Tips on How to Write an Intro in a College Admission Essay

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6 Tips on How to Write an Intro in a College Admission Essay

 How to Write an Intro in a College Admission Essay?

Each application season, admissions reviewers read thousands of essays and may only have five minutes to assess an applicant’s whole application. This means that having a well-structured essay with a strong start is essential. Think about how you can make the introduction more enjoyable while you draft and edit your essay.

The only essential guideline is avoiding giving away too much information in the introduction. After reading the first line, the reader shouldn’t be able to predict the complete structure of the essay.

An intriguing or unusual introduction draws the reader in. It gets them thinking and compels them to keep reading to the finish. You offer yourself a chance if you can persuade the admissions officer to skim your essay.

Tips on How to Write an Intro in a College Admission Essay

6 Tips on How to Write Intro in a College Admission Essay

Are you wondering how to write an Intro in a college admission essay? Well, no need to panic as we have got some of the best tips for you:

Begin with a Surprise

A touch of mystery is typically included in a strong opening of an essay. Consider the opening sentence that follows. What would this kid be trying to imply with this unusual and perhaps weird opener? Why might you have trouble breathing? The student then describes how having asthma has affected her life. Despite the topic not being particularly unique, the introduction is engaging.

The student will have a better chance of keeping the admissions officer’s attention and arguing her point if they continue to read. The student had access to those more thorough introductions, but none would have been as successful. This type of opening is a proper hook because it attracts a lot of attention and demands more.

Avoid Cliche Essay Openings

Overused essay introductions convey standardized or commonly accepted concepts as conventional wisdom. Although they accurately reflect your life experiences, they are unoriginal and lack keen insight. Whether it’s a college essay or a scholarship essay, you must avoid such openings.

A generic, one-size-fits-all introduction can give admissions staff the impression that they are dealing with a generic, unremarkable applicant because a college essay is meant to give them insight into a candidate’s personality and past. Unoriginal essay introductions are unimaginative and straightforward to miss.

Include a Distinct, Clear Image

You can also start with a thorough synopsis if your topic doesn’t call for such a surprising introduction paragraph. In an essay that concentrates on a specific experience, one extraordinary occurrence from experience can be mentioned to grab the reader’s attention.

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You can either focus on the specifics of what the reader will see and experience, or you can instantly use dialogue or action to immerse them in the setting. Some students like to write about themselves more broadly while focusing on a particular object or metaphor. Make careful to explain the object in great detail if you want the reader to be able to visualize it.

Relate Anecdote to Essay’s Main Point

A strong anecdote should follow the attention-grabbing introduction or occasionally as part of the opening grabber. A comprehensive anecdote, like an attention-getter, can hold readers’ attention and spark their curiosity.

It can also be a compelling introduction to the event or subject you will be discussing. Include details in a tale that will help the reader visualize it. The five senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch can be described using these images.

Do Not Employ Old, Worn-Out Introductory Strategies

The objective is to create a start for your college essay that stands out from the hundreds or thousands of other introductions the admissions counselor has seen. It is crucial to refrain from employing dull or formulaic openings.

Compared to the typical essay you could write for English class, your college application essay needs to be more imaginative. This is why it’s best to use more inventive openings than overused, predictable ones. A formula to promote your writing that you might have acquired in elementary or middle school should also be avoided.

Check Your Work Several Times for Errors

Even though this is typically the case with college essays, the introduction is still the most crucial part. The introduction of your college essay will make an excellent first impression on the admissions committee. Grammar and spelling errors in the introduction are akin to being late and dressed inappropriately for a job interview. A negative first impression has already been formed.

Even if the subsequent events are fantastic, the wrong initial impression will be challenging to overcome. Verify your introduction for mistakes in spelling, grammar, word choice, capitalization, punctuation, and other areas. Recheck it, and have a second person do the same. Review it multiple times, then have someone else look it over.


Avoid forced terminology, spelling and grammar mistakes, and overdone introduction approaches. Remember the tips mentioned above to begin your essay with a meaningful introductory section.



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