Strengthen your WordPress with these Security Tips

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When your WordPress site’s security is compromised, it can cause serious damage not only to your business revenue but may also cause long-term and even permanent damage to your reputation.

Strengthen your WordPress with these Security Tips

When hackers steal sensitive information from your site visitors, for example, your users will perceive your site as not secure (rightly so) and it can be very difficult for them to start trusting your business again. Hackers can also distribute malware to your visitors and infect their devices, causing even more severe damages.

This is why security is one of, if not the most important factors determining your WordPress website’s success, and in this guide, we will discuss some of the best WordPress security tips for 2021 that you can use right away to improve your site’s security.


Let us begin.

Strengthen your WordPress with these Security Tips

1. Strengthen Your Login Credentials


First, enable password used to control access to your WP-Admin directory. With this, attackers must submit two separate passwords before they can fully access your WordPress site.

Not only do you have to ensure you are using a complex enough password to access your WP Admin dashboard, but make sure the password is unique and you haven’t used it in your other accounts.

This is so that when one of your credentials is compromised, your WordPress page can stay safe. You’ll never know if your credential is already circulating somewhere on the dark web, and hackers can easily use it in a credential stuffing attack if you are not careful.


In general:


  • Use a long enough password, at least 8 to 10 characters long
  • Don’t use digits or letters in sequence like ABC or 123 and commonly used words like a birth month, interest-based words like football club’s name, etc.
  • Use a combination of uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numbers
  • Don’t use personally identifiable information (PII) in your password like house name, full name, parent’s name, etc.


Two-Factor Authentication

Implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) is an added layer of security to your password. So, even when a hacker has successfully guessed your password (i.e. via brute force attack), they still won’t be able to access your site without this second factor. You can enable 2FA on your WordPress account with various plugins, and the second factor can be a secret question, a second password PIN, a verification code sent to your email/phone, and so on.


2. Update WordPress and Plugins Regularly


As a general rule of thumb, run updates for your WordPress and all plugins as soon as they are available, especially when the update contains security fixes (tip: always read the patch notes).


These updates are there for a reason, often to ‘patch’ security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. So, avoid compromising your whole website just because you forgot to update a plugin.


Also, make a habit of deleting any Themes and plugins you no longer use. When they are not supported by the creator, for example, they can contain vulnerabilities and may compromise your whole site.


3. Install Anti-Bot Solution

Since most of the cyber attack vectors nowadays use bots to facilitate the attack, you’ll need a proper solution in place to detect and manage malicious bot traffic on your website.


The thing is, we can’t simply block all bot activities due to two reasons:


  1. There are actually useful bots owned by reputable companies like Google (good bots) that can be beneficial for our site. We wouldn’t want to accidentally block these good bots that might affect our site’s overall performance.
  2. Sophisticated bots are getting better at hiding themselves and impersonating human-like behaviors, so if we are not careful, we may accidentally block legitimate human visitors instead.


Since many malicious bots are now using AI technologies to impersonate humanlike patterns and rotate between hundreds of user agents/IP addresses, we also need an AI-powered bot management solution that can use behavioral analysis to detect and manage malicious bots. DataDome works on autopilot, so you wouldn’t need to worry about what to do once a malicious bot activity is detected.
WordPress is taken into account as the most well-liked Content material Administration System current out there, empowering greater than 35% of complete web sites over the web. Not solely that. For those who check out the top 100 web sites on the planet, 14.7% is powered by WordPress. Simplicity is the primary purpose why the CMS (Content material Administration System) -WordPress turned well-liked among the many web-savvy customers. The rising recognition of WordPress has drawn the eye of the hackers, and now they’re working particularly within the route to assault these websites. It’s good to know that they don’t seem to be affected by the form of content material that you’re providing on the WordPress web site. This implies in case you are not taking the wanted precautions, you improve the possibilities of your web site getting hacked.

4. Set up an internet site lockdown feature

You may safe your web site from steady brute pressure makes an attempt by selecting to go for a lockdown function. Such a function is used for resolving the difficulty of occurring failed login makes an attempt. In case repetitively unsuitable passwords are used as part of a hacking try, the positioning will get locked, and you’re going to get a notification for such unauthorized makes an attempt in your web site.

Keep file editing disabled

Whereas working on to set up your WordPress web site, in your dashboard part, you may see a code editor operate. This operate can be utilized to edit your plugin and theme. You may comply with this path to entry it: Look>Editor. Going via Plugins>Editor could be one other path you may select to entry plugin editor. It is suggested that you simply disable this function as soon as the web site goes reside. The hackers can add some malicious codes into the plugin and theme in the event that they get entry to the admin panel of your WordPress web site. Such codes are so easy that you’ll not even discover any modifications in it until it’s too late.

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5. Set up SSL Certificates

Right this moment all types of internet sites can profit from Single Sockets Layer –SSL. At first, SSL was used for particular duties, solely like finishing up transactions, however issues have modified in the present day after Google acknowledged its significance. This implies the web sites which have the SSL certificates enjoys extra of a distinguished place within the search outcomes of Google. Any web site which processes delicate information appears to have SSL obligatory.

In case the SSL certificates just isn’t current, then the info transferring between your net server and the browser of the consumer might be in plain textual content. Hackers can simply learn such information. Any delicate information will get encrypted earlier than it will get moved between the server and browser when you might have an SSL certificates. Such information might be safe and might be tough to be learn.

Strengthen your WordPress with these Security Tips

The web sites have to pay the value for utilizing SSL to cross on and settle for delicate information. If you’re on the lookout for one thing free, you may go for Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates and set them up it on your website.

Make Admin & Other Usernames Unpredictable

Using a unique username may improve your web site’s safety. When you might have an easy username, potential attackers usually tend to guess the proper one. Nevertheless, a long username is tougher to guess. Additionally, it is best to all the time use totally different usernames for various accounts. In this fashion, hacking into considered one of your accounts is not going to disclose the usernames of your different accounts.

Turn off the Coding of your Site

At all times maintain the Code Editor turned off in your web site. You are able to do so out of your WordPress dashboard. This can forestall different customers of your web site to make pointless modifications, when if their ID’s are hacked.

Stopping SQL Injection

Using this method, attackers get entry to your database. You need to use this method to bypass the authentication step of requests to make use of the info server. Attackers can simply copy all the info from the database. You may keep away from this drawback by utilizing a powerful username and password. You must also change the desk prefix identify.

6. Brute Force Attacks

We had earlier caught a glimpse of brute pressure assaults and the risks that they’ll pose. It’s time to look a bit deeper and discover out extra about these harmful assaults.

What Is a Brute Force Attack?

Within the complicated world of cybercrimes, a brute pressure refers to a type of assault on a system, database, or web site the place the hacker makes use of repetitive and successive makes an attempt on the goal to extract password mixtures. Often, the hackers use a selected computer program or bot to hold out the brute pressure assault, and this explicit bot does it vigorously. It’s as if you might have a classy lock on your home’s major door, and somebody is utilizing a number of keys to get in. The one distinction is that, as an alternative of doing it personally, the particular person has employed a complicated robotic to do the job.

How Do Brute Force Attacks Work?

In lots of cases, hackers set up bots in different computer systems after which hyperlink a number of computer systems collectively to assault your system or web site. By linking programs, they get the mixed power of those programs to extend the effectiveness of the assault. However the primary idea is that the computer tries to interrupt right into a system. An important note to be made right here is that a brute pressure assault is without doubt one of the easiest strategies utilized by hackers or attackers to achieve entry to a server or web site. The primary purpose for simplicity is that many of the work is being achieved by a computer. Let’s take an instance proper right here. Think about that there’s an admin panel that has a two-digit numerical password.

If you consider the numbers zero to 9, then you might have 100 mixtures to work with. You would possibly want a while, however you may ultimately write down all these mixtures, after which enter them one after the other into the system. Now think about that the password is a three-digit password. The variety of three-digit numbers you can also make is 900. That’s a whole lot of mixtures to work with. Think about that the password is 12 digits, mixed with an alphabet (each uppercase and lowercase) and symbols. Manually it takes hundreds of years to cowl all these mixtures. With a computer, the job will get achieved approach a lot sooner.

Are You Inviting Brute Force Attacks?

Brute force attacks work in your passwords. That’s how they attempt to get entry to your system. However right here is the fact of the state of affairs: a computer has to carry out tens of millions of calculations to get the proper password. It’s not a straightforward feat. Plugging a password, checking its effectiveness, after which attempting another is a long course of, made longer by the size of the password and its content material. When you’ve got a weak password, then you’re virtually serving your web site to the hacker on a silver platter.

 What Are the Top Common Passwords?

Even this present day, you’ll be shocked by the quantity of people that use some moderately easy passwords. Here’s a checklist of generally used and straightforward to hack passwords:

● 123456

● 123456789

● qwerty

● password

● 111111

● 12345678

● abc123

● 1234567

● password1

● 12345

However wait. Wasn’t it talked about earlier that it could take the computer some time to crack open a code? In fact, it could. However in virtually each case, the computer or bot has already been fed with sure mixtures of passwords to check out first. The above checklist is simply a few of the choices that it really works with. Hackers normally have a extra intensive checklist, that includes varied easy mixtures that they’ll use.

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7. Backup Your Website

Generally, regardless of your best efforts, a hacker would possibly efficiently acquire entry to your web site. There may be not a lot you are able to do at that time. Which is why it’s all the time good to have a backup of your knowledge. That approach, even when you turn into a sufferer of a hack, you don’t must rebuild your web site all the best way from scratch. You may take over from the place you stopped utilizing the backed up files

8. Secure Hosting is a Worthy Investment

Server-side safety is an important side of preserving your web site secure from hackers. That’s why you need to pay further consideration to pick a trusted internet hosting supplier who takes your safety severely. Selecting to go forward with the internet hosting supplier who’s able to providing you a number of layers of safety is the best solution to maintain your web site safe. Relating to controlling spending, it might appear to be sensible to go along with an affordable internet hosting supplier as you’ll save sufficient cash to be spent elsewhere. Nevertheless, you need to steer clear of such temptations as they could finish you up in additional points than the great issues it could herald. Your web site URL could also be redirected to some place else, and your knowledge might get fully erased.

If you go for a top quality internet hosting company, you’ll have to pay a bit bit extra, however then, it brings on the desk some further layers of safety robotically to your web site. So it is possible for you to to extend the pace of your WordPress web site considerably by selecting the best WordPress internet hosting companies. WPEngine is without doubt one of the extremely beneficial options on this space. It presents you each day malware scans, higher safety features and around the clock assist. Once more, it comes at affordable charges internet hosting company.

  1. The most recent working system, software program, and {hardware}
  2. Backups
  3. Malware scanning
  4. DDoS safety
  5. Managed WordPress core updates, amongst different issues.
  6. Server-level firewalls


9. Secure your WordPress web site by renaming your URL

It’s fairly simple to alter the login URL. On the default situation, you may simply entry the login web page of your WordPress web site by utilizing “” or “” added to the primary URL of your web site. The hackers will attempt to brute pressure into your web site in the event that they know the direct URL of your login web page. They may make use of the GWDb(Guess Work Database) to try logins into your web site. Such a database comes with tens of millions of mixtures made utilizing totally different usernames and passwords. You’ll obtain numerous spam registrations if you settle for the customers for subscription account registrations.

To verify this factor doesn’t occur, you may provide you with a safety query on your login and registration web page or change the admin login URL It’s at this level that the usernames must be swapped with e-mail IDs after the consumer login makes an attempt have been restricted. As soon as it’s achieved, the login URL could be changed and so it can turn into attainable to cease round 99% of direct brute pressure assaults. This fashion each form of unauthorized individuals will prohibit the entry to the login web page. For login, the particular person would require to offer the precise URL.

10. Install a Security Plugin


One of the benefits of using WordPress is its huge library of plugins, including various very reliable security plugins you can use right away. So, make the most of them to protect your website.


A security plugin essentially scans your WordPress website 24/7 for any malware infection or any attempts of attack to protect your website. They can definitely be a major time-saver in detecting potential issues so you can focus on the other areas of running your website instead.


11 . Limit Login Attempts

By default, WordPress allows an unlimited number of login attempts to the WP account, and this can be a very dangerous vulnerability on your site’s security. For instance, hackers can attempt brute force attacks on your WordPress site, and with unlimited attempts, they are bound to succeed sooner or later.


So, configure your WordPress site so that only a limited number of login attempts is possible, and there are various plugins that can help you with this. If, for example, you limit only 3 login attempts before a 24-hour temporary block, then you can significantly protect your site from incoming brute force attacks.

Strengthen your WordPress with these Security Tips

12. Protect Your wp-config.php File

The wp-config.php file is one of the most vulnerable files on your WordPress site, but it’s also crucial in ensuring your site’s running properly. The file contains important data about your whole WordPress website, and when it’s compromised, hackers can perform all sorts of attacks on your site and you will essentially lose control of it.


A simple but effective thing you can do is to move the wp-config.php file and move it one step above the WordPress root directory. This way, hackers won’t be able to find it as easily while not affecting your site’s performance.


Conclusion – Strengthen your WordPress with these Security Tips

WordPress, as we know, is the most popular CMS and website building platform at the moment, but the fact that it is so popular also means that it’s a huge target for cybercriminals.

This is why maintaining cybersecurity best practices on your WordPress website is very important to protect your site and your data and avoid downtime which can compromise SaaS SEO strategy. Some of the tips we’ve shared above will only take a few minutes to implement, but they can be very effective in ensuring the security of your website. You can also check the Complete Guide to B2B SaaS SEO.


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