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100 The Best Marketing Memes You Will Love

What is a meme?

A meme is a catchphrase, joke, or concept borrowed from popular culture, such as a television show or film. Richard Dawkins originated the term in 1976 when he suggested that an idea might spread and take hold in popular culture in the same way that genes could multiply. Memes are usually images, but they can also be videos or plain text. Funny marketing memes come in a variety of formats, depending on the joke, and are frequently used as responses in online chats.

Here’s an example of a well-known digital marketing meme that demonstrates how memes are employed in digital marketing (SEO marketers will agree!)

digital marketing meme

What is meme marketing?

Because of a meme’s potential to be incredibly relatable and effectively communicate sentiments, attitudes, and situations, corporations began using them to sell themselves as memes became more popular. This is how meme marketing was born. Netflix is one company with a solid reputation for meme marketing. Their memes about social media marketing are easily relevant. Memes are an opportunity for marketers to communicate with their audience at a time when we don’t want to see solely branded material on our page. And there’s no better example of meme marketing than Netflix.
Netflix meme marketing

How can marketers and brands use meme marketing?

This section will offer you a head start on how you might potentially try to utilise memes in your marketing strategies, whether you’re an online marketing firm making advertising memes for your clients or a marketer looking for ways to develop branding memes for your product/marketing. company’s While there are no hard and fast rules, keep the following ideas in mind when using memes to sell your business.

1. Identify what your brand is about

Memes, like any other social media approach, must represent your brand’s core values and messaging to be effective. If your brand is all about friendliness and warmth, a crudely humorous meme is likely to confuse and alienate your target audience. As a result, customise your memes to convey material that is appropriate for your target demographic. As a result, the first stage in meme marketing research is to determine your target demographic. Gucci, for example, repurposed a Renaissance picture to create a viral meme that also symbolised Gucci’s opulence and impeccable taste. Gucci began employing memes in its marketing in 2017, and they even came up with their own hashtag, “TFWGucci,” which stands for “The Feeling When.”

2. Be relatable

The memes you choose should reflect a widely shared joke or a very relatable circumstance. If your target audience members are unable to relate to the context, they will not engage with you, and your reputation may suffer as a result. This example from Apple TV, for example, is one of the top meme marketing examples for 2021. The utilisation of a pop culture allusion from the film No Country For Old Men by AppleTV is accessible and humorous for their movie-loving audience.

3. Create proper buyer personas for memes

Keep an eye on internet discussions about your brand or business niche. Give your ideal consumer a name, age, hobbies, and a backstory if possible. This crucial knowledge can assist you in strategizing successful marketing strategies. Furthermore, if you understand your target demographic, you will be able to select superior memes for digital media. Take, for example, the meal delivery service Zomato. Their social media staff is a master in meme marketing. On their Twitter account, they have a meme marketing example that their target demographic (people between the ages of 15 and 45) can connect to.

4. Personalize the most trending memes

Using memes connected to a current event (also known as memejacking) that has piqued global attention is one of the best strategies to become viral rapidly. KFC, for example, jumped on the “Bird Box” meme bandwagon around the time of the film’s Netflix premiere by showing Sandra Bullock fighting for survival with a bucket of chicken.
 "Bird Box" meme Its caption read, “The only #BirdBox you need.” That is the level of personalization you must aim to have for in your memes. Alternatively, you can personalize your sales emails or any other internal communications with such custom memes too.

5. Add originality to popular memes

Rather than simply repurposing a popular meme, incorporate your company’s slogan, goal, or product values into the text for a unique touch. This not only adds to the chuckles, but it also helps your company stand out. Ruffles, a fast-food chain, achieves this cleverly, as seen in this meme. With the help of an antique photograph, it offers its offering a modern spin.
popular memes

6. Time your memes well

Memes frequently have a brief lifespan since they revolve around an event that few people are aware of. Do some research on how popular a meme is right now to increase your chances of going viral. The Beard Club is an example of well-timed memes in Instagram advertising. They picked two photographs for Christmas to depict a shared situation: that we all had a difficult 2020. Keep up to date on the latest news and follow meme accounts like Sarcasm Only, Epic Funny Page, LadBible, and LMAO on Instagram to stay ahead of the curve and on top of the popular meme examples.


Meme marketing examples: How are brands implementing meme marketing?

By now, you know that using memes in marketing is all about creating engagement and making users feel they’re a part of a community. This means it is a way of developing a sense of belonging. For a genuine dose of inspiration, here are some meme marketing examples from top brands that we loved:

1. Memes in blog posts

You already know how crucial photographs are to your blog articles and content marketing because they help visitors digest your content more easily. They’ve also been shown to help SEO rankings. Memes contribute to the tone of your brand’s voice and serve as a distinction, in addition to making your blog posts more aesthetically attractive. In our most recent blog article, we used memes to make the topic entertaining and relatable for our readers.

Memes in blog postsAnother example is the rewards and recognition platform Xoxoday Plum, which uses content marketing memes to show their audiences their use case – which is why companies should let employees choose their own gifts from a global catalogue of 2,000+ options rather than selecting a single gift for everyone.
content marketing memes

2. Memes in email marketing

Emails are still the most effective digital marketing channel, and they’re an excellent place to employ memes. Given that getting your subscribers to open your email is the first obstacle in establishing an email list, the next stage is to keep their interest. The greatest marketing memes may enhance the visual appeal of your email, and because memes are short files, they are ideal for use in emails. Here’s an example of how Quuu incorporates memes into their email campaigns.
Memes in email marketing You can use memes to promote a sale, special offer, or announce an event via your emails. The brand – Function of Beauty sells customizable skin, hair and beauty products by visually recreating their social media look and feel in emails as well with funny memes. Here’s an example of this: funny memes

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3. Memes in social media marketing

Branded material may fall flat with younger viewers, but internet marketing memes might offer your younger followers the impression that you truly understand their point of view. This Chipotle meme is fantastic on a whole new level. In many ways, this amusing commercial meme is unique. To begin, they have created a meme based on their product by including emojis. This demonstrates that you don’t always need to use an outside image when you can effectively highlight your own goods. Second, the meme’s text is accurate. It sends the message loud and clear that you can eat Chipotle even if you’re broke – it’s affordable.
Memes in social media marketing Source

When you know that interacting with your audience on social media is the most effective approach to expand your brand and following, using memes for social media marketing can help you make the meaningful connections you want. Epic Read is another firm that uses Facebook to share hilarious memes. Their meme marketing strategy is distinguished by the fact that their memes are hyper-specific to their target group of book lovers. How much of a meme like this can you connect to?
meme marketing Source

They’ve done a good job with the branding as well as the relevance. Epic Read’s colour palette includes the beige and orange tones in the background.

Every content marketing strategy should include the use of memes. That’s it; we’ve said it. However, this is correct. Memes are excellent material for the top of the funnel. They’re straightforward, witty, and relatable, and they drive traffic. Great marketers can and should employ memes in their marketing, even if they don’t seem as tactical as a blog post or as fancy as a video. Do you require assistance in getting started? We have several that you can use for brainstorming or just for a good chuckle.

MarketingMemeDM1 Don’t we all need a little help? MarketingMemeDM4 This meme has never been truer MarketingMemeDM6 They both sound so good… MarketingMemeDM8 Content marketers know the struggle MarketingCarpenterMeme3-1 This is your sales staff on a daily basis (Source: Marketing Carpenter) MarketingMemeDM5 If you teach a man to fish… MarketingCarpenterMeme1 The oldest marketing strategy in the book (Source: Marketing Carpenter) MarketingMemeDM7 Influencers are cool… but at what cost? MarketingMemeDM3 DM Insiders looking at their inbox every Monday morning MarketingMemeDM11-1 Come on… this one is just good MarketingMemeDM10 This is how you want your customers to feel TechnologyTherapyGroupMeme1 Subscriptions is a marketer’s love language (Source: Technology Therapy) KunoCreativeMeme1 Lionel Richie knows what every marketer wants (Source: Kuno Creative) Business2CommunityMeme1 As a content marketer, I feel personally attacked (Source: Business2Community) MarketingCarpenterMeme2 Did you try making the button a pretty color? (Source: Marketing Carpenter) FiorePintrestMeme1-1 This is how your SEO specialist feels every 3 months (Source: Fiore Communication) MarketingMemeDM12-1 Don’t go at it alone, folks HubspotMeme1

The first lesson every SEO manager learns (Source: Hubspot) Take it from Pooh, you don’t have to be an expert at everything Marketers don’t discriminate (Source: Joey Devilla) Smile through the pain… (Source: Spiralytics) It’s the small victories (Source: Business2Community) If only it were that easy… (Source: Business2Community) MarketingCarpenterMeme4-1 The worst feeling in the world (Source: Marketing Carpenter) HubspotMeme2 They’ll also say phone upside down is a good luck charm (Source: Hubspot) MarketingCarpenterMeme5-1 We’ve all thought about using the “axe in the door” sales strategy before (Source: Marketing Carpenter) Business2CommunityMeme4-1 This is the most terrifying meme I’ve ever seen (Source: Business2Community) MarketingMemeDM2 ZatioMeme1 MarketingMemeDM13-1 You can complete step 1 after you’re done looking at these memes ICNDMeme1-1 ICNDMeme2-1

#1. You mean… Mom didn’t comment on my post?

We are going to have to have a talk about this later. We don’t deserve this kind of betrayal! dma2

#2. Memes are perfectly valid content.

Non-offensive or controversial memes are a great way to professionally grab people’s attention. While you are at it, make sure you head on over and use so you know the content you are posting. Memes can be a tough territory for newcomers. Don’t judge us, we wanted to make sure this post had at least one helpful tidbit in it. dma3-1

#3. Spice up your content, please!

Nobody wants to stare at a snooze-worthy website, and nobody wants to have a snooze-worthy website. Have some fun once in a while! dma4

#4. All hail Google

Need we say more? Google is the reigning champion of digital marketing memes. dma5 Click for source

#5. If you could just make the sky rain $100 bills, that’d be great.

Yeah, we know. It’s not that easy! It would be nice though, that much is for sure. Since we aren’t magicians, you will have to just be happy with our offered digital marketing services (but if we learn how to conjure that kind of money, we will let you all know). dma6 Click for source

#6. Today’s trend forecast:

Memes, memes, and more memes! Keeping up with today’s trends does mean doing what the kids are doing to an extent. Memes are an easy way to keep up with the changing times, they change every day to keep up too. dma7 Click for source

#7. We need more lasers!

Why didn’t anyone tell us we were doing this wrong? Can we get some cool sirens too? Fireworks would be a great ending touch. dma8-1 Click for source

#8. On a scale of one to skydiving-without-a-parachute, how dangerously do you live?

So dangerously, we do all of our marketing in house. We also watch horror movies with the lights out, alone. #QuarantineandChill, anyone? dma9

#9. That sounds easy.

Too easy. (Stick to hiring professionals, folks.) dma10no shame in asking for someone else to look over your work. dma13 Click for source

#13. That’s the best reason to let the professionals do this:

We definitely have a good sense of algo-rhythm (and plenty of bad jokes laying around too)! dma14

#14. It’s like counting sheep, just better.

4 Reasons to Include Memes in Your Social Media Content

Marketing with humour and familiar media can engage hard-to-reach consumers at a time when many consumers avoid advertisements whenever possible. Meme marketing can be an extremely low-cost option for professional storytellers—digital marketers, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and creative pros—to create interesting material that attracts a following. Memes on social media are typically in the form of a GIF or static image based on a well-known subject, meaning, or phenomenon, with text overlaid on top of or over the image.
ALT Across industries, more marketers are using memes to build community, relate to their audience, and stick in their followers’ memory. Here are four reasons memes should be part of your social media content.

Memes Are Inexpensive Content

Memes are based on content made by others, so you don’t have to make an original video or photograph. They save time for small businesses and digital marketers who would otherwise have to create fresh content. Instead, you might improvise by adding a fresh caption or twist to old media. Also, don’t worry if you have poor design skills because memers enjoy DIY, low-resolution work.

Memes Support a Sense of Community

Memes are funny, and that helps foster community among your followers. They create a sense of belonging because your audience can relate to the situation you refer to and everyone’s in on the same joke. ALT If you can make your audience laugh, you’ll attract followers and help viewers relate to your brand. If your meme includes an absurd visual or catchy tune, brand recall improves.

Meme-Based Content Incites Shares

By definition, memes are supposed to be shared so the content is often reposted and re-memed across the internet to reach an even wider audience. When people send the meme to a friend for a laugh, they express allegiance to and advocate for your brand.

Memes Create/Support Brand Relevancy

Because memes are often related to a current trend or event, they make your brand more real, modern, and human. Memes appeal to contemporary or cultural events that your viewers know about, which feels authentic and fresh. This content serves to bring a community together around a common touchstone and makes your brand seem more relatable.

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However, as memes have grown in popularity, even high-end lifestyle businesses have begun to experiment with them in order to stay relevant and create a following. Memes have the potential to greatly increase your reach, especially if your target buyer is a Millennial or younger. Memes are often based on satire, social criticism, or nostalgia, making a good meme both humorous and enlightening. Because memes can be harsh or disrespectful, marketers that experiment with meme marketing must tread carefully.

You’ll need to educate yourself on current memes.


The idea is to be genuine rather than conservative. To set your firm apart from generic commercial competitors, edgy material shows that your brand has a personality and a distinct voice. Despite the fact that memes can be polarising and may not appeal to everyone, they can help boost specialised positioning and attract a certain audience. Start by precisely defining your target persona when adjusting your tone:

  • What content does your customer consume?
  • What music, TV shows, or celebrities do they like?
  • How can you delight and entertain them?
  • What problems do they face that are common to their community?

Once you have an idea of the content your target persona is interested in, make relatable jokes and move quickly to comment on relevant fads and cultural trends. Committing to a subculture or niche is the goal, not the enemy, of good marketing.  Many meme marketing attempts miss the mark because they’re fundamentally structured as generic ads rather than cultural commentary. Successful memes don’t include an action item; there’s no “buy” or “subscribe” in the body. But when your social media content delights and entertains those who interact with it, the content is more likely to be shared. Your brand can reach a wider audience, making it easier to generate leads and sales in the long run.

#2: Develop Your Meme Library

To develop a meme library of content, you can leverage existing memes or create your own.

Repurpose Existing Memes

You can check popular meme template collections like those on imgflip or Giphy. Look through trending meme templates or viral videos, images, or GIFs, and then add an original caption. ALTYou can also rework a popular GIF or movie scene’s dialogue. Because the framework provides an outline for the joke, this method works well for first-time meme creators. When you add a hilarious caption to a familiar piece of media, you transform it into something that speaks directly to your audience, providing your followers a wonderful experience. Because viral YouTube videos frequently become memes, keep an eye out for highlights and hilarious moments from trending videos to find new content. Netflix is promoting the popular show Riverdale by repurposing the existing growing brain meme.

Lead the Social Charge Instead of Playing Catch Up

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Because we can’t avoid “urgent” requests

1-memeThe meme “That Would Be Great” was inspired by the film Office Space. The character depicted is the protagonist’s boss, who is a corporate manager archetype. With never-ending pleas, the meme mirrors non-confrontational communication. We can’t escape clients who have “priority” or “urgent” requests, whether it’s a design request or a content request. Finally, we do the best we can with the time we have to provide high-quality content. However, it would be fantastic if we could be allocated assignments with a more realistic timeframe.

Editors gotta edit

2-meme(Source: Pinterest)

The work of an editor is no laughing matter. They read multiple articles every day, making notes and adjustments to improve the final product, and collaborating with writers and strategists to ensure that plans and draughts are consistent and achieve a high degree of quality. So, if your editor is sitting calmly and unmoving, like Kuzko from The Emperor’s New Groove, know that they aren’t in a foul mood (believe us, we know)! They’re only proofreading articles at the moment.

When you’re on the verge of breaking down

3-memeClients occasionally request adjustments that are completely beyond our control. Client modifications can even go back and forth indefinitely; it could take weeks before they’re satisfied with the final product (which is completely fine). In the 2004 drama film, the three-panel meme portrays a teary-eyed Peter (Freddie Highmore) and compassionate Barrie (Johnny Depp). When this happens, we know we’ve done everything they’ve asked, but it’s still not enough. This Finding Neverland meme wonderfully captures how we feel.

When you get one too many emails

4-meme(Source: Marketing Carpenter)

When it comes to emails, Oprah’s famous “You Get a Car” cliché rings true for us marketers. Our inboxes never seem to be empty. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the backlog of emails waiting to greet us when we return from our holiday. This is especially true for editors, managers, and other persons who are required to be copied on every significant email. Reading emails and getting back on track might take hours!

We are very, very, clear


A screenshot of Reece Simpson a.k.a. Roll Safe (Kayode Equmi) from the web series Hood Documentary is featured in this Roll Safe meme. This meme is frequently used to ridicule those who make poor decisions and don’t think critically. We all want marketers to write call-to-action messages that are brief and to the point. CTAs should, at the absolute least, explain what the reader will get if they click a button. But what about people who aren’t familiar with banner ads? You know, it helps to be more straightforward.

Content marketing is (and will always be) on trend

6-memeSource: (Market Launch Digital)

Week after week, our content staff is completely packed. They are often unable to accept demands from other teams (i.e., guest post write-ups). That’s why this photo of Mugatu (Will Ferrell) at a fashion show declaring Hansel (Owen Wilson) “so hot right now” perfectly sums up our team’s current situation. Hold on to your hats, agencies and other marketers who feel the same way about their content staff. We understand your frustration; they’ll find us sooner or later!

Just mask the pain, Harold


Have you ever had a great idea, put it into action, and hoped it would go viral or at the very least gain a lot of attention, only to be ignored? Yes, we do as well. Hide the Pain Harold, a senior stock photography model with a concealed pain facial expression, understands it as well. But, as marketers, this is all part of our job. We have some wins and some losses. We’re all proud of our ideas, no matter how big or small they are, or whether they go viral or not. We do it to stand out and to help our clients develop.

Want to read our content? We got a surprise for you!

8-memeSource: (Marketing Carpenter)

Content is written for a variety of objectives, one of which being lead generating. We believe that this scene from The Shining is representative of many firms’ lead generation operations, in which they appear to provide meaningful content to visitors only to surprise them with a sales message when they let their guard down. We at Spiralytics recognise that most visitors aren’t ready to speak with a salesperson. As a result, we provide the majority of our content for free (no signup required). Furthermore, we do not spam our leads with sales messages. Our strategy is far more subtle and conducive to a positive inbound experience.

Summary – The Best Marketing Memes

Want to know how we deal with all of the customer demands and workloads we get on a daily basis and stay sane? Memes. We have a tonne of amusing marketing memes, the most of which we alter for fun. We don’t spend all of our time looking at and tweaking memes (okay, maybe a couple of hours a week). However, whether you like it or not, funny memes inspire marketing ingenuity. You could even learn something from them.

Not to mention that they’re a fantastic method to de-stress and strengthen relationships. Nothing brings people together like a good chuckle about Drake memes or that woman shrieking at a cat. Let’s get down to business—talk let’s memes! If you’re having a bad day at work, here are some of the funniest marketing memes that are sure to brighten your day. Send them to your marketer friends or coworkers for a guaranteed laugh!


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