing your model on somebody different’s viewers. Isn’t it COOL?

Guest Bloggers are additionally allowed to hyperlink their publish or web site within the publish they write on different list of top blogs. It completely relies on the web site you’re writing your visitor publish on.

Some permit only one hyperlink via Author bio and a few permits so as to add some related hyperlinks throughout the publish. And the profile of hyperlink, whether or not no-follow or do-follow additionally rely on the visitor publish a web site.

For this, it is advisable to learn their tips earlier than submitting your visitor publish. This is the win-win state of affairs for each, Guest Blogger and proprietor of the weblog the place the publish can be revealed. Because as a visitor blogger, it is possible for you to work together with brand new viewers and the web site will get a brand new publish. So, this can be a WIN-WIN on each side.

Guest running a blog is the best ever technique to build backlinks on your weblog. But is it onerous to search out blogs that permit visitor posts?

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting, or guest blogging, involves creating content for a website other than your own, whether through paid or unpaid means. In simple terms, it’s contributing a post to another person’s blog with the goal of building relationships, trust, authority, and generating links.

Guest posting is a powerful strategy to showcase your content on a site relevant to your expertise, establishing your presence among individuals interested in your subject matter. The more frequently you contribute to websites within your content niche, the more backlinks you can generate to your own site.

Having your content featured on high-quality niche websites enhances your visibility and credibility among online users, ultimately boosting your website’s ranking in search results.

How to Choose a Website to Guest Post On?

Consider the following guidelines for guest posting:

  1. Establish yourself as an expert by posting on websites with high Domain Authority (DA).
  2. Choose websites that discuss topics similar to yours and accept guest posts to effectively build your authority.
  3. Avoid contributing to spam or unreliable websites, as this can deter readers and be counterproductive.
  4. Analyze the host website by examining the backlinks they provide.
  5. Check metrics such as domain authority, monthly visits, toxicity score, and page authority.
  6. Identify guest posting opportunities by analyzing your competitors’ backlink history.
  7. Consistently engage in the guest blogging process to build trust.

Continually contributing guest posts leads to increased trust, resulting in more users spreading the word and providing backlinks. This, in turn, enhances your SEO, traffic, and brand recognition on a broader scale.

Guest posting can also facilitate finding partners or sponsors interested in your work, expanding your reach.

Now, let’s explore a list of guest posting websites.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest running a blog will not be solely a superb technique for backlink constructing, reasonably there are a lot of advantages are additionally. Here are a few of them:

1. Get Targeted Traffic

Traffic is among the fundamental explanation of why it’s best to put money into the visitor running a blog.

Guest running a blog helps in getting High-Quality targeted traffic. You introduce your self or your model to a very new viewers of another person weblog/web site. It offers you a chance to draw a NEW viewers to your web site/model.

2. Help in Improving Writing

When I began my weblog, my writing was inferior to it’s now. It is as a result of the three years again I’m repeatedly writing.

So, experience comes with expertise.

3. Help in Getting Email Subscribers

When persons are coming to your weblog from one other web site as a result of they favored your content material and need extra. So, there are high possibilities that they’ll subscribe to your e-newsletter.

4. Exposure and Brand Awareness

Guest Posting is a GREAT option to entice brand new viewers to your model by exhibiting your information a few specific subjects. When you write a top-quality informative publish on different blogs and their viewers like that. So, they arrive at your model and comply with extra posts and information. You making brand new viewers conscious of your model or your self as a skilled of a specific subject.

5. Getting Backlinks

Guest Blogging is a well-liked technique to construct high-quality backlinks. However, no. of backlinks relies on the weblog you’re writing for, and whether or not backlinks can be adopted or no-follow.

So, contemplate studying their visitor publish tips earlier than submitting your visitor publish.

6. It Helps In Building Authority

If I ask how long does it take to construct an authority weblog or model? Your reply is perhaps years, proper?

But with the power of visitor running a blog, it may be carried out in months. When you’re writing for a number of blogs, your identity or model identity comes many times and folks see it OFTEN.

This is an effective way, particularly for inexperienced persons…They can shortly make their weblog an authority weblog with the POWER of visitor running a blog.

How to be the perfect guest blogger?

You’ve probably already realised that guest posting and contributing isn’t a simple way to build backlinks by the time you reach this section. To be published in a reputable journal, you need be ready to put in a lot of effort.

However, how exactly do you go about writing the “ideal” guest post? Learn about the blog’s readers and content in step one. Determine which articles do the best on a certain blog and what kinds of articles gain the most attention. Identify the writing style, level of detail, and writing quality of other postings.

Step 2: Review the instructions What should the piece’s length be? It serves no use to write a 2,000 word piece only to learn that the word count is just 1,000.

Step 3: Present your article It’s worth presenting a concept first to see if they will publish it before moving forward with writing the real piece. When submitting a pitch, keep your email concise (200 words or fewer), include several headline variants, a brief summary of the piece, a brief introduction of yourself (what you do, where else you’ve been published, your accomplishments, etc.), and a few links to sample articles.

This fantastic email pitch template is provided by Local SEO Checklist. Fourth step: write an article Make sure your article is structured in line with the blog’s style and includes any pertinent photos (everyone loves images). The content should be sent to the blog in HTML or Markdown format, in which case you should host the photos on your own website and provide the source links.

Step 5: Create the ideal byline (bio) If you want your guest blogging to be successful, how you come across can be a key element. Include a few links to your website and any pertinent social networks, and provide examples of your knowledge and skill in the area.

step 6: review Give a friend or a member of your family a copy of your piece to read after you have double- or even triple-checked it. Does it make sense and flow well? Can a regular person follow what you’re trying to say?

Step 7: Send Your opinion is still being considered at this point. You could be asked by an editor to make any necessary changes.

New Guest Posting Sites List [Long One]


Websites That Accept Guest Posts

Here is the list of blogging websites that accept guest posts for free.

  • Huffpost DA 94
  • Buzz Feed DA 93
  • Mashable DA 93
  • Makeuseof (MUO) DA 91
  • Smashing Magazine DA 90
  • Business Insider DA 89
  • Dailydot DA 88
  • Site Point DA 87
  • DZone DA 83
  • DA 81
  • Social Media Examiner DA 80
  • Venngage DA 77
  • Buzz Sumo DA 76

Free Instant Approval Guest Posting Sites 2023

Below are the sites that easily accept guest posts to get quality links.

  1. Medium DA 95
  2. Bloglovin DA 93
  3. Quora DA 93
  4. Hubpages DA 90
  5. Strikingly DA 86
  6. Ko-fi DA 78
  7. Vocal Media DA 66
  8. Store Board DA 60
  9. Trendy Read DA 55
  10. Linkody Blog DA 43

Niche Sites to Submit Guest Post for Free

Here is the list of guest posting sites for different niches. Explore and submit your blogs on these websites for free.

SEO Guest Posting Sites List

  • SEO Calling DA 53
  • Ignite Visibility DA 51
  • Rank Watch DA 47
  • SEO Scout DA 45
  • Boostability DA 45
  • Mangools DA 44
  • DA 43
  • SEO Sandwitch DA 38
  • SEO Reseller DA 36
  • The SEO Spot DA 27

Tech Guest Posting Sites List

  1. Foss Bytes DA 83
  2. Tech Times DA 83
  3. Tech Worm DA 77
  4. ITech Post DA 65
  5. Tech Bullion DA 62
  6. Tech Untold DA 45
  7. Biz Techcs DA 44
  8. Tech Rrival DA 43
  9. The Next Tech DA 35
  10. Techno Soups DA 31

Business Guest Posting Sites List

  • American Express DA 89
  • Biz Community DA 79
  • Market Business News DA 68
  • Ideas Plus Business DA 60
  • Skills You Need DA 60
  • Tweak Your Biz DA 55
  • DA 49
  • Business Writing Blog DA 47
  • The Boss Magazine DA 46
  • Small Bizsense DA 44
  • Punnaka DA 22

Finance Guest Posting Sites List

  1. Finance.Yahoo DA 93
  2. Market Watch DA 92
  3. Seeking Alpha DA 90
  4. Investment News DA 67
  5. Saving Advice DA 62
  6. CXO Today DA 61
  7. Earn Forex DA 59
  8. Finsmes DA 59
  9. Talk Markets DA 51
  10. Financial Wolves DA 36

Travel Guest Posting Sites List

  • Times Travel by India Times DA 94
  • Travelers Today DA 64
  • A Luxury Travel Blog DA 62
  • Dangerous Roads DA 60
  • Budget Your Trip DA 58
  • Thrillo Philia DA 57
  • Local Adventurer DA 56
  • Tripoto DA 54
  • My Family Travels DA 53
  • Walk Through India DA 53

Home Improvement Guest Posting Sites List

  1. Houzz 90
  2. Gardening Know How DA 81
  3. UrDesignMag DA 77
  4. Remodelista DA 76
  5. Gardenista DA 76
  6. Architecture Art Designs DA 65
  7. Architecture Lab DA 51
  8. Caan Design DA 49
  9. Residence Style DA 48
  10. Impressive Interior Design DA 46

Real Estate Guest Posting Sites List

  • Active Rain DA 74
  • Celeb Homes DA 73
  • European Property DA 62
  • Realty Times DA 59
  • Real Estate Rama DA 57
  • Realty Biz News DA 54
  • Barcelona Home DA 49
  • The Architects Diary DA 36
  • Kenna Real Estate DA 34
  • Property Talk DA 30

Health & Fitness Guest Posting Sites List

  • Mind Body Green DA 87
  • Very Well Fit DA 76
  • Mens Fit Club DA 68
  • Healthista DA 64
  • Any Time Fitness DA 63
  • Fitnessista DA 60
  • Get Healthy U DA 60
  • You Must Get Healthy DA 54
  • Healthify Me DA 54
  • Love Sweat Fitness DA 52
  • Art of Healthy Living DA 34
  • Be Healthy Now DA 32

Fashion Guest Posting Sites List

  • Fashionista DA 83
  • Who What Wear DA 83
  • Fashion Beans DA 75
  • The Fashion Spot DA 74
  • Fashion Gone Rogue DA 71
  • Fashion Magazine DA 71
  • CollegeFashion.Net DA 66
  • Fashion Bomb Daily DA 65
  • Julia Berolzheimer DA 58
  • The Atlantic Pacific DA 57
  • Penny Pincher Fashion DA 53
  • Punnaka ( DA 22

Food & Beverage Guest Posting Sites List

  • Food Bev DA 75
  • Food Dive DA 71
  • FB 101 DA 52
  • The Food People DA 47
  • Food Mag DA 47
  • FNB News DA 46
  • Food in Canada DA 46
  • Food Beverage Insider DA 44
  • Drink Ripples DA 44
  • Food & Beverage Asia DA 26

Automotive Guest Posting Sites List

  • AutoBlog.Com DA 89
  • PaulTan.Org DA 82
  • Automotive World DA 68
  • Bang Shift DA 65
  • CarExpert.Com.Au DA 65
  • The Detroit Bureau DA 65
  • AutomoBlog.Net DA 64
  • Auto Spies DA 63
  • Automotive Fleet DA 59
  • AM Online DA 54
  • Automotive Addicts DA 54
  • Auto Extremist DA 53

Technology, Gadgets & Computer Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts and Contributions

Are you a true geek or a master of technology? You should absolutely check out this list. The websites listed below provide comprehensive software evaluations in addition to general tech news and advances. So why not get in touch with some of the sites listed below if you own a tech firm or have recently created new software and are convinced that it has the potential to revolutionise the technology market? As you can see, the list includes some extremely well-known journals that are highly selective about what they print, like Wired and Tech Crunch. So while pitching these people, buckle up and pull out your hidden weapon.

Tech Crunch95617ExtremeSend a Tip
ZDNet953,200ExtremeSend a Tip
Engadget94599HardSend a Tip
The Verge92455ExtremeWrite For Them
Computer World9012,522ExtremeContact Editors
Network World9019,248HardContact Editors
Tech Republic893,311HardContribute
Recode886,022HardSend a Tip
Read Write8638,634HardGuest Post
GSM Arena86538ExtremeSend a Tip
Apple Insider8611,489HardSubmit a Story
FeedsPortal85100,253EasyWrite For Them
New Atlas856,669HardGet Featured
Geek8412,061ExtremeContact Editors
Geek Wire8315,347HardSubmit a Tip
The Inquirer8322,346ExtremeContact Editors
TMC Net83103,710HardSubmit
CSO Online8250,790HardContact
Manning8134,130HardWrite For Them
Hack A Day798,681HardSubmit a Tip
Opensource7818,764ModerateSubmit Article
Trip Wire7784,047HardContact
TG Daily77163,447HardContact
SC Magazine7680,472HardSubmit
Silicon Angle7692,153HardSend a Tip
ARS Technica7623,184HardContact
Lifewire75812HardWrite For Them
CBR Online7385,831HardContact
Computing73262,599HardContact Editors
Techno Buffalo7021,958HardSubmit a Tip
iLounge6875,193ModerateSubmit News,756ExtremeSend a Tip
Redmond Pie6610,433ModerateSubmit a Tip
Droid Life6616,259HardContact
Tech Vibes64152,189HardPitch a Story
Green Bot6335,885ModerateSubmit a Tip
Tech Node6354,426ModerateWrite For Them
Android Guys6159,716ModerateWrite For Them
Technology Tell60297,356ModerateWrite For Them
Addictive Tips5913,199ModerateSend a Tip
TechEngage264,758,047ModerateWrite For Them
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Web Design, Web Development & WordPress Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts and Contributions

Are you a WordPress enthusiast or a web developer? You’ll find the list below to be helpful. More or less all issues connected to web design, coding, web development, and WordPress are covered by the large majority of these websites. It’s important to bear in mind, though, that certain websites, including Sitepoint and Smashing Magazine, are quite selective about the information they post. One of the factors is the cash reward they provide for high-quality publications. Isn’t it awesome? You may obtain the required exposure while earning money for it! That is the desire of all SEOs and bloggers!

Theme Grill9720,948HardWrite For Them
Smashing Magazine *916,328ExtremeWrite For Them
Template Monster893,146HardBecome An Author
A List Apart8849,847ExtremeContribute
Creative Bloq874,027HardContribute
Sitepoint *871,756HardContribute
Codepen *87809EasyRegister & Post
CSS Tricks852,242HardGuest Post
Six Revisions8413,510ModerateContact
Dzone833,940HardRegister & Submit
Who Is Hosting This8224,955HardGuest Post
Creative Market812,118HardContribute
WP Beginner812,600ExtremeWrite For Them
Web Designer Depot8014,610HardWrite For Them
Android Central801,695HardSend a Tip
Theme Isle8015,789HardWrite For Them
Design Modo7919,134HardContribute
Hongkiat784,613HardWrite For Them
Digital Inspiration7711,751HardWrite
Android Authority772,032HardContribute
RS Web Sols77163,632HardWrite For Them
The Ultra Linx7435,800HardContact
Specky Boy7318,591HardSubmit an Article
Mobiforge73192,607HardWrite For Them
How Design7243,823HardWrite For Them
Web Dorado7245,232HardContribute
Design Shack7127,318ModerateWrite For Them
Web Design Ledger7050,366ModerateContribute
Iografica Themes70850,683HardWrite For Them
1st Web Designer6934,020ModerateWrite For Them
Manage WP6913,214HardGuest Post
UX Matters68120,678HardWrite For Them
UX Booth6795,852ModerateContribute
Dart Creations66726,469ModerateWrite For Them
Web Hosting Secrets Revealed6687,291ModerateContribute
WP Tavern6556,695HardSend a Tip
Mooz Themes65437,971ModerateWrite For Them
Premium Coding63105,116ModerateWrite For Them
Get Fly Wheel6135,600HardWrite For Them
Pixel Theme Studio60374,946ModerateWrite For Them
WP Rocket5949,447ModerateGuest Post
WPLift5965,014ModerateWrite For Them
Tutorial Chip58429,119ModerateWrite For Them
WP Arena5661,759ModerateSubmit Article
Design Coral55970,026ModerateWrite For Them

* Smashing Magazine – Although it might be quite difficult to become an author for Smashing Magazine (it depends on your background), they do pay for articles. You must have some experience creating incredibly thorough and detailed tutorials or articles.

* Sitepoint – Like Smashing Magazine, Sitepoint pays authors a minimum of $150 per article. Your manual or article must, however, be extremely well-written and detailed.

* Codepen – While it is easy to submit articles on Codepen (just establish a profile and start writing), all links in posts are set to “no-follow” (which don’t pass “link juice”). Having said that, you can promote your article and all of the links will now be “do-follow.”

Picked, Trusted and Tested

This is a list of publications that we have personally evaluated for use in our companies or the companies of our clients. That’s not to imply that we don’t believe Harvard Business Review, Forbes, or Ink. But to get featured on any of these is a very difficult and draining procedure. However, we must accept that Forbes is progressively losing (or perhaps not progressively) its position as one of the most trustworthy sites. It’s just too bothersome with all those pop-ups, unending commercials, and quotations.

GoDaddy Garage97189HardContribute
Theme Grill9720,948HardWrite For Them
Tech Crunch95617ExtremeSend a Tip
Shopify91379HardWrite For Them
Search Engine Land915,925ExtremeContribute
Smashing Magazine916,328ExtremeWrite For Them
HubSpot90561HardGuest Post
Media Post8927,067HardContact Editors
Template Monster893,146HardBecome An Author
Copy Blogger8827,229HardGuest Post
Content Markteting Institute8830,540ExtremeWrite For Them
A List Apart8849,847ExtremeContribute
Social Media Examiner877,400HardWrite For Them
Marketing Land8718,069ExtremeContribute
Envato Blog871,307HardContribute
Creative Bloq874,027HardContribute
Codepen87809EasyRegister & Post
Crazy Egg8619,183HardContribute
Get Response862,911HardWrite For Us
She Knows865,478EasyRegister & Post
KissMetrics856,633HardGuest Post
Social Media Today8517,105HardRegister & Apply
Search Engine Journal8512,786HardWrite For Them
CSS Tricks852,242HardGuest Post
Six Revisions8413,510ModerateContact
SEMRush831,498ModerateRegister & Submit
Marketing Profs8328,356HardWrite For Them
Small Biz Trends8318,750HardBecome an Author
Dzone833,940HardRegister & Submit
Business 2 Community8213,162HardContribute
Smart Insights8117,143HardWrite For Them
All Business8053,788ModerateGuest Post
Web Designer Depot8014,610HardWrite For Them
Android Central801,695HardSend a Tip
Design Modo7919,134HardContribute
Hongkiat784,613HardWrite For Them
Digital Inspiration7711,751HardWrite
Social Media Explorer73258,573HardContact
Duct Tape Marketing73109,981HardApply
Elearning Industry7323,976ModeratePost
Iografica Themes70850,683HardWrite For Them
Manage WP6913,214HardGuest Post
Training Zone64151,014EasyRegister & Post
My Corporation64235,439ModerateBecome an Author
Shout Me Loud634,856ModerateContribute
My Customer61117,704EasyRegister & Post
Business Zone58128,188EasyRegister & Post
Inc 425836,380ModerateGuest Post
Blog Paws57511,674ModerateWrite For Them
Tweak Your Biz57134,641ModerateContribute
HR Zone57143,503EasyRegister & Post
Virgin Startup51243,538HardContact & Contribute

How To Find Sites That Accept Guest Posts?

I’ve already created a listing of 300+ free visitor running a blog website listing, you solely want to pick out the blogs you wish to write a visitor publish for.

If you continue to wish to discover websites that settle for visitors publish your self or your NICHE isn’t cowl on this publish then right here is the straightforward technique you should use to discover visitors running a blog website.

You can simply discover blogs that settle for visitor publish by typing these search queries:

  • Your Niche + “Write For Us”
  • Your Niche + “Guest Post Guidelines”
  • Your Niche + “Submit A Guest Post”
List Top Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Let’s say, I’m in web optimization Niche and I wish to submit a visitor publish on web optimization NICHE web sites. So, I’ll seek for web optimization “write for us”.

And listed here are the outcomes:

As you may see in the above picture, all the web site accepts visitor publish and all are from web optimization area of interest.

This trick works for all NICHE, you should use this to search out visitor writing alternatives in your area of interest.

100 Top Blogs That Accept Guest Posts List

So, right here is the listing that you’re ready for… 300+ best visitor posting web sites, it’ll save your time as a result of now you don’t want to search out them your self.

If you need this listing straight in your email then enter your email beneath.

One of the keys to enhancing your on-line footprint is discovering enterprise blogs that settle for visitor posts. Guest posting not solely provides you with the chance to create beneficial back-links, it could additionally provide you with and your enterprise higher publicity and construct your repute, thereby enhancing your total digital marketing presence. A superb visitor put up can improve site visitors to your web site and improve your data and distinctive insights into your area of experience. Our listing of 65 enterprise blogs lists websites so as of area authority, from highest to lowest. In basic, the upper the area authority, the extra rigorous the editorial screening course of.

Are you looking for guest posts on DA 69 and Monthly Traffic 400K Website? This is our website If you want to post on it email us at



Blogging/Internet Marketing/Content Marketing/


Freelance Writing


Travel Blogs




If you are from the education niche, then here are some high-authority educational blogs that accept guest post…


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List Top Blogs That Accept Guest Posts – Top 100


DA: 96   Alexa: 240
Posting Guidelines:

Submit story pitches to
Topics: Business, Investing, Technology

Business Insider

DA: 95   Alexa: 277
Posting Guidelines: Contributors FAQ

How to Submit: Email
Topics: Business, Media, Technology

Survey Monkey Blog

DA: 94   Alexa: 660
Posting Guidelines: The Survey Money Blog only accepts original guest posts. Guest Post Submissions need to have a word count of between 400 to 2000 words. Survey Money Blog welcomes the use of SEO Keywords or backlinks, but they need to be kept to a minimum and be relevant to the topic you are writing about.

How to Submit: Guest Posts and Contributors
Topics: Market Research, Public Opinion, Small Business


DA: 93   Alexa: 1,548
Posting Guidelines: Contributor Guidelines

How to Submit: Contribute
Topics: Business, Entrepreneurship

Harvard Business Review

DA: 93   Alexa: 3,111
Posting Guidelines: Guidelines for Authors

How to Submit: Email
Topics: Business Management, Innovation, Leadership

Fast Company

DA: 92   Alexa: 2,724
Posting Guidelines: How to Submit Contributed Articles

How to Submit: Email
Topics: Business, Technology, Innovation


DA: 90   Alexa: 563
Posting Guidelines: Sales Blog Guest Blogging GuidelinesMarketing Blog Guest Blogging Guidelines

How to Submit: Email
Topics: Marketing, Sales
Notes: There are two separate blogs, one for sales and one for marketing


DA: 90   Alexa: 4,481
Posting Guidelines: Guest Posts must include a headline and have a word count of around 800 words, getting straight to the point and avoiding long introductions. Images that illustrate your point are welcome, however, you must own the rights to those images. Do not submit your piece as a PDF, Google Docs is a preferred format.

How to Submit: Guest Posts
Topics: Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship

Seeking Alpha

DA: 87   Alexa: 1,621
Posting Guidelines: Article Submission Guidelines

How to Submit: Become a Contributor
Topics: Markets, Investment


DA: 85   Alexa: 7,013
Posting Guidelines: Kissmetrics prohibits mentioning or providing any links to your business in the body of the guest post. Kissmetrics does allow you to include a link to your website in the author’s bio.

How to Submit: Guest Posting
Topics: Customer Service, Marketing, Analytics


A: 42 Alexa: 251,011
Posting Guidelines: Write for Us

How to Submit:
Topics: News, Technology, Society, Social Media, Business


DA: 83   Alexa: 29,401
Posting Guidelines: Write for Us

How to Submit: Email
Topics: Business Marketing

Business 2 Community

DA: 82   Alexa: 13,327
Posting Guidelines: Contributor Guidelines

How to Submit: Become a Contributor
Topics: Business


DA: 81  Alexa: 21,541
Posting Guidelines: Guidelines

How to Submit: Contribute
Topics: Investment Media, Investment

All Business

DA: 80   Alexa: 53,313
Posting Guidelines: Guest Posts should have a word count of 500 – 2500 Words while providing detailed coverage. The guest post should have an SEO Friendly Title, and no affiliate links.   

How to Submit: Guest Post
Topics: Technology, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Staffing & HR

The Data & Marketing Association

DA: 79   Alexa: 134,746
Posting Guidelines: Guest Blogger Guidelines

How to Submit: Email
Topics: Marketing, Data Management


DA: 78   Alexa: 13,502
Posting Guidelines: Write for Us

How to Submit: Write for CoSchedule
Topics: Business, Marketing, Productivity

DA: 76   Alexa: 726
Posting Guidelines: Editorial Guidelines

How to Submit: Start Contributing
Topics: Investment Media, Investment


DA: 73   Alexa: 92,767
Posting Guidelines: Guest Posts should have a word count of 800 – 2500 words, including an author bio of 50 to 60 words. Links in the guest post must be relevant to article content and promotional links must be in the author’s bio. Guest Posts must focus on topics of interest to webmasters or site owners.   

How to Submit: Call for Writers
Topics: Webmasters, Online Business


DA: 72   Alexa: 14,634
Posting Guidelines: Guest Posts should have plain and approachable writing and be 1,000 words or longer.  BPlans prefers writing in a 1st Person narrative.   

How to Submit: Authors
Topics: Business Planning, Startups

Business Opportunities

DA: 72   Alexa: 318,894
Posting Guidelines: Sponsored Article Guidelines

How to Submit: Contact
Topics: data-sheets-value=”{“1″:2,”2″:”Small Business, Entrepreneurship”}” data-sheets-userformat=”{“2″:513,”3″:[null,0],”12″:0}”>Small Business, Entrepreneurship

Customer Think

DA: 71   Alexa: 76,728
Posting Guidelines: Terms of Use

How to Submit: Blogging
Topics: Customer Relationship Management, Customer Experience Management, Social Business

Wise Bread

DA: 70   Alexa: 27,850
Posting Guidelines: Wise Bread wants a sample submission of 3 posts of at least 500 words each before they publish any of your work. They also want 5 solid ideas/outlines for future guest posts. Wise Bread is looking for specific topics about budgeting or living well on a budget.   

How to Submit: Make Money Writing for Wise Bread
Topics: Budgeting, Budget Shopping, Entrepreneurship


DA: 69   Alexa: 89,431
Posting Guidelines: Guidelines

How to Submit: Login
Topics: Small Business, Entrepreneurship

DA: 67   Alexa: 23,291
Posting Guidelines: Guest Posts must have a word count of 500-600 words, including a bio of 25 words including social media links. Guest Post Content must be unique to their blog, you must disclose any association with companies mentioned in your guest post. reserves the right to edit, they prefer you submit a Google Docs document so they can edit and supply you with notes. advises you to suggest multiple titles.

ow to Submit: Write for Us
Topics: Business, Business Growth

Startup Grind

DA: 67   Alexa: 77,393
Posting Guidelines: Startup Grind prohibits attempts to build back-links. You cannot guest post for Startup Grind if you are being paid to do so. Content to Startup Grind must be original, and you must submit one guest post a month.   

How to Submit: Become a Writer
Topics: Startups, Entrepreneurship

Startup Nation

DA: 67   Alexa: 190,673
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Steps To Do Guest Blogging Effectively

Imagine, you could have despatched a request for visitor posting on some blogs and it acquired REJECTED! It will occur if you end up not following the suitable approach to do that. You is likely to be deciding on a weblog and sending an electronic mail like:

Hello, Name! I’m yourname, founding father of yourblog. I wish to submit a visitor submit in your weblog. Please let me know the way I can submit. Thanks, Your Name

I get tons of electronic mail like this one DAILY! What do I do? I ignore them… These sorts of emails didn’t make any IMPACT on the proprietor of the weblog the place you wish to submit your visitor submit. Here are the steps that it’s worthwhile to comply with to do visitor running a blog EFFECTIVELY!

#1 Find A High-Authority Blog

You want to seek out an authority weblog that accepts a visitor submit from others. But I’ve already performed this process for you. I’ve already performed an inventory of internet sites that settle for visitor posts. You solely want to pick some blogs in your NICHE. As this checklist is split into classes, so, it’s straightforward for you NOW.

#2 Ready With Some Guest Post Ideas

Having some concepts to write down on earlier than reaching out for the visitor submit will enable you to. I all the time get visitors to submit requests from visitor bloggers and so they supply some visitors submit concepts. So, I can select which one I need on my weblog. You have high probabilities of getting authorized when you could have some visitor submit concepts READY and mention when reaching out to blogs.

#3 Submit Your Request

After discovering some authority blogs to submit a visitor submit on. Now it’s time to allow them to know that you just wish to write for them. I like to recommend you pick greater than 5 authority blogs from the above best websites for visitors running a blog. So, you possibly can ship them visitors submit a request without delay. After sending the visitor to submit requests, it’s worthwhile to wait for his or her reply…

#4 Write Your Blog Post

Once your request will get authorized from any of the 5 blogs you despatched your request for submitting a visitor submit. Now it’s worthwhile to begin writing your visitor submit… You must guarantee that your visitor submits ought to be extremely informative and it ought to cowl everything in regards to the matter you’re writing on. Here is how one can write a killer guest post that will help you to get most out of guest blogging…

Tools To Use For Effective Guest Blogging

Here are the instruments that can make your Guest running a blog for simple and efficient.


MailShake will enable you to to do outreach to blogs the place you wish to write a visitor submit on. It is a paid software however value pay for it. Their fundamental plan begins from $39 per consumer for one month that can mean you can outreach and in addition observe the efficiency for the emails.


I’m certain that you’re already conscious of this TOOL. This is a MUST software if you’re not good at writing. All bloggers and content material writers use this to enhancing their writing. It is a FREEMIUM software, which means has each model FREE & PAID.

Calmly Writer

I lately began utilizing this software for writing… And I can say, it helped me to write down without being distracted. Calmly Writer is a web-based author that gives a distraction-free writing setting. It has additionally a Chrome app which you should utilize to write down through Chrome. Check out Calmy Writer


Hunter is a FREE Google Chrome extension that lets you discover the e-mail deal with of any weblog/web site. It will enable you to to seek out the contact electronic mail deal with of the weblog the place you wish to publish a visitor submit. You can easily download from here…

Ahrefs FREE Website Authority Checker

As I mentioned above, it’s best to discover authority web sites that settle for visitor submit. But how will whether or not an internet site is an authoritative web site or NOT! Ahrefs web site authority checker will enable you to to seek out Domain Rating of an internet site, the high ranking a website has the high authoritative it’s. Check Out Ahrefs FREE Website Authority Checker

FAQ: List Of Blogs That Accept Guest Post

What Is Guest Blogging In web optimization?

In web optimization, Guest running a blog is named the best methodology to construct backlinks. Guest running a blog means that you can write a submit for different blogs. In return, you get a backlink or extra is dependent upon their pointers. And additionally, you introduce your self or your model to brand new viewers.

Why Is Guest Blog Important?

Here is why visitor running a blog necessary:

  1. It helps in constructing high-quality backlinks
  2. You can write blogs to submit and enhance site visitors to your weblog.
  3. You can present your experience in a specific matter by writing on that.
  4. If you’re new in running a blog and never an excellent author. You can use visitor running a blog to enhance your writing

Does Guest Blogging Work In 2020?

Guest running a blog nonetheless works in 2020. I need to say that that is the best methodology you should utilize to construct backlinks and present your experience to brand new viewers.

Should I Accept Guest Posts On My Blog?

Google doesn’t like guest running a blog in any respect… Yes! But it doesn’t imply you shouldn’t permit others to write down a visitor submit in your weblog. Don’t do that as a result of you’ll get a brand new weblog submit printed in your weblog by others. If you permit visitor running a blog in your weblog, you’ll get site visitors and in addition, you’re offering worth to your readers.

How To Find Blogs That Accept Guest Post?

I’ve already added 300+ blogs that settle for visitor posting. Still, if you wish to discover some extra blogs, you should utilize Google search question like:

  1. Your Niche + “Write For Us”
  2. Your Niche + “Guest Post Guidelines”
  3. Your Niche + “Submit A Guest Post”


If you like you can also read top blog comments websites here


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