Top 10 Marketing Mistakes That Brands Are Still Making in 2021

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Top 10 Marketing Mistakes That Brands Are Still Making in 2021

It is almost half of 2020 and no matter what your business is, we are sure that digital marketing is an important part of your marketing. With an average person spending about 6 and a half hours online daily, there are high chances that your next customers will find you online. This is the reason why every business must have a rock-solid digital marketing strategy. But businesses make few mistakes. Here are a few digital marketing mistakes that businesses are still doing.


  1. Having No Clear Goal

One of the important elements that must be included in the planning stage of your online marketing strategy is to have a clear goal. Failure to set a clear goal and not explaining the goals of your business can help you to achieve success by leading you in all kinds of directions. So, the first important thing is defining your marketing goals clearly. Have objectives that are aligned with the business objectives of the company. Ensure the goals are SMART.  SMART stands for Specific Measurable Aspirational Realistic Time-bound.


  1. Not Knowing Who the Right Targets Audience

For your brand to establish an effective online marketing plan, you must first identify your target audience. The services your business will offer revolves around the demands of your target audience. Thus, you must know your target audience and their preferences, interests, problems, and the solutions they are comfy with.

Business tends to jump into offering their products and services to several customers without knowing who needs their products and services. It will become extremely challenging to attract a large number of customers if you do not base your marketing strategies around your customer’s requirements.


  1. Not Being Organized

It is nearly impossible to do marketing without organizing things. There are so many things happening around and if you are not organized, you are going to miss out on some important stuff. So, stay organized, write your strategy, make a content calendar, and use a  business process management tool that will help you to manage your team.


  1. Ignoring the Usefulness of an SEO Strategy


Most of the businesses do not know the rules that they should follow when it comes to SEO. Today, a lot of businesses continue to create duplicate content, target exact match search queries, and stuff too many keywords in their landing pages. However, these practices are bad for your website. If you want to improve the ranking of your site, you must put a lot of effort like for example, optimizing your site for voice search.

One of the best ways to increase the domain authority of your website and to lessen the bounce rate is to provide new and high-quality content that your customers will love. Always make sure you never create content just to improve your position in the search engine rankings. Do everything authentically and it will bring you positive results. A company that hire any SEO services agency obviously get a better result than other companies. Focusing on Search Engine Optimization will improve your visibility and will reduce your marketing expenditure with time, therefore improving your ROI.

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  1. Not Data-Driven

If you still make your marketing decisions based on your gut feeling, then it is to wake up. It is 2020 and you cannot ignore data at this time. Please investigate your data to make the right decisions about your next step in marketing. See what your analytics is showing and have a look at how your customer is responding to your campaigns. Understand what your numbers say. Are you going in the right direction or should you make any changes in your campaign? The biggest benefit that you have in online marketing compared to traditional marketing is the type of personalization you can do and the amount of data that you can collect for measuring your campaign. Ensure that you use the power of data to improve your marketing.


  1. Not Testing

Not testing your digital marketing campaigns means not knowing what is working and what is not. You must split test your ad campaigns, be it email marketing running ads, where the form should be, or what call-to-action must convey. A split test, make a control group, send them information, develop a test group, send them the other, and find out which one performs better. All major companies do a split-testing to make sure they attain great results. So, never miss this one!


  1. Avoiding Social Media


On average, people spend about 2 hours and 32 minutes on social media regularly. This is too much time. Social media is one of the best mediums to engage with your audience. Here are some of the common mistakes that businesses are doing when it comes to social media:


a). Many companies ignore social media completely and not even listed there

b). There are some companies that have set basic accounts but do not have anything in the accounts

c). Keep posting stuff that does not have any value and therefore no engagement


You must create a social media marketing strategy with an end goal. For this, you should focus on:-

a). Building your brand on social media

b). Engaging with your audience by posting queries, facts, and running engaging Facebook campaigns

c). Replying to queries and comments of your target audience

d). To learn more about Social Media Marketing you should visit the top 5 agencies.


  1. The wrong strategy for content distribution

The research was done by SEMrush which says, 94% of the time, social media is used for distributing content by businesses. 86% of the time, they publish blog posts. Blog posts are not the most ideal type of content for social media. If social media is going to be your best channel for content distribution, then focus on something more visual like infographics, videos, and images.

Top 10 Marketing Mistakes That Brands Are Still Making in 2020


  1. Disregarding Mobile

Mobile traffic has raised about 222% for the last 7 years and now 53% of the whole internet traffic comes from only mobile. For achieving success, you must have a mobile-first strategy that includes:

Top 10 Marketing Mistakes That Brands Are Still Making in 2020

Source:BroadBand Search

Mobile traffic has increased 222% in the last 7 years and now 53% of the entire internet traffic comes from mobile. You need to have a mobile-first strategy:

  1. Is your Website Mobile Optimized? Take a test here
  2. Are your emails/newsletters designed according to mobile
  3. Do you analyze how people are engaging with your digital assets on mobile?
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Is your site mobile-optimized?

Are your newsletters/emails mobile-friendly

Do you evaluate how people are engaging with your digital assets on mobile?


  1. Not Investing Much In Content

All of us know that content is the king and every business must develop high-quality content. This is one of the best tools in your inbound marketing kit and is rewarding also. Research proves that per dollar spent, content marketing generates nearly 3 times the leads than traditional marketing. Understand your business and see what type of content will be most useful for your business.

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