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Guest posting/guest blogging isn’t just about getting backlinks. It’s an opportunity to connect with a new audience, expand your online network, and network with other specialised influencers. Guest blogging can be helpful to you if done right. It’s a game that not everyone can play, but to play properly and win, you’ll need to know a few things and follow a few instructions.

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Top Guest Positing Sites – [Updated List 2023]

Nothing appeals to a new SEO more than a list of easily accessible high DA sites that accept guest posts.  Many of these lists, on the other hand, are woefully outdated or include utterly irrelevant elements like Facebook and Twitter, as if you aren’t already using social media to advertise your business.

That’s why, rather than Web 2.0 sites, we’ve gathered a comprehensive list of legitimate industry blogs and websites that encourage guest posts with dofollow links. Continue reading to view 40+ high DA sites from various industries, learn how to acquire guest articles on them, and find even more options in your own field.

The first step is to determine the purpose of your guest blog. Why do you want your content to be published on other websites? For a backlink or to obtain more followers, as I previously indicated. This shouldn’t take long, but it’s important.

Finding guest posting opportunities is the second most crucial step. While not all websites accept guest posts, there are a select few that do. Many aspire to write for the best guest blogging sites, but only a small percentage of those who try succeed. Most guest bloggers aim to acquire backlinks, but in order to do so effectively, there are a few things to consider. Writing high-quality content is essential to get published on high-authority sites. Otherwise, the alternative would be to target a large number of sites with low authority.

To assist you in your search, I have compiled a comprehensive list of sites that accept guest posts. Before reaching out to offer a guest post, it is important to ensure that your website has great content. Otherwise, you may end up increasing your bounce rate. Our guest articles include your byline and are often identified as “guest authors.” Compensation for your guest piece may or may not be available, depending on the website or publication. Some guest blogging platforms offer non-monetary perks such as social media mentions or a website link to drive traffic to your site.

How do you go about getting these guest posting opportunities?

If your goal is to acquire guest posts, it’s important not to focus solely on obtaining a dofollow backlink. This mindset can alienate website owners and editors, making it difficult to secure any guest posting opportunities. It’s also important to avoid sending the same message to all of the websites on your list. Pitching identical blog posts and ideas to different online publications will not yield positive results.

To capture the interest of editors and website owners, you need to change the way you present yourself and your knowledge. This may seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked. Unfortunately, most outreach emails we receive are indistinguishable from spam.

Starting a mutually beneficial business partnership requires a different approach. These bloggers are not eagerly awaiting your content. They’re already busy. If you fail to recognize this, your efforts will be in vain.

Send personalised letters emphasising the value you can provide to each website and blog. The average response rate for substantially customised outreach emails is almost 142 percent higher than the average response rate for non-personalized outreach emails.

Don’t be sloppy; the effective level of customization is far higher than “Hello [Firstname].” You must make it simpler for the person reading the email to connect with you and value what you have to give. Imagine you’re the owner of a website and you get this email. Is there any significance to the subject line? Are you convinced that it’s worthwhile to open, read, and respond to the email?

Instead, spend some time getting to know the content manager/website owner by exploring the blog/publication. Include one or two sentences that explain who you are (in a way that they will understand) and how your expertise enables you to supply them with distinctive value. i

SEO Write for

Health /Fitness Write for Us

Finance Write for us

Travel Write for us

Photography Write for us

Food Write for us

Fashion Write for us

Dogs / Pets Write for us

Education Write for us

Political Write for us

Make Money Online / Internet Marketing Write for us

Self Development / Spirituality Write for us

Write for us, family. Guest Posting in 2023 and Beyond: Dos and Don’ts

Here are some guest blogging site dos and don’ts.

Do’s of guest posting:

  • Before you begin writing guest pieces for any blog, conduct thorough research. The more time you devote to research, the higher the quality of your guest posts will be.
  • Check through some of the most popular guest articles (pieces that went viral, had a lot of buzz, and garnered a lot of traffic, links, and social shares) to see what types of content work best on your target blog.
  • Instead of utilising a generic or corporate tone, write your guest posts in a personable tone. You’ll get better at writing if you practise every day.
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Don’ts of guest posting:

  • When writing guest blogs, don’t copy and paste other people’s work. Duplicate guest posts can seriously hurt your internet reputation, and no one likes them (blog owners will simply remove if they find that your guest posts are not original).
  • Don’t guest blog only for the purpose of gaining links. That’s never going to happen!
  • Don’t forget to promote your guest blogs and answer to the comments you receive. It allows you to network with other bloggers, which is beneficial.

Smart writing tips for guest posts

You must write properly whether you are looking for the greatest guest posting sites in India or elsewhere. Use the following clever writing guidelines while writing your guest posts, and you’ll have a better chance of getting your guest posts accepted on practically any website.

 Write in-depth guest posts

The most common mistake most individuals make when writing guest posts is keeping the best articles for themselves and sending mediocre material as guest posts. What’s the use of generating high-quality content and submitting it to your blog if no one would read it? Instead, publishing same content as a guest post on another blog with a larger audience and more followers will yield greater results.

You’ll also gain a name, more traffic to your websites, and some internet notoriety, all of which you can utilise to establish and grow your blog audience in the future. So go to work on some in-depth guest blogs. When we try to publish guest articles on other blogs, we normally produce 2000-word guest posts, which is why they get chosen up by other sites 9 out of 10 times, resulting in traffic and referrals to our own site. It’s effective!

Top Guest Positing Sites

Give solid references

Solid references are one of the most significant differences between a good guest post and a failure. The guest post will be rarely useful if someone gives you advice without actually discussing the topic in depth or providing you with a reference (to learn more about the topic).

So, the next time you’re writing a guest post, bear in mind to include as many references as feasible. If you’re going to use images, make sure you link to the image sources.

Optimize for search engines

Create at least one primary keyword for your guest post to ensure that it receives long-term search traffic, which will help you gain more clicks and traffic in the long run. When it comes to search engine optimization, title tags are quite important, so take the time to carefully create them.

Also, make sure to add a primary keyword in your title tag to give yourself an extra push from search engines. Avoid “stop words” in your title tags, as they are always abbreviated and given little weight by search engine crawlers, such as;

  • particles (such as “if”, “then”, and “thus”)
  • prepositions (such as “of”, “that”, “on” and “for”)
  • pronouns (such as “he”, “we”, “which” and “her”)
  • articles (such as “the”, “an” and “a”)
  • auxiliary verbs (such as “am”, “is”, and “can”)
  • conjunctions (such as “and”, “or”, “but” and “while”)

Don’t jam keywords into your material while writing; instead, write as you normally would and optimise later while creating your guest articles. Here are some of the most effective inquiries for locating high-quality guest posts:

  • “submit guest post” + “keyword”
  • “become a contributor” + “keyword”
  • “write for us” + “keyword”
  • “guest posting guidelines” + “keyword”
  • “this is a guest post” + “keyword”
  • “guest post” + “keyword”

  Namedrop other bloggers

Namedropping other bloggers in your guest articles is the best method to flourish as a guest blogger and get more guest posting chances. You might include the greatest information from other bloggers in your guest articles, or simply take their names to show your appreciation for their efforts.

Make sure to send them a personal email once your guest blogs go live, so they can either appreciate or promote them. They may even offer you the opportunity to publish your guest pieces in the future. In any case, it’s a win-win situation that provides a strong foundation.

Guest posting checklist for 2023

Here’s a 10-point checklist to help you produce an excellent guest post that goes viral in 2023 and beyond.

  • U
  • se an fascinating bio: Make positive your creator bio that you simply use inside your guest posts (principally on the finish of it) is fascinating and stands out from the gang. Also hyperlink to any touchdown web page the place you may seize leads as an alternative of linking to residence web page.
  • Respond to the feedback: Once your guest post will get printed on different websites, be certain to take time to learn all of the feedback and reply to every one in every of them.
  • Thank the weblog proprietor: Immediately after your guest post will get printed, e-mail the weblog proprietor and ship a thanks notice for publishing your guest posts. Most folks don’t do that however this easy trick opens the doorways and builds robust rapport with them.
  • Mention different bloggers: If you’ve linked to different bloggers weblog posts or contents out of your guest posts, be certain to say and tag them in your tweets or Facebook shares so that they’ll know that you simply’re the one who’ve title dropped them.
  • Use your best stuff: One greatest mistake most individuals make whereas writing guest posts is that they don’t ship their best stuff and sometimes ship crappy contents. There’s no level of doing that follow as your intention should be serving to others together with your content material irrespective of the place you write.
  • Edit like a professional: If your guest post has grammatical errors, nobody appreciates it together with the weblog proprietor. So learn your total guest post a minimum of twice to take away undesirable phrases and you need to use tools like Grammarly to find and fix any typos.
  • Do it for relationships, not hyperlinks: Stop writing guest posts for hyperlinks or site visitors. Do it for the sake of building relationships with different bloggers and also you’ll succeed!
  • Send your guest post in the proper format: Most publishers and weblog editors let you know how you can format your posts of their tips or e-mail them to search out out what codecs works best for them.
  • Share it a number of occasions: Once your guest post goes live, be certain to tweet it, share on Facebook teams a number of occasions till every week. This helps you get some traction and extra site visitors to your guest posts.
  • Don’t cease: Don’t cease writing guest posts even when they’re working for you or not. Do it for a minimum of few months so that you’ll get an thought about how a lot advantages you’re truly getting from publishing guest posts.

A Few Pointers on How to Write Acceptable Guest Posts

So far, you’ve discovered a large number of guest blogging websites. Let us now discuss how to write guest blogs that are accepted. Guest blogging is employed in a variety of areas, but it appears to be most effective in the blogging, SEO, making money online, and social media categories. It’s not true that guest blogging isn’t used by people in other businesses. Other major industries, such as health, finance, travel, and entertainment, have begun to recognise the value of guest blogging.


You’ll need a list of prominent blogs in your niche that accept guest articles before you can start doing them. With this post, I hope to solve your problem by offering a list of 350 blogs that welcome guest posts, together with their contact information and popularity (Domain Rating and Ahrefs Rank) in various niches. The following is a diagram of Buffer’s outline:

Top Guest Positing Sites

Guest Blogging Websites are a great way to get your name out there.

You should send a courteous email to the owners or concerned personnel of these blogs. You should make it clear that you want to create guest blogs for them. If you’ve already done guest pieces for some well-known blogs in your niche, please mention them in your email as well.

Wait for responses once you’ve done sending guest blogging request emails to 8-10 blogs in your niche. Most blog representatives will respond positively, as they are always looking for new, distinctive, and targeted content for their blogs. To learn how to build your reputation as a guest blogger, go here.

Guest Posts on Problem-Solving

It’s time to show off your blogging skills to the rest of the world once you’ve received 1-2 good responses to your guest post request. This is the step-by-step guide you should follow if you don’t know how to write amazing guest posts. Send it to the appropriate person once you’ve finished writing a targeted guest post in accordance with the guest post requirements. Now compose another guest post and send it to the next site owner who has asked you to contribute.

General Guest Blogging Guidelines

There are some basic rules or tips you should observe whereas doing guest running a blog. Here is that list:

  • You should use your best work as guest post
  • Don’t submit the identical guest post to a number of weblog house owners
  • Don’t ship duplicate or guest post with unhealthy English. You should proofread your guest post earlier than sending
  • Follow the rules of every blogger to extend the possibilities of your guest post being accepted on their weblog
  • Don’t ship too many emails to a weblog proprietor for any motive and in the event you should, it’s essential be very well mannered in your method
  • You should embrace self-promotional hyperlinks in a guest post as per its weblog proprietor tips. Each weblog proprietor has its personal fashion of giving credit score to guest bloggers for his or her work.

Now I’m searching for assist from my weblog readers. With this particular post, I’ve compiled a list of 350 guest running a blog websites to write down guest posts in 2023.

Don’t stop writing guest posts even once they’re working for you or not. Do it for at least few months so that you simply they will get an considered how so much benefits you’re actually getting from publishing guest posts.


MamaBear App509,098
Women on Business505,369
Adobe Press5068,270
Honey Web Solutions492,071
The Hoth49135,041
Red Branch Media491,333
Enterprise CIO News491,028
Market Domination Media496,900
Analytics Insight4957,547
Solar Novus Today491,673
Self Publishing School49666,033
Attorney at Work4919,277
C. Wordsworth481,618
Right Mix Marketing483,620
Corporate Eye482,093
Pole Position Marketing474,210
Ready Tricks4711,277
Nonprofits Source477,221
Digital Branding Institute4714,802
Tech Today Info473,654
Inbound Now463,160
Omnistar Affiliate Software4613,164
Big Frame464,442
Main Street ROI4616,448
AppVirality Marketing451,695
The Travel Manuel455,346
Digital Adoption4511,223
The Asian Entrepreneur4511,727
Tech Cults4533,145
Small Business Sense45112,461
Independent Retailer454,020
The Next Scoop4436,411
The Abundant Artist4450,153
Blogger Outreach441,414
Career Launcher44852,761
425 Business445,954
Screw The Nine To Five Podcast444,942
Network After Work444,287
Digital Exits4417,377
Sustainable Business Toolkit442,802
Sebring Design Build441,172,014
Social Able431,200
Craft Your Content434,276
Tribulant Software439,395
Online Income Teacher432,499
New Startups436,033
Ethinos Digital Marketing344,259
Digital Firefly Marketing342,770
7boats Academy343,657
Blog Brandz342,458
Small Business Rainmaker334,539
SEO Trench333,210
Teens Mean Business331,256
Unfinished Success3310,503
eCommerce Insiders331,548
Scepter Marketing323,333
ETRAFFIC Web Marketing321,214
The Run Time321,258
LBS Websoft322,548
Optin Contacts321,454
Micro Startups3211,496
Dorian Martin321,254
Simply Law Jobs3215,538
WP Tech Support321,509
Business Module Hub313,442
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Popular Guest Posting Sites

Guest posting possibilities in the following list need a lot of hard work and determination. It is not, however, impossible. You can make it happen if you have the correct ideas and pitch. The following are some of the greatest guest blogging platforms.

Pepper Content

Pepper Content is one of the largest content markets in the world, with a large community of content creators. We’ve begun to accept pitches for high-quality guest blogs. Content marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, content writing, graphic design, and other related topics are covered.


Copyblogger is the most popular place to learn about content marketing online. Their goal is to make sure that all of their articles and blogs are well-written, relevant, and useful. If you wish to contribute to their site, you must have great writing talents.

Social Media Examiner

Guest posting is strictly enforced at Social Media Examiner, as they only publish well-researched and thorough content. You must be patient if you want to guest write here. You must demonstrate to them your writing abilities and expertise.

CMO Australia

You can write for CMO if you’re interested in marketing. CMO provides insight into the realm of online marketing. It assists leaders, managers, and team members in creating outstanding marketing campaigns and achieving success in the digital marketing industry. It’s one of the finest places to connect with people in your niche for guest posting. You can generate leads and increase traffic to your website by doing so.


Hubspot is a website that offers digital marketing software, services, and resources. Guest posting on Hubspot is a terrific way to show off your marketing knowledge. It is currently one of the most popular guest blogging platforms.

Design Milk

Consider contributing to Design Milk if you have an artistic background. Modern design is the focus of Design Milk. Interior design, architecture, travel, fashion, and technology are all included. The website is designed in a creative, modern style. It’s an honour to be recognised on Design Milk.

Business Insider

When professionals from many industries require expert assistance, Business Insider is a dependable resource. Before you submit your article here, make sure you’re qualified to offer expert-level advise.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a web development and design publication. Smashing Magazine is looking for guest blog pieces that include useful ideas, tips, and strategies. It’s regarded as one of the top guest blogging platforms.


When it comes to guest posting, TechCrunch is a fantastic choice to consider. It places an emphasis on financial matters and investments. The publication does not actively seek for guest pieces; nevertheless, it does have authors who provide guest posts on a regular basis. is an online resource that focuses on providing small businesses with actionable advice, services, and solutions. You will discover that:

  • Interviews with knowledgeable professionals and helpful advice from them are included.
  • Articles that are helpful for internet business


The website known as PandaDoc assists users in the process of selling their wares. It is right up there among the greatest venues for guest posting. The individuals working at PandaDoc are searching for articles that focus on document management, sales and marketing, and automation. If this is the focus of your business, you should make every effort to contribute to their blog as a guest blogger.


This website, MarketingProfs, was developed with marketing professionals in mind from the ground up. Your guest post has a far better chance of being accepted into this community if it contains a great deal of insightful information.


If you have knowledge in any type of technology or science, Medium is the greatest location to guest blog. This site has content on anything from medical science to financial trends. There are approximately 120 million readers, so this is a great opportunity to generate traffic to your site. Medium is one of the greatest guest blogging sites and is the most popular platform in its field.


ShoutMeLoud assists users in starting and monetizing their blogs. It includes the following features:

  • Marketing ideas for the internet
  • Money-making tips on the internet
  • Practical Internet Success Advice


Mashable is a popular entertainment website that covers a wide range of topics, including technology, science, and culture. They routinely ask guest writers to submit work, but they have strict guidelines to follow. So, before you make a selection, make sure you go over each one.

Top Guest Positing Sites


ReadWrite focuses on technology news and practical advice for business owners. Artificial intelligence, smart cities, linked services, start-ups, and other topics are among the site’s key categories. It gives tips on how to boost your business by utilising a remote workforce.

Inkwell Editorial

Inkwell Editorial is a service that helps freelance writers advance their careers. It features articles about self-publishing, SEO, and how to find writing jobs, among other topics. They also offer writing advice.


ShoutMeTech is a well-known technological website. They cater to a global audience and guarantee that readers receive timely updates as well as useful tech advice.

Web Design Ledger

The Web Designer Ledger is a project management tool for web designers and developers. It features web developers and designers in interviews. It has articles about user interfaces, graphics, and web development tools. This is an excellent opportunity to guest post and demonstrate your technical knowledge.

Daily Blog Tips

Daily Blog Tips assists internet businesses in establishing, growing, and protecting their operations. It includes articles on topics such as online marketing, internet security, and business.

Innovation Management

One of the best resources for finding out about new innovations and best practices is Innovation Management. It includes articles on climate change innovation, green business, and sustainability, among other topics. Speaking of Climate Change, did you know that 1.2 billion people could be displaced globally by 2050 due to climate change factors? It also takes the lives of more than 13 million people around the world every year. Another interesting fact about it is that 3.3-3.6 billion people are vulnerable to climate change impacts. Without action, it could push 130 million into poverty in the next decade

Ignite Visibility

Paid media, social media marketing, email marketing, creative services, and other digital marketing services are all available through Ignite Visibility. If you have experience in digital marketing, you are welcome to submit a guest post. Explore the websites listed above, write for them, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a seasoned guest blogger. There are thousands of websites to visit if you do your homework properly. Today’s content industry is extremely competitive, and any work that isn’t perfect won’t be approved for guest posting. So take your time to produce your finest material and reach out to the appropriate people, and your journey to guest blogging success can begin.

F.A.Q – Top Guest Positing Sites

What is guest blogging?

Guest posting is a method of creating content for other blogs where you write an article and post it on someone else’s blog or website with your author bio (by linking to your site).

What are some of the advantages of guest blogging?

Guest blogging has three major advantages: it helps you build relationships with other bloggers and expand your online network; it helps you generate leads, email subscribers, and send you traffic if you land on authority sites in your industry; and it helps you generate leads, email subscribers, and send you traffic if you land on authority sites in your industry.

What’s the best way to get started guest blogging?

We strongly advise you to begin with blogs you’ve been following and reading for some time (make sure they are relevant to the topics you cover on your blog or website). You can also look for guest blogging possibilities on Google.

Is it appropriate for me to accept guest posts on my blog?

It all depends on what you want to achieve with your site. Accepting guest articles from others is a good idea if you want to outsource your blog content authoring or if you want to try to publish different perspectives from different authors. If you have enough money to spend on material or are willing to create it yourself, you can accept guest posts only on rare occasions.

In India, what are the greatest free guest posting sites?

Here are a few of the greatest free guest posting sites in India where you may publish high-quality guest articles and receive a lot of traffic. → Edu Gorilla (with over 120,000 users and over 30,00,000 monthly visitors, it is regarded one of India’s largest education communities) → (another prominent Indian portal that focuses on startup tales, marketing, and other similar topics) ShoutMeLoud is a social media platform that allows anyone to express themselves loudly (run by Harsh Agrawal covers blogging related stuff)

What is the significance of guest blogging in SEO?

So, instead of publishing on their own blogs, why should someone produce blog entries for others? The first argument is that guest posting on other sites has SEO benefits, as it allows you to attract high-quality, relevant connections to your site. Not only that, but it also aids in the development of your network and personal branding, all of which aid in the long-term improvement of your search rankings.

Do you have any suggestions for websites that pay guest bloggers?

Yes, a few websites will compensate you for creating high-quality guest pieces. Cracked (comedy site that pays $100) Income Diary (marketing site that pays $50 to $200) UX Booth (discusses user experience and online design and pays $100) Smashing Magazine (covers technology-related issues and pays $50+) Site Point (website design, pays $50 to $100)

What is the best way to find high-quality guest posts for my website?

It’s quite tough to locate qualified authors to create guest posts for your site if it’s still pretty new (unless you pay them for each of the guest posts they write). If you truly want to attract high-quality guest articles, aim to establish a high-DA site with a large readership, and you’ll receive unstoppable proposals from a slew of bloggers and writers from all over the world.

Is guest blogging a thing of the past?

Guest blogging isn’t dead, and it never will be, as long as you follow Google’s guidelines and produce high-quality material for others. Just don’t do it for the purpose of getting connections; instead, focus on building relationships to have a greater long-term influence.

Is using guest posting for SEO a good idea?

Guest posting is one of the most common ways to improve SEO. There are many free guest posting platforms that can help with SEO.

Is there a Google penalty for guest posting?

Google does not penalise guest posting. You can post on a variety of free guest posting websites with ease.

Is there a way to get paid for guest posting?

Yes, some websites pay for guest posts, however the editor of the website must first approve your content. A range of paid and unpaid guest blogging opportunities are available on some of the best guest blogging platforms.

Is it possible for a newbie like me to start guest blogging?

As a guest blogger, anyone can get started. To succeed, you only need excellent abilities and strategies.

Final thoughts – Top Guest Positing Sites

If you know of any fantastic websites that accept guest posts, please let us know so that we may add them to the list. We intend to make it a one-stop shop for guest bloggers who are looking for websites that allow guest blogging. Please let us know if you have any recommendations for sites that accept guest blog posts. If you are aware of any prominent site that caters to a specific specialty and that welcomes guest posts, please share the information with us in the comments area.