The most effective method To Start a Blog – Beginner’s Guide for 2019

An Extremely Straightforward GUIDE ON HOW YOU CAN Make YOUR Very own BLOG TODAY IN Only 30 MINUTES.

In following guide I will make it possible for you to prepare your first blogging website live in just 15 minutes. I began my first blog in 2005 and it totally changed myself.

My name is Kami and I using writing blogs as my fundamental earning for as far back as fifteen years. I’ll demonstrate to you the correct methods & procedures that I’ve utilized for both myself and my most customers, whether you’re eighteen or eighty I will explain in truly basic and clear terms. In this simple guide no specialized language is used that may seem difficult for you.

If however if you still stuck anywhere in this guide, you don’t need to hesitate to contact me any time. You can get in touch with me here. I will hit you back in 24 hours, I guarantee!

In this tutorial I will go through precisely what you have to do to setup your own blogger website. You may also like to save this page in the event that you are intending to begin a blog when you have some additional time.

So as to Start A New Blogger website you should work through following 5 basic steps:

  • Pick a Blogger Platform (CMS)

  • Pick Your Blog’s Name and Domain

  • Install The WordPress CMS on Your Hosting Server

  • Choose the Template for Your Blog

  • Launch Your Frist Blog


Pick a Blogger Platform (CMS)

A Content Management System (or CMS) is a platform where you’ll write, design, and publish your blogger posts. A decent CMS is anything but difficult to utilize, let’s you organize your content, upload images and videos, and have control over how your entire Blogger website looks using custom themes.

There are various open source CMS’s which most hosting service providers provide to be used with your Blogger website.

Following are few famous Blogger software’s:

WordPress – It’s the very well known and adaptable (CMS) on the planet.
Joomla – another genuinely well known CMS however it is difficult to learn and adapt.
Drupal – is very well known however is troublesome for learners.
Blogger – a free blogging CMS from Google Company.
Ghost – is another blogging CMS that is making a great deal over internet.

Now, one thing you need to be careful of is that WordPress comes in two very different platforms. and They have startup name, but there are major differences between the two platforms:

wordpress is free to use
Doesn’t let you pick a custom domain name (i.e.
Has very limited monetization options.
Doesn’t let you upload plugins
Has limited theme support so you’re stuck with very basic theme elements
You have to pay fee to remove WordPress branding from your Blogger website
Very Limited SEO and Analytics options

Fully customizable design options, unlimited plugin support, and no branding of any kind
Total control over how you monetization your Blogger website.
Powerful SEO features (so people can find your Blogger website easily over the internet)
Let’s you start or add an eCommerce store or membership site such as (woo Commerce)
Small monthly fee for Blogger website (approx. $30 – $200/ per year + hosting)

Why You SHOULD NOT Start A New Blogger website on A Free Hosting Website

Clearly and basically I will never advice somebody who needs to begin a blog to utilize a free website for example, Blogger or While there is no too much technical knowledge involve to publish your Blogger website or any fee for this, there are bunch of concerns which could cost you more over the long run. In the event that you can, you should always go for to host your Blogger website.
No customization of any kind

Use of free themes and features are extremely limited. What’s more, if by chance that you need to alter your free topic to from the web, you can’t do this on (free version of WordPress)

Most free blogging CMS’s won’t enable you to put any affiliate links or Ads on your Blogger website. So how can you profit from the traffic that you have being hard to build? Simply : No Chance.
Numerous Limitations

The free blogging CMS’s give you next to no as far as web space. You may get 10GB in case you’re lucky. For the present sites this is sufficiently not when you consider uploading pictures and videos to your Blogger website.

Straightforward. Try not to go for making a free blog, since it will limit you at each stage.

Paying for web hosting for your blog isn’t very expensive and can cost as little as around $3 every month for extremely basic facilitating bundles. Having a solid web host will mean that you can backup/recover your Blogger website for any reason and at any time you want to.

Well in the first place my site is based on WordPress, and over 40% of all blogs and websites on the web use WordPress.

In the course of recent years I have worked with the majority of the notable blogging CMS’s yet I highly recommend WordPress for blogging beginners because of the incredible support via forums and ease of convenience.
It’s INSANELY easy to set up.

You will see exactly how simple is this in How To Start A Blog guide.
So natural to utilize.

Dealing with your blog, including content, including pictures, revising substance and a whole lot more should be possible without breaking a sweat in WordPress. The CMS has a greatly instinctive interface so including new pages, blog entries, and so on should be possible rapidly. Out of the box WordPress ticks the vast majority of the boxes you will required for your new blog and in the event that it doesn’t there is most likely a module out there for you.
Blogging is at the core of WordPress.

WordPress was structured and worked for bloggers as a blogging CMS so all the blogging abilities and usefulness are as of now inherent and hanging tight for you. On the off chance that you need to set up an email memberships to your blog, this can be included by means of a module in not more than seconds. That is the extraordinary thing about WordPress, you can truly set your blog up and distribute your first blog in merely minutes.
Add up to control.

With WordPress, you have full control power over your site. There’s no sitting tight for a website developer or designer to revise your blog. You can login to your dashboard and make changes yourself in no time.
WordPress is secure.

For whatever length of time that you keep your WordPress CMS and modules updated with the most recent version, and using best practices to secure your blog, at that point WordPress is a damn secure place to have your site. WordPress update their product all the time to ensure that it keeps on being secure and avoiding hackers at all costs.
Outstanding Support and Dynamic Community

The WordPress people community is huge, dynamic and dependably will to assist. Check out their support forums to see just how good it is.


Picking A Domain Name For Your Blog and Setting Up Your Hosting

To set up a blog you will require a domain name and web-hosting. If you are new to starting a blog, I recommend that you register your domain name and hosting account.

Domain Name: This is your site address e.g. the domain name for this website is Try to pick something short and engaging for your blog that will be easily remembered. I endorse that you stick to .com space names if at all possible a similar number of the new domain names aren’t as easy to see.

Web Hosting: This is the place your blog is save on the web. There are lots of different hosting companies out there which offer different packages which suit your needs and for variety of purposes. The WordPress CMS is free but you have to pay around $3-4 consistently for your Web Hosting and Domain charges.
The Best Place To Buy Your Blog’s Domain And Hosting.

I personally use and can highly recommend using to start a blog because of their simple installation process, great customer service & reliability. They’re also recommended by as a top host since 2005.

Affiliate disclaimer: I recommend because I use them on a lot of websites that I own or have built for clients. I also truly believe they offer a superior service to other hosting companies. All links on this page are affiliate links which means that I will get commission if you buy hosting with HostGator via one of my links. This helps me to run and keep all the guides on this site free to use and share.

Over the years, I’ve tried dozens of different WordPress Hosting providers, so I suppose you can call me an “expert” at choosing the hosting for my blogs.

Once you have decided on which web hosting company to work with you will need to install WordPress on your account.

Remember: If you’re unhappy with your purchase within 30 days, they will give you your money back.

When you sign up for hosting with there are some additional services they offer. Domain Privacy Protection means that people won’t be able to see the name, address and contact details of who owns the blog, if you’re happy for people to know who owns the blog then you can deselect this and save yourself about $10 per year.

Starting A WordPress Blog On

You can get high quality hosting from for a crazy cheap price of just $2.75/mo

For new bloggers looking to grow their sites, I recommend going for the HostGator WordPress Cloud Hosting for $5.95 per month, as you get a lot more unlimited features. This is ideal if you plan to scale up your blog in the future or host more than one website.

Normally the Plus Plan hosting package would cost you $10.99 p/m, so jump on this deal now while it’s still available.

Remember that you can always start off with the basic plan and upgrade whenever you feel you need more features.

Here’s what you get for $5.95 per month with the HostGator WordPress Cloud Hosting Plan:

Monthly Average Site Traffic 100,000
Relative Compute Power 2x
100% Free Migration Up To 1 sites Yes
Automated Daily Database Backups Including File-Level Restore 1 GB
Automatic Malware Removal Free
Storage Space Unmetered
Google Adwords Credit $100
Free SSL for your website
Fast & reliable web hosting
One-click Install and 24/7 email and Telephone support.

Click on the “Buy Now” button to start the process of creating your very own blogger website with standard Plan .

WordPress Cloud Hosting

Next you’ll need to select the right plan for you and your blog. I recommend standard Plan. You can start off with standard plan and later if you like to upgrade anytime you can do it for your blogger website.

WordPress Cloud Hosting

Once you’ve selected your plan and activate the plan, You should then get an email from with all your record and login details.

Then you can login and you’ll see following page


Installing WordPress On Your Hosting Server

It will probably take about 10 minutes for server to load WordPress page on to your hosting server account. Once WordPress is loaded you can then login to WordPress Dash Board with the login and password that has been setup during installation.


Picking a WordPress Theme

Since now your WordPress blogger website is created you have to include a WordPress theme that has the majority of the functions that you require, a WordPress theme is a pre-structured layout which you can modify. At the present time you have a choice either to run with a free or a paid one theme. There are obviously pro’s and con’s so it comes down to your personal choice.

Following are some famous sites where you can find good templates for WordPress:




WordPress Library

While picking your theme you need to make sure it meets your objectives. For instance, in the event that you are creating an expert blog, you will need a formal clean design.

If you want to have a self-hosted WordPress site like I proposed, you’ll have actually a large number of free and paid themes choices available to you. Besides, when you purchase a theme like the one I use for my blog here, Avada, you’ll own it and get every one of the advantages of excellent support and customization alternatives that accompany premium WordPress themes.

In any case, in case you’re utilizing a free blogging CMS, you’re restricted in the theme and design customization. I now assume that we’re working with a self-hosted WordPress blogger website (like mine).


Fire Up Your Blogger website

Make sure you fill in the name and tagline for your new Blogger website.

Congratulations you have now taken the first steps to starting your new blog!

How to make money from a blog?

There’s many individuals out there profiting from blogging. The motivation behind why these individuals are profiting from their sites is on the grounds that they have never surrendered, and they have picked their niche very wisely.

If you want to learn more then read my guide to on how to make money with blogging or my post on making money online.