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SEMrush Review 2023- What Does Each SEMrush Plan Cost? And is it Worth it?

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, having the right tools at your disposal is crucial for success. SEMrush is a popular and highly regarded SEO tool that offers a wide range of features to help businesses improve their online presence. However, before diving into the world of SEMrush, it’s essential to understand the pricing structure and evaluate whether it’s worth the investment. In this article, we will explore the SEMrush pricing for 2023, examine what each plan offers, and determine if it’s worth your hard-earned dollars.

SEMrush Pricing 2023: What Does Each SEMrush Plan Cost?

SEMrush offers three main pricing plans: Pro, Guru, and Business. Let’s take a closer look at each plan and see what they bring to the table.

SEMrush Pro Plan

The Pro plan is SEMrush’s entry-level offering, designed for freelancers, startups, and in-house marketers with a limited budget. Priced at $99.95 per month, the Pro plan provides a solid foundation of SEO tools and features. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

  1. Keyword Research: Uncover valuable keyword opportunities to boost your organic traffic.
  2. Site Audit: Identify and fix website issues that may be hindering your search engine rankings.
  3. Competitor Analysis: Analyze your competitors’ strategies and uncover their top-performing keywords.
  4. Position Tracking: Monitor your keyword rankings and track your progress over time.
  5. Social Media Tools: Manage and track your social media campaigns from within the SEMrush platform.
  6. Content Ideas: Get inspiration for high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.

While the Pro plan offers a comprehensive set of features, it may not be suitable for larger businesses or agencies with more extensive needs.

SEMrush Guru Plan

The Guru plan, priced at $199.95 per month, is the next tier up from the Pro plan. This plan is perfect for growing marketing agencies and small to medium-sized businesses. Along with all the features of the Pro plan, the Guru plan includes:

  1. Historical Data: Access historical data and track changes in your website’s performance over time.
  2. Branded Reports: Create custom-branded reports to impress your clients and stakeholders.
  3. Extended Limits: Enjoy higher limits on projects, reports, and keywords for more comprehensive analysis.
  4. Content Marketing Platform: Plan, create, and distribute your content more effectively with the integrated platform.

The Guru plan offers additional features that are invaluable for businesses looking to scale their digital marketing efforts.

SEMrush Business Plan

The Business plan is SEMrush’s top-tier offering, tailored for agencies, ecommerce projects, and businesses with extensive marketing needs. Priced at $399.95 per month, the Business plan provides all the features of the Pro and Guru plans, along with the following:

  1. White Label Reporting: Customize your reports with your agency’s branding and logo for a professional touch.
  2. API Access: Integrate SEMrush data into your own applications or systems for seamless workflow.
  3. Extended Limits and Sharing: Enjoy even higher limits on projects, reports, and keywords, and collaborate with your team members.
  4. Google Data Studio Integration: Visualize and share your SEMrush data in Google Data Studio for in-depth reporting.

The Business plan is ideal for large organizations and marketing agencies that require advanced features and capabilitiesto manage multiple clients and projects effectively.

Is it Worth it?

Now that we’ve explored the SEMrush pricing plans for 2023, the question arises: Is it worth investing in SEMrush? The answer depends on several factors, including the size of your business, your marketing goals, and your budget. For smaller businesses and startups with limited resources, the Pro plan offers a great starting point. It provides essential SEO tools and features to optimize your website, conduct competitor analysis, and improve your overall online visibility. The Pro plan is reasonably priced and delivers significant value for its cost. As your business grows, you may find that the Guru plan better suits your needs. The additional features, such as historical data, branded reports, and extended limits, can significantly enhance your marketing efforts.

The Guru plan allows you to scale your campaigns, analyze performance over time, and create professional reports to impress your clients and stakeholders. For larger organizations and marketing agencies with extensive marketing needs, the Business plan is a comprehensive solution. The advanced features like white label reporting, API access, and Google Data Studio integration enable you to offer top-notch services to your clients and streamline your workflow. While the Business plan comes with a higher price tag, the added functionality and capabilities make it a worthwhile investment for those who require them. Ultimately, the decision to invest in SEMrush and choose a specific pricing plan depends on your unique circumstances.

Consider factors such as your budget, business size, and marketing objectives to make an informed choice. Discover the game-changer that has the potential to revolutionize your business operations upon purchase and implementation. The proposition appears enticing, but there’s a slight complication. The tool itself comes at a considerable cost, and while its value justifies the price, it’s essential to evaluate whether it truly aligns with your current needs, particularly if you’re in the initial stages of your venture.

Take a moment to peruse my comprehensive guide to SEMrush pricing in 2023. Within this resource, you’ll uncover the exact costs associated with each SEMrush plan, identify the ideal candidates who stand to benefit from this SEO/marketing platform, and discern those for whom it might not be suitable. Let’s commence our exploration!

SEMrush Pricing

  • Competition Analysis: With SEMrush Pro, you have the ability to conduct in-depth competition analysis. You can analyze various factors that contribute to a website’s authority, such as its age, backlink profile, and expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (EAT). This helps you gain insights into your main search engine competitors and understand how to improve your own website’s performance.
  • Keyword Research: SEMrush Pro provides access to an extensive keyword database, which is the largest in the world. This allows you to conduct comprehensive keyword research to identify relevant and high-performing keywords for your SEO and marketing campaigns. You can analyze keyword competitiveness, search volume, and other important metrics to make informed decisions about your keyword targeting strategy.
  • Backlink Checker: Backlinks play a crucial role in SEO, and SEMrush Pro offers a powerful backlink checker tool. You can use it to analyze your own website’s backlink profile, as well as those of your competitors. This feature helps you understand the backlink landscape, identify high-quality backlinks, and find opportunities to improve your link building efforts. SEMrush is known as one of the top competitors in the industry when it comes to backlink analysis.
  • Site Auditing: SEMrush Pro includes a robust Site Audit feature, which is highly regarded by users. The Site Audit tool crawls your website using SEMrush’s bot and performs a comprehensive analysis of your site’s SEO health. It identifies any technical issues, on-page optimization errors, and other areas for improvement. The tool provides detailed reports with actionable recommendations, enabling you to optimize your website for better search engine visibility and user experience. This saves you the need to invest in additional site auditing tools, as SEMrush covers this aspect comprehensively.
  • Scheduled Reporting: With the Pro plan, you can schedule up to five reports per month. These reports are generated in PDF format and can be downloaded for further analysis and sharing. Scheduled reports provide valuable insights into your website’s performance, keyword rankings, backlink metrics, and other important SEO and marketing data. This feature allows you to track progress over time and communicate the results to stakeholders or clients.
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It’s important to note that while the SEMrush Pro plan offers a wide range of valuable features, there are certain limitations and usage restrictions specific to this plan. However, for individuals and small businesses looking to enhance their online presence and improve their SEO efforts, the SEMrush Pro plan provides a comprehensive toolkit for success.

SEMrush Pro: Key Elements

Here are some important points to consider regarding the limitations of the SEMrush Pro plan:

  • Number of Projects: The Pro plan allows for a maximum of 5 projects. This means you can manage up to 5 different websites or campaigns within your SEMrush account.
  • Number of Keywords: The Pro plan has a limit of 500 keywords that you can track across all of your projects. While this is generally sufficient for individuals or small businesses managing a few websites, SEO agencies with larger-scale operations may need to consider upgrading their plan to accommodate more keywords.
  • Total Reports per Day: In the Pro plan, you can make a maximum of 3,000 data requests per day. These requests are used to access analytical data and generate reports within SEMrush.
  • Keyword Metrics Update: With the Pro plan, you can receive fresh keyword metrics up to 250 times per month. This data is available in the Keyword Manager section of SEMrush and helps you stay updated on the performance of your target keywords.
  • Total Number of Crawled Pages: SEMrush conducts website crawls to identify technical errors and provide insights for improvement. In the Pro plan, you can crawl up to 20,000 pages per project, with a total limit of 100,000 pages across all projects.

These limitations should be taken into account when considering the SEMrush Pro plan. While it provides a robust set of features, it’s important to assess whether the limitations align with your specific needs and scale of operations.

Is SEMrush Pro Right for You?

Are you curious whether or not the SEMrush Pro plan is a good fit for you? The SEMrush Pro plan is best suited for users who:

  • are small business owners and need to do the basic SEO;
  • only intend to do keyword research for one or two websites;
  • want to do domain analysis occasionally;
  • need an SEO analytics tool on a budget;
  • don’t want to track thousands of keywords for clients.

Does it sound like something you should try? Start your SEMRush Pro free trial today!

SEMrush Guru Pricing 2023

The SEMrush Guru plan pricing for 2023 is as follows:

  • Monthly Plan: $229.95 per month
  • Yearly Plan: $191.62 per month (billed annually)

The SEMrush Guru plan is specifically designed for agencies and mid-sized businesses. It includes all the features of the SEMrush Pro plan and offers additional functionalities that make it stand out. Here are some key features that set the Guru plan apart from the Pro plan:

  • Topic Research: The Guru plan provides advanced topic research capabilities, allowing you to find untapped topic areas for your content. This feature helps you target relevant topics more effectively and enhance your content strategy.
  • Content Marketing Campaign Management: Within SEMrush, the Guru plan offers a task management system for organizing and managing your content marketing campaigns. This helps streamline your content creation process and ensures efficient collaboration among team members.
  • SEO Content Analysis: With the Guru plan, you can analyze the SEO potential of your content. It allows you to evaluate the keywords and content power for better targeting and optimization.
  • Content Plagiarism Detection: SEMrush can help you identify instances of content plagiarism and theft. This feature enables you to track down and address any unauthorized use of your content.

Key Elements of SEMrush Guru Plan:

  • Content Marketing Platform: The Guru plan includes a content marketing platform to accelerate your traffic growth.
  • Customizable Informative Reports: You can integrate your SEMrush account with Google Data Studio, a free visual reporting tool, to create customized reports using SEMrush data.
  • Access to Historical Data: The Guru plan provides access to historical data, allowing you to analyze past performance and uncover insights into your website or competitors’ ranking trajectory.
  • Domain Reports per Day: You can generate up to 5,000 domain reports per day.
  • Keywords to Track: The Guru plan allows tracking up to 1,500 keywords in the SEMrush Rank Tracker.
  • Total Projects: You can add up to 15 projects within the Guru plan.
  • Higher Page Crawl Limit: SEMrush Guru plan enables crawling of up to 300,000 pages per month.

These additional features and higher limits make the SEMrush Guru plan suitable for agencies and mid-sized businesses looking for more advanced SEO and marketing capabilities.

Is SEMrush Guru Right for You?

Planning on developing and implementing a solid content strategy for your brand or a client? SEMrush Guru could surely come in handy if you’re:

  • looking to create a content strategy to scale your content production;
  • managing SEO campaigns for multiple clients;
  • wanting to keep track of content performances for several projects;
  • going to need historical data for your domains;
  • eyeing to create visual reports using Google Data Studio.

If the above-mentioned scenarios seem relevant, then SEMrush Guru could be the ideal plan for you.

Click here to try the SEMrush Guru for free!


SEMrush Business Pricing 2023

SEMrush Review


The SEMrush Business plan pricing for 2023 is as follows:
  • Monthly Plan: $449.95 per month
  • Yearly Plan: $374.95 per month (billed annually)
The SEMrush Business plan is specifically designed for agencies and businesses operating on a large scale. It offers advanced features and functionalities that cater to the needs of SEO agencies managing multiple clients and campaigns. Here are some key additional features that make the Business plan stand out:
  • API Access: The Business plan provides API access, allowing integration of SEMrush into your own applications, widgets, and dashboards. This feature enables seamless connectivity with third-party applications and software.
  • Product Listing Research: With the Business plan, you gain access to product listing research. This feature allows you to analyze the performance of advertisers’ Google Shopping ad campaigns, providing valuable insights for e-commerce businesses and competitive analysis.
  • Share of Voice Metric: The Business plan includes the Share of Voice metric, which helps you assess the ratio of website traffic received in relation to the cumulative search volumes of your tracked keywords. This metric offers a broad overview of the direction and impact of your SEO efforts.
Key Elements of SEMrush Business Plan:
  • Number of Projects: The Business plan allows you to track up to 40 projects simultaneously, providing scalability for agencies managing numerous SEO and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Number of Keywords: With the Business plan, you can track up to 5,000 keywords using the SEMrush Rank Tracker. This expanded limit accommodates the needs of large-scale operations.
  • Number of Queries: The Business plan allows for up to 10,000 queries per day, providing ample capacity for accessing analytical data and generating reports.
  • Pages Crawled: SEMrush Business plan allows crawling of up to 1,000,000 pages per month. This higher limit facilitates in-depth website analysis and comprehensive auditing for larger-scale websites.
The SEMrush Business plan, with its advanced features and higher limits, is tailored to meet the demands of SEO agencies and businesses operating on a larger scale. It provides the necessary tools and capabilities to manage multiple projects and clients efficiently.

Is SEMrush Business Right for You?

Before jumping into signing up for the SEMrush Business plan, it’s important to go through a checklist to determine if it aligns with your specific needs. The Business plan is particularly suitable for users who:

  • Run SEO agencies or manage multiple websites for clients: If you are involved in managing SEO campaigns for various clients or operate an agency, the Business plan provides the necessary features and scalability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Track a large number of keywords across multiple websites: If you require extensive keyword tracking across a portfolio of websites, the Business plan offers the capacity to track up to 5,000 keywords using the SEMrush Rank Tracker.
  • Need to perform a high volume of queries and generate reports daily: If your SEO operations require frequent data queries and report generation, the Business plan accommodates up to 10,000 queries per day, allowing for efficient access to analytical data and generating comprehensive reports.
  • Want to leverage the SEMrush API for advanced custom functionalities: If you require advanced custom functionalities and integration with third-party applications or software, the Business plan provides API access, enabling you to incorporate SEMrush into your own applications, widgets, and dashboards.
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If these criteria align with your specific requirements, the SEMrush Business plan may be the right choice for you. You can click here to explore and try out the SEMrush Business plan. It’s important to note that a free trial is not available for the Business tier. Take the time to assess your needs and consider the features and limitations of the plan before making a decision.

SEMrush Custom Plan Pricing 2023

The price of the SEMrush Custom plan varies and is not publicly disclosed. To determine the exact cost of the SEMrush Custom plan, you need to contact SEMrush support directly. The Custom plan allows you to customize the usage quotas for different SEMrush features and tailor the toolset according to your specific needs. By contacting SEMrush support and providing details about your requirements, you can discuss and negotiate a custom plan that suits your business.

To get started, visit the SEMrush pricing page and click on the “contact us for a custom plan” button in the middle of the page. Fill in the necessary details and explain your needs to a SEMrush representative, who will be able to assist you further.

SEMrush Review


It is apparent that there are several SEO tools in the market that compete with SEMrush and may offer similar or lower pricing. However, it is crucial to recognize that these cheaper alternatives often have limitations in terms of the range of features they provide. They may focus on specific aspects of SEO, such as on-page optimization or competitor analysis in limited geographic regions.
For example, Yoast SEO specializes in on-page optimization for WordPress websites, SpyFu offers competitor analysis only for the US and UK markets, and Long Tail Pro primarily aids in identifying long-tail keywords. In contrast, SEMrush offers a comprehensive and all-encompassing solution with over 50 additional features. It serves as a full-suite SEO and SEM platform, providing a wide range of tools and functionalities that cover various aspects of online marketing. With SEMrush, you can access features like competitor analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, site auditing, content marketing tools, and much more, all in one place.
When considering which SEO tool to choose, it is important to evaluate your specific needs and requirements. Cheaper alternatives may be suitable for addressing specific tasks or if you have limited demands. However, if you seek a robust and versatile solution that caters to all aspects of SEO and marketing, SEMrush offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features that can support your endeavors effectively.


FAQs about SEMrush Pricing  & Review 2023

Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade my SEMrush plan at any time?

A: Yes, SEMrush offers flexible plans that allow you to upgrade or downgrade as needed. Simply contact their support team, and they will assist you in making the necessary changes.

Q: Are there any additional costs besides the monthly subscription fee?

A: While the monthly subscription fee covers most features and functionalities, there may be additional costs for add-ons or extra services. It’s best to review SEMrush’s pricing page or consult their support team for specific details.

Q: Does SEMrush offer a free trial?

A: Yes, SEMrush offers a 7-day free trial for new users. It’s a great way to explore the platform and its features before committing to a paid plan.

Q: Can I cancel my SEMrush subscription anytime?

A: Yes, you can cancel your SEMrush subscription at any time. Keep in mind that there may be specific terms and conditions regarding cancellations, so it’s advisable to review SEMrush’s cancellation policy.

Q: Does SEMrush provide customer support?

A: Yes, SEMrush offers customer support to assist users with any inquiries or issues they may encounter. You can reach out to their support team through email or live chat.

Q: Can I use SEMrush for multiple websites?

A: Yes, depending on the pricing plan you choose, you can use SEMrush for multiple websites and projects. Each plan has different limits and allowances, so consider your requirements when selecting a plan.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel, downgrade, or upgrade your SEMrush subscription at any time.

Q: What is SEMrush’s refund policy?

SEMrush offers a 7-day money-back guarantee on all plans. If you submit a refund request within 7 days after sign-up via the contact form, your payment will be refunded.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

SEMrush accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and UnionPay. Wire transfer and check/money order options are also available upon request (wire transfer for specific cases and check/money order for US customers only).

Q: Do I get a customer demo?

Yes, once you sign up for a SEMrush free trial, you can request a free training session. After the demo, you will be assigned a dedicated point of contact to address all your SEMrush-related inquiries.

Q: Can I use SEMrush for free?

Yes, SEMrush offers a free account that provides access to many tools, although with certain limitations. Free users have a restricted number of requests for the Analytics reports per day (10 requests), and they can create and manage only one project while tracking 10 keywords in Position Tracking. A detailed feature comparison between free and paid plans is available in an article provided by SEMrush.

Q: Am I charged when I enter my credit card?

A nominal amount will be charged to your credit card to verify its validity. Once confirmed, this charge will be immediately refunded. During your SEMrush trial period, no charges will be applied.

Q: Which plan is better for me, Guru or Pro?

If you’re a freelancer, blogger, or in-house marketer with a limited budget, the SEMrush Pro plan is likely the best option. On the other hand, if you’re a professional SEO consultant or an agency with multiple clients, the SEMrush Guru plan is better suited to your needs. For a detailed comparison of plan features and limits, refer to the subscription limits article provided by SEMrush.

Q: I run a small agency. What plan should I choose?

As a small agency, you have the option to choose either the Pro plan or the Guru plan. The Pro plan serves as the basic subscription, while the Guru plan is popular among SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) and growing agencies. The plans differ in terms of the number of tools available and the limits associated with each plan. To better understand which subscription fits your marketing needs, you can consult the dedicated page provided by SEMrush.

Q: What is the pricing currency?

The pricing for SEMrush is listed in US dollars.

SEMrush Review 2023 (Conclusion)

SEMrush serves as a powerful SEO tool, offering a comprehensive range of features to enhance businesses’ online presence. Understanding the pricing structure for SEMrush in 2023 is pivotal for making well-informed investment decisions. Whether you opt for the Pro, Guru, or Business plan, each provides a distinct array of features tailored to meet specific marketing requirements. When selecting a plan, it is prudent to consider factors such as the size of your business, your marketing objectives, and your budgetary constraints. For smaller businesses, starting with the Pro plan is advisable, and as your needs expand, upgrading to the Guru or Business plan will unlock additional functionalities and capabilities. My comprehensive guide to SEMrush pricing for 2023 concludes here. To summarize, SEMrush stands as the premier SEO software in the market, offering over 55 diverse tools that consolidate all your site’s marketing needs within a single dashboard. While SEMrush may come with a higher price tag, it is an indispensable asset for professional webmasters seeking to scale their online traffic and maximize their earnings. Utilizing SEMrush’s premium features will yield significant returns and contribute to the growth of your income. However, if you are an amateur blogger pursuing blogging as a hobby without a strong emphasis on generating income, purchasing any SEMrush plan may be excessive. In such cases, utilizing the SEMrush free account will suffice. If you have any queries, please feel free to ask in the comment section below.  

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