PhoneGap vs Flutter : Which one is best in 2021?

What is PhoneGap?


PhoneGap is a widely adopted technology for cross platform mobile app development. It allows developers to build applications using HTML, Javascript and CSS. PhoneGap is a reliable cross – platform, which is compatible with various mobile apps development platforms like iOS, Android and so on. PhoneGap is a distribution of Apache cordova.

PhoneGap vs Flutter

Advantages and Disadvantages of PhoneGap


There are several advantages of PhoneGap that can be considered by any business before selecting PhoneGap. Let’s dive into some details of PhoneGap:


  • Before PhoneGap, it was necessary to hire expert developers who would charge huge amounts of money for making applications. But now it only requires someone who has basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and one can get an easily functioning application that can be released on multiple platforms at the same time.
  • Using PhoneGap will reduce marketing time by a huge margin. The reason behind this is that PhoneGap allows one to develop an application once and then one can publish it across multiple platforms. Hence it saves a lot of hours and marketing time.
  • PhoneGap has covered the problem regarding simultaneous release on multiple platforms. Earlier, it was a problem that an application was all set to be launched on one platform like Android but the same application was under development for Apple platform. All these factors have been covered by PhoneGap.
  • PhoneGap is an open source, so one can always expect boundless help from the online community.
  • PhoneGap is a distributor for Apache Cordova and is powered by it. PhoneGap has multiple tools attached to Adobe’s multiple services as well.


There are few Dark Side of PhoneGap, let’s have a look at it:


  • Many developers use hooks while working in WordPress that would help them to align their code with themes, and plugins. But sadly there is no such type of hook available in PhoneGap.
  • PhoneGap is not a platform that works for heavy game developers. It lags, freezes and drops, if PhoneGap is opted for gaming.
  • Outdated Plugin is another drawback for PhoneGap Development. It hinders the functionality of the Application.


What is Flutter?

PhoneGap vs Flutter

Flutter is an open source mobile SDK(Software Development Kit) developer used to create a native mobile application with only one code base. Flutter is the only mobile SDK that offers reactive views without the need for a JavaScript bridge.


Benefits of using Flutter


Flutter has various types of advantage over its competitors. These advantages are in-built in Flutter and a set of development tools that allows Flutter to solve problems.


  • Using Flutter gives a more noticeable increase in productivity as compared to other cross platform technologies. Flutter apps are compiled into machine code using graphics and visualization engines, so applications are fast and high performance.
  • Another reason for rapid development of Flutter’s popularity among developers is availability of detailed documentation and a large number of examples. And this is very essential for developers who want to learn a set of tools, or a language.


Lets now discuss cons of Flutter:


  • Flutter consists of massive file size. Modern users don’t want to sacrifice their game or song in the favour of the next application, so one of the main tasks of a developer is to create the smallest application size.
  • Another drawback of Flutter is its weak iOS features support. Flutter is a Google product that makes the quality of support for iOS applications worse. If most of the SDK functions on Android work correctly, then there are problems with iOS.
  • Flutter is a new cross platform app development framework. Many Flutter functions are in alpha and beta testing and may not always work properly as it has a limited set of tools and libraries. Flutter will take some time to create necessary tools, expand functionality and develop community.


Comparison between Flutter and PhoneGap:


                           Flutter                      PhoneGap
Programming languages – Dart, c++Programming language – HTML, CSS and JavaScript
It is developed by GoogleDeveloped by Adobe. It is a distribution of Apache Cordova
Flutter is SDK developer and build modern mobile appsPhoneGap builds simple mobile apps
Huge libraryLimited access to library
It uses advanced APIsThere is no direct access to APIs


Finishing Up


PhoneGap has made its mark in the market as it has performed many times as a good alternative to Flutter. Both PhoneGap and Flutter are primarily classified as cross platform mobile development apps. PhoneGap’s stability and usage of well known HTML, CSS and JavaScript definitely makes PhoneGap a good choice for developers. Flutter on the other hand is a rising platform. It provides magnificent features to enlarge development. This technology is quickly gaining popularity and also consists of an active community. Thus which cross platform app framework to choose from both is very important as both have its own benefits. Choose the best one that fits your needs and start enlarging your business.

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