Side Hustles For Engineers

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Side Hustles For Engineers – How to Earn Money

Hey there engineers! Glad that you’re right here searching for the top side hustles to complement your present cash. I hope this material is worthy sufficient so that you may share it together with your friends.

This list covers not solely the straightforward gigs that make the most of your experience and career but moreover contains contemporary and easy suggestions on creating further revenue together with your ardour, creativity, information, and various expertise. On that word, we choose to not embrace side hustles like paid surveys as a consequence of, in our opinion, they’re merely a waste of time. You would possibly need to pick a side hustle below that could be a bit totally different out of your full-time employment in order that:

You won’t acquire worn out doing the same issues out and in of labor’s to keep away from breaching any battle of curiosity and insurance policies your corporation might have (moonlighting) (moonlighting)

Now without additional ado, right here’s our list of 25 finest side hustles for engineers. Numbers 10, 13, and 16 are amongst our favourites.

What Is a Side Hustle?

Turn Your Side Hustle Into Your Main Income

Whether your goal is to bridge the wage gap or establish a financial safety net, a side hustle offers an excellent opportunity to boost your income while working in your spare time.

The internet offers a plethora of opportunities, and although it may seem daunting to find a well-paying side hustle, there are numerous options available for engineers. If you’re an engineer seeking ways to increase your income, this article on high-paying side jobs will be beneficial.

As an engineer, you possess valuable skills that can be applied to various side business opportunities, enabling you to earn extra money while maintaining your primary job. Here are some high-paying side jobs that align well with engineering expertise:

Freelance Engineering Consultant

Leverage your engineering knowledge to offer consulting services to businesses and startups. Companies often seek expert advice on projects, and your insights can be highly valuable.

Online Tutoring or Teaching

Share your engineering expertise through online tutoring platforms or even by creating your own courses. Many students and professionals are eager to learn from experienced engineers.

Technical Writing

Use your communication skills and engineering background to write technical documents, manuals, and guides for companies in need of clear and concise content.

App and Software Development

Put your programming skills to use by developing mobile apps or software for businesses or individual clients.

Engineering Project Management

Offer project management services to oversee and coordinate engineering projects for companies that may not have the necessary resources.

CAD Design Services

Utilize your proficiency in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to provide design services for architects, engineers, and manufacturers.

3D Printing Services

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can offer 3D printing services to individuals and businesses seeking custom prototypes or designs.

Environmental Consulting

Focus on environmental engineering and provide consulting services to companies aiming to reduce their environmental impact.

Renewable Energy Consultancy

Help businesses and homeowners transition to renewable energy solutions by offering expert advice and consultancy services.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Engineers often possess strong analytical skills. Offer data analysis and visualization services to businesses seeking insights from their data.

Online Engineering Courses or Workshops

Create and sell online courses or workshops on engineering topics that interest a broad audience.

Electronics Repair Services

If you have expertise in electronics, consider offering repair services for electronic devices and appliances.

Remember, the key to a successful side hustle is to identify opportunities that align with your skills, interests, and available time. With your engineering background, these high-paying side jobs can be lucrative and fulfilling, helping you achieve your financial goals and provide an additional source of income.

How to Make Your Interest a Side Business

Many engineers make extra money by engaging in a pastime or interest that they find rewarding. Consider your hobbies in engineering while choosing a side business. Make a list of your top interests and pastimes, rank them according to your level of skill, and create a product or service based on them.

If you have experience in the STEM fields, you can consider instructing high school kids, offering your engineering expertise as a freelancer, or offering engineering-related products for sale. To transform your interest in engineering into a successful side business, do market research and test your side business ideas.

How to Start a Side Business at Home

Engineers can work a variety of well-paying online jobs in the remote-first world to supplement their income. Minor engineering tasks, online engineering courses, online tutoring, consulting with individuals and businesses, offering answers to engineering problems, selling your engineering designs, and even selling crafts are all possible.

There are countless prospects for engineering side businesses. Make a list of your STEM skills, conduct market research, test out your side business ideas at home, and turn your most marketable engineering skills into a reliable secondary source of income if you want to turn your engineering interests into a side business.

1. Part-time Repairman

Side Hustle Rate: $35-$80 per hour

I have an uncle who works as an electronics expert, and when he comes to visit, he frequently fixes our broken household appliances, such as the television, electrical fans, and video gaming consoles. Of course, my uncle provided these services at no cost to us, but you can do the same thing and earn even more money!

What is the best way to get started? In case you’re a mechanical engineer, you might be able to offer your services to restore old devices or cars. As a software programme engineer, you may be able to provide services for the restoration and formatting of computers. Based on your engineering experience, you can supply a wide range of engineering providers and earn more money depending on the type of engineering services you give. Additionally, you can use services such as Craigslist and TaskRabbit to find shoppers, or you can join a community such as HomeAdvisor.

2. Create Online Courses

Side Hustle Income: Six-Figure Income Potential If you could have a ardour for instructing, then you possibly can impart your engineering information and expertise to different folks by creating on-line programs.

The Rise Of The Side Hustle - PeoplePerHour Discover

How to start out?

Obtain a clear understanding of the topic matter you are responsible for educating. It could very well be about electronics, programming, robotics, CAD designing, and many other topics, or it could very well be about something fundamental like math and statistics. It is also a passion of yours, similar to your participation in guitar or fishing. An enormous number of people are actively looking for valuable information on the market these days, and A lavalier microphone and a video camera, both of which are of high quality, will be required after that. You can also record using a webcam or your smartphone if you have one available.

When your course is complete, you can upload your materials to educational networks such as Lynda, Udemy, Brightstorm, and Skillshare. In addition, for those who are uncomfortable speaking in front of a camera, you can utilise infographics or PowerPoint presentations, or you can use some type of screen recording software tool to record your screen while you educate. The most important thing is to provide the facts to your audience in an understandable manner. OBS Studio is a screen recorder that we recommend for use with a display screen. It is completely free, and it performs significantly better than the majority of premium alternatives available.

3. Teach Online

Hourly Rate for a Side Hustle: $10-$50 per hour You can teach children, high school students, and faculty college students about a variety of topics, including:

Mathematics, Algebra, Physics, and Engineering majors are all options.

As long as the issue is relevant, you may be able to earn money with your information.

What is the best way to get started? Join tutoring websites such as Teacheron, Tutorme, or and list yourself as a tutor on their platforms. Alternatively, you could simply search on Google for “How to be a private tutor in (country/region)”.

4. Part-time Adjunct Engineering Professor

Side Hustle Earnings: $25,000-$27,000 a year from a side hustle If you have some extra time after work, you can consider becoming a part-time instructor at a local community college. What is the best way to get started? You might start by looking into whether or not there are any colleges or universities in your area that are looking for a part-time engineering professor. As long as the class schedules do not conflict with your working hours, you should be good to proceed. As an alternative, you can simply search on Google for “application adjunct engineering professor (country/region).”

5. Part-time CAD Specialist

Hourly Rate for a Side Hustle: $20-32 per hour Because you already have CAD experience, you may potentially share it with someone else who is in need of it. Depending on what kind of engineer you are, you could be able to provide assistance with designing someone’s storage or kitchen, designing and installing a power-efficient heating/cooling system, developing an app for university projects, and so on. What is the best way to get started? Post a Craigslist ad and get ready to make some title playing cards to hand out to people. When you have completed a satisfactory service for your customers, hand them your title card and ask for references. Alternatively, you could look for part-time work on job boards such as:

6. Do Minor Engineering Jobs Online

Average Hourly Rate for a Side Hustle: $28 per hour For engineers, assisting other folks who require your expertise and experience might be a lucrative side business opportunity. Consider the following customer, who is willing to pay $250 for a design of a water-based heating system for his or her home. Although I am not a professional engineer, I believe it is a viable side business for civil or mechanical engineers. Several well-known online job portals provide opportunities to find part-time engineering jobs. You will both be compensated on an hourly or per challenge basis. Depending on the consumer, the amount of money you’ll make can vary significantly.

7. Be a Freelancer

I’m confident you have a few of additional skills that aren’t related to your technical work experience. How would you like to be able to produce income from your efforts as well? An enormous demand exists for freelancers who can present these service providers:

  • Search Engine Optimization Consulting ($80-$200 per hour);
  • Article writing (avg. $30 per hour);
  • Video/graphic editing ($25-$100 per hour);
  • Web designing (avg. $75 per hour);
  • Programming ($30-$50 per hour);
  • Social media advertising and marketing ($15-$50 per hour);
  • Transcribing ($1.35 per recorded minute);
  • Logo design ($300-$800 per brand);
  • “copy and paste” knowledge entry ($10-$25 per hour); and
  • A complete shebang of assorted on-line jobs

Choose an internet job that is a good match for your experience, skills, and knowledge. However, some shoppers will pay you per hour or every challenge, which is uncommon for freelancers. The majority of clients give you a commission every thirty days. What is the best way to get started? Make a listing of yourself as a freelancer on one of these Online Job Boards.

8. Sell Your Engineering Notes

Earnings Prospects: Strictly Limited There is no doubt about it, you had a difficult time with your tests earlier than you become an engineer. At that time, you’ve most certainly been praying against hope that someone will hand you some magical notes that will allow you to skip the examination. You might as well be the fairy godmother now, don’t you think? You can put together notes for engineering exams and sell them on the internet to get money. Advertising on Craigslist or on websites that engineering students frequent can help you sell your product. I’m quite sure I know where I’m going.

9. Freelance Engineering Consultant

Hourly Rate for a Side Hustle: $25-$60 per hour (Full-time potential) You possess a one-of-a-kind ability that is highly sought after. When working as an Engineering guide, there are numerous job opportunities available. You can choose to take on large projects, which may be time-consuming, but will result in you earning significantly more money. Alternatively, you might take on smaller projects for which you will be paid less. You have complete control over your employment prospects. What is the best way to get started? Begin by submitting your resumes to both of the following websites:


10. search engine marketing Consultant for Engineering Companies

Hourly Rate for a Side Hustle: $40-$60 per hour When you combine your engineering expertise with your Search Engine Optimization expertise, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind side hustle. Furthermore, because you are incredibly valuable, you will never have to worry about being without a job again. What is the best way to get started? Starting with a free masterclass offered by search engine marketing company experts is a good place to start if you don’t have much knowledge about search engine marketing or if you want to get your credentials established. With search engine marketing knowledge, you can look for employment on Engineering job portal websites, as recommended on level 9, or you can advertise yourself as a freelancer on one of these websites.

11. Sell Your Craft

Side Hustle Income: Possibility of Earning a Full-Time Income Are you interested in metalworking, woodworking, or maybe even cellular applications? There are many distinct specialties among engineers, therefore no matter what your craft is, you can sell your services to get more money. Furthermore, if you are a painter, knitter, sewer, or cook, you may market your services in addition to your products. What is the best way to get started? Whether or not your craft is a physical product, you may be able to list yourself as a vendor on e-commerce platforms such as Etsy or eBay. Alternatives to this are to list your cellphone application on websites like App Store or Google Play if you are knowledgeable about cellular app improvement. Flippa, fliptopia, or Sell My App.

12. Rent Your Stuff

If you personal any of those, you possibly can lease it out and make some further money:

  • Home: $924 per thirty days on common
  • Boat: $75-600 per hour
  • Bike: $20-50 per day
  • Sporting Gears: $30-100 per day
  • Cameras: $50-100 per day
  • Jewellery: $25-175 per thirty days

13. Make Money With Your Car

If you don’t thoughts a stranger getting in your car, then listed here are 3 ways you may make cash with it:

Ride Sharing

Side Income Rate: $8-$12 per hour When commuting back and forth from work, you could possibly most likely pick up a passenger or two, as long as it’s on the way in which. But, that’s actually as much as you. You may exit of the way in which to earn extra money. There are already many experience sharing apps in the marketplace, and I’m fairly positive you could have heard of Uber and Lyft. So, go list your self as a driver and begin making some cash.

Driving Instructor

Side Income Rate: $10-$40 per hour Though profitable, being a driving teacher will not be as easy because it appeared. There are a number of expertise and qualities wanted, like persistence, mindfulness, good reflexes, and many others., to be a good driving teacher. Without these qualities, you’d most likely dread this side hustle. So, go check out should you qualify.

Moving Advertisement

Side Income Rate: Approx. $174-$452 per thirty days

If you view your personal car as a possession, like most of us do, then this side hustle might not be for you. But as an alternative, you view your car as only a imply of transport, then why not make your car right into a transferring commercial. Sites like Wrapify, Carvertise, and adverttu have prepared ads to be caught in your car, and they’re going to pay you to drive round. You may very well be commuting to work, or driving round to buy, with no further effort, you could possibly make a good side revenue. Parking your car at a sure spot, throughout peak hours, could make you much more cash. So, why not strive it.

14. Solve a Problem

Side Hustle Income: Unlimited Potential Again, I wish to say this… You have an distinctive talent that’s so precious to the society. Whatever area you’re in, there are issues that you may clear up. If you check out the brand new tech start-ups these days, you’ll realise, they don’t personal, manufacture, or produce products. Instead, they created an surroundings for folks to seek out what they want a lot simpler. Some examples are:

  • AirBnB – helps folks discover good and low-cost lodging for travellers. It is a spot for folks to lease their houses and generate income as well.
  • Uber – replaces the good previous taxi drivers. Now everybody with a car has the chance to generate income whereas driving strangers round city.
  • Wrapify – a platform to permit companies to promote on another person’s automobile.

In virtually each side of our lives, should you can consider an issue and join it to the answer utilizing a platform, you may make it large. But, all of it boils all the way down to your means to market your platform or model. You may have the best answer, however should you can’t talk your model successfully, it will likely be a bummer. That’s why, earlier than you begin engaged on an concept, I like to recommend that you simply get your self some digital marketing skills.

15. Self-Publish Books

Then why not self-publish an electronic book or an eBook? If you have a specific area of expertise in engineering, a Master’s degree, or simply enjoy keeping a neat file and jotting down the subjects that you’re informed about… I realise this appears to be a long shot, but it has the potential to work out wonderfully in your favour. Yes, publishing a book is challenging since there is a great deal of work to be done, and it could take months or years to complete the process.

However, the end-product may very well be extremely satisfying, both in terms of the sense of accomplishment it provides and in terms of financial value. Your book might turn out to be the next best-selling book on the market. What is the best way to get started? Before you even consider starting a side business, be sure you have a specific area of expertise that many people would be willing to pay to learn about. Engineering books that have already been published on Amazon can be used to gain knowledge about subjects. Investigate the comments to find out what these books are missing. -Sites like Kindle Direct Publishing, Lulu, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble will allow you to self-publish your books and eBooks.

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16. Flipping Items

Income from a side hustle: Six-figure earning potential Purchase a piece of furniture that has the potential to be renovated and resell it for a substantial profit. Lol, I’m not suggesting that you juggle issues around. Because of your engineering expertise, I’m confident that you’ll be able to turn scraps into gold. In this case, we are not talking about flipping real estate, because it is a potentially dangerous endeavour; rather, we are talking about smaller items like sofas, furnishings, antiques, and other such items. What is the best way to get started? It’s possible to conduct some preliminary research on Google, but we recommend that you take this flipping course first. It will instruct you on how to identify potential items to sell for a profit on their recommended sites, among other things.

17. Be a Handyman

If you don’t have any points performing some errands for different folks, then look no additional than your personal group to make more money! Here are some well-liked duties you are able to do:

  • Furniture Assembly: $85-$150 per job
  • Furniture Mover: $70-$125 per hour
  • Electrical Help: $160-$600 per job
  • General Cleaning: $25-$50 per hour
  • Gardener: $50-$100 per hour
  • Baby Proofing: $300-$1,500 per job

You can see extra handyman providers on websites like:

18. Start a Blog

Earning Extra Money as a Side Hustle: Six-Figure Earning Potential Because it is both versatile and very scalable, this is by far one of my favorite side hustles for engineers. It’s never been easier to establish a blog, and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to get started. Thousands of bloggers have already made fortunes that have changed their lives, and many of them began as total novices. Following in the footsteps of Industrial Marketing Today, Sci Tech Daily, and Machine Learning Mastery, yours might be the next viral engineering blog to go viral.

If you don’t want to write about engineering, you can focus your blog entirely on anything else, such as kayaking, singing, or camping, to name a few examples. You might also want to consider launching a blog to help engineering students learn more. Having a blog allows you to earn from a variety of revenue streams, including advertisement money, affiliate revenue, sponsorships, and more. What is the most effective method for getting started? If you are a complete newbie to the game, this free instruction is highly recommended. It will supply you with a wealth of information that will be quite useful to you as you begin. You can also use this blog-related site as an alternative.

19. Start an Amazon FBA Business

Earning Extra Money as a Side Hustle: Earning Potential of Six-Figures We’ve all heard of Amazon, and we’ve all probably purchased a product or two from the company in the past. However, have you ever considered working on the other side of Amazon, where you are the one in charge of promoting the products themselves? Amazon has built a platform that allows anyone to market and advertise their products, and the greatest part is that Amazon will handle the entire process for you. From attracting customers to your store location…

  • Accepting an order
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Fulfilment; and
  • Refunds

Everything is handled by Amazon through a mechanism known as Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) (Fulfilment by Amazon). All that needs to be done is to look for things with a market value, acquire them in quantity, and ship them to an Amazon warehouse. And, after all, this side hustle does come with a certain amount of danger attached.

When you purchase products in bulk, you will receive a discount, but you will also pay charges from Amazon FBA for handling all of the logistics for your business. As a result, regardless of whether or not your products generate sales, you will pay some inescapable costs. That’s why it’s so important to understand what to market and what distinguishes a worthwhile offering from others. It’s unlikely that anyone will be able to tell you what will sell, which is why I propose that you take some classes before starting your side business.

20. Dropshipping

Earning Extra Money as a Side Hustle: Six-Figure Earning Potential If you don’t have the cash to start an Amazon FBA business, dropshipping may be an option. Drop-shipping reduces the requirement for a physical inventory. In essence, you’re promoting products for manufacturers while simultaneously indicating that you own them.

To attract potential customers to your store, you can set up a merchant account on eBay, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and a variety of other platforms, and post product photographs. In the event of a sale, you will contact the provider or producer, who will manage all aspects of the merchandise shipment. You should handle any refunds that may arise because you are the one in control of the operation. What is the most effective method for getting started? For your convenience, I’ve included a quick reference guide. Also included below are some dropshipping success stories that may serve as motivation.

21. Create a YouTube Channel

Income from a side hustle has virtually limitless potential. As a result, how would you want to earn money by generating YouTube videos in your spare time? (This is my second favourite side business for engineers, after the one I mentioned above.) Nothing is more beneficial than demonstrating to you the real-world potential of this side hustle. Originally known as MajorPrep on YouTube, Zachary Star is an Electrical Engineer who started a channel in 2016 that was later renamed to Zach Star. According to the most recent statistics, it is one of the most profitable YouTube channels that talks about engineering-related topics, with 728 thousand followers.


If you go to his channel, his movies are embedded with ads, he’s promoting affiliate products, as well as some merchandise. I’m fairly positive he’s making some good cash as his YouTube is listed as his main career proper now.

22. Affiliate Marketing

Side Hustle Income: Six-Figure Income Potential Now, if all of the above doesn’t suit your type, and you’re operating out of concepts, then enable me to unveil my third and last favorite side hustle. Affiliate advertising and marketing is really one of many best and most profitable side hustle to start out as a result of, you don’t must…

  • Develop a Product;
  • Own a product;
  • License a product;
  • Buy Inventory;
  • Invest a sum of capital;
  • Incur a ton of threat;

Simply expressing your thoughts about items or services that you own or have already used on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and other similar sites is all that you need! You earn money by referring or promoting things to others, and firms pay you a commission when a sale is achieved through your efforts. What is the best way to get started? If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and advertising, here is a helpful guide for you.


The best side hustles for engineers to make more money

Working on duties is the best side hustle for engineers

Engineers benefit greatly from the gig economy. You can draw on your previous experience to determine exactly what deliverables are expected when they must be prepared, and how much you will be paid. Furthermore, there is frequently some flexibility in terms of where you perform the work, which means you may be able to do it from the comfort of your own home.

Duties are an excellent method to put your technical expertise and knowledge to work in a certain industry, in addition to making extra money on the side. As a result, it gives you options that you wouldn’t have in your regular employment. If you’re thinking about fixing jobs in the future, this new skill set might make it simpler for you to get that dream position. Platforms like Tasker make it easy to land engineering jobs with high-tech companies that need your help.

Start instructing as a side hustle and share your engineering information

Education is one of the most rapidly expanding businesses. So, as a side hustle, why not consider instructing? Now that the bulk of us are unable to work outside of our homes, it may be a lucrative side business for engineers attempting to combat the pandemic. It’s simple to plan and teach sessions using remote tools and platforms like Udemy or Teachable, whether it’s one-on-one or to a larger audience looking to brush up on their knowledge.


Make small-batch products and promote them on-lineThe ultimate guide to side hustles: Risks and protection

There’s a lot more you can achieve with your engineering skills if you think outside the box! It is not uncommon for engineers to build niche goods that they then sell to clients. That way, you can make the most of your experience while also accomplishing something creative and pleasant. If you have a penchant for design, you might want to try your hand at 3D printing goods. There are platforms that allow you to set up online stores, making it a great side hustle.

Offer consulting providers

Many engineers choose to work as independent consultants on a project-by-project basis as a fun side income. This is a great method to supplement your regular income. You’ll also benefit from other benefits such as expanding your professional network.

Create on-line engineering content material for passive revenue

Do you have an excellent command of terms and enjoy sharing your knowledge with others? Why don’t you start a blog or a YouTube channel? It might be about engineering or anything else you’re passionate about. And who knows, maybe your future employer will ‘find’ you because of your content. It’s important to remember that making money from content creation doesn’t happen overnight. The key is to keep producing high-quality content on a regular basis. Advertisements, affiliate links, and sponsored content material could eventually provide a nice passive income.

Other side hustles for engineers

These engineering side hustle ideas are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you may do to supplement your salary. There are plenty of people and firms willing to put your expertise and skills to good use in whichever engineering industry you work in (and prepared to pay for it). Have you discovered a terrific side hustle for engineers that we haven’t covered yet? Please remember to mention it in your feedback!

A side hustle is anything you perform in addition to your full-time job as a Software Engineer in your spare time. It’s a combination of a pastime and a part-time job. Is there anything else to do?! Yes! Aside from making some extra money, a side business has a few important advantages. A side hustle might help you earn money to master new abilities or level up your talent units. It can help you avoid burnout by providing you with more autonomy than you might need at work. It’ll also be a place where you can put your creative ideas that you can’t put into practise at your full-time job. Here are five intriguing potential side hustles for Software Engineers that could assist them in their studies, development, and earning potential.

1. Freelancing or moonlighting Software Engineering

Getting a part-time/contractor job doing one thing much like what you do at your day job is the obvious approach for Software Engineers to shortly and simply earn more money with the abilities you have already got. Benefits

  • You’re prone to discover high-paying work shortly
  • It’s often comparatively easy to seek out part-time jobs that can increase your SE skillset and resume
  • Side jobs usually result in full-time jobs if you wish to change roles
  • Great networking alternatives

Drawbacks Software Developers should avoid side occupations such as designing mobile apps or SaaS in their spare time, according to Erik Dietrich, founder of DaedTech. Dietrich wrote, “Yes, you heard me perfectly.” “I’m directing you away from software development because you’re a software developer. You already make a living by developing software all day, every day. You’re well-versed in software; you live and breathe it. So if you go home and start a side business building software, you’ll just be doing that.

You’re going to construct it, then build it some more, and when it’s time to ship, you’re not going to ship so you can spend another year building it.” You should also keep in mind that when doing side hustles, you should only utilise your personal equipment and not your work computer. Examples Aside from designing apps or SaaS, there are a plethora of ways to use your SE experience to supplement your income. You could, for example, create and sell Shopify apps or themes for Ghost or WordPress blogs. On the side, one developer sells emoji domain names.

2. Create a course

There’s no higher approach to make sure you actually perceive one thing than to attempt to educate it to another person. And if you may make a little bit cash doing it? All the higher.


  • According to Erik Dietrich instructing technical programs may be very profitable
  • Makes you extra hirable by serving to to determine you as a subject-matter skilled
  • If you create on-line programs inside a distribution platform that hyperlinks you with editors, their suggestions will possible make you a greater presenter, which will help you in your profession
  • You’re prone to meet a variety of up-and-coming SEs who might turn out to be good mates and useful connections in a while

Drawbacks When determining whether to show a course, the most important factor to consider is whether to create your own course and distribution platform or stick with existing ones. Obviously, creating your own is a lot of work. Furthermore, if you do not already have a large audience, you will need to undertake your own advertising and marketing. On the other hand, if you use a platform, they will take a portion of your earnings and you will have to operate within their boundaries and restrictions.

Examples Erik Dietrich founded Pluralsight programmes, which he says “earned me a lot of money and gave me a lot of power over the years.” You can also use Udemy or to distribute your programmes. “You can just design the course using those and leave distribution, marketing, and sales to them,” Dietrich writes. “It’s helpful when you’re just starting started and don’t have an audience.” You may take it to the next level once you’ve established yourself.” If you want to roll your own, you may use sites like Gumroad or Patreon to sell it.

They also take a cut, but it’s much smaller and you have a lot more options. There’s also the option of creating your own YouTube channel at any time. Advertisement revenue and promoting programmes, group membership, and ebooks are all ways to monetize a YouTube presence. Whatever option you take, try to get each participant’s email address so you can later send them information about other programmes, white papers, or ebooks.

3. Automate your pastime

You might be able to mix the abilities you employ on your day job with what you’re keen on doing within the evenings and weekends and make a little bit money when you’re at it. Benefits

  • A side hustle exterior your skilled space of experience completely avoids potential issues round battle of curiosity and non-competes
  • Doing one thing very totally different out of your day job will help you de-stress and supply an outlet on your creativity
  • Getting out of the SE world will help you meet folks you in any other case wouldn’t come into contact with


  • It’s typically going to be tougher to make the identical sum of money doing one thing you’re keen on as you’d make with freelance work that resembles you’re already getting paid to do however on the side, particularly at first


  • If you’re keen on making visible artwork, strive turning it into NFTs
  • If you like to cook dinner, you could possibly create an algorithm that finds recipes primarily based in your dietary restrictions or taste preferences
  • Software Engineer Manuel Odendahl makes and publishes music with machines, a few of which run on his personal code. “I hope to get a few regular gigs once that is possible again,” Odendahl informed me. “I’m at the beginning of my ‘career,’ but it’s going decently.”

4. Blogging + affiliate advertising and marketing

Blogging and freelance writing affords most of the similar advantages as course creation, together with establishing material experience and networking together with your friends. Benefits

  • Like making a course, running a blog helps set up your experience in your material
  • Monetizing by affiliate hyperlinks affords is that it may be much more profitable and scalable than course charges
  • You can weblog about any matter, even when it has nothing to do with software program engineering


  • It can take a long time to build up an viewers large enough to usher in important income
  • Managing affiliate relationships may be time-consuming
  • Only utilizing Amazon is simpler, however typically much less worthwhile


  • Erik Dietrich monetizes his weblog with Amazon affiliate advertising and marketing

5. Get out of tech completely

The advantages of utilizing your SE expertise on your side hustle are many. But there’s additionally one thing to be stated for leaving work at work and doing one thing completely totally different in your off hours, particularly should you can rake in a bit of money on the similar time. Benefits

  • Learn completely new expertise that may translate into higher job efficiency
  • Meet new folks you wouldn’t in any other case meet
  • You’ll be extra fascinating at events


  • Usually the pay is decrease for non-tech side hustles
  • You’ll usually need to study a very new talent set

Examples One Software Engineer moonlights as a sq. dance caller. “Not a thing anyone does for the money, but it has led to some interesting stories and I’ve got friends in a lot of faraway places,” they tweeted. “Gets me out of my introvert-shell. I’m a lot better at presentations than I otherwise would’ve been.” This similar Engineer can be a veterinarian on the side. He stop tech to go to vet faculty, however found it was too low-pay to do full-time. “Now I can do relief vet work (“substitute” when a clinic is shorthanded) or volunteer (e.g. pets of the homeless). Yay!”

Best Side Hustles For Engineers

These side hustles have been picked with two factors in consideration:

  1. They can probably make it easier to build higher talent units
  2. They generate income

The objective is to build a side hustle that may sustain with (if not exceed) your hourly rate together with your day job. Each is confirmed to generate income, should you perceive the system and implement appropriately.

Freelance CAD Side Hustle

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is whenever you use software program to create designs. Any enterprise trying to build one thing wants to make use of CAD, and it’s an excellent profitable side hustle for engineers should you haven’t already began doing this. There are so many makes use of for CAD, together with totally different specialties you possibly can pick. Things like:

  • Residential building design
  • Product design
  • Augmented actuality
  • Virtual actuality
  • Circuit boards
  • And a lot extra…

You can usually earn between $20-$25 per hour and as a freelancer you only must tackle the tasks that you simply discover fascinating, or enhance your talent set. Speaking of expertise, listed here are the top expertise wanted to get began with CAD:

  • Math – you need to love numbers. CAD is all about angles, distances, and geometry.
  • Software Knowledge – you should have the ability to work in a number of totally different software program programs.
  • Creativity – you’re going to be designing, which implies it’s good to suppose the exterior the field.

It’s vital to notice – should you don’t have a lot expertise with CAD, you shouldn’t be doing large tasks. Realistically, you are able to do them for small companies who need easy products rendered or drawn. That doesn’t imply it can’t be a worthwhile enterprise, or an distinctive technique to study a brand new talent whereas getting paid. If you’re curious get your begin – you possibly can go to web sites like Upwork the place you’ll achieve entry to folks searching for CAD designers. Here’s a fast take a look at folks doing that proper now… As you possibly can see – they’re charging well over $50 per hour for his or her work. With lots of them within the $100k+ incomes bracket. Seems like a reasonably fascinating gig!

3D Printing Side Hustle

This one is, without a doubt, cool. 3D printing is a method of creating three-dimensional objects by layering materials (typically plastic like ABS or PLA filament). And it’s possible to do so in a short amount of time (often under 24 hours). I first learned about 3D printing when it became a contentious topic in the firearms industry. Essentially, anyone can create (with CAD, no less!) plastic weapons that are entirely capable of dealing with the explosiveness of gunpowder. Isn’t it a little strange? What’s even more mind-boggling is how inexpensive a 3D printer is. In most cases, a high-quality home printer costs between $600-$1,000. Then there’s the “ink,” which is often quite pricey. With a 3D printer, you can create almost anything. The key is to have the right design. Here are a couple more ideas to get you started:

  • Wall mounts
  • Jewelry
  • Coasters
  • Mugs
  • Toys
  • Clocks
  • Video Game Control Grips
  • Utensils
  • Bottle Openers
  • Coat Hangers
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Anything your creativeness can consider…
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It’s a profitable enterprise to be in if you could find the correct product demand. That means testing a variety of concepts to see what works. The concept is to create these things after which promote them on Etsy for a good revenue margin (suppose 25%+).

Woodworking Side Hustle

Woodworking is an excellent place to start if you want to do anything that involves engineering and design while still making money. Consider spending your free time in a peaceful and charming shop, painstakingly shaping and sanding your next piece of personalised wooden artwork. It’s a peaceful but very satisfying experience, especially for those of you who want to think deeply.

Furthermore, you can sell your personalised items on Etsy for at least a 30% profit margin. According to my research and conversations with woodworkers, it’s a fantastic side job that can help you supplement your income. You only need to devote roughly 10-15 hours of your time per week to this hobby. It’s highly recommended that you start with YouTube and work your way up from there. To acquire a better understanding of the foundations, watch this video… Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Toys for teenagers – a variety of dad and mom don’t need youngsters taking part in with plastic due to toxins.
  • Wooden coat racks – helps create extra space for storing.
  • Wooden presents – as a result of giving a customized reward is superior.
  • Picture frames – to border these loving recollections in type.
  • Shadow Boxes – principally image frames, however approach cooler and often for belongings you don’t need mud to get on.

Drones Side Hustle

Drones. Are. Dope. But for actual. They’re tremendous cool to play with, and you’ll truly make $2,000+ flying drones half time. How? Glad you requested! Here’s the top methods to create a little bit further revenue with a drone:

Sell Aerial Video & Photos

There’s a gradual demand for aerial footage with many firms like Getty, Pond5, and Shutterstock paying royalties for high high quality drone movie. You may even promote your footage to a number of websites without delay to extend your odds of earning profits. Here are the top niches to get began:

  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Lifestyle
  • Leisure
  • Animals
  • Food

Survey Land

Large companies want land surveyed earlier than doing development. From wildfires to livestock, there are a ton of choices for you!

Remote Sensing

You can connect sensory units to drones so as to add one other layer to surveying land. Technology like Lidar can be utilized on a drone to measure distance, together with organic sensors to detect air air pollution.

Real Estate Photos & Inspections

This is probably the most used technique for earning profits with a drone. Just understand it’s a crowded area crammed with competitors. Why do realtors want drones? Because drones can get entry to parts of the home a realtor can’t see, plus it makes for some fairly cool footage! For occasion, earlier than you buy a home it’s good to run inspections. A drone can see issues like:

  • Water injury
  • Roof injury
  • Insulation fraying
  • Gutter points
  • And rather more…

There’s many different makes use of to a drone, however evidently it’s a rising and really fascinating market. Expect to spend about $4,000 all in on the gear and drone itself (plus FAA license if flying commercially). Realistically you may make this again inside 2 months of getting the gear!

Freelance Programing Side Hustle

Web design goes to be round for a long time. Do you anticipate the internet going away? giphy Me both. Because of your math background, the syntax will likely be tremendous easy to know. Here’s a fast take a look at the duties:

  • Write web pages with a mixture of markup languages.
  • Create high quality mockups and prototypes.
  • Build a WordPress web site from scratch.
  • Understand HTML and CMS.
  • Understand UI, UX and studying usability.
  • Develop purposeful and interesting web sites and web-based purposes.
  • Provide web site upkeep and enhancements.

Want to know the sort of cash you may make freelancing? That got here from a really fast search on Upwork. There’s much more folks, and virtually all of them are making $3,000-$6,000 per thirty days. Side Note: there’s a lot enterprise on the market it’s ridiculous. You’ll have sufficient tasks to maintain you busy for a long time, particularly as a component time developer.

Tutoring Side Hustle

Tutoring rocks since you don’t must grade any papers. Plus, you receives a commission $30-$75 per hour, particularly for superior topics in math and engineering (which you already know…). You can go to your area people faculty or high faculty and so they’ll shortly settle for your assist. It offers you an opportunity to fulfill folks, keep sharp with the basics, and generate income. Sounds like a profitable guess in my eyes.


Flip iPhones Side Hustle

There’s most likely no person on the planet higher fitted to fixing a damaged iPhone than an engineer. You principally already perceive the interior workings of the telephone, or at the very least the foundational information to do some injury. And… It’s an absolute ache getting them fastened (cough, cough, Apple) Which is nice information for you. Why? Because of a pair causes, however primarily:

  • After gross sales help sucks – virtually like they need you to purchase a brand new telephone.
  • People need their knowledge – as a result of they by no means again up their information.

All this implies your buyer will come to you principally begging to get their telephone fastened. Read my article on beginning a cell phone business if you wish to dive deeper.

Niche Blog Side Hustle

Engineers are an excellent choice for bloggers. Because you’re so nice about it. You already know that winning requires strategies, and a blog is nothing more than a content creation system. I’m advocating this because starting a blog was the first way I was able to earn money online, and it’s something I always encourage to people who are just starting out with a side hustle. It’s an excellent way to dip your toes into the water of content material creation. Blogging has a lot of potential for generating cash, but be aware that it takes time. Although, if you know what you’re doing, you can drastically reduce the expansion. To demonstrate, here’s a quick screengrab from one of my area of interest blogs:

If I can do it, you definitely can. But, like I stated… It takes critical time and dedication. You can’t simply create a pair posts, after which go away it hoping folks hyperlink to it. Nope. You need to put within the work to get the result. There’s no approach you possibly can skip paying the tax of success. Here’s a fast information that can assist you get began: Let’s say you’re a pet lover. And you’re particularly keen on bearded dragons. (Don’t chortle! Here’s a screenshot of the google developments for bearded dragons.) So… With this in thoughts, you resolve to pick your matter (bearded dragons) and also you’re going to do some key phrase analysis to seek out out what matters to write down about. Here’s a fast take a look at what the key phrase analysis will present you: Now you could have an entire bunch of content material concepts to write down about. You now want to finish two issues to get observed by Google:

  • Create Content
  • Build Links

Keep doing this, and Google will ultimately provide you with love the place you possibly can then begin earning profits by placing affiliate hyperlinks and different monetization methods in place (perhaps even e-commerce).

Reasons to tackle gig work

The majority of engineers work as full-time salaried employees or as long-term project contractors. For these professions, moonlighting (as long as it doesn’t cause a conflict of interest with their employment) can be beneficial in two ways. For starters, taking on gig work that requires you to apply your technological abilities and knowledge can significantly increase your portfolio of activities – and in less time than if you solely performed your day job. To put it another way, adding extra responsibilities to your resume can help you improve your career.

Second, taking on micro-projects allows you to put abilities to use that you might not use in your regular employment. This will not only keep you well-rounded, but it will also provide you insight into your personal preferences for the types of employment you enjoy. It may even encourage you to follow your career in a different course than the one you’re currently on in some circumstances.

What is a good side job for an engineer?

Side jobs for engineers have been growing in reputation over the previous few years. A side job for an engineer may embrace:

  • Data scientist
  • Consultant
  • Software developer

A side job may be an effective way to maintain your engineering expertise contemporary, introduce your self to new areas of expertise that you could be not have had expertise with earlier than or arrange one thing extra fascinating and complicated. Engineering is a area that may be tough to interrupt into. But with the correct side job, you would possibly discover your approach in after which put your engineering expertise to good use! Check out these side professions the place you could possibly make some further money without a lot dedication.

Side Hustles for Engineers

1. Become an app tester

Becoming an app tester is a side hustle for engineers that doesn’t require any information of complicated engineering expertise. All it’s good to do is obtain the app in your telephone and use it as should you’re utilizing it usually. The company pays you between $15-25/hour, relying on how usually they rent testers. Some firms that rent app testers embrace :

  • Google
  • Userlytics
  • Applause: side hustles for engineers to do testing in cellular, web and TV purposes. The have each in home and remote positions out there for engineers.

The draw back is the app testers might not have a variety of control over what they’re testing. However, with such an easy side job that anybody can take up and make more money half time. You get to check out new apps and ensure they work and receives a commission.

2. Work as a guide for engineering tasks

Becoming a guide for engineering tasks generally is a side job for engineers. If you could have the experience and curiosity in a single space, consulting may not take up an excessive amount of of your time—particularly if it’s one thing you take pleasure in doing already! Consulting jobs may embrace something from writing experiences to overseeing challenge administration on-site at development websites.

3. Make further revenue tutoring

Get concerned within the STEM area. You’re a math whiz and also you can’t appear to seek out individuals who respect your expertise? Offer tutoring providers. This is an easy side job that pays nice! You’ll have the flexibleness of setting your personal hours so it’s good in order for you some further revenue along with a day job or are simply searching for a side hustle to remain busy.

4. Freelance writing

You have already got the abilities and experience as an engineer. Why not faucet into your inventive juices and write write about engineering matters. There are a variety of firms that will respect a well written engineering article. You also can turn out to be a contract reporter, have your personal column in a publication that focuses on engineering. This is a good side hustle for engineers taking a look at earning profits of their free time.

5. Become a Software Engineer

Software improvement side hustles usually require some programming information earlier than you begin engaged on side jobs Lots of people that need to be software program engineers don’t have the time or cash to travel from a standard faculty. Instead, they’ll study on-line at no cost with websites like and Once you could have the abilities, begin searching for alternatives on platforms similar to Upwork and begin earning profits on the side.

6. Start a YouTube Channel

While there are thousands and thousands of YouTube channels on the market, you possibly can nonetheless curve out a distinct segment for your self within the engineering sector. Whether you do tutorials, hands-on experiments or reviews of engineering tools and apps, there are many methods for engineers to share their information. This might not earn you further money immediately like the opposite choices. However, should you put within the work and keep constant, you’ll begin to see the outcomes. If you aren’t camera shy, that is nice side hustle.

7. Create Online Courses

If you don’t need to tutor younger youngsters and assist them with their math and science homework, however nonetheless need to do tutoring on the side, think about creating programs. Choose no matter matter you’re good at, create a course and add it on websites like Udemy, Teacheable or Skillshare. Initially this can be an lively revenue as you’re busy creating the programs, however with time you are able to do it half time and switch it right into a passive revenue concept.

8. Become an Affiliate

Affiliate advertising and marketing is a side job for engineers the place you earn commissions by promoting different folks’s products. The best half is that there are a great deal of affiliate programs on the market, so your choices are virtually countless when it comes to what to promote and the way a lot cash you may make. A primary define of the method:

  • Find the product or service on supply.
  • Get in touch with the company and signal as much as their affiliate program.
  • Promote the product or service in your weblog, social media accounts and in every other approach you possibly can consider.
  • Earn fee when someone buys that individual company’s products by your affiliate hyperlinks.

It’s a side job for engineers with nice incomes potential and it doesn’t take a lot time to get began.

9. Create Mobile Apps

You can design and make apps that folks use on their telephones. This side job for engineers is an effective way to maintain your expertise updated with the newest improvements in software program engineering, as well as giving you a chance to work from anyplace you need. If you could have the information however lack resources to create your personal cellular app , you too can earn side cash by serving to different app builders by consulting or beta testing.

10. Part time repairman

Another good side hustle for engineers is to restore issues. If you’re {an electrical} engineer, simply make a side enterprise the place you repair televisions or different dwelling home equipment. If you’re an automotive engineer, strive being a side-gig car mechanic or fixing transmissions for folks. If you’re a software program engineer, think about fixing folks’s computer systems as a side hustle. Engineers may be handymen to the world!

11. Part time CAD specialist

Do you could have a knack for CAD design? Is it your ardour in life? If so, there are many side jobs in the marketplace simply ready available! One such side job is as a component time CAD specialist. This place might require you to tackle multiple side job without delay. There are so some ways to make use of your CAD expertise similar to serving to in designing somebody’s kitchen or storage.

12. Product Design Consultant

Are you an engineer who has the power to know how products work? Does determining how they operate curiosity you? If so, this side job is likely to be good for you! A product design guide’s main accountability is to evaluate the standard of an item’s design and counsel enhancements.

13. Contract Engineer

This side job may not be for you if being onsite with a shopper all day feels like an excessive amount of work! Contract engineers are employed by companies or authorities entities once they want experience in engineering however don’t have it internally, this is among the best side hustles particularly should you love touring.

14. Sell your Engineering Notes

Going by engineering faculty and passing your exams is not any small match. Maybe you didn’t have the notes and onerous time getting ready for exams as you needed to collect the notes your self. You wished for a magical wand that by no means occurred on the time. Why not be the fairy god mom to another person by sharing your notes? After all, they’re tried and examined already. If you promote your previous engineering textbooks and handouts on-line or on the native faculty’s e-book retailer, it would assist each side of the equation. It will make it easier to eliminate them, and it’ll additionally put a serious dent in your tuition charges as well! If side jobs for engineers is what you dream about on a regular basis, this should be on top of your list. You can earn some good side revenue by promoting engineering notes on-line or in school bookstores.

15. Become an search engine marketing Consultant for Engineering Companies

Engineering firms additionally need to be discovered on-line by searches. If you haven’t, take some Search Engine Optimization programs and marry your expertise together with your engineering experience. This combo will certainly set you aside and provide you with a aggressive edge out of your friends. List your providers on freelance platforms and begin earning profits.

16. Self Publish a Book

If you’ve mastered a selected matter in engineering and you’re keen on writing, think about publishing a e-book or an eBook. Publish on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Create Space. You also can publish by a standard publishing home, however the royalties will likely be smaller and also you’ll must get an agent first. It’s nonetheless fairly easy to self-publish your e-book on Kindle Direct Publishing if you know the way to format it. Many self revealed authors make a dwelling from their books. For some it’s sufficient to live on, for others side hustles are wanted together with e-book gross sales. The benefits of being your personal boss and incomes cash by publishing will not be restricted to writing – there are lots of different methods inventive folks can earn an revenue by self publishing a e-book .

17. Creating and promoting small batch products

If you resolve to suppose exterior the field , side jobs for engineers is likely to be an ideal match. If you take pleasure in making small-batch products and promoting them on-line, strive side hustles like creating boutique products and promoting them on to customers. Leverage your expertise and when you have a knack for design, you could possibly strive 3D printing and take a look at on-line retailers that allow you to promote your craft.

FAQ – Side Hustles For Engineers

What are some profitable side jobs for engineers?

Working as a consultant for engineering projects is a great side gig for engineers. This makes use of your primary engineering talents and even aids in resume building. Writing technical articles with affiliate links for a personal blog is a common task for freelance engineers. Online passive income generation through affiliate marketing is simple.

Should I establish a side business?

If you have additional time and a skill set that is in demand, starting a side business is an excellent idea. It can assist you in making improvements to your current way of life, paying off debt, or going on a dream vacation.

If I work as an engineer full-time, may I start a side business?

You can, indeed! You can work your side business in your spare time, outside of your usual working hours, whether you are a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, or software engineer. For instance, if you have a typical 9 to 5 job during the week, you could devote a few hours each evening or weekend to your side business.

Where can I locate a side job?

Consider signing up on freelance websites like Tasker, Upwork, or Fiverr if you are an engineer. You might launch a course on Udemy, provide tutoring sessions on Wyzant, or develop your own instructional YouTube channel if you want to earn extra money by teaching others about engineering.


Summing things up – Side Hustles For Engineers

Whether you’re looking for a way to make a few extra cash on the side or for something that you can really get your teeth into, here are some suggestions for you. Make sure you choose a side hustle that fits your goals, abilities, and skills, as well as the amount of time you have available.

In any case, I want to express my gratitude for your attention and time while you read this essay. I really hope that at least one of these 22 side hustles for engineers will be the one that gets the ball rolling for you. If you believe your colleagues might benefit from reading this post, please feel free to forward it to them. I can’t express how grateful I am!

I wish you the very best of luck.


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