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Top Essential Addons for Elementor | Full Guide | Free and Premium

What are the top Essential Elementor extensions? Or what even is Elementor to start with? Ever since its introduction in 2016, Elementor has utterly taken over the WordPress business. The 5+ Million Active Users communicate volume for themselves. If you aren’t acquainted with it, allow us to offer you a short on it. Elementor is the WordPress Page Builder plugin that affords customers novel web designing expertise. Anyone can simply Drag & Drop cool components and create an incredible website in only a few minutes. No coding data is required anymore!

In addition, Elementor Page Builder offers Ready-Made Templates for customers to apply on the website & get began immediately. It provides you the liberty to personalize all of the features with its styling functionality. Therefore, you’ll be able to exhibit your creativity and provide you with your individual distinctive concepts.

Thanks to Elementor, you don’t have to fret about hiring builders anymore, as you can do it yourself without any prior programming expertise or data. F any of those is your case, you then landed in the proper place. To add a little bit of glam factor to your website to make it outshine, all you want is Elementor. Arguably, Elementor is an optimum page builder developed for WordPress.

It’s filled with some outstanding, versatile features to increase and improve your website’s performance to maintain your guests attracted. The built-in functionalities are fairly intensive and enough to attain your dream website look. However, should you nonetheless want to prolong its performance, you should utilize Elementor addons.

Whether you wish to change your homepage design, slider fashion, or make your website look fancier, addons for all things, before diving deep into the pool of addons, let’s first perceive what Elementor is.

What is Elementor?

This WordPress plugin is a commercial tool created for non-technical users and developers alike, providing them with an efficient website building solution.

The utilization of drag-and-drop technology and widget modular design allows for anyone to easily create visually stunning pages without requiring much technical assistance.

Do you feel that Elementor has a fancy name? Well, let’s acquaint ourselves with its features. Within the WordPress community, Elementor is widely known and utilized as much as WordPress itself. Specifically, it functions as a website page builder plugin which can be easily installed from the WP plugins directory like any other add-on tool.

After activation, Elementor provides comprehensive tools for creating compelling WordPress pages and posts. The code-free front-end web page builder allows customization of existing blog content as well as management of new pages or posts. Addons/extensions offer additional visual enhancement to your site with widgets, functionality, and advanced features -all aimed at designing a stunning website that captivates users without coding savvy.

In 2016, Elementor made a big impact on the market by offering remarkable design solutions.

The initial requirement for any website is undoubtedly a well-crafted design. Elementor emerged as the ultimate solution to this demand, unlike any previous product. It served like an advanced block editor even before WordPress introduced one officially.

There are two versions of Elementor available: a free version and a paid one that provides additional content elements and customization tools.

Elementor has gained immense popularity as a plugin used extensively on all WordPress websites, resulting in the flourishing of an extensive network of add-ons that enhance its function

Why Use Elementor Addons

Elementor addons serve as valuable enhancements to the already powerful Elementor page builder. While Elementor is a robust tool, addons play a crucial role in addressing areas where the default plugin may have limitations or room for improvement, particularly in the Pro version.

The benefits of using Elementor addons include:

Enhanced Functionality: Addons provide additional functionalities that complement and extend Elementor’s capabilities. These enhancements empower users to create more dynamic and feature-rich pages.

Integration with Essential Plugins: Elementor addons often facilitate seamless integration with other essential plugins used on a website. This interoperability enhances the overall performance and functionality of the site.

Improved Design Options: By using addons, users can unlock a wider range of design options, allowing for more creative and visually appealing pages. This is particularly valuable for attracting and retaining visitors.

Increased Engagement: The additional features offered by addons contribute to creating more engaging content, which can lead to increased user engagement. This, in turn, may positively impact conversions and customer satisfaction.

Diverse Options: Users can choose from a variety of Elementor addons based on their specific needs, preferences, and budget. Many addons follow a freemium model, offering basic features for free and advanced capabilities through paid upgrades.

In summary, Elementor addons play a vital role in optimizing the functionality and design options of the Elementor page builder, providing users with a comprehensive toolkit to create compelling and effective web pages.

Guidelines to decide on the Best Elementor Addons

Diving into the pool of addons, you may get overwhelmed with the variety of Elementor add-ons obtainable. But the issue is how one can classify which is price shopping for. Instead of indulging in the problem of checking them flip by flip, which might break your website. To aid you out, we’ve listed below a couple of bunch of issues it’s essential to look out for once you’re searching for appropriate Elementor addons.

  • Price – the before everything factor it’s essential to think about is your budget. Before buying one, you have to ponder over what further features you want. Pick the one that gives what you require.
  • Functionality – allow these capabilities you require and disable the remainder as a result of they may affect your website loading speed.
  • Customizability – The addon should supply versatile and loads of customization choices to cater to your website wants.
  • Updates and Developer Support – it’s important to maintain all the things in your WordPress up to date, together with the addons. Ensure the one you’re selecting is up to date repeatedly, and should you get into any bother, you’ll be able to attain them simply for assist.

Do we recommend that you adhere to the guidelines outlined above when selecting Elementor add-ons for your website, and you Might Want to Use Elementor Addons on your website?

It is by no means simple to meet the needs of everyone to the greatest extent possible. So, even though Elementor includes 80+ Fantastic Elements, you may require something even better and more distinctive. This is precisely why third-party builders have decided to enhance the functionality of Elementor and develop their very own Elementor Addons. Currently, there are a plethora of Elementor add-ons available for purchase on the market. Consequently, you have an abundance of options from which to choose and can begin implementing the most appropriate extension on your website.

They provide an alternative way to strengthen your website design by incorporating outstanding features and layouts into it. Furthermore, you will be able to create a specific atmosphere by using the Elementor extensions to customize your website. It is unlikely that you will be in any doubt about where, to begin with, Elementor Extensions by the end of this article. We will go over the best addons you should look into if you are looking to improve your web page-building abilities.


Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro


Before searching for an alternate resolution, you should positively give Elementor Pro a shot. Despite the free model providing 29 primary components, the premium will enrich the numbers even on a big scale. For occasion, it affords extra superior widgets akin to Posts, WooCommerce, Forms, Social Media & many extra. Elementor Pro affords Theme Builder flexibility that can assist you in simply design your themes as well. This excellent function allows you to modify your Header, Footer, WooCommerce, Blogs & all the opposite Dynamic pages that aren’t possible via the essential model.

Moreover, you’ll be able to immediately build a landing page utilizing its enormous assortment of ready-made Templates. You can then personalize it as per your desire fairly simply. On top of that, if you are into coding, you’ll even be able to add customized CSS from the Elementor dashboard itself. As a result, you’ll be able to verify all of the modifications you’ve gotten made in actual time. To save your time, Elementor Pro comes with the ‘Global Widget’ function.

Just save a template & you can make use of this in any of your future pages via the ‘Drag & Drop’ functionality. Basically, to capitalize absolutely the best from the Elementor Page Builder, you have to use its Premium model.

Master Addons for Elementor

Master Addons for Elementor


Elementor and the Master Addons allow you to create your website according to your specifications. It includes greater than 30+ web page building components, 5 kind integrations, 12 developer extension options, and a template library with more than 100+ fast begin layouts. This free and comprehensive extension is available here. You can use these to embody presets on your pages and sections and footer and header designs – all at the touch of a button. And if you require even more, there is a premium version available that includes greater than 30 additional blocks and extensions, including restricted content material, picture hotspots, flip containers, gallery sliders, and much more. In other words, what are you able to create using Master Addons?

Magazines and blogs might consider incorporating the MA animated headlines, information ticker, and picture galleries into their websites to create a more modern and eye-catching experience for their readers. Businesses and organizations can combine the crew members modules (which include a slider) and progress bars to highlight employees’ abilities and accomplishments.

Alternatively, creative professionals could use picture hovers, flip containers, tooltips, and inventive hyperlinks to create an online portfolio of their work. There are also blocks for twin headings, tabs, data fields, call-to-action buttons, inventive buttons, a changelog, business hours, and pricing tables, among other things. However, what distinguishes Master Addons from the competition is the constant expansion and addition of features that are not available anywhere else.

To incorporate new and improved features, the Master Addons suite is constantly being updated and expanded. To give an example, the team recently added improved components for timelines, table of contents, gallery sliders, dynamic tags, toggle content material, front animations, and even display conditions. With Master Addons, you can rest assured that your website will be built using the most up-to-date coding and web design trends available on the market. Other notable options include a customized header, footer, and a comment form builder that allow you to customize your website from top to bottom completely. Make use of the Custom Breakpoints feature to specify the precise pixels at which your website becomes responsive for desktop, tablet, and cellular devices.

Various styling options are also available, such as Mega Menus, Transformations, Floating Effects, Reveal/Relax, Hover effects, Dark Mode, and many more. Customized CSS and JS modules are also available through Master Addons, allowing you to add customized code to any post or web page quickly. In addition, Master Addons include customized kind components for specific plugins such as Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, WP Forms, Caldera Forms, and forms, among other options.

Furthermore, Master Addons provides Elementor sections that include particle backgrounds, animated gradient backgrounds, and slider backgrounds. All of the Master Addons blocks include customizable options, allowing you to create a website that is exactly what you want it to be (check out the live demos on the Master Addons fundamental website). In addition, the developer provides you with a selection of 11 pre-designed themes, allowing you to get started on styling your website right away!

Primary Addon

Primary Addon for Elementor


Build extra with Elementor and WordPress with the Primary Addon plugin from Area of interest add-ons. With greater than 20+ free widgets (and 15+ extra within the professional model), there are tons you’ll be able to create on your website. So what makes the Primary Addon a terrific plugin? First, it affords all the primary website components you need that aren’t within the free model of Elementor. This consists of builder components for your online business like about me, weblog grids, charts, processes, crew sections, testimonials, and tables. There are additionally useful portfolio components for galleries, sliders, and picture comparisons to indicate your work clientele.

And there are additional components for contact information and publication options to make it simpler for folks to remain in touch. Best of all, as a result of this addon, it was designed primarily based on Elementor core capabilities; it should work nicely with any Elementor appropriate WordPress theme. This provides you close to countless choices to build and customize your website design! And should you run into any points, the Area of interest add-ons crew offers useful assist.

For extra superior web page builder components like breadcrumbs, contact varieties, Instagram feeds, protected content material, information tickers, timelines, CTAs, and extra (15+ modules in whole), you’ll have to improve to Pro. NicheAddons additionally affords (because the title implies) particular person area of interest addons for Elementor, together with Education, Charity, eCommerce, Events, and extra – a few of that are even free. But you should check out their website if you wish to study extra!

The Plus Addons

The Plus Addons for Elementor Page Builder


When it comes to Elementor addons, you are unlikely to find one that offers more customization options than The Plus. It’s an all-in-one extension for the most popular web page builder, and it comes with over 8,000 customization options. This plugin is a simple strategy for quickly creating and customizing your Elementor-powered website. The Plus Addons are made up of more than 300 UI blocks designed to make the creation process go more quickly. And they are, even though they are nearly all of the things. Add icon field grids, pricing tables, hero sections, function lists, map sections, varieties, and more in a matter of seconds…

These blocks have already been designed and styled for you, so all you have to do now is fill in the blanks with your content. Additionally, The Plus includes 18+ website templates for various businesses, including restaurants, design studios, salons, and more.

Alternatively, you can simply use the built-in options to customize colors, backgrounds, icons, and other aspects of the interface. Interested in learning more about the options available? A robust listings builder, search engine marketing, and translation prepared code (use the POT file to translate) are just a few of the features. There are additionally 100+ distinct widgets (tables, charts, data field, countdown, headings, animated textual content, flip box, timeline, parallax, Google maps, tabs, darkish mode, Instagram feed, earlier than and after, and many others.)

Customized mouse cursor (icon, picture, or text), customizable column ordering (for mobile responsive layouts), customized cellular breakpoints, customized column widths, and more are all available as advanced customization options.

If you have any questions about the plugin, you can get help from the developers. And if you’re a web developer who wants to use The Plus on all of your clients’ websites (and why wouldn’t you? ), you can even purchase an extended license for the software. A bonus is that there are a Plus Addons Lite version available for download from, which is completely free of charge to utilize. Consider it a test run for the more expensive premium model. A good way to test The Plus Addons before upgrading is to use it. It has more than 30 widgets and equal top choice and support for wrapper hyperlinks (for example, on a complete row or column).

Droit Addons

Download Droit Addons For Elementor


Designing a customized website is easy with the free Droit Addons for Elementor. This plugin affords all the things it’s essential to prolong your Elementor web page building capabilities. Best of all of the plugin is totally responsive, cross-browser examined, and FREE. Loaded with 23+ new widgets, 70+ block sections, and 9+ full web page templates, you’ve got many choices at your finger ideas. Design a powerful homepage with banners, animated textual content, picture carousels, and extra.

Create providers pages with icon containers, FAQs, pricing tables, and testimonials. Or build out a weblog web page with an information ticker, share buttons, and customizable weblog lists or grids. Plus native scroll, parallax, limitless part nesting, customized CSS assist, lazy loading, Lottie, and different superior animations are included. There are tons you can do because of the Droit Addons! If you additionally occur to be out there for a theme, you should additionally know that Droit Addons was coded to praise the premium Saasland WordPress theme completely.

The theme affords full assist for Gutenberg, WooCommerce, WPML, and naturally Elementor. So you’ll be able to be happy to design your website (in your language) however you see match. And because it’s coming from the crew at DroitThemes, you’ll be able to relax assured you’ll obtain nice assistance if you have any questions.

Exclusive Addons for Elementor

Exclusive Addons for Elementor


Design trendy web layouts with Elementor and the Exclusive Addons plugin. With each put-in, you’ll have greater than 31+ further web page builder blocks at your disposal. All of which supply loads of customizations to make your web design stand out. And should you improve to Exclusive Add-ons Pro, there are a complete 70+ web page components and 600+ pre-made blocks that you should utilize to create layouts quickly. Whatever your wants, Exclusive add-ons have an Elementor widget you’re positive to like. Use the Image Magnifier or Image Comparison blocks on your portfolio.

Alternatively, you could include a novel Post Timeline block on your about web page. In addition to these blocks, you’re also familiar with others such as a Call to Action, Team, Contact Form 7, headings, post grid, pricing tables, and so on, among others. Furthermore, keep in mind that only a few more than 31 blocks are included in the free model. More than 70 additional modules in the Pro version of the plugin, including superior modules for Breadcrumbs, an Animated Shape, an Image Hotspot, an Instagram Feed, an Off-Canvas Menu, a Content Switcher, and a News Ticker, among other things.

The builders are also busy releasing new blocks for the Mega Menu, WooCommerce Add to Cart, and Cross-Domain Copy/Paste as soon as they can! Exclusive add-ons can also be localized and translated. They work well with other plugins of the same style (although should you ever have a query, DevsCred is completely satisfied to assist).

Mighty Addons for Elementor

Mighty Addons for Elementor


Mighty Addons is one other nice choice to increase the favored Elementor web page builder. The plugins afford to use block, part, and template kits – all of those are easy methods to monitor your web design quickly. The free model consists of Elementor blocks for accordions, button teams, earlier than/after pictures, Contact Form 7 integration, counters, flip containers, gradient headings, MailChimp integration, open hours, progress bar, crew, etc. testimonials.

But most impressively, there are free extensions for Pixabay picture integration, customized CSS, wrapper hyperlink, and a novel cross-site copy-paste (normally only present in premium plugins!). All of those features are nice; however, by upgrading to a Mighty Addons Pro plan, you’ll additionally be capable of making the most of 25+ widgets (with added choices for superior headings, maps, Instagram galleries, PayPal, and extra), 20+ template kits, 200+ Elementor blocks, white-labeled branding, and naturally premium assist from the developer.


Stratum – Elementor Widgets


You might think that Elementor addon collections are always massive, with 50+ components crammed into a single product, and you would be correct. In reality, with a little research, you could find products that are much less visually appealing and not as large as Stratum, but that is still extremely feature-rich. The most appealing feature of Stratum Elementor extras is their affordability and the fact that they provide free access to superior widgets. As a result of its freemium model, customers can try any of its 20 widgets for free, with only a few premium features available for each.

If you have a free account, you can make use of the most popular and in-demand widgets, such as the Advanced Slider, advanced Google Maps, advanced posts, Instagram, and advanced accordion, among others. Furthermore, Stratum’s developers emphasized affordability combined with the high quality rather than solely on high quality.

From beginners to advanced users, everyone will enjoy working with this highly effective addon because it is highly customizable and simple to use.

Six of the Stratum widgets are equivalent to the paid Elementor Pro widgets, while a few of them function as different widgets from the Basic collection but with improved performance.

A significant advantage of such modules is their ability to inherit the visible styling of your current theme, which is a significant advantage. Additionally, the addon provides a superior design toolchain for each widget and facilitates integrating the Elementor template library. In addition, if you want more features and assistance, you can upgrade to the Stratum Pro plan.

Qi Addons

Qi Addons for Elementor


Qi Addons for Elementor is a fantastic plugin for expanding the functionality of the core Elementor web page builder. It includes 60 widgets that are extremely versatile in their application. This is because not only are these widgets extremely intuitive and simple to use, but they also provide an abundance of options that allow you to customize your website in any way that you see fit.

You can create stunning and distinctive web page sections that completely correspond with your design by utilizing an infinite number of different addon varieties, ranging from enterprise and infographics to inventive, showcase, and even typography addons. These add-ons are suitable for nearly any type of website on the market – whether it is an online portfolio, a blog, a creative company, or any other type of business venture.

Furthermore, you can complete all of this work for free, with no coding knowledge required. Interacting banners and testimonials, as well as the ability to create crew and data containers, as well as the addition of working hours, will allow you to present all aspects of your online business professionally. Alternatively, you can enhance the visual appeal of your content by including blockquotes, drop caps, animated and typed-out text, among other things.

Create a visually compelling visual presentation for your projects by incorporating interactive hyperlinks, a parallax showcase, a preview slider, and other elements. The performance of your online retailer can be improved even further with the help of components such as a product list, a product slider, and an Add to Cart button.

With Qi Addons for Elementor, you have virtually no limitations in terms of what you can do. All you have to do is install the plugin, drag and drop a widget of your choice, and start participating in the round with the completely customizable options you will have at your disposal to get started.

Additionally, you will be able to see all of your modifications in real-time, allowing you to easily customize all of your widgets and turn them into something truly outstanding in a short period of time. Qi Addons for Elementor is created by Qode Interactive, a well-established WordPress design and development team with a stellar monitor document to their credit. So you can rest assured that the plugin will always be up to date and that a knowledgeable support team will be available to assist you with any questions you might have about the plugin and its use in the future.

Dynamic Content for Elementor

Dynamic Content for Elementor


Save time when designing your website with Elementor and streamline your workflow with Dynamic Content. How? The Dynamic Content add-on for Elementor consists of 58 widgets, 20 extensions, 4 web page settings, and extra. With these new features, you’ll be able to add a sticky header, interactive cursor tracker, eye-catching animated website textual content, kind steps (for Elementor Pro varieties), print to pdf buttons, and even new web page scroll results (together with snap to part and inertia scroll). These are nice methods to create an interactive website that converts.

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But that’s only a tiny little bit of what Dynamic Content for Elementor can do! There are tons of the latest design choices (like parallax, tilt, and customizable transformations), SVG shapes, a speedy template system for customized post varieties (create and retail your individual templates), integration with ACF (plus customized choices for fields, ACF galleries, and sliders, repeater fields, maps, and relationships), cross-site copy & paste, dynamic visibility and extra. But there are even MORE widgets within the works! The devs are laborious at work on PayPal integration, kind signatures, an off-canvas menu, and distinctive choices.

Essential Addons for Elementor

Essential Addons for Elementor


If you speak about any third-celebration add-ons after Elementor Pro, it’s essential to first verify the Essential Addons for Elementor. It has lately achieved the milestone of being the primary Elementor Addon to achieve 1 million energetic installations. Besides, Essential Addons has the best variety of energetic customers amongst all third-party extensions out there. Essential Addons supply each free & premium model, which you should utilize to design engaging websites with ease.

The Free modeYoulent components are akin to Form Stylers, Post, Social Media, and lots of extra; it fulfills all from the Free model the essential wants the customers to pull off an incredible wanting web site. Aside from this, Essential Addons for Elementor could be very lightweight & don’t decelerate your website due to its ‘Modular Control’ functionality to allow or disable any components at any time. To get your palms on extra superior & extraordinary features, it’s also possible to check out Essential Addons Pro.

The great point is you’re going to get entry to overall 59+ unbelievable components with this plugin. You will be capable of exhibiting your creativity and make your website jaw-dropping with its premium widgets akin to Off-Canvas, Lightbox & Modal, superior Post & Gallery widgets, Parallax results, Form Stylers, and lots of others. Moreover, the Premium model of Essential Addons affords 100+ Ready Blocks. You can simply import these templates into your pages and begin customizing & get your required result.

e-addons for Elementor

e-addons for Elementor


e-addons for Elementor allow you to customize your WordPress website with a unique set of design and growth features. This superior add-on is focused on efficiency. It aspires to provide a collection of tools that you can configure and use as needed (without putting in one massively overloaded plugin). So, as we discuss the differences between the free Core features and the premium Pro features, keep in mind that you have the ability to choose which features are loaded into your website.

In addition to the e-Twig engine (for shortcodes and an advanced textual content editor with Timber library), dynamic tags (for post content material such as author, date, background slider, website options, and extra when designing customized posts), and e-Template extensions (which are all free), there are several other e-addons to choose from, all of which are useful (which incorporates dynamic tags, portfolio pores, and skin, posts pores and skin, shortcode & widget templates).

In addition, the free core plugin provides display conditions, the ability to copy and paste your web page designs, and an inspector to make pixel-perfect modifications to your website. By upgrading to Pro, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive suite of the most up-to-date Elementor options, many of which you may not have realized you were missing out on until now.

These include extended options for Elementor Pro-Forms (such as subject top, toggles, present password, inline choices, subject icons, reset, calculator subject, save as PDF, and extra), Actions After Send (such as the message, customized PHP, cookies, create a post, superior electronic mail templates, mutli-redirect, and so forth), and Steps After Send (such as the message, customized PHP, cookies, create a post, superior electronic mail templates, multi-re (so it can save you, display all, scroll to top, view step legend or add a abstract).

And specific options such as screenshots, iframes, pure PHP, dynamic tags, shortcodes, and so on are certain to be popular with developers. The off-canvas menu, reveal, widget lazy load, extensions masking, parallax actions, animated text, 360-degree images, and other styling options available through e-addons are more likely to pique the interest of designers.

Crocoblock – JetPlugins Elementor Extension

Crocoblock Elementor Extension


Crocoblock incorporates all of the JetPlugins as a bundle and affords a terrific assortment of pre-made templates. Besides, the Crocoblock bundle permits you to add top high-quality designs to your website. You can personalize your website with its components akin to Post, WooCommerce, Popup & extra. However, since Crocoblock consists of JetWidgets as separate plugins, chances are you’ll wish to give it an attempt on localhost first. The extra plugin you utilize, the better probability there may be for conflicts – so simply be certain positive to verify earlier than putting in in your live website.

JetElements Addon for Elementor

JetElements Addon for Elementor


JetElements is a premium plugin that comes with 40+ unbelievable components. It provides you the flexibleness to simply use all the weather with customization choices on your website. You can design superb weblog and picture layouts through the use of its high-quality Post & Gallery components. Besides, JetElements affords a pleasant assortment of pre-made templates. You can immediately use them on your websites to get a top-notch format in your website.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor – 40+ New Elementor Widgets

Ultimate Addons for Elementor


Ultimate Addons for Elementor is one other extremely rated Elementor extension that you just can’t miss out on. It offers 21+ widgets that come with superior & distinctive features. You can use its Modular Control to maintain your website quickly. On top of that, Ultimate Addons affords the WooCommerce & Post widgets to properly display all of your products/contents on your website. Despite its spectacular widgets, the quantity of widgets Ultimate Addons is providing is fairly restricted. Since it doesn’t have any free model to check out, it’s essential to buy the premium model to get live expertise.

A premium-only addon pack, Ultimate Addons for Elementor provides you entry to over forty widgets and extensions, greater than 100 templates, and over 2 hundred part blocks. The widgets it affords are the standard wares you’ll see in different plugin’s premium choices – plus a pair that aren’t so frequent.

For instance, you should utilize this plugin to add modal popups and video widgets to your website or create hotspots and timelines. You also can depend on the premade part blocks to considerably speed up any design you must undertake.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor is one other widget-packed add-on set. This one comes from Brainstorm Force, makers of the Astra theme that so many Elementor sites use because of the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder plugin. Currently, Ultimate Addons for Elementor affords 40+ new Elementor widgets, with extra on how. As a part of that set of 40 widgets, you’ll get new content material widgets like:

  • Content toggle
  • Modal popup
  • Timeline
  • Video
  • Info field

And past that, you get kind stylers for each Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms, as well as three WooCommerce widgets for add to cart, classes, and products. You can preview any widgets by clicking on the Widgets menu choice after choosing your required widget. For instance, right here’s the Timeline widget, which is one of all my favorites:

timeline widget

More info / Download


JetBlocks Addon for Elementor

JetBlocks Addon for Elementor


JetBlocks could be very slim and particular. This bundle consists of components that can aid you in building stunning Headers and Footers. You might ask what are they want for a dedicated addon that features components for beautifying the Header and Footer? The necessity arises from the truth that each Business Website serves very particular clients and belongs to a sure area of interest markets.

But then once more as a Business involved about your Online Presence, you should ask yourself this query, should I purchase an addon that has very slim usability or buys an addon that mixes several types of components, thus giving me the flexibleness to make use of it for various functions which can appear insignificant now?


Element Pack

Element Pack for Elementor


Elementor Pack is another cool add-on library for Elementor; there are sufficient components within the pack for building superb top-notch components. It has a wonderful assortment of top-notch and mostly used widgets for Website Building. Although the gathering of components provides this addon a good edge, its drawback is it doesn’t have a Free Version.


Elementor EnergyPack

Elementor PowerPack


EnergyPack incorporates a bunch of Creative components. There are 42 components on this bundle, which could be very average compared to what different bundles provide. However, EnergyPack for Elementor bundle doesn’t have a Free model, which could be an enormous flip down if you are searching for free choices.


JetTips Addon for Elementor

JetTricks Addon for Elementor


The title JetTips provides truthful hints to what this bundle consists of. JetTips obtained some components which are eye-catching and can attraction to your readers. Here is what you should be asking yourself, can only animations enhance your visitors? If sure, then are you to purchase an addon that only consists of such components or go for versatile and incorporates components for everyone in all your wants? If animation is extra essential for you, you’ll determine to go along with this addon. However, it additionally doesn’t have a Free Version.

Envato Elements Free Template Kits

Envato Elements Free Template Kits


Envato Elements consists of several Template Kits. A Template Kit is a group of gorgeous templates specifically designed that can assist you to create an internet site for a particular area of interest in business, with the assistance of a web page builder, which in this case is Elementor. Although this addon doesn’t but have dedicated components for Gutenberg, its crew is engaged on it.

If you want to include pictures on your website, then that is the best addon for Elementor. Envato Elements provides you entry to 1000’s high-quality pictures, and the best half is you can import these pictures immediately on your web site. You additionally get 1500+ free and spectacular web page templates that can be utilized for nearly all industries.

All in One Widgets for Elementor

All in One Widgets for Elementor


All In One Widgets lets you add Expand Grid, Image Hotspot with Tooltip, Flip Box, Card Slider, Before & After, cover, Timeline, Float Block, and many others Elementor Page Builder. On the whole, there are Eight Elements within the bundle. The crew working behind this addon is hopeful that they will include extra widgets in the bundle sooner or later. Unfortunately, there isn’t a free model for this addon.

Happy Addons for Elementor

Happy Addons for Elementor


Created by the well-recognized weDevs groups, the Happy Addons plugin is a stable choice to reinforce your web page building expertise. Packed with 35+ Elementor widgets this add-on actually does add to your Elementor choices. Use the cardboard, gradient heading, data and icon containers, picture examine, reviews, talent bars, testimonials, carousels, step move diagram, social hyperlinks and extra to create customized pages. Plus, extra widgets are added often!

When you come through a plugin with the phrase “happy” in its title, issues can go both very well or plain unhealthy. If you’ve stumbled upon the Happy Addons for Elementor, you’re in luck – issues aren’t going the unhealthy means.

Thanks to its assortment of forty-three free widgets, Happy Addons for Elementor is a good plugin you should utilize to create all types of internet sites. This plugin will allow you to do it with ease, whether it’s highlighting crew members, showcasing a talent bar, or including sliders and carousels.

However, you’d want the paid plan to get the plugin’s full impact, which begins at simply under $40 12 months. With it, you’ll get entry to hover containers, testimonial carousels, countdowns, and animated textual content, to call only among the forty-five premium addons you get with the professional model.

Happy Addons is another freemium choice that helps you add many latest widgets to your Elementor website. WeDevs, the identical crew behind different in style plugins, such because of the Dokan WooCommerce multi-vendor market. It provides a group of 39+ new free widgets, plus dozens extra within the premium model. Some of those widgets are enhancements to primary building blocks, akin to a post list, gradient heading, twin button, and data/icon field. However, the free model additionally provides you some distinctive choices, together with the next:

  • Calendly integration to schedule conferences
  • Step move
  • Newsticker
  • 360° rotation for pictures
  • Image examine
  • Data tables

There are additionally a bunch of kind styler widgets for in style kind plugins. The premium model provides various new widgets, together with value menus, picture hotspots, Facebook feeds, and extra. Beyond the widgets, you additionally get other features and enhancements:

  • 400+ new templates to make use of in your designs
  • A brand new icon library with 500+ icons
  • Manage column widths by including pixels
  • Cross-domain copy/paste

More Info / Download

Unlimited Elements for Elementor

Unlimited Elements for Elementor


The Unlimited Elements for Elementor plugin actually does really feel limitless. With this plugin put in, you’ll have 100+ bonus widgets to make use of with Elementor, and with them, you’ll be able to build absolutely anything. These embody widgets for menus, hero sections, flip containers, socials, pricing, icon and content material containers, ports, buttons, maps, and a lot extra. Unlimited Elements even features a widget creator – so that you really have limitless choices.

ElementsKit Addons Lite

Elements Kit Addons


ElementsKit Lite affords 55+ customized widgets and 500+ prepared-to-use web page sections, which are excellent methods to design a novel website. This consists of widgets for headings, buttons, tabs, social media, logos, information, accordions, CTAs, lists, enterprise hours, and extra. But ElementsKit even consists of particular builders for mega menus, headers, and footers, so you’ll be able to design your website however you need from top to backside.

OoohBoi Steroids for Elementor

OoohBoi Steroids for Elementor


This isn’t simply your common bundle of widgets. When you put in the OoohBoi Steroids for Elementor, you’re really including an entire bundle of addons. The plugin consists of addons for CSS writing mode, column controls, video & widget SVG masks, overlays, improved buttons, remark styling, and extra.

Sina Extension for Elementor

Sina Extension for Elementor


The Sina Extension is one other nice choice that gives 40 new Elementor widgets and 100+ prepared-to-use blocks and pages. This consists of carousels, maps, charts, groups, tables, counters, and extra. But an enormous benefit of Sina is that it’s totally translated into six languages and consists of translation files for a further 16 areas.

Starter Templates

Starter Templates


Looking for a fast strategy to build an internet site with Elementor? But not able to spend money on Elementor Pro for entry to the template library? This set of Starter Templates affords 280+ prepared to use a template built with Elementor, Gutenberg, and some different free web page builders. And with this plugin, you’ve got the added choice to import a complete demo or simply choose pages.

Wrapping up the Best Elementor Addons

So, have you ever determined which addon you’re going to use on your subsequent challenge? Don’t really feel unhealthy in case you are nonetheless confused about which one to pick. Of course, you might be dedicated to your work. That’s why you might be studying this weblog, all to discover the best Elementor addon on your wants. But bear in mind there are a handful of nice addons for Elementor on the market.

So, which one should you pick? Here is a fast track for you. In at present world, all things are consumer-centric. And that is true for WordPress plugins as well. Every buyer has the choice of posting a review and ranking. If an Elementor addon isn’t nice, its reviews and rankings will communicate for themselves. On the opposite hand, the variety of energetic customers exhibits the credibility of the product too. In that case, Essential Addons for Elementor is the top of the leaderboard. However, that’s only one perspective. Do share with us from which different views you’ll weigh Elementor Addons towards one another earlier than making a purchase order.



The Plus Addons for Elementor – 100+ Powerful Elementor Widgets

The Plus Elementor addons

The Plus Addons for Elementor is a large assortment of the latest Elementor widgets, templates, blocks, performance, and extra. Let’s undergo all the things on supply. First, it consists of 100+ new Elementor widgets, which provide you entry to an enormous array of choices. Some of probably the most notable widgets listed below are:

  • Pricing tables and lists
  • Before/After
  • Draw SVG
  • Timeline
  • Ad banners
  • Carousels
  • Pie charts
  • Hotspot/pinpoint
  • Image cascading
  • …plus a complete lot extra! There are a ton of the latest widgets.

Here’s an instance of the Hotspot widget – the tooltip that you just see only seems when a person hovers over one of many outlined hotspots:

Hotspot widget

Beyond that, you additionally get the PlusItemizing widgets/function, which helps you display weblog posts, WooCommerce products, or content material from different post varieties in an enormous variety of methods, together with:

  • Grids
  • Carousels
  • Messy columns
  • …plus a complete lot extra.

And you additionally get several choices to control pagination, lazy loading, infinite load, filters, and different person expertise boosters. Beyond that, you get new design choices like:

  • Custom media question breakpoints
  • More detailed column ordering
  • Sticky columns
  • Tilt 3D results
  • …plus a complete lot extra (sure — I used that phrase once more).

And if that’s not sufficient, it additionally comes with 18+ new web page templates and 300+ block templates. Long story quick — there’s numerous performance packed into The Plus Addons for Elementor! Price: Plans begin at $39 to be used on a single website. You also can pay $119 to apply it to limitless websites with 12 months of updates. Or, you’ll be able to pay $399 to be used on limitless websites and lifelong updates. All plans include a ten% renewal low cost as well.

More info / Download



Element Pack – 185+ New Widgets and 110+ Page Templates

element pack

Element Pack is a premium set of Elementor widgets that’s on the market at CodeCanyon, the place it’s maintained a 4.46-star ranking on over 150 reviews. Element Pack is the most important set of Elementor widgets, with over 185 new widgets and 110+ web page templates, 1100+ block templates, and 160+ header and footer templates. There are far too many widgets to list. But among the extra distinctive ones are:

  • Document viewer
  • Member profile
  • Weather
  • User login
  • Cookie consent
  • Circle menu
  • Newsticker
  • …and lots of many others

And the templates additionally span quite a lot of niches. All in all, if you wish to get a complete heap of the latest performance in a single fell swoop, that is the simplest strategy to do it. Price: $24 More info / Download


LiveMesh Addons for Elementor – 34+ New Widgets

livemesh addons for elementor

LiveMesh Addons for Elementor is one other freemium Elementor add-on that provides you entry to much more widgets. The free model comes with 15+ new widgets, plus a brand new heading kinds choice that you should utilize. Some of the notable widgets listed below are:

  • Blog post grids
  • Testimonials and a testimonials slider
  • Pricing plans
  • Animated pie charts
  • …and extra

And the Pro version provides one other 19+ widgets, plus some new choices. By new “options,” I imply the flexibility to add lazy loading or AJAX pagination to your post grids, as well as several customized animations you can apply to widgets. As for the brand new widgets within the Pro model, a few of my favorites are:

  • Responsive tabs
  • FAQ
  • Flat fashion buttons
  • Image slider
  • …and extra

More info / Download

Crocoblock – A Bundle Of Helpful Elementor Add-ons

crocoblock_featured-768x432 Crocoblock is a set of various WordPress plugins that collectively can collectively assist you in building a mentor. It manufacturers itself as “the ultimate toolkit for building websites with Elementor.” Crocoblock consists of:

  • Jet plugins – it is a suite of 20 totally different plugins that add new widgets and visible results to Elementor
  • Templates – you get entry to tons of the latest Elementor templates (I’m undecided of the precise quantity, nevertheless it’s rather a lot)

Then, you additionally get entry to the Kava Pro theme, which is designed to pair well with Elementor (I’ve by no means used this, nevertheless it seems to be stable). Still, I believe much of the worth comes from the Jet plugins and templates. You should buy the Jet plugins individually, or it’s also possible to subscribe to the all-inclusive Crocoblock membership for entry to all the things.

. More info / Download

Premium Addons – 56+ New Widgets

Premium add-ons

Despite the title, Premium Addons really is available in each a free and a newly-launched premium model. The free model comes with 23+ new Elementor widgets, together with notable widgets for:

  • Blog posts
  • Dual header
  • Modal field

And should you pay for the premium model, you’ll get 33+ extra widgets, together with some neat ones like:

  • Ken Burns impact
  • Facebook reviews
  • Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Chat
  • hover

Price: The free version is on the market at Premium Addons Pro prices $39 for a single website license or $79 for limitless websites. Also, a $ 199-lifetime plan.

More Info / Download

Anywhere Elementor – Use Elementor…Anywhere

anywhere elementor

Anywhere Elementor is a fascinating plugin. As a result of it was doing numerous stuff you now get in Elementor Pro…earlier than it was in Elementor Pro. It is available in each a free and a premium model. The free version that’s listed at permits you to do two essential issues:

  • Create world widgets that you should utilize in several locations. To replace all areas, you have to edit the widget as soon as.
  • Insert Elementor templates wherever in your website through the use of shortcodes.

Yes — you’ll be able to do each of these issues already if you have Elementor Pro. But should you only have the free model of Elementor, Anywhere Elementor provides you these features free of charge. So that’s cool. The Pro version of Anywhere Elementor will get extra into theme building and allows you to create:

  • Single post layouts
  • Blog web page layouts
  • Taxonomy archives
  • Author archives
  • Search web page format
  • 404 web page format

And it additionally has full assist for customized fields and WooCommerce. Obviously, numerous this performance was made redundant by the theme-building features of Elementor Pro. However, it’s nonetheless cheaper than buying Elementor Pro. In addition, Anywhere Elementor helps Pods and ACF relationship fields to display post collections. You can dynamically set the background a bit primarily based on ACF customized fields. Price: $25 for a single website license, as much as $99 for limitless websites. There’s additionally a lifetime license for $249. More info / Download

Flexible Elementor Panel – Organize All Those New Widgets!

flexible elementor panel

Flexible Elementor Panel doesn’t add any new design performance to the web page builder however permits you to customize the Elementor panel. If you determine to use the different Elementor add-ons on this list, it’ll be tremendously helpful. The flexible Elementor Panel does precisely what it says. It provides you a ton of how to govern the Elementor panel (the sidebar that incorporates your widget lists, settings, and extra). You can:

  • Resize the panel
  • Collapse the panel
  • Drag the panel wherever
  • Choose darkish pores and skin should you want
  • Sort widget classes
  • Collapse widget classes (although I imagine this one is now a core Elementor function anyway).

Basically, if you have each Elementor Pro and another third-party Elementor widget, your side panel will be tremendously busy. A flexible Elementor Panel helps you arrange it higher so that you could discover the widgets you want extra rapidly. And it’s 100% free. More info / Download

Unlimited Elements for Elementor – 300+ New Widgets

Unlimited Elements

Unlimited Elements is a well-liked freemium Elementor add-on that, true to the title, comes filled with new widgets to make use of in your designs. The free model alone has 100+ new widgets, whereas the Pro model affords a whopping 200+ new choices. Now, they’re taking part in a quick and unfastened advertising and marketing company due to a few of these are simply variations on the identical theme.

But even with that in thoughts, the purpose stays that you just get entry to numerous new choices, even within the free model. Beyond that, you additionally get 100+ new templates to avoid wasting your time when creating designs. The widgets span all areas. For instance, you’ll get each “big” content material widget as well as “small” widgets for results or separators. Here’s a have a look at among the many widget classes:

  • Post list
  • Hero part
  • Flip containers
  • Instagram
  • Pricing
  • Icon containers
  • Bullet lists
  • Audio participant
  • Hover results
  • Buttons
  • Google Charts
  • Social community icons
  • Testimonials

That’s not even the complete list! You have numerous choices. And if these choices aren’t sufficient, it comes with a built-in widget creator that allows you to create your individual widgets to use in Elementor. You’ll want a little bit of tech data for this function because it’s primarily based on Twig. But even nonetheless, it’s rather a lot easier than building your widgets from scratch. Price: The free version is on the market at The premium version begins at $39 for a one-year license and uses a single website or $99 for a lifetime license.

More Info / Download


Stratum – All 20+ Widgets for Free


Stratum is an Elementor extension from in-style developer MotoPress. It is available in each a free and a premium model. It focuses on providing actually stable foundational widgets, quite than moving into the extra distinctive widgets that other tools supply. I like this strategy since you’ll spend most of your time utilizing some of these foundational components so that you need them to be excellent. Another distinctive factor concerning the plugin is that the free model provides you entry to all 20+ widgets, together with among the following:

  • Advanced accordion and tabs
  • Advanced post list
  • Banner
  • Advanced Google map
  • Advanced slider
  • Instagram feed
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There are additionally a couple of extra distinctive widgets (nonetheless free), together with:

  • Image accordion or hotspot
  • Vertical or horizontal timeline
  • Lottie animations

Though you get entry to all the widgets free of charge, the Pro model provides extra features to these widgets. For instance, the Pro model permits you to autoplay your sliders and infinitely loop them. It additionally provides extra map kinds. You can view a full comparison of the features here. Price: The free version is on the market at The premium version begins at $29 for a one-year license and uses a single website or $59 to use limitless websites.

More Info / Download

Elements Plus! – 30+ Widgets and Enhancements for Free

Elements Plus!

Elements Plus! is a 100% free Elementor extension from CSSIgniter, a preferred theme and plugin store (that additionally makes the favored Elementorism set of Elementor templates). It provides you 30+ new widgets or features, together with each enhancement to primary foundational widgets and some very distinctive widgets that may be available helpful. In the “unique” widgets/function column, I’d share the next as examples:

  • YouTube slideshow
  • Scheduling function – permits you to control any widget’s visibility primarily based on the date.
  • Tooltip function – add a tooltip to primary heading, button, or icon widgets.
  • Preloader plus – add an internet site preloader
  • Image comparability widget
  • Image hotspot widget
  • Sticky video function – make the default video widget sticky

And on the extra foundational entrance, you’ll get enhanced widgets for buttons, headings, Google Maps, and a few kind stylers. Price: 100% free and available at

More Info / Download

Mighty Addons for Elementor – 30+ Widgets and New Features/Integrations

Mighty Addons

Finally, we’ve Mighty Addons, a freemium tool that provides new widgets, features, and templates to Elementor. On the brand new function entrance, you’ll get the next choices:

  • Pixabay integration so that you could seek pictures on Pixabay without leaving the Elementor interface — the Pro model additionally has an Unsplash integration
  • Cross-domain copy and paste
  • Wrapper hyperlink to show any Elementor widget right into a clickable hyperlink
  • Display conditions to only present widgets or sections to sure guests (e.g., logged-in guests)

You’ll additionally get templates in each themed template kit and particular person block templates. Finally, you’ll get 18+ new widgets within the free model and one other 14+ new widget within the Pro model. The Pro model consists of some distinctive widgets akin to:

  • PayPal purchase button
  • Weather widget to display present climate conditions
  • WhatsApp chat widget
  • OpenTable integration widget to simply accept restaurant bookings

Livemesh Addons for Elementor

Livemesh Addons for Elementor

Livemesh Addons for Elementor is a freemium Elementor addons plugin that uses the free model to tease and the premium model to deliver. The plugin goals at offering you all the things you may have to create a professional wanting website.

The free plugins comprise precisely what you’ll anticipate from a plugin that goals that can assist you in creating an internet site with an air of professionalism. There’ll be portfolio grid addons, odometers and counters, testimonials sliders, as well as pricing plans addons. The plugin boasts the inclusion of a darkish theme model for many of its addons.

The Premium model, which begins at simply below $40 per 12 months, brings some welcome additions to the roster. Image and video gallery addons include YouTube and Twitter grids, posts block, an FAQ ingredient, and an icon list.

The Plus Addons

The Plus Addons


Although the Plus Addons for Elementor Page Builder Lite is a plugin that incorporates several very helpful addons, its makers have determined to place all besides thirty of them behind a paywall. The result’s a plugin that gives some fascinating add-ons that function as a taster for the larger assortment hid within the Pro part.

If you obtain and begin utilizing this plugin free of charge, you’ll get entry to thirty widgets and add-ons. A fifth of them can be varied kinds of plugins. In contrast, others comprise an assortment of important add-ons that cope with totally different content material varieties, social media, and a few visualization choices.

The Pro widgets, which begin at around $40 per 12 months, comprise over forty-five totally different widgets and greater than twenty features. If you’re occupied with doing earlier than/after pictures or enabling darkish mode on your addons, you’ll want a professional model to do it.

Master Addons for Elementor

Master Addons for Elementor

Master Addons for Elementor is yet one more plugin that gives a bundle of free and paid addons. Containing components, varieties, and extensions, this plugin is generally a sound choice, even though it doesn’t supply as many add-ons as other plugins on the list.

To begin, the plugin affords precisely thirty-three totally different components you should utilize the freely subsequent time you create a web page or a post in Elementor. This plugin will present a pleasant choice of free addons and extensions from a navigational menu to progress bars and enterprise hours to gradient headlines.

After upgrading to Pro at simply under $30 12 months, you’ll get entry to further addons. News tickers, inventive buttons, and area checkers are only among the premium components you should utilize should you go for the paid model of the plugin.

Master Addons is yet one more freemium add-on. However, in contrast to among the different add-ons, it primarily provides new features, quite than simply new widgets (although adding loads of widgets, too). Here are among the most notable new features that you just get:

  • Header, footer, and remark kind builder (without the necessity for Elementor Pro)
  • Megamenu builder that allows you to use Elementor to design your individual customized mega menu
  • Custom breakpoints function that allows you to create limitless customized breakpoints to make use of in your Elementor designs (it is a frequent criticism of Elementor, which makes this function very useful)
  • More superior display conditions that allow you to present/disguise sections or widgets primarily based on person function, logged-in standing, working system, time of day, and plenty of extra
  • Element-level customized CSS free of charge (you’ll be able to usually only get this function in Elementor Pro)
  • Content restriction for widgets, sections, and columns

As you’ll be able to see, that’s numerous new choices to make use of in your Elementor designs. Beyond that, you additionally get 30+ new customized widgets, together with desk of contents, crew members slider, gallery slider, animated headlines, and plenty extra. Overall, although, probably the most distinctive factor about this plugin is the brand new features that it provides you. Price: The free version is on the market at The premium version begins at $29 for a one-year license and uses a single web site or simply $49 for a lifetime license.

More Info / Download

Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons for Elementor

Another wonderful mixture of free and premium addons, the Premium Addons for Elementor is a WordPress plugin that’s additionally an in depth assortment of Elementor templates. The plugin boasts some fascinating visuals choices, because of the Lottie Animations integration.

For free, you’ll get entry to a restricted number of addons. These embody widgets akin to Google Maps or weblog widgets, as well as a picture grid, modal field, and testimonials widgets. The list doesn’t finish there, both, nevertheless it only will get extra thrilling once you’re keen to pay for the professional addons.

After the $39 a 12 months cost, your palette of addons will increase considerably. Suddenly, you’ll be capable of use widgets for Yelp, Facebook, and Google reviews. Alert field, Ken Burns part, and hover field widget are among the many ones you’ll get with the paid plan.


Envato Elements Kits


Nowadays, each skilled developer will need to have heard about Envato and the Envato Elements Kits. This superb WordPress plugin is all set to provide your capabilities of including visible components to your web site past your creativeness. You can browse and import premium pictures and enter the free web page and block templates to use inside Elementor. The seamless customization additionally performs an essential function in finishing your web site. This nice Add-on’s codeless function and suppleness are commendable and a core purpose why that is being thought-about one of many best choices on the subject of Widgets and Add-ons.


JetTricks Add-ons



JetTricks Add-ons include all the required and outclass visible impact you can leverage on your web pages. These features and design components might be added to your web page without studying to code or extending the performance. Plus, you get further widgets for the Elementor live web page builder. The plugin additionally provides you parallax results for the content material, sticky components and excels in creating unfolded column impact. This is one hell of an Add-on you can leverage on your web site within the fewest possible phrases.


AnalogWP Elementor Addon (Free & Premium)

AnalogWP addon


AnalogWP provides you entry to superior theme styling choices and a library of recent and distinctive template kits for the Elementor Page Builder. You can prolong the usage of these kinds and may remodel your pages with the assistance of a strong library of templates, fashion presets, and blocks. You get 150+ templates, 15+ template fashion kits, and 100+ combine and match blocks with this addon. This is among the most unusual addons for Elementor and helps rather a lot in extending the performance of the web page builder.


Elementor Extras Premium Elementor addons

extra addon by namogo shop

Elementor Extra addons is one other dependable toolset of widgets and extensions that you should utilize to extend your design and customization capabilities of Elementor. You get some distinctive widgets with this addon, like the tooltip function, parallax components, parallax background, and sticky components. Coming to the widgets, you get some normal widgets however you additionally get some distinctive widgets just like the age gate and the switcher. You can check out the widgets and take a look at their demos as well.

AnyWhere Elementor Free Addon

Best Addons for Elementor

AnyWhere Elementor addon permits you to insert elementor pages, library templates, and world templates wherever utilizing shortcodes. A professional model of this tool offers much more performance akin to world post layouts, post archive templates, class & tag templates. It additionally comes with WooCommerce Product, Category Layouts, and Global layouts for Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies.

Designer Powerup for Elementor

Designer Powerup for Elementor

Designer Powerup for Elementor is a strong add-on for elementor that permits you to customize your web page extra effectively and to a better extent. You get the spacer which lets you alter the spacing by dragging the perimeters simply. The worth nudge permits you to leap the worth of any subject within the multiples of 10. You additionally get a blob generator should you want to create distinctive designs in your webpage.

Further, you additionally get superior styling that permits you to remodel your components, add transition animations, add layered shadows, and filter results to your web page simply. All the features and customization choices you get with this tool are very distinctive and will not be easy to seek out wherever else.

Free Addons for Elementor by LiveMesh

Best Addons for Elementor

Addons for Elementor is one other plugin that features an enormous assortment of premium, easy-to-use, and efficient extensions for Elementor web page builder. This plugin has each lite as well as a professional model. It comes with as many as 13 free widgets, which you should utilize to reinforce the design of your web site. The Pro model comes with a further 20+ different modules. This will enhance the performance to a lot better extent and gives you far more designing choices. The professional model has a dedicated assist discussion board and the place a person can post their assist queries.

WunderWP Free Elementor addons

WunderWP addon for elementor


WunderWP is one other nice distinctive tool for Elementor that may speed up your work several folds. While elementor provides you the liberty to add several widgets to your web page, editing them can take numerous efforts and time, so you should utilize the WunderWP addon for that scenario. You can use the presets for the widgets that permit you to add a particular styling to your widgets with a single click. You may even add your individual save your individual fashion current on the WunderWP cloud and may use it wherever else you need.

Moreover, you’ll be able to save the widget preset on an internet site and apply it to one other one with the WunderWP cloud storage. You may even save a complete part as a template as a WunderWP template and apply it to another web page or website without exporting or importing it.

Elementor Form DB

Best Addons for Elementor

Elementor form DB is a free plugin that takes contact kind submissions from the Elementor Pro Form module and shops them in a user-friendly interface on the again finish of WordPress. Not simply that, the plugin even notifies the admin customers of unread messages through a banner. Additionally, it permits us to transform these contact kind requests and submissions to every other post type. This signifies that you should utilize the contact kind to get folks to submit testimonials, case research, and even front-end submitted content material.

Premium Add-ons for Elementor

Best Addons for Elementor

Premium Add-ons is another widget bundle for Elementor, which hosts 50+ widgets and varied pre-designed web page templates. There are 50+ Premium widgets that you should utilize in your design. You additionally get a choices panel that can help you allow selective components for sooner web site efficiency.

Easy Elementor Addons


Easy Elementor Addon is an multi-functional ingredient pack for Elementor web page builder. It comes with 40+ inventive components that may tremendously charge your web page builder’s performance and allow you to create an excellent Elementor primarily based WordPress web site. These components are several idea and incorporate superb features to make your website simpler and interesting to your customers.

Easy Elementor Addon is an extremely customizable plugin that permits you to customize your components in several methods. All the weather current within the addons has separate settings and you’ll edit them as per your choice and add them to your WordPress web site. Besides, the plugin incorporates intuitive UI the place you can pull and drop any components and begin the configurations.


Mighty Addons for Elementor

Mighty Addons for Elementor

Mighty Addons for Elementor

Mighty Addons for Elementor is a Freemium (Free & Premium) Addon for Elementor Page Builder. It comes with some distinctive and unique widgets like Progress Bar, Advance Shadow widget that can be utilized to Add Smoother, and Sharper Multi-layered Box-Shadows to Elements, and Wrapper Link widget that can be utilized to Transform any ingredient right into a hyperlink by getting into any regular URL or Hashed URL with easy scroll. Besides this, Mighty Addons comes with 25+ Template Kits and 150+ Section Blocks you can simply import to your website, thus making your website look extra engaging & fashionable.

The best factor about Mighty Addons is its integration with Pixabay and Unsplash. You can enter over 1 million+ free inventory pictures immediately out of your WordPress Media Library. Pixabay is on the market with the free model of Mighty Addons whereas Unsplash is on the market with the Premium model of Mighty Addons.

HT Mega

Best Elementor Addons HTMega is a free addons for Elementor web page builder to decorate your WordPress web site. It comes with 80+ components and 360+ blocks. These components and blocks comprise limitless variations and bring limitless potentialities to the web page builders. Also, the plugin has different superior features to help you build a stunning web site very quickly.

HTMega is a complicated extension to reinforce the performance and value of your WordPress powered web site. It consists of a header and footer builder to create your individual header and footer format for any web page or post. Also, the plugin has a gross sales notification choice to display the pretend/actual buy notification to your web site guests through a responsive popup.


Hash Elements

Best Elementor Addons

Hash Elements is a free addon to supercharge the performance of your Elementor web page builder. It comes with 30+ components that can assist you to add totally different sections to your web site. All these components are extremely customizable and incorporate separate settings.

You can merely drag and drop any components on the editor and begin the customization to add them to your web site. Hash Elements primarily focuses on building journal or enterprise web site. It comes with 15 information module components and three tile module components to showcase your WordPress weblog in a chic trend. Besides, it’s also possible to add a timeline, gallery, slider, testimonial, tab, counter, and lots of extras.


Qi Addons For Elementor

Qi Addons for elementor free

Preview & Download

Qi Addons for Elementor is, by far, the biggest free Elementor addon assortment on the web. It consists of 60 highly effective widgets that may aid you to build your website even when you recognize nothing about coding. With Qi Addons for Elementor, you’ll be able to simply:

  • current each facet of your online business – e.g. introduce your crew, add pricing tables and testimonials, create purchasers’ carousels, and many others.;
  • display advanced information in an easy-to-digest means utilizing infographic add-ons, akin to pie and donut charts, graphs, vertical and radial progress bars, and lots of others;
  • create attractive visible expertise for purchasers with the assistance of its inventive add-ons, add a sexy parallax showcase to your pages, display interactive hyperlinks, and many others.;
  • craft a wonderful on-line store with the set of Woo widgets and make product lists, product sliders, product class lists, and implement an add to cart button to your retailer;
  • fashion your textual content material precisely how you need and add accordions, type out textual content, animated textual content, message containers, and data buttons to your web site;
  • create search engine marketing optimized how-tos, FAQs, and desk of contents;

and far more. All widgets are characterized by their intuitiveness, ease of use, and distinct trendy design. Qi Addons for Elementor is actually an outstanding pack that’s totally appropriate with all WordPress themes. And best of all, it’s utterly free.

Master Addons For Elementor


Preview & Download

Master Addons is a freemium Elementor Addon plugin. It is filled with 45+ components and 15+ Extensions. It will improve the fantastic thing about your drag and drop Elementor web page builder.

Why Master Addons is best?

Master Addons works wonderfully with each Free and professional variation of Elementor. It’s appropriate with any theme, particularly Hello Elementor, Astra, OceanWP, and many different style themes are examined. If I speak about some extensions – you’re going to get Custom CSS, Custom Breakpoint, Header Footer and remark kind builder, Display conditions, Entrance animations, Floating Effects, Transforms, and extra 13 others. With the assistance of Master Addons, you’ll be able to obtain the utmost attraction of your web site.

Perhaps you’ll be able to create dynamic Headers and Footers on your total web site or some particular web page. And sure, utilizing Elementor editor, you must create your Header, Footer template. Perhaps, there’s a risk to add Custom CSS for every ingredient, part, or interior column to design your wants. From the Template library, you are in a position to insert some pre-built touchdown web page, sections and customize it. Master Addons is ideal for each newbie and advance Elementor customers.

Easy Elementor Addons

easy elementor addons

Preview & Download

Easy Elementor Addons consists of inventive widgets to take the design potentialities of your web site into a completely new range. With the high high quality components current within the addon, you’ll be able to simply create and curve any web web page/web site past. Furthermore, you’ll be able to personalize every ingredient following your wants earlier than making them live on your web site. Live Demo

WunderWP – Reusable & Preset Widget Styles and Templates for Elementor

WunderWP – Reusable & Preset Widget Styles and Templates for Elementor

Preview & Download

Save and reuse your Elementor kinds or templates within the WunderWP Cloud or use readymade kinds to beautify your Elementor pages rapidly. All free of charge!


Your Elementor web site won’t look good until you place numerous times forming the format, building particular person web page sections, and stylizing the widgets. WunderWP saves you that point:


The WunderWP customized and preset features are totally appropriate with any Elementor-based theme. Apply a preset or your customized fashion to your widget. Alternatively, drag one in all your saved customized web page or part templates from the WunderWP Cloud to your web page and begin utilizing. Extra kinds and widgets are coming each month – and all that is and can be obtainable free of charge.

Mighty Addons for Elementor


Preview & Download

Design something with Mighty Addons, will probably be extremely responsive and mobile-friendly. You have all of the responsive controls so you’ll be able to control how a bit or ingredient should look on the cellular gadget. Mighty Addons widgets are examined on all main web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge to guarantee full browser compatibility for all components. Mighty Addons for Elementor comes with the best designer-friendly choices and UX approaches that make it the best Elementor widgets plugin.

Essential Addons for Elementor – 70+ New Elementor Widgets

Essential Addons for Elementor

Preview & Download

Enhance your Elementor web page building expertise with 70+ inventive components and extensions. Add powers to your web page builder utilizing our easy-to-use components these have been designed to make your subsequent WordPress web page and posts design simpler and prettier than ever earlier.

Essential Addons is a large pack of Elementor widgets available in each a free and premium model. The free version is in style, well-rated. It will get you entry to 40+ new widgets, together with many widgets that you just’d in any other case only get in Elementor Pro like post grids, post timelines, testimonials, and extra. And should you go along with the Pro version, you’ll stack on 29+ extra widgets, together with some distinctive ones that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Some of probably the most distinctive widgets right here embody:

  • Post blocks (flex)
  • Interactive promo (neat hover results on a field)
  • Dynamic filterable gallery
  • Protected content material (limit content material by person function or password)
  • Data tables
  • Lightbox/modal popups

Overall, this is among the greatest units of Elementor widgets that you just’ll discover, and all of them look nice. You can preview any of them by clicking from the homepage. For instance, right here’s that neat filterable gallery in motion:

filterable portfolio

Price: $39.97 for 1 web site or $69.97 for limitless websites. Also $169.97 for lifetime limitless websites. More info / Download

Elementor Addons – PowerPack Addons for Elementor

Elementor Addons – PowerPack Addons for Elemento

Preview & Download

Extend Elementor with 60+ Creative Elementor Widgets and extensions with EnergyPack Elementor addons – The quickest rising Elementor addon. Get 30+ Free Elementor widgets with EnergyPack Lite. These Elementor widgets are designed to give attention to creativity and value. With EnergyPack, building Elementor websites can be sooner than ever!

Extended Google Map for Elementor

Extended Google Map for Elementor

Preview & Download

An Extended of Elementor Google Map Widget – Easily add several handle pins onto the identical map to assist various map varieties (Road Map/Satellite/Hybrid/Terrain) and customized map fashion. Freely edit data window content material of your pins with the usual Elementor textual content editor. And many extra customized map choices. Easily discover handle latitude and longitude proper inside elementor.


Which is the best addon for Elementor?

Choosing the best addon for Elementor depends on your specific needs and preferences. With numerous options available, both free and paid, each offering unique features, it’s advisable to compare and evaluate addons to find the one that provides the best value for your requirements. Additionally, some users may find it beneficial to consider addons integrated with specific Elementor themes, and starting with the official Elementor PRO version can be a solid choice.

Is Ultimate Addons for Elementor worth it?

The Ultimate Addons for Elementor is a great choice, especially when used with the popular Astra theme from the same provider. However, it’s important to note that there is no free version of this plugin. Users seeking advanced features and seamless integration with Astra may find the investment in the Ultimate Addons for Elementor worthwhile.

What plugins are needed for Elementor?

Elementor is a powerful standalone plugin, and users can utilize it without additional addons indefinitely. However, for those using the free version of Elementor, there might be limitations in terms of website editing capabilities. Addons come into play to enhance these capabilities, providing extra features and tools to elevate website design.

Is Elementor Pro 2024 worth it?

The Elementor Pro 2023 version offers a well-thought-out toolkit suitable for a wide range of websites and design scenarios, including e-commerce and creative portfolios. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, trying Elementor Pro 2023 carries little risk, allowing users to explore its features and determine if it aligns with their website-building needs.


The Elementor page builder is enhanced by various addons, each offering unique features to amplify its capabilities. Here is a summary of the top 10 Elementor addons:

Ultimate Addons for Elementor: A premium addon with a variety of advanced widgets, templates, and design elements. Ideal for users of the Astra theme.

PowerPack for Elementor: Another premium addon providing additional widgets, extensions, and creative elements for advanced design possibilities.

Elementor Extras: This addon offers advanced features such as a powerful extensions library, dynamic content, and additional design options.

Happy Addons: Known for its powerful cross-domain copy-paste feature, Happy Addons includes widgets and features to enhance Elementor’s functionality.

Essential Addons for Elementor: A free addon with a vast library of elements, blocks, and extensions, covering various design needs.

Element Pack: This addon features a large collection of widgets and extensions, including advanced features like custom post types and WooCommerce integration.

Premium Addons for Elementor: With a mix of free and premium elements, this addon provides versatile design options, including a timeline widget and image comparison tool.

Dynamic Content for Elementor: A powerful addon allowing users to dynamically display content, including posts, pages, and custom post types.

Livemesh Addons for Elementor: This addon offers a range of stylish and functional widgets, including post grids, portfolios, and carousels.

AnyWhere Elementor: This addon enables users to design global templates for headers, footers, and other elements, ensuring consistency across the entire website.

When choosing an Elementor addon, users should consider factors such as features, usability, pricing, and compatibility with their specific design requirements. Each addon brings its own set of enhancements, providing users with the flexibility to create visually stunning and feature-rich websites.

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