Social Media Trends

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Social Media Trends to Prepare for in 2023

With more than half of the world’s population using social media, it is obvious marketers would be coming up with new and innovative techniques to market their business on social media. With the increasing use of social media, it is only going to continue. In this blog, we will cover the most important trends that might come in handy for your brand in the next year. Marketing on social media is the best technique to reach a massive audience. With the new and innovative features tapping into social media helps empower brands with new opportunities and possibilities to grow their businesses and strengthen their marketing efforts. Here are some upcoming trends that might come in handy in 2023. Capitalize on the ever-growing social media platforms, and create meaningful touchpoints with potential clients and existing customers.

Social Media Trends

Upcoming trends to prepare for in 2023

Here are some upcoming trends of 2023 that brands can prepare for. One trend that is consistently gaining popularity is embedding social media feeds on the website. Social media aggregator platforms like Taggbox that aggregate social media feeds from more than 20 different platforms including Google, Facebook, instagram, TikTok, etc., and represent them in a unified format, that can be embedded on the website effortlessly, are becoming famous. Let’s discuss these and some more trends now.

Social media aggregators

Social media aggregators are trending these days, however, they are expected to grow in the next year. These platforms are equipped with many features that offer digital solutions to help you in aggregating social media feeds from over 20 platforms and showcase them in a unified presentation format. They come with customization features where you can change the background, edit the font, card style, etc. You can also add a CTA button, banner, or an on-site UGC uploads feature.

You can also add additional CSS to the widget with the custom CSS feature You can eliminate sensitive, irrelevant, and inappropriate content from the website using the moderation panel and display only relevant and valuable content to your visitors. You can get UGC rights from content owners and repurpose UGC on various touchpoints ethically. The analytics panel comes with sentiment analysis and provides you detailed insights about your visitors like the no. of impressions, no. of visits, click-through rate, etc. Apart from all this, they generate a compatible HTML code, simply paste this code into your website backend and you are good to go!

Influencer marketing

There was a time when brands used to simply click photos of their solutions and post them online, those days are long gone. Influencer marketing is the new forefront of social media. People rely on their recommendations and trust their reviews, influencers post genuine videos, reels, etc. on social media about a product or service. When you get into influencer marketing you are not just portraying a positive brand image but reaching out to millions of people including the influencer’s followers. With the surge of Gen Z users, personal identity has become trending and a new way to sell online. Brands have seen a 93% increase in their user engagement when they partner with influencers who post content around their niche.

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Social Media Trends

Short videos and bit-size content

With the introduction of reels, YouTube shorts, and stories, the sort video concept has become a popular social media trend. However, the credit goes to TikTok for bringing this trend and allowing users to become more creative and use innovative approaches to deliver quality, professional, and unique content. These bit-size content and short videos are stimulating and addictive, one-minute users are scrolling through videos, and the next thing you know an hour or two have passed without even realizing it. These short videos are not just addictive but relatable as well. These videos have changed the way marketers promote their products and market their brands.

User-generated content

Brands are increasingly leveraging user-generated content (What is UGC) from social media to their website and other touchpoints. This improves their brand exposure and value proposition. UGC is highly authentic as it comes from existing customers who have real-life experiences with the brand. They can be in the form of photos, text, videos, audio, etc. that are uploaded on Google, Yelp, social media platforms, etc. Many brands take full advantage of UGC and embed it on their website, emailers, etc. to boost their user engagement and conversion rates.

Augmented reality

Have you seen an Instagram filter where you are in a Ferrari showroom, in a luxurious car, or see furniture in your space? This is augmented reality (AR), this feature allows brands to give a virtual experience to their users about how their products would look when it arrives. Users spend around 75 seconds engaging with such filters, making this an advancement in your engagement technique and improving the user experience. This blurs the fine line between virtual and real-life than imagined. AR is the future and is likely to become an integral part of social media marketing.

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Social commerce

Social commerce is a fairly new concept that combines social media and eCommerce websites. With the increasing popularity of online shopping, social media platforms are transforming themselves into virtual shopping outlets. Social commerce buyers are likely to increase by 100 million in the next year. You can add shoppable galleries to your feed and allow your users to jump up in the sales funnel by offering them an easy check-out option directly from the social app.

They no longer need to redirect to the website to make payment, they can now pay without shuffling between the website and the platform. You can then embed these shoppable galleries on your website to enhance user engagement, offer them a seamless website experience, and increase the website’s vibrancy and visual appeal, eventually contributing to improved conversion rates.

Wrapping up!

Social media is expected to reign over Millenials for a long period of time and maintain its upward trajectory. The growing user base and their engagement will work as fuel to social commerce and lead generation for brands. Social media giants will only thrive and accelerate their technological advancements. Keeping yourself updated and understanding the transformation is a crucial part of social media success for brands and businesses.

This blog discusses all the major trends that might be helpful in the coming year, and if we play our cards right we can surely come up and execute some brilliant, effective, and efficient marketing strategies to transform your business vision into reality.

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