Top 10 React Blogs You Need to Follow Now

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Most developers use React UI for web and application development. It is efficient, simple, and offers a comprehensive structure of tools and components to make the development process dynamic.

Top 10 React Blogs You Need to Follow Now

However, the complexity of React makes development a daunting task. Experienced developers can create applications faster, but new developers need to go through extensive training or follow blogs to get a grasp of it.

With the right resources, developers can make the development process simple. React has a wide community that gives unparalleled support.

To get the most reliable information, you need to stay updated with blogs, trends, networks, and all the essentials. If you are a developer searching for blogs and resources, we’ve compiled a list of blogs you can follow and stay updated on.


Top 10 React Blogs You Need to Follow Now

Although a personal blog run by a core React team member and the creator of Redux, the information present on this blog is unmatched. It is a must follow blog for React developers.

By following the blog, you will get expert knowledge of how React works and what tools are handy for development. The blog will give you an insight into how you can communicate with the outer world.


Top 10 React Blogs You Need to Follow Now is not a personal blog, but a driving community of more than 8 lac amazing developers and teams who write about the technology and the concepts behind the framework.

Besides, the blog is followed by more than 250K registered users, making it the most popular one. The best part about the blog is; that it offers a vast list of resources on any React-related topic. is called a morning newspaper containing lots of new resources for React.js.


Top 10 React Blogs You Need to Follow Now - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

Reacttraining blog is the company that uses React’s most used libraries like a Router and Reacts. Additionally, they organize React workshops regularly. You can get the information on how to use and not use the state.

It offers full context with functionality, making the tasks of a new developer easier. The top-notch article list on the blog will be useful to a great extent.

4. React.js blog

Top 10 React Blogs You Need to Follow Now

React.js blog is the most genuine and authoritative place to learn about React and its tools. The blog offers a comprehensive list of articles that covers updated features of React.

Any new feature or update is listed on the blog, which keeps the developers on the hook. It also lets you know about error handling in React, which is an advantage for a new developer. Additionally, you can know about the user experiences and concurrent modes.


Top 10 React Blogs You Need to Follow Now - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

Tyler is a well-known name in the React circle and blogs. He is a well-known geek and maintains the website for React libraries. The plus point is he offers many courses and tutorials that you can choose from.

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It is a great advantage for new developers who want to learn about the framework. By following the blog, you can access the weekly newsletter of React, which can offer complete insight on trending React topics. Additionally, you can get insight coverage on – how React hooks.


Top 10 React Blogs You Need to Follow Now is the best blog to follow if you want complete tutorials with certification courses. The website is based on a non-profit organization, so you don’t have to make added efforts to learn about React.

New developers that use React, mostly refer to this blog to get updates about new features. Additionally, you will have a good grasp of the topic and how to learn react-router basics. It provides all the tips to learn about a pro-React developer.

7. Mark’s dev blog

Top 10 React Blogs You Need to Follow Now

Mark writes detailed articles with all the technicalities mainly focused on Redux and React. The blog covers all the introductory articles on the React development topics, so it benefits new developers.

Plus, it provides details on coding career advice and assorted details on technical topics. The author of the blog is the maintainer and in the core team of Redux.


Top 10 React Blogs You Need to Follow Now

It is a blog more focused on tutorials and How To’s. If you are stuck with an issue regarding React, you can refer to the blogs on the site. Apart from React tutorials, it hosts multiple articles on web development, which is again great for new developers.

The best part is; that it features a simple layout with clean and readable code samples. Also, it lets you learn how to manage user login with React context.


Top 10 React Blogs You Need to Follow Now - GetSocialGuide - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

Robin is a software consultant who works independently. He provides comprehensive knowledge of React framework through his blog posts. Apart from tutorials, he provides quite detailed articles on the framework.

The best part about Robins’ blog is; that the language is easy to understand and learn. He also offers courses for React and Firebase. Additionally, the blog offers insight to React and Redux.


Top 10 React Blogs You Need to Follow Now

Dev is a popular software developer, and he mainly focuses on React. In fact, he also has published books on his name, and of course, blogs on his site, which can give you an insight into the React framework.

The blog focuses on React project ideas and updates on the latest trends. Along with tutorials, the blog also offers courses to help new developers on the block.

Why can a blog come handy?

With the growth of the React community, there is a need for experts and blogs to provide guidance and networking opportunities in the space. Besides, you can trust the list of blogs with the growth of developers.

By following the above blogs, you will stay updated on the React trends, new features, and changes in the framework. Blogs help accelerate the future of technology, by creating a great space for different tech professionals, developers, and freelancers to gather and grow the network.

Even businesses look to hire React developer who has deep knowledge of the technology. Hence, staying updated has become the quintessential requirement for a React.js Developer.

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Finding experts, significant people, and blogs to offer assistance, networking opportunities, and advancement for developers worldwide is becoming more and more important as the React community expands. These are the people and blogs we trust to help our devs grow, from Lydia to the Ideamotive blog. They have been extremely successful, as shown by their contributions to the React community and the thousands of developers who look to them for guidance and inspiration. None of the items in this list are less significant than the others.

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