Seven reasons to tell you! Why do brands need Chatbot

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Seven reasons to tell you! Why do brands need Chatbot

According to a new analysis, the worldwide chatbot market is anticipated to achieve $1.23 billion by 2025. This progress is because of the truth that almost half of the customers want to speak with chatbots for customer support inquiries and has prompted CMOs to ramp up the usage of chatbots by 2020.

As AI-powered computer programs, chatbots are able to conduct human-like conversations through textual content and audio platforms. These bots have confirmed to considerably enhance engagement by permitting companies to supply constant buyer expertise throughout platforms; one thing that’s anticipated by 75% of today’s consumers.

Understand the competitive benefits of chatbots

The key to a profitable chatbot is hanging the steadiness between conversational, pleasant, and useful. To get a thought of how chatbots can improve buyer expertise, we discover six main manufacturers utilizing them successfully.

In the past decade, the major community platforms have penetrated into everyone’s daily life. Facebook, the world’s largest community platform, currently points out that up to 1.3 billion Messenger users interact with 40 million brands and companies every month.

Connecting directly with brands through the community has long been one of the business types that brands are accustomed to. The users of the social platform are increasing day by day, and the commercial focus is gradually shifting to the community. The Messenger chat robot attached to the Facebook community has become the center of global conversational commerce.

Proper application of chatbots can solve customers’ questions in a timely manner, and ensure that every customer is taken care of, making consumers more loyal to the brand and helping to build a good brand image.

In an environment dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan, the use of chatbots is even better! We sorted out seven reasons why brands need to use chatbots and the benefit of chatbots, let’s take a look!

Seven reasons to tell you! Why do brands need Chatbot

Reason 1: Provide the best consumer experience

One of the most well-known chat robot functions, “automated customer service”, provides 24/7 service to consumers, can answer consumer questions in real-time, and provides online ticket booking and appointment time functions.

Let consumers know more information before buying a product, and understand the product completely. And after the sale, consumers can also immediately contact the brand to completely improve the pre-sale and after-sale services. Good service can build the consumer’s confidence in the brand.

While solving consumer problems, the chatbot function is also bidirectional. Automated customer service can also help companies reduce the burden of customer service.


Reason 2: No need to download additional apps at all

There are more than 11,000 active Facebook Messenger chatbots around the world. The reason behind its success definitely includes the ability of Chatbot to easily connect to a large platform API.

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Chatfuel, the number one in the market, provides third-party platforms such as JSON API/Webhook and Zapier to facilitate the integration of information from all parties. Libraries, links to major website resources, and more! The most powerful thing is coming!

You can add Messenger Chatbot to the desktop with one click!

In the context of the booming Internet age, companies also need to adapt to the changes of the times. If there is a substantially equivalent APP function without spending a lot of energy and money to plan an exclusive APP, then it is a chatbot!


Suitable for mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile applications, a Chatbot APP that does not take up space can achieve the purpose of the brand/enterprise and provide consumers with the latest services.



Reason 3: accurate user audience analysis

Want to find the digital footprint of consumers or users? Want to know which buttons they pressed, where they went, and what brand products they liked? All chatbots will know!


Accurate labeling and grouping have always been the reason why most brands and enterprises choose chatbots. Under each user’s choices and preferences, tags are used to categorize and push accurate messages and place digital advertisements, so that users can access their favorite marketing messages to achieve the status of marketing without spam.


Reason 4: A new way of fan interaction

The digital age is developing faster and faster. Are you still using social posts to interact with fans? Come and change it! Chatbots provide a new interactive experience. Different from social posts, apps, and general websites, chatbots’ active interaction methods, and multiple marketing techniques bring users a whole new experience.

The use of chatbots can be highly interactive with users in a short period of time, which also means that brands and companies on platforms such as Facebook Messenger can immediately and quickly contact more people and provide more effective information.


Reason 5. A new solution for content marketing

If the brand specializes in content marketing and daily media operations, chatbots can also help! Many media platforms such as CNN and Wall Street Journal deliver content through chatbots. As long as subscribers have a chatbot that uses media, they can directly receive the latest information instead of visiting websites of various media.


Reason 6, help the enterprise grow visible!

Perhaps, many people will ask: “Why do you have an app, fan page, and official website, but you still need to be a chatbot?” Of course, it is good for a brand to have a complete fan page, official website, and an app for the company. ! But don’t forget that the interesting interaction between chatbots and proactive attacks is relatively competitive.


Regardless of direct product exposure and recommendation, product sales channels and sweepstakes, precise labeling for personalized marketing, chat robots are a good helper for brands and companies to grow!

Reason 7. Chatbot tool in life

Finally, back to the point of view that everyone is a consumer. In life, the chatbot does help many users solve various problems, whether they want to order food when they are hungry, or check flights and travel at any time when they want to go abroad.


Cancellation of time transportation ticket bookings, extended to beauty care, eCommerce development solutions, live entertainment, and more knowledge and information. By making an ideal chat robot, life can become more convenient!

Readymade chatbot platforms you should utilize

  1. ChattyPeople – One of the most well-liked chatbot platforms on the web, ChattyPeople additionally permits Facebook commerce. It’s free for primary customers and requires zero coding expertise to set issues up.
  2. FlowXO – A really versatile chatbot answer that permits customers to create absolutely automated bots.
  3. BotKit – An open-source chatbot toolkit, BotKit helps Slack, FB Messenger, and Twilio. It has the backing of an energetic developer neighborhood.
  4. Chatfuel – A platform for professional builders to create their very own chatbots, Chatfuel requires customers to have coding expertise. However, its interface is extremely easy and straightforward to grasp.
  5. MEOKAY – Ideal to be used by each builder and novice customers, MEOKAY affords versatile and dependable chatbot integration. It additionally has superior features for superior customers.
  6. Recast – A easy however high-quality chatbot which can be utilized throughout a number of platforms.
  7. – A platform that helps in establishing your personal chatbot in three straightforward steps. makes use of pure language processing to make conversations extra plausible.
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Concluding ideas – Seven reasons to tell you! Why do brands need Chatbot

Automation applied sciences are taking up all of the spheres of our lives, be it the event of sensible cities, sensible properties, automated workspaces, or applied sciences like smartphones and digital private assistants. With each new growth, we’re shifting a step nearer to an extra connected and digital future. Industry specialists are unanimous of their opinion that the chatbot expertise continues to be in its infancy. We are solely scratching the floor of what a chatbot-enabled future could appear to be.

One factor is fairly clear although, chatbots are right here to remain, and their growth will influence each company as well as customers. The current implementation of chatbots within the customer support business affords companies a doorway to understanding the longer-term makes use of chatbots for various facets of enterprise operations. Moreover, it’s only by trial can we uncover modern methods of implementing this expertise additional.

If you’re a small or medium enterprise proprietor who needs to increase his/her enterprise on-line, then chatbots can play a big position in your success story. Chatbots can deliver the 2 important necessities for any on-line enterprise in the present day – high-quality merchandise and market presence. With the chatbot enterprise answer, you should utilize sensible AI applied sciences to maintain your prospects engaged in the significant enterprise to enterprise conversations. This will improve your information base and show you how to in growing higher merchandise on your shoppers. Furthermore, it is possible for you to supply a faster and extra correct assist service to prospects, enhancing your model’s fame. Lastly and most significantly, as an early adopter, you’ll profit extra from the longer-term advances in chatbot expertise.

Soon sufficient, each model can have a bot channel of its personal. Chatbots are anticipated to develop into as frequent as enterprise telephone numbers, and with more and more clever AIs, they are going to substitute human help, totally. We are as soon as once more shifting in direction of a extra conversational method of doing issues, as was the case earlier than expertise hit our shores.

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