Race, Evolution, and Behaviour (J. Philippe Rushton)

Phil Rushton here continuing the race thread --

  1. Although African Americans, who average about 20% White genes, have IQs averaging about 85, Africans from Africa average IQs of about 70. See reviews of this literature in The Bell Curve or my book (http://www.bookworld.com/rushton)
  2. East Asians average IQs on the same Euro-American designed tests of about 107 regardless of whether tested in the U.S. or in Asia.
  3. Brain size correlates about 0.44 with IQ tests established using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (about 8 modern studies).
  4. The racial populations differ in average brain size with East Asians averaging about 17cm3 (1 cubic inch) larger than Whites who average about 80 cm3 (5 cubic inches) larger than Blacks (established by autopsies, endocranial volume, external head size measures, and one MRI study).
  5. In the USA, brain size differences are there at birth, 4 months, 1 year, and 7 years. The differences are not due to body size because by age 7 Blacks are taller and heavier and East Asians shorter and lighter, than Whites (on average).
  6. Testosterone differences differentiate the races (Blacks most; Asians least; Whites intermediate).
  7. Violent crime rates within the U.S. are the same as those found internationally as assessed from INTERPOL Yearbooks (Blacks most violent; Asians least violent; Whites intermediate).
  8. Sexual activity (age at first intercourse, intercourse frequency, sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS) shows the same pattern internationally as it does within the USA (Blacks most active, Asians least active, Whites intermediate).
  9. Speed of physical maturation (dentition, age to walk, age of puberty) shows the same pattern globally as it does within the USA (Blacks fastest to mature; East Asians slowest to mature; Whites intermediate).
  10. Rate of dizygotic twinning (woman produces two eggs in monthly cycle) is 4 per 1,000 births in Asians, 8 per 1,000 in Whites, and 16 per 1,000 in Africans.

Can purely cultural factors account for the world wide pattern? Why do east Asians avergae the largest brains and the lowest two-egg twinning rate, Afriocans the smallest brains and the highest two-egg twinning rate, and Whites intermediate?

My book uses r-K life history theory from evolutionary biology to explain the race differences. Alternative theories welcome. Name calling won't change the facts.

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