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5 Best Store Customization Plugins to Improve User Engagement

WooCommerce is loved by millions of WordPress users. In 2024, it had a market share of 62.8%, ten times higher than its closest competitor, Shopify.

It is popular because of the user-friendly interface and the fact that it is free of charge. Starting a business with WordPress is easy for even an amateur.

Furthermore, WordPress has a large room for customization where you can test your creativity and stand out from your competitors.

Plus, it has a large community of developers who keep adding new plugins and add-ons to keep your store personalized. No matter the niche or industry, you have many options in plugins.

Hence, we will discuss the five best plugins that will enhance the user engagement of your website.

Let’s get started.

Ajax Pagination & Infinite Scroll

The WooCommerce Pagination and Infinite Scroll is a very useful plugin for user engagement. It has various remarkable features that make browsing more effortless and enjoyable.


  1. There are three ways to load products: Infinite scroll, Ajax-based pagination, or Load more button
  2. You can choose how many products appear first, so it’s just suitable for your site
  3. Pick the style and type of pagination you like best
  4. Add your “loading icon” to show when new products are loading so visitors know something’s happening
  5. Change where the pagination buttons and infinite scrolling appear, and even change their colors to match your site
  6. Make it easy for visitors to get back to the top of the page with the “Back to Top” button
  7. When you use the Load More button, visitors can also choose to see fewer products with the “Show Less” button
  8. Customize the Load More button’s text, background, and colors to fit your site’s look

LEO Product Recommendations:

Leo Product Recommendation is our second-best plugin for enhancing user engagement on your website. It suggests products that increase your sales.


  1. Ensures popups adapt to different screen sizes
  2. Customize popup headings and descriptions easily
  3. Set up grid layouts for recommended products
  4. Choose products manually for recommendations
  5. Apply recommendations globally across the website
  6. Customize appearance using CSS
  7. Add products to the cart without refreshing the page
  8. Works seamlessly with different product types
  9. Modify templates using theme files
  10. Compatible with single product and archive pages
  11. Integrates with popular page builders
  12. Add a button for a faster checkout process

Sassy Social Share:

Our third best plugin for user engagement is Sassy Social Share. Here are the perks that make it stand out and the best choice:


  1. Enjoy all features at zero cost
  2. Start using without creating an account
  3. Operates solely on your website server
  4. Easy configuration with helpful screenshots
  5. Customize icons freely within the plugin
  6. Icons adjust smoothly to mobile device-width
  7. Vector Icons: High-quality SVG icons for fast loading and sharp display
  8. Optimized loading time for swift performance
  9. Efficient coding for smooth operation
  10. Committed to providing top-notch quality and continuous improvement
  11. Round-the-clock assistance for all your queries and needs
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WooCommerce Whatsapp Chat:

Our 4th best plugin for increasing user engagement is WooCommerce Whatsapp Chat by FME Addons. It has many remarkable features that make it to the list of best WooCOmmerce plugins:


  1. Add WhatsApp messenger for customer chat
  2. Build an entire support team for WhatsApp
  3. Set support staff availability
  4. Predefine messages for quick responses
  5. Enable the floating button for easy access
  6. Display button on multiple store pages
  7. Show online/offline status for support
  8. Choose the widget position on the page


Our last choice for the best user engagement plugin is GamiPress, which has many extraordinary features.


  1. Configure various point types like Credits, Gems, and Coins
  2. Define different achievement types, such as Quests and Badges
  3. Set up multiple rank types like Level and Grade
  4. Easily automate points awards and deductions
  5. Establish custom requirements for unlocking achievements or ranks
  6. Apply time limits for completing specific requirements
  7. Use intuitive drag-and-drop controls for quick setup
  8. Enable social sharing of earned achievements and ranks
  9. Allow users to unlock achievements or ranks by spending points
  10. Automatically notify users of new awards via email
  11. Keep track of user activity with a flexible log system
  12. Issue open badges through integration with Badgr or Credly
  13. Utilize WordPress-friendly blocks, shortcodes, and widgets
  14. Edit shortcodes easily with the live shortcode editor
  15. Ensure compliance with GDPR for data exports and deletions
  16. Compatible with any standard WordPress theme without the need for special modifications

Tips for Getting the Best Plugin

  1. Know What You Need: Understand what you want the plugin to do.
  2. Do Your Research: Look into different plugins, read reviews, and check ratings.
  3. Check Compatibility: Make sure the plugin works with your website or software.
  4. Look for Support: Choose plugins with regular updates and helpful support.
  5. Think About User-Friendliness: Pick plugins with easy-to-use interfaces and clear instructions.
  6. Consider Future Needs: Select plugins that can grow with your website or platform.
  7. Get Recommendations: Ask for advice from others who have used similar plugins.
  8. Test Before Committing: Try out the plugin before making a final decision.

Final Words:

To summarise, these five plugins we’ve discussed can make a big difference for your website. They offer different ways to make your visitors more interested and involved in what you have to offer.

Each plugin offers something unique, whether for chatting with them, sharing content on social media, or making your site more fun.

Using these plugins, you can make your website where people want to spend more time and return.

So why not see the difference they can make for you?


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