Streaming Services – The Best Ways to Enjoy Them

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Streaming Services

Entertainment in its many forms is as old as human history itself. Although some forms such as the opera and choreographs have stood the test of time, they are not as popular as they once were.

However, drama and music have evolved with the ages, with a lot of its contents now modified to keep up with the progressive nature of today’s society.

Streaming services rising to the challenge

Streaming Services - The Best Ways to Enjoy Them

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Many investors and business owners like Netflix soon realized the potential that the movie industry has and have put a lot of money into creating, editing, and publishing new & enjoyable content for the viewers.

Financial backing has gone into the production processes and the delivery systems of movies and shows to everyday people. The development over time, from the use of cinematographers to VHS tapes and then DVDs, humanity indeed hit the jackpot with streaming services.

The earliest known streaming service was created in 2007 by Netflix – a movie rental establishment, and it started a revolution – cord-cutting, if you may, as well as an example for others to follow through.

Streaming services are all the rage now, with several hundred available in different regions of the world for a monthly fee depending on your plan and pocket size.

Here’s the information you provided in table form:

ServicePrice (ad-supported)Price (ad-free)Price (premium)Streams
Amazon Prime Video$0.00/mo. (Freevee)$8.99/mo.$14.99/mo.3
Disney+$7.99/mo.$10.99/mo.$19.99/mo. (Disney Bundle)4
Apple TV+$6.99/mo.6
Hulu$7.99/mo.$14.99/mo.$19.99/mo. (Disney Bundle)2
ESPN+$9.99/mo.$19.99/mo. (Disney Bundle)5

Successes Recorded in the Streaming Industry

Over the last 13 years of its existence, movie streaming has recorded massive success, with figures to back it up. Statistics show that in 2020 alone, US video streaming services recorded about $25 billion in revenue – a number boosted by the effects of national lockdown that year.

Today’s best streaming services are known for a wide range of options to select from via the online platform. This range of options is obtained by acquiring the licensing rights from movie and TV companies to enable the service to upload the content for their viewers.

Services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime all have what they’re known for, as Netflix has the reputation as the most popular and wide-reaching streaming service in the world. The other three provide the Best Value for US-based content, Kids shows, and original movies, respectively.

Famous streaming services are popular because of their content and the handy features in-built to ensure the customer has a satisfying experience to get their money’s worth. Some of these features may include:

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Best Features on various streaming platforms

Streaming Services - The Best Ways to Enjoy Them

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Tiered Subscription – is a feature that is common with almost every streaming service. The monthly subscriptions vary in price, depending on your financial situation and the number of people using the account.

The cheapest package is for a one-person profile, and the most expensive is for a maximum of 4 or 5 profiles, depending on the service.

 Personalized Profiles – following creating an account, the next step is to create a profile for yourself and set it up however you want. This entails letting Netflix know if you’re more into series or movies and the genre of content you prefer so that its program can recommend more in those categories to you.

Search – filtering through the catalogue of a streaming service to find something worthwhile to watch would be undoubtedly exhausting, which is where the search feature comes in.

Just as the name suggests, the feature is for bypassing content around it by inputting the name and having the program display it.

On Netflix, you can use Netflix search to filter for movies that have won major awards like Oscars or Emmys.

 Subtitles – it’s pretty amusing that a sizable number of people can’t watch movie content without subtitles. For many, subtitles allow them to enjoy the viewing experience better.

Most services come with a subtitles feature and the option of customizing it to a different font, color, and size.

 VPNs – For streaming services like Netflix with much geo-restricted content, a VPN app for Netflix would help encrypt your connection and transmit it as another, allowing you unrestricted access to previously unavailable content in your current location.

Streaming Services - The Best Ways to Enjoy Them

Extensions – although it is not available on the application or TV model yet, extensions can be added to streaming platforms via the web browser.

Extensions like Rotten Tomatoes for Netflix come in handy as the purpose is to add the rating of a particular movie or show to the display picture of the content. By doing so, subscribers in the mood for something exciting can avoid watching lowly-rated shows.

 Auto-Play – the AutoPlay feature is designed to play the next episode of a series or the corresponding sequel to a “movie series”. It allows you to enjoy uninterrupted content without lifting a finger, especially when the device or controller is not within easy reach.

Download – is one of the most basic features on a streaming platform, but arguably the best. Viewers worldwide have used the download feature to save episodes of a show or download many movies whenever in access to a fast or unlimited internet connection.

Its usefulness also extends for periods when one may not have access to a steady connection for streaming, or you want to keep the content to watch repeatedly at later times.

Credits – for some, the pre-show and post-show credits add to the overall movie experience, especially when it may contain hints or information regarding the next movie in its series, like Marvel’s “Avengers”.

On some services, it comes enabled, while it does not on others. Depending on your preference, deciding whether to use the feature would be decided at your discretion.

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Conclusion – Streaming Services 

Reports released by Netflix show that it is the most prominent and most influential streaming platform globally, with over $200 billion in market cap, 200+ million active subscribers spanning almost 200 countries around the globe.

Despite having such a degree of success, expansion is vital to keep in line with the progress already being made. The service has taken on more projects, created original content, and bought into already promising shows to deliver the best options for the subscribers to choose from.

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