Reasons for Investing in a Fully Custom Website Design

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Reasons for Investing in a Fully Custom Website Design


Coffs Harbour has a thriving economy with an employment rate of 93.2%. The city offers excellent market opportunities for businesses, and the best way to increase your market reach is through your website. Your brand’s website should be as unique and as bespoke as your brand. The story and message of each business operating in the world are different.


If you want your brand to stand out from your competitors, it is essential to invest in a fully custom website design. Working with an expert web design service like will help enhance your website’s visibility and appeal factor.


Unlimited Options


If you choose a fully custom website design, you will have the freedom to design every functionality and every plugin as per your preference. You can include features that you find helpful. For instance, an automated blog creation platform or website design platform may not give you the option of creating a mobile-friendly website. With a custom website design, there is no limit to the options you can have.


Standing Out


The custom design of your website will be specific to your brand alone. You can stand out from competitors’ websites by adding special features and aspects to your pages. Expert web design services will help you create a website that stands out in terms of theme, layout, functionality, content, and graphics.


Practically every business and every brand has a website today. The statistics show that fully custom websites have better SERP rankings than automated ones. By ensuring that your website stands out, you will be able to attract more traffic and increase lead generation and sales generation.


Better Loading Speed and Smoother Functioning


By ensuring that your website is designed using practical tools and features, your website’s loading speed will be better than that of other websites created using free web design platforms. Studies show that the average internet user is annoyed if he/she has to wait for more than 20 seconds for a page to load.


Custom designing your website with the help of web design experts will help maintain loading speed. Better loading speeds directly translate into better navigation experiences and smoother functioning.


According to case studies, over 70% of mobile websites take less than five seconds to load. If your website is not customised to have an outstanding loading speed, your prospective customers may choose to shift to a competitor with a better loading speed.


Personalised Experiences and User Friendliness


Statistics show that over 12% of households in Coffs Harbour earn an income of $2500 or more per week. With the right website, you can boost your brand’s popularity among residents. Standard web design platforms offer a range of themes and layouts that you can choose from.

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Brands of different types and natures choose from the same set of designs and layouts. By choosing a fully custom website design, you can give your users a more personalised experience representing your brand. Users who are interested in your services will find your pages more relatable and familiar. A fully custom website design will also grab your potential customer’s attention and help you build a great first impression.


Support and Maintenance


A professional web design agency will take care of your website’s maintenance needs. The agency will help you fix issues like invalid links, bugs, and other irrelevant content and help your website stay updated.


Better Returns


The cost of living in Coffs Harbour is around $1,601 and designing and maintaining a fully custom website is more expensive than hosting a website or blog on a web design platform. However, fully custom websites attract more customers and sales. Hence there is much better ROI from a custom website.



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    Thanks for your valuable article with valuable and useful content in the blog. Graph shows over 12% of households in Coffs Harbour earn an income of $2500 or more per week and we can boost our brand’s popularity among residents. Your experiences are really worthy and very much useful. The website is crisp, attractive, and very responsive. Thank you! for sharing and keep up the good work..

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad you found the article helpful. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask. I’m here to help!

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