Benefits Of Custom ID Lanyards

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Top 4 Benefits of Custom ID Lanyards

In today’s day and age, lanyards are used in a lot of different places making them nearly omnipresent in nature. You can visit schools and colleges and you can see nearly all the students and faculty members wearing custom ID lanyards. The same extends to employees in organizations and different businesses. That’s not all, you see people wearing custom ID lanyards in hospitals, retail stores as well as government agencies.

Top 4 benefits of custom ID lanyards

Custom ID lanyards are mostly worn around the neck and some variants of custom ID lanyards are also designed to fit around the waist, wrist, and even arm. They are available in the market in a range of different widths which makes it easy for people to find the variant which suits their needs and requirements the most.

The ID card is attached to the lanyard through security guards different types of materials such as swivel hooks, split rings, alligator clips, and even bulldog clips. If you have been planning to introduce custom ID lanyards in your workforce for your employees, but still haven’t been able to make up your mind, then read on further to know the key benefits of custom ID lanyards. Let’s get started!


  • Custom ID Lanyards are convenient and safe:-
    In comparison to clips, lanyards are a much safer option because there is no risk of lanyards pinching your skin or damaging your clothes. Previously lanyards used to pose choking hazards but now this problem has been fixed because lanyards in today’s day and age are equipped with safety breakaway attachments. Since the employees display their IDs at all times, they no longer need to prove their credentials. That’s not all, some lanyards can also be used to swipe or wave an access card to gain access to some places.
  • Custom ID Lanyards are Multi-Purpose:-
    Perhaps one of the most important benefits of custom ID lanyards is that they are multi-purpose. These lanyards are very affordable and they can be used as a gadget holder, keyring, and also an ID lace. Over and above identification and security purposes, these lanyards can also be used to show support for different brands and organizations, and even video games and music groups. Many businesses choose to giveaway these lanyards as promotional material during corporate events, tradeshows, or during the launch of different products.
  • Custom ID Lanyards Can Help Increase Security:-
    One of the main benefits of using these lanyards is that they can substantially strengthen security in schools and offices. To make matters easier, employees can be given one color of lanyard and all visitors to the office premises can be given different colors or designs of lanyards. This makes it very easy for security guards to identify who has been authorized to enter the office premises and in what capacity.
  • Custom ID Lanyards are Durable:-
    Lanyards are made from different materials. The lanyards which are made from polyester, nylon, or other synthetic fabrics have been found to be a lot more durable than lanyards made from other materials. These lanyards have found to be stain-proof as well as being water-proof. These lanyards can easily last for a very long period of time without the need to get replacements.
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Top 4 benefits of custom ID lanyards

The Bottom Line

There you go. Those were the key benefits of custom ID lanyards and the most compelling reasons for getting the same. Custom ID lanyards are more a lot more than just a simple piece of cloth with some kind of attachment, which makes them so omnipresent in today’s day and age where many companies use them as advertising and marketing tools. Custom ID lanyards are quite affordable and they are available in the market in a range of different colors and designs. Custom ID lanyards also allow for immense scope of customization.

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