Top Digital Marketing Software That Every Marketer Needs

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Top Digital Marketing Software That Every Marketer Needs – Easy Guide

Top Digital Marketing Software That Every Marketer Needs


A quality product or service and a nice logo aren’t enough for your business’s success. It’s also necessary to pay special attention to the marketing campaign. Various digital marketing software apps have been developed to help promote your business, website, or account in social networks, as well as attract new customers.

What is marketing for?

It would seem a trivial question. But many start-up companies still ignore this aspect, hoping they don’t need to promote their products or services. Or they believe that there is no need to spend time, effort, and money.

Today, with the spread of information and advertising, a brand has to constantly communicate with its clients. And the best thing – business owners can immediately receive feedback without conducting research, change the marketing strategy and adapt to customers’ needs. Marketing is needed to understand consumers and give them exactly what they want and need.

Top Digital Marketing Software That Every Marketer Needs

Marketing itself, along with all marketing software, incorporates various activities: all of them are related to the sale of your company’s products and services. For instance, advertising is the most obvious marketing activity, but the launch of the campaign is preceded by research into consumers’ preferences. The main goal of this study is to find the actual needs of buyers. Service level, office, or website design are forms of marketing as well, as they help to emphasize that the company meets the customers’ expectations.

Thus, marketing is an integral part of any business. And for the process of promoting your product on the market to be as smooth and efficient as possible, various desktop and online marketing software have been developed.

Top digital marketing software

And so we have compiled for you the top marketing software that will help you in your marketing strategy and creating high-quality content. Let’s go!

Top Digital Marketing Software That Every Marketer Needs

Scheduler apps for posting

Running a business blog isn’t so easy as it may seem at first glance. The need to keep in touch with subscribers every day, interact with them, and find new topics for posts can lead to burnout. Scheduling posts is a great way to save energy, time, and resources. Typically, a content plan is drawn up for a month, and various digital marketing software for posting help in this process. Among such applications, the most popular are:

Smmplanner – a simple and user-friendly planner, one of the most popular auto-posting services. It has a good photo editor; you can quickly crop posts. It will post content on social networks without your participation. Everything you need is to write and upload posts to it, set the date and time.

Buffer – one of the most famous social media scheduling apps. Its main function is to schedule updates for multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. The app also lets you track statistics for each post.

Hootsuite – a social media content management tool that allows you to schedule posts and track your account activity. In addition, Hootsuite syncs with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. This digital marketing software supports over 50 languages ​​and has over 9 million users.

Top Digital Marketing Software That Every Marketer Needs

Organization of work processes

For a clear vision of goals and accomplishment of tasks on time, every marketer and business in general needs to acquire several organizers. Certainly, you can write everything down in a notebook, but what is the chance that you will lose it or leave it somewhere? The probability is high enough. Moreover, some ideas come to us unexpectedly and should be immediately noted. The most popular marketing software for workflow organization are:

Evernote – the application allows you to create notebooks with to-do lists and add handwritten text, reminders, audio, photos, and so on. This marketing software aims to become one-stop storage for your ideas, thoughts, plans, notes, etc. You can also organize teamwork with this digital marketing software.

Trello – a free organizer. This online marketing software is suitable for creating small projects, planning, and structuring tasks. With its help, you can create cards with checklists, mark them with different colored tags and add cards to the board, assign tasks to yourself and colleagues and receive notifications.

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Asana – a team project management tool. Within this marketing software, teams can communicate, manage tasks, break them down into stages and create lists of what needs to be done, and track project deadlines.

Top Digital Marketing Software That Every Marketer Needs

Photo and video editing software

Applications for creating photos and videos – an important component of digital marketing software in the work of any marketer and content specialist. Visual content greatly influences the success of your business. The most popular desktop and online marketing software include the following:

Lightroom – a professional application that is both powerful and easy to use even for beginners. The service offers ready-made presets and functions for manual correction of exposure, contrast, color, tone, etc. With Lightroom, you can add watermarks to your images and protect them from plagiarism.

VSCO – a service for retouching photos on a smartphone with an interface that is understandable to any user. It has the function of detailed image correction (exposure and contrast, crop and cut, sharpness, shadows, etc.). Also, VSCO has a lot of nice built-in filters. For those who find it difficult to master all the functions, high-quality ready-made templates are available.

Top Digital Marketing Software That Every Marketer Needs

Movavi Video Editor – a digital marketing software that lets you create videos or slideshows. You can work with photos and audio as well, which greatly speeds up the process of creating content. Here you can cut and crop clips, add audio tracks and special effects, and as a result, get a real movie or high-quality promo video.

Adobe Premiere Clip – an application with which you can create nice video clips: cut and crop them, add effects (transitions, slow motion), adjust lighting and color, etc. You can add music to your video by uploading tracks from the app or your device. Effects can be added automatically or manually.

Top Digital Marketing Software That Every Marketer Needs

FlexClip an online video editing tool for making social media videos, lifestyle videos and business videos in minutes. It is very easy to use and supports cloud hosting which means you can do your video editing anywhere and anytime you want.

Top Digital Marketing Software That Every Marketer Needs - WordPress Tips and Tricks for Amateur Bloggers

This online tool doesn’t require expensive hardware and it can run from any modern browser and any device. It is a good choice for those who own a small business since it offers high-quality preset video templates.

Marketing software for analytics

Marketing analytics is essential for any company, regardless of its size. It shows the result of marketing campaigns in real numbers. A competent approach to analytics helps to make fewer mistakes, drawing on the experience of previous years and campaigns, as well as on the external situation. Therefore, it’s important to analyze not only internal data but to monitor the market, buyers, forecasts, etc.

Google Analytics – with this application you can easily track all the analytical properties of your site. This digital marketing software offers in-depth reports and analytics about your website, target audience, and the results of your digital marketing efforts.

Brand24 is an online marketing software designed to monitor social media mentions around the world. The service provides easy access to real business discussions on the web for prompt responses to suggestions and complaints. It sends notifications of your brand’s negative reviews.

Top Digital Marketing Software That Every Marketer Needs

Email marketing software

Contrary to the opinion of many skeptics, this type of marketing is still effective and popular. There are many email marketing platforms out there, and they usually have enough features and quite intuitive descriptions to keep you from getting confused by the interface. Some digital marketing software has been developed for these purposes:

MailChimp is the most popular email marketing service. Using it, you can add new subscribers’ email addresses to lists, send letters, track submission status, and receive reports. This easy-to-use and functional application is an indispensable thing for a digital marketer.

iContact – the application with a convenient Drag-And-Drop interface for users without design skills offers hundreds of different templates to choose from for any purpose of email marketing. The service has social media integration.

Zoho is a popular email newsletter service used by publishers like The New York Times and Mashable. It has the function of scheduling for sending letters. It’s easy to operate.

Top Digital Marketing Software That Every Marketer Needs

Social networks

With the establishment of more and more companies on social networks, users have become more selective about the posted content. As a result, social media introduced personalized feeds, and brands began to incorporate personalization into their social media marketing strategies to surprise and engage users. It is social media that allows you to get large amounts of demographic data, previous purchases, and content preferences.

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TikTok – online marketing software for real creators. This social network is focused on creating an authentic experience for its users, so ads integrate harmoniously and match the daily user interactions and needs in the app. It’s an irreplaceable thing for digital marketers.

Instagram – some experts argue that this marketing software is already inferior in popularity to the previous service. However, it is still an excellent and must-have tool for brand promotion. Instagram functionality allows you not only to post useful and interesting content but to analyze the audience as well.

Facebook – many professionals prefer to implement marketing campaigns in this digital marketing software. This is one of the most popular social networks. You can both communicate with friends and colleagues, scroll the news feed, photos, videos, and manage your page, use Facebook Ads Manager and analyze the audience. An irreplaceable thing on the list of top digital marketing software for every marketer.

Top Digital Marketing Software That Every Marketer Needs

Cloud Storage

Definitely, such apps are an invaluable part of every digital marketer’s work. These special services for saving data in a virtual container (cloud) allow you to share all the information you need quickly, as well as store information from various apps, as well as photos, videos, contacts, and much more. The most popular and most reliable online marketing software for data storage are:

Dropbox – one of the “oldest” cloud storages, which had gained popularity before such services began to be massively introduced. This application not only allows you to store and share data in a secure space but to make selected files available offline; edit Microsoft Office docs right in the app, receive notifications, and so on.

Google Drive – this service isn’t just one of the most popular marketing software, but one of the most reliable and multifunctional as well. Using the soft, you can create files of various formats; have access to data from different devices; there are functions for extracting text from the image, converting written text to speech.

Top Digital Marketing Software That Every Marketer Needs

News Apps

A qualified marketer should always be aware of the latest news not only of digital marketing but other fields. With the help of such marketing software, you can follow news on interesting topics, estimate competitors, receive notifications, etc.

BBC News – the world’s most popular 24/7 news channel. With the help of the service, you can look at the same problem from different angles, get certain ideas, analyze the situation. In general, to stay on top of all the latest events.

Feedly – the best digital marketing software for content personalization and social media integration. This RSS reader allows you to find, view, bookmark all kinds of publications from all over the Internet. In the application, you can follow the updates of your favorite news sites, blogs, Youtube channels. You can follow interesting news portals and blogs by searching for popular topics. You can share your favorite content on Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Pinterest, Buffer, and LinkedIn.

Flipboard is a service that contains the latest news from around the world. This is part social app, and part magazine and news app. It gathers content from social networks, news publications, and blogs. Integration into social networks allows you to share interesting content with other users. The app has a bright, stylish, and user-friendly interface.

Top Digital Marketing Software That Every Marketer Needs

Summary – Top Digital Marketing Software That Every Marketer Needs

It’s not so easy to be a marketer, especially a digital one, where the competition is increasing daily. New promotion tools, trends, online marketing software appear every day. Monitoring everything is rather difficult. During the day, people of this profession have to perform a lot of diverse tasks: they need to track the effectiveness of certain tools, launch a social media campaign, increase conversion rates, etc.

There are actually many more similar services. We have indicated a selection, in our opinion, of the most must-have digital marketing software without which no one marketing campaign is possible. All of the mentioned apps have made life easier for not only marketers but hundreds of ordinary users. How to use these services (for work, inspiration, planning, or fun) is up to you.

We hope, that our article is useful to you. Study materials, test new services, and promote your business. We wish every internet marketer good luck in achieving their goals!

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