Top 30 Best and Most Popular WordPress blogs to read in 2024

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Top 30 Best and Most Popular WordPress blogs to read – Full Review – Updated

Do you want to read the greatest WordPress blogs? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot because this post includes a list of several excellent WordPress blogs with fantastic resources.

A Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress is one of the greatest blogging platforms available and has a wealth of capabilities. And WordPress blogs are those that post articles about the platform’s features, updates, themes, plugins, and other related topics.

A decent WordPress blog may assist people in a variety of ways, including getting started with WordPress, building a business website, finding instructions on how to use the new features, and more.

As a result, we’ve chosen to showcase the most successful and well-liked WordPress sites in this post. Find out how we choose these top WordPress blogs before we get started.

WordPress is an adaptable platform that enables you to expand your website, business, or whatever else you may have. The wonderful thing about WordPress is that you can accomplish just about anything you can think of thanks to its tens of thousands of themes and plugins. There was just one thing missing, and that was a learning pulse. For help setting up your website and choosing the right themes, plugins, hosts, etc., you would need tutorials and instructions.

Unfortunately, there’s no need for you to worry about it anymore. There are numerous WordPress websites that can offer aid to individuals that need it. Below is a list of the top WordPress blogs, organized alphabetically, where you can read about the newest developments in the WordPress community or simply explore some of the top new themes and plugins, both free and premium, that will be made available in the upcoming days, weeks, and months.

What Are the Reasons to Follow WordPress Blogs?

If owning or intending to make a WordPress website, it’s essential that you keep up with prominent WordPress blogs.  A comprehensive understanding of WordPress and its functionality is readily available, complete with a thorough guide to help you kick-start the process. Furthermore, expert instructions come included on selecting top-quality WordPress hosting options, themes that suit your needs perfectly alongside various plugins needed for smooth site operation.

Several WordPress blogs offer guidance and techniques on how to enhance your website for search engines, hasten its loading time, bolster your site’s security measures, make money online and much more.

List of Top 30 Best and Most Popular WordPress blogs to read in 2024

WP Tavern

Top 30 Best and Most Popular WordPress blogs to read in 2022 - WPTavern

WP Tavern website

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Founded by Jeff Chandler in 2009, the site has since developed so enormous that it had been sold in 2011. WP Tavern is a fantastic resource where you can learn the most recent news and changes on WordPress. It’s actually among the most trustworthy sources for information about official WordPress updates, new features, problems and fixes, WordPress employees, product acquisitions, etc.

The majority of the content on this site is about recent events, thus visitors and WordPress developers frequently leave comments on it. One of the many factors that make this site one of the top WordPress blogs is that you can participate in discussions about your relevant topics if you have any questions or comments.

The new owner was unidentified till 2013 when much to everybody’s surprise None besides Matt Mullenweg announced he had acquired the Website! Matt meant to make this 3rd community for WordPress users. It provides several WordPress tips which will help you out with your blog and you should start reading them regularly.



WinningWP website

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Brin Wilson started the fantastic site WinningWP as a way to connect with other WordPress users and share thoughts, knowledge, and resources. Another award-winning blog dedicated to researching WordPress-related methods and resources is WinningWP. It provides insightful information to those interested in WordPress. The blog covers nearly every aspect necessary for operating and managing WordPress blogs with more than 20 categories.

Additionally, WinningWP partners with several hosting providers, WordPress themes, content editor plugins, and other services to provide readers of the site special discounts and promotions. The blog is open and honest about its use of plugins, web hosting, and other services.

This website offers a broad range of WordPress-related subjects, including promotion and SEO (search engine optimization) for WordPress users as well as WordPress plugins and themes. They constantly go into great detail with the tutorials that they post on the website.


WPExplorer Blog

WP Explorer website

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Starting out by selling themes on ThemeForest, AJ Clarke quickly rose to the status of an expert theme author there. He is perhaps well-known for his general multipurpose theme, which, together with their other themes, is available for purchase on ThemeForest. Here is yet another excellent illustration of a WordPress site that covers every aspect of WordPress. WPExplorer Blog, as its name suggests, investigates every part of WordPress to provide you with high-quality material. You may discover everything you need right here, including simple-to-follow lessons and guides, evaluations of comparable products, a library of themes, and templates.

Additionally, you may use the great tips and methods on our website to drive more visitors and viewers to your website. This website, which offers options for hosting and coupons, is among the greatest ones available thanks to its reliable material and abundance of strength.

On their website, they talk about free themes and publish reviews of plugins and themes in addition to how-to guides. Overall, this is one of the more reputable WordPress sites that aim to give you access to high-quality materials.


WPBlog website

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Peter Nilsson found WP Website. They always inform about the plugins and themes for WordPress development. You can not afford to overlook their roundup plugins articles. As well as their monthly WordPress plugin inspection is just another one in which you want to keep tabs. What’s more, their tutorials are exceptional, also. It is among those few. WPBlog is best known for its best resource for WordPress tutorials, tips, and news; you can quickly get your solution regarding WordPress.

 Tom McFarlin

Tom McFarlin website

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Tom is among the most excellent WordPress developers. If You Would like beginner tutorials, then it is possible to look elsewhere, but if you’ve already started your site and wish to bring it to another level. Then you honestly must read his posts weekly, which include intermediate to advanced level content.

He publishes five times per week, sharing top-quality, creating Tutorials that will assist you in choosing your WordPress site to another level. An excellent read for WordPress developers.



WPEka website

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One of the most well-known WordPress websites with frequent updates is WP Eka. Fantastic WordPress, SEO, digital marketing, and web design content can be found on WPeka. It provides helpful hints, tutorials, and special incentives to support the expansion of your WordPress website and business. You can determine whether or not to employ a product or tool on your WordPress site by reading reviews on it.

The WPeka blog also features interviews with numerous experts in WordPress and its community, which are a fantastic read. Additionally, it provides information about coupons and discounts so that you can use them to purchase some WordPress tools and services.

Their website focuses far more on thorough tutorials that will help you choose your WordPress site and is less about reviews and roundups. Additionally, you’ll get tutorials on web design, SEO, and advertising-related topics. You should add WP Eka to your list of tutorial-searching websites in your bookmarks.

 WooCommerce Blog

The WooCommerce Blog

WooCommerce Blog website

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The most of us are familiar with the popular WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. If you run a company website, you undoubtedly understand how WooCommerce functions. However, if you don’t, this website is ideal for you. Do you have questions about how to launch an online store? With its tutorials and advice, this site will assist you along the road. This website has everything you need to know about WooCommerce, not just tutorials.

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Get the most recent information on WooCommerce and its plugins. This WordPress blog is the website to visit if you utilize WooCommerce.

WooCommerce provides you with all the advice and tricks you’ll need to create an effective e-commerce website. Everything related to WooCommerce and online shopping in general is covered in this blog. Not just nerdy instructions on how to best customize your WooCommerce site, but also top-notch videos covering topics like service methods for e-commerce shops, and so on, are what you can anticipate seeing. Even if you don’t utilize their plugin, everybody with an online store should read this.

 Site Point

Site Point (WordPress)

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Site Point was founded in 1999 by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz, which makes it among the earliest sites on this listing. It is aimed at web professionals and is designed to assist them with all Their development queries, design problems, in addition to information for programming in a few different languages like Java and PHP. Sitepoint provides quick and simple tips as well as more lengthy courses. Sitepoint WordPress segment has excellent posts that will teach you about new trends.

 Template Monster Blog

Template Monster Blog Site

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Monster Blog was created by the famous TemplateMonster Marketplace. You may expect to see high-quality content each time they post anything. Usually, they discuss subject roundups, design tutorials, WordPress hacks, and merchandise reviews, online marketing, WordPress tools and infographics, Free Stuff (including eBooks & Themes) even though they also write about a whole host of different subjects. The Free Stuff section on the TemplateMonster blog gives you a chance to download free e-books and themes.

 MyThemeShop Blog

MyThemeShop Blog

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It was created by the team behind the popular WordPress plugins & themes supplier, MyThemeShop. It shares information about new topics and plugins, but also they have high quality’ WordPress fix’ tutorials that show you how you can resolve a vast array of issues that you might encounter with WordPress. Their advertising tutorials are top-notch, also. You can not go wrong with some of the Tutorials. For example, have a look at their blogging SEO guide.

 Kinsta Blog

Kinsta website

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Kinsta gained its reputation for being one of the greatest and most reliable WordPress hosting providers. It is started as favorite WordPress hosting platform based by Mark Gavalda at 2013. Do not expect this to become another regular site about WordPress. The Fact of the matter is they have a great deal of quality original articles that you can not find anyplace else. Kinsta is a must-read blog for those looking to improve the performance of their WordPress website. Kinsta’s also interviews with WordPress guru’s are especially inspiring.

 Elegant Themes Blog

Elegant Themes Blog

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It started its journey almost 11 years ago, back in 2008 by Nick Roach. Though this blog was initially used to give insight to their themes and designs, later they diversified their range of topics which will help you to deal with any theme using especially Divi or some of the plugins and themes. But that does not mean you should dismiss them if you do not have some of Their merchandise. They discuss high-quality tutorials and roundup articles that you can not afford to dismiss. I assure you will get an amazing experience and won’t regret choosing Elegant Themes Blog.

 WP Mayor

WP Mayor website

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Founded in 2010 byJean Galea. WP Mayor is famous for its product testimonials. They examine plugins, Topics, and solutions, but they also share high-quality tutorials and information posts. Their review articles are some of the very best from the WordPress market. The best thing about WP Mayor is its friendly tone which makes the topics very easy to understand and follow. But do not merely take my word for it, check these out by yourself.

 WPLeaders Blog

WPLeaders website

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Isitak Rayhan, the chief editor of WPLeaders, writes an entertaining and very educational blog that is available to the public. Since then, it has continued to develop exponentially, and it quickly gained popularity among internet users after releasing thorough tutorials, guides, and conversations on a variety of WordPress themes and plugins.


WPLeaders website

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Launched in 2009 by Syed Balki and his team, as the name says, WPBeginner is an excellent blog for beginners.

WP Beginner is simply the best place (at least in our opinion) for everyone facing trouble with their WordPress websites. From insightful blogs covering fundamental aspects of WordPress to comprehensive lists of best plugins, themes, and advanced guides, you will be able to find all the help you need to become a successful WordPress website owner.


WPLift website

The site is currently seen by thousands and thousands of WordPress users each year. The Website shares detailed tutorials, plugin testimonials, and roundup plugin articles.

Also, they share weekly WordPress information, which provides you with a glance at what is currently happening in the business. Roundup, in which, you guessed it, they discuss the most beautiful free themes for this month.

You really must have a look at their roundup articles; they are a few of the most excellent WordPress blog posts on the market.


Torque website

Toque was created by the WordPress technical hosting group, i.e. WP Engine. It was established in 2013.

Torque is mainly concentrated on WordPress news. They focus less on Plugins and themes testimonials, choosing instead to article “information you can use” predicated on any WordPress articles in general but also predicated explicitly on tutorial-focused content, that can help you up to your blogging and WordPress match.

This is the site where you need to keep your eye to get the newest WordPress news.

 Yoast Blog

Yoast SEO website

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Every WordPress user is more knowledgeable about the popular Yoast plugin than they were a year ago. Their Website can assist you with anything and everything related to SEO and WordPress SEO.

Along with SEO-related articles, they also offer their opinions on WordPress news and upgrades, so if you visit their site on a daily basis, you will always be up to speed with the most up-to-date and most fantastic WordPress information. Keeping this blog bookmarked will come in handy if you wish to accurately optimise your WordPress site for search engine results.

 Tuts+ Blog

Tuts+ website

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Tuts+, which is a part of the Envato team, had been available for a very long time before it was taken down. If you’re looking for high-quality WordPress creation tutorials, you don’t have to look any further.

Their willingness to spend $150 for a high-quality article with original information demonstrates how serious they are about providing a large quantity of high-quality content. Tuts+ has more than 1,030 online courses and around 170+ e-books in the areas of marketing, web development, and coding to choose from.

 AThemes Website

AThemes website

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An organisation called AThemes, where the letter “a” stands for “wonderful,” was founded in 2013 by Charlie Livingston. They are well-known for the subjects they market, which can be simple to use and improve with the help of excellent customer service.

There are high-quality roundup articles for themes and plugins on their website, which is why people visit it. I strongly suggest you to take a look at this website. Likewise, their reviews of plugins and themes will be of good quality, so make sure to read them before making any WordPress-related purchases.

aThemes is mostly known for their WordPress theme development. Having saying that, you will also discover some great articles on WordPress hosting, plugin reviews, and performance instructions on this website.

 WPMU DEV Website

WPMU website

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WPMU James Farmer founded the company in 2005. If you have been using WordPress for a while now but have not yet learned about WPMU Dev, you have been losing out on a great deal of functionality.

WPMU Dev has grown to become one of the most popular plugin businesses in the industry. And, unlike some other sites, they are not overly concerned with always attempting to promote their stuff.

When it comes to assisting you with WordPress designing and development, their tutorials are of exceptionally high quality and detail-oriented.

 ManageWP Website

ManageWP Website

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ManageWP, one of the more known players in the WordPress industry, makes it easy to manage multiple WordPress sites in a streamlined manner. It had been obtained from Godaddy in 2016, which is, of course, the critical domain name and hosting company.

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There is a lot of information on their website, which is one of the most active sites on the market. You can learn about development, ideas, and suggestions to get your business up and running faster, blogging, and company administration.

Manage WP is primarily concerned with a variety of WordPress administration services. However, the pieces that they publish are of the highest possible quality that can be expected in this industry. When it comes to creating a WordPress blog, Manage WP gives a wealth of resources, ranging from reviews and site development instructions to in-depth training.

 Theme Grill Website

Theme Grill Website

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Theme Grill, founded by Sanjip Shah and his team in 2014, provides aesthetically pleasing plugins and themes that will assist you in bringing your website to the next level. Their website is one of the greatest in the industry; anytime you visit it, you will see a collection of articles on the best plugins and themes for each market, which will allow you to pick and choose the ones that you want.

As a result, if you visit the blog, you will receive a variety of WordPress news updates that will be beneficial to your WordPress experience.

 Flywheel Website

Flywheel Website

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The flywheel is a controlled WordPress hosting made by Dusty Davidson, Tony Noecker, also Rick Knudtson to make performers’ lives simpler. Their Website will Assist You with step-by-step tutorials That Will Help You Create Your WordPress site better, and also, they possess roundup articles for the best topics to get.

No matter what you’re looking for, be it WordPress guides, web design tutorials or e-commerce tips, Fly Wheel has it all. Additionally, they also publish articles around inspiration, online business and the latest WordPress news.

 CodeinWP Website

CodeinWP Website

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This is yet another outstanding WordPress site by Ionut Neagu, who launched it in 2013. This website is dedicated to everything that has anything to do with WordPress. Not only do they discuss the design and development aspects of WordPress, but they also discuss the journaling aspect of the platform and how to make money from your WordPress blog.

It is a big focal point of conversation and action for both WordPress users and programmers alike..

 WP Kube Website

WP Kube Website

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Featured in magazines like Forbes, HuffPost, Entrepreneur Magazine, and lots of more, WPKube produces high-quality tutorials that will assist you with any issues you could face on WordPress.

Another Fantastic thing about WPKube is they have talented Staff writers that perform detailed reviews for WordPress themes, hosting, and plugins, so that you can make an intelligent choice about whether to proceed with any tool for your company.

 WP Superstars Website

WP SuperstarsWebsite

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They’ve been Helping non-technical, and business individuals create their sites using WordPress Themes. They are the superstars when it comes to WordPress.

The notion behind their site is to help individuals select a theme and construct their site by themselves. The Website is a selection of tutorials and other WordPress tools to assist business owners in making their own online identity.

It covers everything from selecting a theme, the way to make a market Site, the way to market it, the way to maintain, along with other helpful tips and shortcuts for WordPress website construction and maintenance.

 wp shout Website

WP Shout Website

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The Website is Meant to assist WordPress programmers, so it is a little Little more sophisticated than a lot of the other sites mentioned here, but that is an excellent thing for those that have a great deal of expertise with WordPress and need to personalize their websites more without employing a programmer.

Their tutorials are incredibly detailed; they certainly will not waste your time with shallow principles or oversimplifications.

 wp Explorer Website

wp explorer Website

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The wp explorer complements the publication by discussing tips and techniques to get ideas to another level. On this website, you will see free and premium WordPress themes & plugins, blogging guides, wp tutorials, marketing tips, how-to’s, and more.

 digwp Website

digwp Website

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Digwp provides free and premium WordPress plugins and themes, as well as blogging instructions, tutorials, marketing strategies, a how-guide, to’s and other useful resources for bloggers.

If you don’t know anything about WordPress, you should pick up their publication right away. In the event that you have already been using WordPress for a while, you will almost certainly be successful with this site, which discusses highly extensive techniques and training instructions.

WordPress Tips and Tutorials:

WPBeginner Blog:

A comprehensive resource for WordPress beginners, offering tips, tutorials, and guides to navigate the platform effectively.

WPKube Blog:

Covers a wide range of WordPress-related topics, including tutorials, theme and plugin reviews, and general advice for WordPress users.

WPEka Blog:

Provides WordPress tips and tricks, plugin reviews, and business strategies for WordPress website owners.

Elegant Themes Blog:

Offers tutorials, design inspiration, and tips for users of the popular Divi theme and other Elegant Themes products.

Torque Magazine:

A WordPress news and community site that covers a variety of topics, including tutorials, theme and plugin reviews, and industry news.

Affiliate Marketing and Payments:

AffiliateWP Blog:

Focuses on tips for creating and growing affiliate programs, with insights into affiliate marketing strategies.

WP Simple Pay Blog:

Offers tips on securely accepting payments using the WP Simple Pay plugin and other WordPress tutorials.

RafflePress Blog:

Covers strategies to unlock viral traffic growth for your website through giveaways, focusing on RafflePress, a WordPress giveaway plugin.

Conversion Optimization and Marketing:

ThriveThemes Blog:

A popular conversion optimization suite for WordPress, offering marketing tutorials and tips to enhance website conversions.

WP Mail SMTP Blog:

Covers tips on improving email deliverability, along with other WordPress tutorials, focusing on the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

WPMU Dev Blog:

Offers a range of topics, from how-to posts to product reviews, news, and more, related to WordPress plugins and tools.

Blogs by WordPress Founders and Influencers:

Syed Balkhi:

Founder of WPBeginner, shares entrepreneurship tips on his blog.

Matt Mullenweg:

Co-founder of WordPress, provides insights into his experiences and entrepreneurship journey.

Chris Lema:

A well-known speaker and blogger covering various topics like communication, eCommerce, LMS, and more.

Tom McFarlin:

A WordPress developer sharing insights on WordPress, PHP, databases, and backend technology.

Joost de Valk:

Founder of Yoast, shares insights on WordPress strategy and SEO.

Marketing and SEO Blogs:

Neil Patel Blog:

Neil Patel, a top SEO influencer, regularly shares detailed SEO tutorials, guides, and case studies.

Search Engine Roundtable:

A go-to WordPress blog for staying up-to-date with SEO news, Google algorithm changes, and more.

Digital Marketer:

Provides marketing tutorials, guides, and best practices to grow online traffic and sales.


Created by Harsh Agrawal, this blog covers blogging journey, WordPress tips, and more to help grow online presence.

Blogging Wizard:

A popular resource offering proven strategies for growing your WordPress blog.

Ahrefs Blog:

Ahrefs, a popular SEO tool, offers useful guides to improve website SEO ranking.

Feel free to explore these blogs based on your specific interests and needs within the WordPress ecosystem!

Summary –  Top 30 Best and Most Popular WordPress blogs to read in 2024

WordPress is a flexible platform that makes it possible to expand your site or company or whatever that might be. The Wonderful thing about WordPress is, it’s tens of thousands of Themes and plugins that allow you to accomplish pretty much whatever you can imagine.

In addition to the greatest WordPress blogs already mentioned, you should also pay attention to the Official WordPress Blog. It is the official source of information for news, developments, events, and other information regarding WordPress.

The blog provides all the information about monthly news, WordPress core updates, and other developments. Therefore, the importance of this site is shared by WordPress developers, bloggers, and regular users.

Here is our list of the finest WordPress blogs to read, along with the sites where the best WordPress bloggers publish their work. To assist WordPress users, developers, bloggers, and anybody else interested in this platform, they offer helpful content about it.

While “ThemeGrill blog” can be your go-to blog, we’re confident that you’ll also enjoy the following blogs. In addition to that, the WordPress blogs Zakra and WPEverest are equally beneficial and effective. If you wish to start blogging, you can use them as the greatest WordPress blog examples.

But, there was only one thing that is missing, a learning pulse. You would need instructions and guides to construct your Website and pick the correct topics, plugins, hosts, etc. Here we analyse the Top 30 Best and Most Popular WordPress blogs to read in 2022


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