Quality Content Writing Guide

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Quality Content Writing Guide For Beginners 2023

All content writers and managers want to get their content ranked high in the SERPs. For this, you need to publish high-quality content.

It sounds too easy, isn’t it?

Quality Content Writing Guide

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However, it is not that easy. You may face a lot of challenges with this. All content creators work hard and do their best to produce high-quality content. But only one of them gets the top rank.

What Is High-Quality Content?

Defining high-quality content is perhaps one of the most difficult things when it comes to SEO. Mostly, SEOs and content managers emphasize too much on wordcount, keyword density, or formatting to produce SEO-friendly content.

And they forget to focus on the basics, that is the reason for creating that particular content. The best content is the one that provides the best answer for the searchers’ query.

It can only happen when your content is educational, helpful, accurate, and comprehensive in regard to the topic you have chosen. The aim of your content should be to help your users rather than to rank them. If you are focusing more on the users, your content will rank.

Prioritize the users, and search engines will prioritize your content.

But how will you focus on the users? What things should you keep in your mind while writing? What are the parameters to judge the quality of content?

I will answer all your questions here.

How To Produce High-Quality Content?

We need to focus on providing quality to the users, and that should be our primary purpose. Keeping the SEO stuff on second priority, let’s have a look at some ways with which we can produce high-quality content.

In the end, I will definitely discuss some SEO-related tips that can boost your ranking if your content is of high quality.

Analyze The Targeted Search Intent

The first step should be to analyze the search intent you are targeting with your content. You need to be very clear about what you want from your content. There are four basic types of search intent.

  • Informational
  • Commercial
  • Navigational
  • Transactional

Quality Content Writing Guide

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Search intent is the basic thing behind all the search keywords. So, you should analyze if you are willing to educate your users, try to increase your appearance, or sell a product. Once you have done that, your content will focus on similar sorts of keywords, and your approach will be different with each of the content.

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Similarly, you will include a CTA at the end of the content based on your targeted search intent.

Focus On Your Content Ideas And Create A Content Calendar

Once you have analyzed the search intent, it’s now time to look for some keywords so that you can create a content backlog.

Analyze your competitors and see what’s trending in your industry. Look for suitable keywords that have suitable search volume and low competition so that you can create blog topics around those keywords. Go for long-tail keywords, as they have a higher ability to convert.

Quality Content Writing Guide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

For instance, if you are targeting students with your assistance, you can go for keywords like best essay writers UK, etc.

You can use keyword tools like BuzzSumo, and ExplodingTopics to find trendy topics, and keyword research can be conducted via Google Keyword Planner.

Quality Content Writing Guide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

Once you have searched for suitable keywords and topics, create a content calendar and follow it to publish your articles.

Explore And Target A Niche SubTopic Always

You need to understand that general topics are very less likely to get ranked on search engines. A lot of people have already talked about them. You need to select a niche-specific topic keeping in mind your audience, their interest and your website as well.

Quality Content Writing Guide

For instance, writing on a topic like, ‘what is digital marketing‘ will not really work for you. Rather, try to provide solutions to your readers and cover deep topics like, ‘how to utilize Facebook stories to boost your business‘, etc.

Maintain Trust And Authority With Thorough Research

Before you start to write, it is imperative to conduct in-depth research on the topic. This will help you produce high-quality content. According to a local survey, 89 percent of readers are impressed with in-depth content and the ones that have stats.

Stats are not just numbers. They impact the psychology of the readers and help them value your content.

Give Your Article A Unique Touch With Your Own Perspective

Obviously, you have good knowledge of the field, and you have been in it for a long time. Then why not include your own perspective in the content to give it a unique touch?

It will not only provide your readers with an original article, but there are a lot of chances that your perspective can get sourced on other websites, and you can have authority backlinks that will improve your chances of getting a better rank in SERPs.

Format Your Article For Better Readability

It is important that, along with your users, your content can be read easily by the search engines as well.

More importantly, users do not like a bunch of texts and information only. The way you present your content is very important. It plays a key role in the performance of your content. A lot of people just skim through articles. And this is why it is important to structure your article in a way that can easily be understood.

Have a look at an example below of two different texts to understand what a well-formatted blog looks like and why it is easy to read.

Quality Content Writing Guide

User proper headers, subheaders, bullets, and small paragraphs. Properly utilize white spaces so that the article does not look too condensed.

Add Multimedia To Make It Engaging

Users love to read through articles having images, and suitable screenshots that describe the text.

Quality Content Writing Guide

You can use,

  • Photos
  • Infographics
  • Charts
  • Tables
  • Graphs
  • Videos
  • Gifs
  • Memes

Using multimedia in your content will enhance user engagement, and it is an effective way to illustrate what you are saying.

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SEO Tips To Boost Your Content

Once you have taken care of the above points to create a quality article, you can follow some SEO tips to improve your chances of ranking.

  • Add alt tags to your images.
  • Include your focused keyword in H1, some of the subheadings, first para and try to spread it throughout the content.
  • Mostly, SEO experts suggest that you should keep your keyword density from 1 to 2. But I personally recommend keeping it around 1. For instance, in a 1000-word article, your focused keyword should be around 7 to 10 times. Not more than that.
  • Add LSI keywords to your content. These are similar keywords that fall around your focused keyword.

All these SEO tips could be effective only when you have created user-centric content, as we have discussed above in this article. I wish you the best of luck with your content creation in the upcoming days.


How do I get started working from home as a content writer?

Building and maintaining a successful blog, followed by freelance work for various online publications, is the most effective way to launch a career as a content writer while working from home. You can also approach specific businesses and inquire about the possibility of offering your services to them.


How do I get started writing content when I don’t have any previous experience?

You can get started writing content even if you don’t have experience by first writing for your own blog and then using that blog for the assignments you have to do.


What are the fundamentals of writing content for websites?

When it comes to writing content, the most important thing is to ensure that the content is relevant to the audience that you are writing for and that it can be located.


What is meant by the term “SEO Content Writing”?

Writing content in such a way that it is crawled by search engines and ranks highly in those engines is the goal of SEO Content Writing, which is both an art and a craft.


What kind of structure does content writing follow?

The goal in the process of writing content is to make it as comprehensible, approachable, and interesting as is humanly possible. If you are able to do that, you will be successful in the field of content writing.


What are the different kinds of content writing there are?

Posts on blogs, content for websites, articles, reviews, white papers, videos, scripts, technical writing, digital content, and presentations are all examples of the various types of writing that fall under the umbrella term “content writing.”


What exactly are some examples of content writing?

Examples of good content writing can be found on prominent websites and publications such as Mashable, Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Business Insider. Choose a subject that piques your interest, and then read through a few of the articles. Examine the structure of the documents, pay attention to how they are written, and focus on the aspects that stand out to you.

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