Top 40 Best Games for The New Apple TV

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Top 40 Best Games for The New Apple TV | 2023 (Including best shooter games)

Shooting video games

The best shooting game for Apple TV: Galaxy on Fire — Manticore Rising


You’re in on the deep finish in Manticore Rising, which initially finds you floating by way of the particles of an obliterated house fleet. Aliens are inbound and your aspect’s accountants have written you off as a misplaced trigger. So it’s essential to dogfight in your life throughout gorgeously rendered phases. This can also be a recreation the place piloting your ship utilizing the Siri Remote feels extra pure and fluid than utilizing a gamepad. Yeah, we’re as shocked as you’re. View Galaxy on Fire – Manticore Rising in iTunes Preview (£5.99, Apple TV solely)

The Best Games New Apple TV


Shadowgun Legends


If you’re armed with a gamepad and wish some correct 3D shooty larks in your Apple TV, Shadowgun Legends suits the invoice. It’s stuffed with gruff marines, alien foes, and missions; and it appears slightly fab, too. Sure, it won’t hassle AAA blasters on correct consoles, however, what are you waiting for no outlay by any means? Blood? Alien blood? View Shadowgun Legends in iTunes Preview (£free, common)



With its cool characters in silhouette and fixed slo-mo, Spitkiss oddly put us in thoughts of The Matrix. Well, a bit. Because as a substitute of dodging bullets, this recreation’s characters lob spit at one another. That would possibly sound grim, however that is actually a love story, the place Spitkissers share bodily fluids and emoji, by you hurling the previous about, Angry Birds-style. When spit hits a wall, it slowly slides down, supplying you with one other shot. Shooty video games are not often this gloopy. View Spitkiss on iTunes Preview (£1.99, common)


The best Apple TV apps you’ll actually use

ATOMIK: RunGunJumpGun

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7There’s a lot of capturing in ATOMIK: RunGunJumpGun – most likely a bit an excessive amount of. For some cause, the hero stays aloft by blasting the ground with a large gun, whereas being propelled forwards at insane speeds by an unknown drive. But to be able to clear obstacles from his path, he should shoot forward for a bit. You’ve most likely observed the tiny snag. Only shoot downwards and also you’ll quickly smash right into a wall. Shoot forward for too long and also your crash into the bottom. And we haven’t even talked about the snake-like paths it’s essential to take by way of corridors peppered with spikes, weapons, and really offended aliens. It’s quick, livid, and pretty prone to finish with you embedding the Siri Remote in a wall. In different phrases, it’s nice. View ATOMIK: RunGunJumpGun on iTunes Preview (£2.99, common)



There is a great deal of basic arcade knock-offs on Apple TV, so ignore them and as a substitute seize this loving tribute. As its title suggests, it’s a sluggish burner — extra hypnotic than frenetic at first, as you swipe left and proper to blast away waves of dive-bombing aliens. But survive sufficient waves, and people aliens begin studying new tips, punishing any complacency. View Chillaxian in iTunes Preview (£1.99, common)

Sky Force Anniversary


Ten years after Sky Force first flew, it’s soared on to Apple TV. Like on cellular, it’s a visually beautiful overhead shooter, marrying old-school sensibilities, a smidgeon of bullet-hell and an improvement and achievements system that rewards repeat play. Unlike on cellular, all of the freemium silliness is gone (changed by a single cost), and also you get two-player co-op to utilize your widescreen show. View Sky Force Anniversary in iTunes Preview (£4.99, Apple TV solely)

Racing video games

The best racing recreation for Apple TV: Impulse GP


Grrrr! We performed a bunch of extra conventional racers on Apple TV, they usually had been principally garbage. But Impulse GP propels you to the long run, in a fashion not totally dissimilar to F-Zero. You burn alongside space-age tracks, lapping up increase and making an attempt to not smack right into a wall. It’s robust, too, or maybe we acquired seasick from all of the dizzying loops and that’s why we simply completed finally. View Impulse GP in iTunes Preview (£free demo/£2.99 for full recreation, common)


10 and a half things you won’t believe Apple made

AG Drive


There’s a whiff of F-Zero about this screamingly quick and good racer. Tracks comprise ribbons of metal looping their approach by way of gleaming futuristic cities, your craft lurching concerning the place as its pilot tries very arduous to maintain their lunch down. A range of occasions allows you to hurl your self into the motion but in addition profit from repeat play as you regularly soup up your craft. And like Nintendo’s title, this premium recreation’s all about ability – there’s no skipping forward utilizing IAP. Do be conscious of a dose of thumb cramp, although, when utilizing the Siri Remote for longish classes, because the builders apparently hate you and omitted an auto-accelerate possibility, as a substitute forcing you to carry Play/Pause to zoom alongside. View AG Drive in iTunes Preview (£2.99, common)

Tiny Wings TV


The little chicken in Tiny Wings desires of flying, however, has stubby wings. Still, she’s found out how you can briefly soar heavenwards by bombing down slopes and having momentum fling her from the following hill’s peak. Her goal: get so far as doable earlier than a sleep-inducing sunset. All of which could make you suppose Tiny Wings crashed right into a window on the best way to the limitless runner class and plopped unceremoniously into the racing part. But its different two modes are about dashing to an end line: Flight School has 4 chicks racing residence to mum, to win the largest fish; and Hill Party is a split-screen mode, the place two gamers battle it out utilizing a single Siri Remote. However you play, Tiny Wings is an enthralling, compelling recreation that’s a great deal of easy enjoyable. View Tiny Wings TV on iTunes Preview (£2.99, Apple TV solely)

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Asphalt 8: Airborne


Rather than retaining tires firmly on the tarmac, Asphalt 8 is equally completely satisfied flinging vehicles into the air at any time when doable. And when vehicles spend any time on the bottom, they’re principally drifting absurd distances and blasting by way of hyper-real areas with assistance from ludicrous lashings of nitro. This is quick, jovial, breezy racing, albeit with an aspect order of grinding because of the freemium mannequin. Still, belting by way of an Icelandic volcano or skidding about quaint European cities is a great deal of enjoyable whether or not it’s your first or tenth outing on any explicit monitor. View Asphalt 8 in iTunes Preview (£free + IAP, common)

Pico Rally


If you may become familiar with correct racing video games when utilizing Siri Remote, Pico Rally’s your best wager. It refines the complete racing expertise to a single button, pressed to step on the fuel. The expertise finally ends up akin to slot-racing, fastidiously timing when to speed up and brake so to most effectively utilise turns and enhance lap occasions. But since vehicles have the liberty of the complete monitor right here, races are extra frenetic than any Scalextric set, and earlier than long you’re additionally battling skiddy surfaces as a lot as opponents (who are sometimes slightly unsportingly given a sizeable head-start). View Pico Rally in iTunes Preview (£free with adverts or £3.99, common)

Riptide GP2

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7Much like Impulse GP, Riptide GP2 imagines a future through which large snaking tracks thread their approach by way of gleaming metallic cities. Only in Riptide’s world, roads are apparently passé; right here, racing includes maniacs on large jet-skis making an attempt to not drown as they bounce around watery tracks, sometimes hurling themselves into the air to carry out blowhard stunts. In phrases of visuals and controls, there’s one thing pleasingly arcade-oriented about Riptide, which harks again to basic coin-ops that had been all about velocity and ability slightly than faffing about with tuning and power-ups. Just don’t get seasick taking part in the sport together with your nostril pressed as much as a large display.

The Apple TV has some nice First and Third individual shooters and I need to share my opinion of which of them are in my top 5. If you’ve gotten performed them and also you don’t agree… Too unhealthy. Write your individual top 5 listings! Lol! Just kidding. Again that is simply my opinion. If you haven’t performed these video games, you would possibly need to take a look at a few of them.

 Cat Quest II:

“Cat Quest II” is a captivating action role-playing game (RPG) that can easily draw you in and keep you entertained for hours. Developed by The Gentlebros, this delightful game features cute graphics and follows the story of two characters, a dog king and a cat king, on a quest to reclaim their thrones in an adorable fantasy world. You can play solo with the AI controlling the other character, or team up with a friend to play as both animal kings. The game offers not only fun graphics and gameplay but also a variety of sidequests to keep you and your partner engaged. It’s worth noting that you’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription to access “Cat Quest II” on your Apple TV or iOS device.

 Alto’s Odyssey:

“Alto’s Odyssey,” the sequel to Snowman’s popular game “Alto’s Adventure,” is an ideal choice for Apple TV gaming. It’s an endless runner game with stunning, meticulously designed graphics. As you navigate the character on a sandboard across ever-changing landscapes, you can perform tricks to earn extra points. The game even offers a Zen Mode that doesn’t end the game if you hit an obstacle, allowing you to relax and enjoy the gameplay. While “Alto’s Odyssey” is a beautiful single-player game, it may not be the best choice for multiplayer gaming with friends.

 Tetris Beat:

If you’re a fan of the classic “Tetris” game, “Tetris Beat” by N3TWORK Inc. offers an exciting twist. It’s perfect for Apple TV thanks to its side-by-side multiplayer mode, allowing two people to play together on the same screen. This version of “Tetris” incorporates music and rhythm mechanics, requiring players to align tetrominoes to the beat of the music. This innovative approach adds a fresh and enjoyable aspect to the game. With a selection of great tracks and captivating visuals, “Tetris Beat” offers a fun and engaging way to experience the classic game.

 The Jackbox Party Pack 3:

The “Jackbox Party Pack” series by Jackbox Games offers a unique and entertaining set of party games that use mobile phones as controllers. You can turn on a “Jackbox” game on your Apple TV, and almost anyone in the room can join in the fun, with some games supporting up to eight players. These games cover various categories, including word games, drawing challenges, trivia, and more, each with its quirky aesthetics. While some games are more enjoyable than others, titles like “Drawful” and “Bomb Corp” can be highly addictive and provide hours of entertainment. “Jackbox Party Pack 3” is a solid choice, featuring games like “Quiplash 2,” “Tee K.O.,” and “Trivia Murder Party.” Gather your friends around your Apple TV, but keep in mind that everyone will need a mobile device to play.

These games offer an array of entertainment options on Apple TV, whether you prefer solo play, multiplayer action, or party games with friends. Enjoy gaming on your Apple TV and have a great time exploring these titles.

Radiation City

Radiation metropolis is my quantity 5 choice just because it’s a spooky journey and the visible results are fairly and damning all on the similar time. The gameplay is pretty tight with just a few control hiccups. But the temper created by the builders converging the eerie music and bloom-filled visuals might be mesmerizing and creepy. It’s an effective way to spend a weekend.

Another profit to the sport is the truth that the builders enable the participant to make use of a primary or third-individual view simply switchable on the fly. It’s a really good addition that might be welcome in additional motion shooter video games.

Also, there’s something for the hardcore and informal gamer alike. you may play Radiation City usually in which you’ll be able to die from starvation, chilly, radiation, zombie inflicted wounds, and many others. or you may merely play the sport with God mode on and by no means fear about any of these issues. Traversing the atmosphere and killing animals and zombies alike with no concern of changing into wounded is a reasonably cool characteristic in my view.

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Morphite is my quantity Four shooter and this might have been greater on the listing. It is just an implausible sport that runs beautifully on the Apple TV 4K. The visible model is gorgeous and the gameplay is every little thing you’ll think about it will be. There are a whole bunch of hours of gameplay to lose your self in and it’ll go by within the blink of an eye fixed.

Exploration is the important thing to Morphite and the outrageous variety of planets to go to compounded by the superbly crafted rating make for a sport that isn’t to be missed.

Download and play this sport. It is the price of your time and persistence. You will probably be rewarded with expertise worthy of the mighty consoles.

VAST: Cosmic Treasure Hunters


VAST is a little bit of an anomaly at this level. I’m completely on board the Astrogun practice and I actually consider that Xander Davis and the gang will create a universe that isn’t solely fascinating, however deep sufficient to make gamers care concerning the characters you work together with.

This episodic journey is small on content material with just one episode out there presently, however huge on potential and it’s apparent from the primary time you wake from cryosleep. Promising voice performing and gorgeous 4K visuals are positive to be improved upon within the close to future and guess what…. It’s an Apple TV 4K timed unique!!!! Yes, you heard that proper. Just purchase it! Right Now! Are you continue to right here? Buy this sport and are available again. Thank You.

Modern Combat 5

Top 40 Best Games for The New Apple TV

This sport has been around for some time and has not been stored in keeping with its the iOS counterpart, however that may be a blessing in disguise if in case you have performed the iOS model recently. The model out there for the Apple TV is far simpler whereas being pretty freed from bugs although there are some which can be annoying.

The gameplay is frantic. The Visuals are downright beautiful and the gameplay is about pretty much as good because it will get for an FPS. You have to get a Mfi controller for the best efficiency in my view and if in case you have one, you’ll be pissing opponents off before you suppose.

One damaging although…. You would possibly need to spend some cash to get the weapons you actually need. But you don’t should you select to not. It’s price throwing some cash into this sport because it actually is that good. You merely can’t be impressed sufficient.

The Afterpulse


Ok, I’ll attempt to make this fast. “The Afterpulse” being performed on the Apple TV 4K is expertise not like every other within the shooter class. The graphics are lovely and the visible points it had earlier than have been alleviated by Apple’s launch of tvOS 11. The maps are meticulously crafted for fight and chaos. The weapons are upgradeable and a hell of numerous enjoyable to kill an opponent with. Maybe an excessive amount of enjoyment? Lol! The variety in weaponry and equipment is simply sufficient to make any fight gamer bounce for pleasure.

The Afterpulse, like MC5 on the Apple TV, just isn’t stored in sync with its iOS counterpart merely known as “Afterpulse” and it is a good factor. The iOS model is out of hand with complication and the Apple TV model is correct the place it must be. Much extra real looking, easy, and obtainable for gamers informal and hardcore.

A phrase of warning right here although…. This sport could be very addictive and if in case you have an addictive character corresponding to I sadly do, you could quickly be rationalizing why you spent a lot cash on crates to get that 6 star A 500 or wanted extra weapons to improve your KPM-5 to 7 stars. It’s a slippery slope and I’m all too glad to make use of a snowboard! I like this sport!!!


Honourable Mentions

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

This not too long ago launched Warhammer sport didn’t make my top 5 listings but it surely would possibly make yours. It’s an implausible sport and the visuals are completely gorgeous. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a controller help and that’s an enormous damaging for me as I don’t need to use the Siri distance if in any respect essential. But Warhammer is a superb sport and definitely worth the obtain and no matter cash you see match to poor into it.

Kill Shot Bravo

This one can be on many gamers listing because it has a lot of content material in spite of everything this time that you just can not go fallacious. The builders have stored this sport updated because it’s authentic launch on the Apple TV and there’s no stopping in sight. This sport is an “on-rails” shooter which is the explanation it didn’t make my top 5. But it’s proper up there and must be immediate obtain for many gamers who take pleasure in gunplay on their Apple TV.

Oddworld: Strangers Wrath

This was the closest to creating it in my top 5. I merely love this sport. I loved the hell out of all of it these years in the past and the enhancements made for the Apple TV model are excellent. But, there is a matter that I’ve confronted since getting my Apple TV 4K. The sport merely crashes when I’ve it in 4K mode. I’ve to switch again to 1080p HD to play the sport and that’s positively disappointing. I don’t know if others are having this problem additionally, but it sure stinks not with the ability to see the sport upscaled. Boohoo. 🙁


Well, there maybe my top 5 F/TPS video games listing for the Apple TV. I hope you loved it and I will probably be getting ready an extra elaborate and detailed top 10 listing within the coming months. You could not agree with my listing and that’s to be anticipated, however, do not forget that this listing is simply my opinion and we’re all entitled to our personal.

Till my subsequent Top X listing, a sport like a psychopath in your Apple TV!

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