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Top Laptop For Blogging | Easy Guide

It’s a question and discussion that has raged for years and will most likely continue to do so till the end of time. Everyone has an opinion, and most have a wish, thus I could be discussing which is best? PC or Apple Mac. It’s a popular computer query, but it’s also one that bloggers frequently debate; there are always rumblings inside the blogosphere over which is better, with everyone providing their less-than-expert opinion.

Apple released their first Unibody Macbook Pro towards the end of 2008, and I was looking for a laptop at the time, so I purchased the best configuration model. I’d been using Windows for the majority of my life, so I was somewhat new to Mac. There were several wonderful things about it back then, such as the great design, portability, good battery life, and power. It was virtually unrivalled for all of these concerns, but now, nearly ten years later, the competition has caught up, with the advent of wonderfully portable and highly effective Windows PCs known as Ultrabooks, making Apple’s Macbook series appear less and less appealing.

If You Like Mac OS, There’s Only One Choice

So let’s get this out of the way in which. There are some individuals who love the Mac OS, they love the working system and the way it works, that’s high-quality. Some of them dislike and even hate something Microsoft Windows, some don’t also have an actually good purpose for the hate, however, that’s OK. If you just like the Mac OS, then there’s no dialogue, you should go for that. If you want Mac OS since you use unique apps or programs, then, as soon as once more there’s no room for manoeuvre.

If you’ve invested within the Mac ecosystem and spent a lot of money and time, then it’s possible you’ll be hesitant to alter. Macbooks are good, and for those who just like the OS then you definitely should get one.

Advantage Of A Macbook

  • If you just like the OS and the software program, then it’s nice. Everything works well, all of it performs properly collectively.
  • The design is very nice
  • The {hardware} is good – There’s loads of power all through the range
  • The trackpad is presumably the best on any laptop or ultrabook, and has been seemingly without end
  • If you have got different Apple products, the Macbook could be built-in with it reminiscent of iPhone/iMessage, FaceTime and so forth.
  • If you’re unfamiliar with computing and wish to decide on, there’s a restricted variety of Macbooks at pricepoints that are easy to grasp
  • Even for those who like Windows, you possibly can set up it utilizing Fusion, BootCamp or Parallels, so can have a Macbook operating Windows
  • There’s some unique software program which you can’t get wherever else, reminiscent of iMovie on the low finish, and Aperture and Final Cut Pro on the high finish for editing pictures/movies

The Disadvantages Of A MacBook

  • The software program – There’s a restricted quantity of software program and apps, Windows has far, much more together with apps you merely can’t get on a Mac
  • The Hardware – You are nearly certain to no matter Apple desires you to make use of; Build-to-order choices can be found, however are costly, and there’s not lots of upgradeable elements nowadays.
  • The Price – Macbooks are premium {hardware} and include a premium worth; There’s no cheaper possibility, and never a center possibility. Prices at the moment begin at simply under £1000 for the bottom spec Macbook
  • third Party Hardware Issues – Check out the Amazon reviews of computing products reminiscent of exhausting drives, printers and different gadgets. There’s all the time individuals complaining they don’t work, they usually’re often Apple individuals complaining they can’t get the system to work, or work the way in which they need with their Mac.

Top Laptop For Blogging

Macs Are Rock Solid…Or Are They?

The myth is that if you buy a Macbook, it will last indefinitely and will be an investment because Apple is a premium model. This is not correct in my opinion. My Macbook’s battery is enlarged, as is the battery in my iPhone 5. There have previously been recalls on defective exhausting drives, graphics card failures, and other concerns. That does not indicate that Apple is a failure; rather, it simply means that it is comparable to every other producer, which competes on the same grounds.


If you’ve already had a Mac and like it, or if you’ve invested in the Apple ecosystem, you’ll most likely have your mind made up. If you require something altogether different, a Windows PC can be an excellent option.

Windows PCs Laptops, Ultrabooks, Tablets And Everything Else

I adore Windows. I can’t hide my partiality; it’s just who I am. I tried out a Mac, and while I didn’t dislike it, it wasn’t the same as operating Windows, which was familiar, and I never had to second-guess whether or not something would work or be accessible to use.

When I purchased my Macbook, there were few choices for Windows, particularly for people looking for something powerful, stylish, portable, and reasonably priced, but that was nearly ten years ago. Time has passed, Windows has increased its purchase price, and so have the manufacturers. I purchased a Dell XPS 13 and I find it enticing; it’s one of the greatest machines on the market for the money in my opinion.

Top Laptop For Blogging

Something For Everyone

A Windows machine can be purchased for less than £200. That’s insane! If you had told me 15 years ago that I could get a brand new, perfectly usable machine for less than £200, I would not have believed you, but you can. They aren’t really effective, but they are accessible, which is something you can’t say about the Mac. Then there are the middleweights, which range from $400 to$800 and will buy you something quite excellent that will accomplish most of what you need it to do and be of high quality for the average individual.

Then there are some that cost more than $1000, which may be a gaming laptop or a high-end ultrabook. These are the heavyweights, the extremely effective machines, yet neither are in short supply. There are other manufacturers, including Lenovo, Dell, HP, ASUS, and Microsoft, which has its Surface Pro, Surface Book, and Surface Laptop, which are all excellent options. All of the manufacturers have radically different spec machines, so there is something for everyone.


Advantages Of A Windows Laptop

  • Price – There’s a price-point for everybody
  • If you want Windows, then most machines include this pre-installed
  • The good machines are good, actually quick and include a good spec
  • The {hardware} is good
  • Virtually all third occasion {hardware} is built with Windows in thoughts, so works well
  • Huge quantity of software program and apps accessible
  • Will work throughout different Windows/Microsoft gadgets reminiscent of XBOX or Windows Phone

Disadvantages Of A Windows Laptop

  • If you favor Mac OS or any Mac software program, you can’t run them
  • The trackpads aren’t as good as a Macbook


What’s the Best Laptop for Blogging and Internet Marketing?

Windows vs. Mac


PC vs. Mac for blogging


Let me begin with a disclaimer. I’m not a computer expert. I’m not well-versed in operating systems or hardware. This blog post is only a layman’s perspective based on the experiences of a blogger/website publisher who works many hours a day on a laptop to make a living. As a result, I’m sure my pros and drawbacks are very naive, but I assume there are many people like me who are just concerned with surface-level issues like convenience, speed, and ease-of-use. My preferred laptop/operating system: I must choose Mac over PC (Windows). It takes some time to get used to the subtle modifications in UX, commands, and so forth. However, after I got over that hurdle, the Mac advantages far outweighed any PC advantages (which seem like a distant memory).

PC (Windows) Pros:

Word Documents: My biggest annoyance with Mac is the word processor called Pages. Specifically, it takes forever extracting images from Pages. It can be done, but it’s an annoying process. With Word, you can simply save any image as a picture to your computer. Not so with Pages. It’s so annoying I now export Pages as docx and deal with that. I’m sure there are better solutions, but I’ve yet to discover them. Yes, I know I can get Word for Mac, but I’ve decided to use Google Docs instead which works great.

Excel: My second biggest annoyance with Mac is spreadsheet software which is called “Numbers”. While it may well produce some nice charts, it doesn’t carry out copy capabilities like Excel. I’ve but to be taught the Numbers strategies, however I’ve had a heck of a time with the spreadsheet and it’s been very inefficient. So a lot so, I simply use Google Sheets (which is superior). Like Word, I do know I can get Excel for Mac, however as a substitute I take advantage of Google Sheets which I like. Both Pages and Numbers on Mac take a long time to load as well.

Folder group: I like how Windows routinely places folders right into a symmetrical grid inside folders. With Macs, the folders find yourself in all places and I have to scroll round trying for them. It’s such a ache, I simply search in folders in list view. I want Mac would routinely grid them with auto-fit contained in the folder so I don’t should scroll round.

Security measures (lack of): I nonetheless haven’t discovered do away with the password requirement on Mac. Apple products usually are a fairly heavy handed in relation to safety. That mentioned, it’s most likely not a horrible thought to have my laptop password protected given I haul my laptop round so much and my whole enterprise and private life is on it.

Saving files: I discover the saving bushes on PC (Windows) a lot simpler and extra intuitive. The side scrolling bushes on Mac are annoying.

Photoshop and Fireworks for PC: My Photoshop and Fireworks license (v. 3) was/is an costly license. By switching to Mac, I not can use these programs and I’ve no intention shopping for it for Mac. I’m now utilizing cloud choices reminiscent of Canva which usually does the job for me, however I do miss Photoshop and Fireworks now and again.

.txt paperwork: These are easy to open from scratch on Windows. On Mac, the only means I’ve been in a position to make use of these is by exporting a Pages doc (Mac’s phrase processor) as a plain textual content doc. It’s horribly inefficient and so I take advantage of this only once I completely have to. When I had a PC, I labored in .txt paperwork on a regular basis (greater than Word docs).


Mac Pros and Cons

Boot up time is brief: I simply flip up the lid, enter my password and it’s up and operating seconds. It’s not fairly as quick as an iPad, however it’s means quicker than any PC I’ve ever had.

Never crashes: My final PC computer (Dell) simply wouldn’t boot one morning out of the blue. With each PC I’ve had, they might crash routinely. My Mac has by no means crashed (knock on wooden).

Image/file switch and administration: I like how I can drag photographs from web pages or wherever. This capacity alone saved me untold hours of time.

Integrates with my iPhone and iPad: Since I’ve an iPhone and iPad, it’s nice having all the pieces seamlessly built-in, together with pictures, and so forth.

Large trackpad and terrific keyboard: The Macbook Pro is the primary laptop I’ve ever had that I take pleasure in utilizing without a separate key phrase and mouse. The keyboard is superb and the trackpad makes navigating and shifting files and so forth. very, very easy.

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The mouse (a HUGE con): Okay, Apple is thought for sensible design and I agree usually they get design proper. But in an effort to charge the wireless Apple mouse, the charging wire plugs into the underside of the mouse so it’s unusable whereas charging. This is only a loopy oversight. Now I’ve to ensure I plug the mouse in over evening to keep away from mouse down time. I should have listed to the man on the Apple retailer who advised a wireless bluetooth Logitech mouse. No

USB connections: I needed to shell out for two adaptors to plugin in a USB splitter (from which I run one other splitter). I want Mac’s included two USB ports from which to run splitters.

Not touchscreen (con): My Dell laptop had a touchscreen. I didn’t use the characteristic a lot so it wasn’t a giant deal, however it was cool once in a while. You’d suppose given Apple being innovative with touch screens that the most recent Macbook Pro would have a touch display.

Double finger faucet on trackpad is identical as proper click on: Once you get used to this, it’s an amazingly environment friendly characteristic whereas engaged on the laptop alone.

Cost (con): I’d be remiss if I didn’t deal with the elephant within the room. My Macbook Pro price greater than twice my final PC. That’s not chump change and should undoubtedly factor into your determination particularly when beginning out.

The Dock: I just like the dock on Mac greater than PC. The dock is a row of icons that sits on the backside of the display permitting me to shortly open numerous programs. It’s akin to shortcuts on a PC. The icons are extra distinguished and it’s easy so as to add programs/software programs to the dock. It’s a pleasure to make use of.

Integration with cellular gadgets: I actually like how my Mac laptop integrates with my iPhone and iPad. This is a pleasant profit that allows me to deal with points exterior of labour on my cellphone or tablet. While it’s by no means supreme engaged on a sensible cellphone, no less than I can take care of issues if/after they come up.

Screenshots are prompt: When utilizing a PC, I paid for Snagit. With Mac, I can seize a screenshot immediately urgent Command + Shift + 4. This is tremendously help and I take advantage of it on a regular basis.

Built-in picture editor: I think Windows has a built-in picture editor, however, I had Fireworks put in them so I simply used that. Mac does have an okay picture editor which I take advantage of from time to time. It’s not nice, however, it works.

External monitor arranges tremendous easy: I had a tricky time getting exterior displays to work correctly on PC (Windows). The prolonged display settings was a significant ache. I lastly bought it to work, however, it drove me nuts. On Mac, it’s a breeze. I simply purchased a USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter, which has an HDMP plug adaptor, plugged within the HDMI cable from the monitor and it laboured. There had been no settings to fiddle with. I find it irresistible when know-how works so simply.

Safari vs. Chrome

Fortunately, Chrome functions flawlessly on Mac. I dislike Safari on a laptop, most likely because I’m used to Chrome. I enjoy Chrome because I can easily change the folder files are downloaded into, which is a feature I use frequently (it’s completed in Advanced settings). I’m also not a fan of Safari’s tab display. It’s exhausting to set up the various tabs that force me to examine meticulously, which is a time-suck and aggravation.

Desktop vs. laptop?

I haven’t used a desktop computer since I went full-time online. I enjoy being cellular an excessive amount. Furthermore, I can add a second and even a third monitor to a laptop, as well as a full-size wireless keyboard, so there’s no reason to limit myself to a desktop. Laptop computers are now much more powerful for blogging and website publishing. Perhaps if I were a video editor or graphic designer, I’d want a hyper-powerful desktop, but for what I do, laptops are plenty swift and powerful enough.

Can you be a full-time internet marketer with an iPad?

Perhaps you have an iPad (or another tablet) and choose not to invest money in a laptop. The question is, can you construct niche websites and/or manage an online advertising and marketing business on a tablet? I believe you could, but it would not be nearly as environmentally friendly as having a laptop with a second screen. However, for those who simply enjoy the task, it may be done.

My Choice

While I appreciate the Macbook Pro’s keyboard and trackpad, I do most of my work at a desk with a second large (32″) display, wireless keyboard, and wireless mouse. I’ve never understood why every company does not supply a second monitor to every employee who works on a computer. Limiting effectivity for the sake of a $100 purchase is foolish. When I was a partner at a professional services firm, I saw that everyone had two large monitors. To think about it, I should position myself as a high-priced company effectiveness marketing expert, charging tens of thousands of dollars for a one-sentence report declaring “buy everyone on a computer a second monitor.” A huge firm can easily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on this alone.

How can I connect my external monitor to my Macbook Pro? I’m fortunate to have an Apple store right down the street from where I work. When I was setting up my Mac and accessories, I found it useful to go there for assistance. To connect the external 32-inch monitor, I purchased two USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapters (LG). These are necessary adaptors because they allow me to connect my external display as well as my USB splitters. I purchased a third for use at home.

What should you purchase?

If you’re on a tight budget, a PC is the way to go. I don’t believe the Mac advantages exceed the PC advantages so significantly that if you’re on a tight budget, you should spend more than you can afford. Macs are expensive; some argue that they are overpriced. If price isn’t a consideration, go with Mac.

Do I have second thoughts about purchasing a Mac? No. I like it better now. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks, and that alone is worth it to me. One final level. I’ve never used a Microsoft Surface. I was tempted to buy the Surface laptop because I had heard nice things about it. I appreciate how it can be used as a tablet as well. My disadvantage is that when a laptop fails, I don’t have time to research and compare options. I had decided to give Mac a shot, so I went out and bought it. I suppose it’s worthwhile to play round on a Surface laptop if you’re the type to do your homework.


What Do You Need for A Blogging Computer?

Before we get into the top 10 blogging computers, let’s have a look at the many components you should look for when selecting a computer for your blogging needs. Keep all of this in mind when you examine the computers we’ve chosen as outstanding items; this should help you determine which ones will best suit your needs. Without further ado, here are the considerations you should make while looking for a blogging pc.

Life of the Battery

This component is simply not a key priority for desktop PC users. However, if your blogging needs need portability, battery life may be a constant problem. You should opt for a computer with a long battery life and a quick charging time. Combining the above two elements transforms the blogging experience, ensuring that you won’t have to stop and charge your computer every half-hour if you’re in the ultimate writing zone, even if it’s outside!


This is the pivotal point. For me, the most important aspect of blogging is how comfortable I am typing. It is the reason that, despite being a laptop user, I always invest in an additional keyboard accessory, one with a higher slope for ergonomic typing. When feasible, I utilise this one. In any typing system, a 3.5-degree elevation slope is required. This will allow for the most optimised typing interface, increasing speed and luxury dramatically.



As any blogger knows, a browser like Google Chrome has a negative impact on your computer’s efficiency. Random Access Memory (RAM) is the amount of computer memory that your computer may dedicate to various tasks. The more RAM you have, the more tasks you can do quickly. Or, to put it another way, the extra RAM you’ve got, the more Chrome tabs you’ll be able to open for research without slowing down your machine. While 4GB of RAM was formerly standard in business, any operating system other than Linux will run a plethora of latent background activities whenever you use your computer.

So, to ensure minimal impact on your machine, I would recommend at least 8GB of RAM for blogging. Don’t skimp on extras if you’re live-streaming or It’s also worth checking the RAM’s type. Look for the phrase “DDR4” in the product description for the most recent RAM type. This may seem minor, but it will impact your blogging system’s futureproofing.


The processor is another important component that connects to your RAM. The RAM determines how many tasks may run simultaneously, and a more powerful CPU allows these processes to execute more efficiently. Consider your RAM to be the size of the physician’s ready room, and your processor to be the number of expert doctors who can see your patients immediately. For a standard PC, you should look at an Intel i5 processor (or the AMD equivalent) from the seventh generation or higher. If you can afford it, an i7 or similar processor will improve your efficiency.

Hard Drive

If you write a lot of blog posts, you must consider the taxing drive. Larger hard drives can retailer more content. However, there are smaller, more expensive drives referred to as “solid-state drives”. These drives are smaller yet run faster. This means faster boot-up times, quicker access to your information, and less files if you’re only blogging. Also, you can always supplement your storage area with cloud choices, so the hard drive size isn’t a big deal. A terabyte or more of hard disc space may be required to store large files. A smaller solid-state drive will last longer and function faster if you mostly store data online.

What Kind of Blogging Are You Doing?

This is another vital consideration when selecting a computer solution. Do you only write online opinion pieces? Are you scouring the internet for information? A video blogger looking for an answer? Maybe you have a podcast that you wish to promote. The savvy buyer’s primary focus is on defining their use case. If you only want to write online and only need a lightweight Google for your work, consider a netbook, pocketbook, or Chromebook.

If you blog and do audio or video creation and editing, you may need a dedicated desktop PC or an Apple Mac or MacBook. Also, if your blogging needs include computer software or hardware, then a desktop PC is what you need. If you’re blogging about video games, you’ll need a computer powerful enough to run modern titles at a good framerate. Set up your use case before reading on. Then keep reading to discover the top ten blogging computers.

The Best Tablets for Blogging

Here is a maybe surprising answer for your blogging wants. If you might be only eager about light-weight, resource-light blogging, then a tablet may be good for you. For phrase processing of paperwork and articles, a tablet can usually cowl the areas that you just may count on to wish a computer for.

Microsoft Surface Go 2 (Academic)

Often used as an enterprise answer because of its unbelievable flexibility, the Surface Pro is the right tablet for the on-the-go blogger. The Surface Pro 2 is more portable, light, and flexible than a typical laptop, with 4GB of RAM and a complex Pentium Gold 4425Y processor. It has a 64GB eMMC storage. This sort of flash storage is common in tablets and smartphones. It’s not as fast as a conventional SSD and is built into the tablet, limiting upgradeability, but it’s cheaper. Remember that this tablet is unfurnished, so consider one of Microsoft’s Surface keyboards for the system. The way the keyboards attach to the Surface Pro creates a 3.5-degree slope, which is helpful for ergonomic typing. Wi-Fi is included, and a 4G add-on is available to ensure you’re always connected, wherever you are. It also has ten-hour battery life.

iPad 10.2″ 2020

Coming in a large range of colours, iPads are the traditional tablet blogging answer. Compact, aesthetically pleasing, and extremely well optimized, this closed system OS works nicely for blogging wants. With iCloud and Pages, you receive digital cloud storage for your documents. The iPad’s resolution is native 2160x1620p, compared to 1080p on the Surface Pro. Apple’s iPad comes with a 32GB eMMC that may be expanded to 128GB for about $100. But this basic eMMC is the same price as the Surface Pro. The tablet’s processor is 64-bit, making it suited for high-performance apps. It also uses Apple’s A12 Bionic chip, which has eight cores running at 2.49GHz. This number competes with many prevalent processors in laptops and desktops.

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Best Laptops for Blogging

Tablets can get a touch expensive for what is obtainable, sadly. Laptops present a very portable private computer answer with a touch of extra power. Here are some nice laptops for blogging that don’t break the financial institution for the worth supplied.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Chromebook (11″, 05)

Chromebooks were popular a few years ago and remain one of the greatest budget computer choices for business and typing. This item was picked for its low cost and small size. The 11.6′′ screen is smaller than an A4 sheet. Moreover, the laptop is priced at about $200, making it the most affordable blogging computer available. The computer has 64GB eMMC storage and an Intel Celeron processor. This is all part of a new Chrome OS designed for speed and efficiency when doing simple tasks like typing.

Don’t expect this laptop to perform much more than that, as its processor and internal power are limited. But for basic tasks like blogging, the Chromebook’s size and portability may be ideal.

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5

Top Laptop For Blogging

This compact little 14″ laptop matches in completely wherever you want it. It may be customised for a variety of various setups, which means it can be used with a variety of Lenovo products, including the Chromebook mentioned above. It has a full 10-hour battery life, integrated Intel Ultra HD Graphics, and standard 4GB DDR4 RAM. If you spend more money on this collection, you can get up to 8GB of DDR4 RAM. The CPU is an i3 from the eleventh generation.

This won’t be able to handle a large number of different tasks at once, but it should be able to handle the ones it does well. One of the good things about the various configurations you may set up the IdeaPad and its keyboard in is that you can figure out which one is ideal for your type. As previously stated, a minimum incline of 3.5 degrees is recommended for typing, and you should experiment with the customizable configurations to find the optimal angle for you.

MacBook Air

Top Laptop For Blogging

Although nonetheless exceptionally costly, the Air is the cheaper of Apple’s current MacBook offerings. It is so-referred to us because of being the lightest Mac Apple has ever supplied, full of an innovative M1 Apple 8 core processor that may deal with any job you set it to. The MacBook operates on the most recent version of Apple’s operating system, which has both advantages and cons. Apple is well-known for its closed-off operating system and hardware. This makes it very virus-resistant and well-suited to its core foci.

In terms of your blogging needs, any Mac will suffice for multimedia editing and blogging. If video and audio production is on your list of blogging desires, a MacBook is the ideal portable solution. The M1 processor allows for nearly four times faster transcoding of media using Apple programmes like Final Cut Pro than other Apple products. MacBook Airs come with a total of 16GB of RAM (dubbed “Unified Memory”) and a couple of terabytes of SSD storage. While expensive, the MacBook Air is an excellent choice if you have the funds and need to create media for your blogs.

The Best Desktops PCs for Blogging

Custom Built PCs

While building a bespoke PC may sound difficult, there are numerous websites that may help, such as PCPartPicker. Building your own computer (or choosing the components yourself and having them constructed for a fee) is less expensive than the other options on this list. Consider that a custom-made PC can usually eke out extra resources from its hardware and doesn’t have to pay the premium a laptop does for having all this tech built-in. For blogging, I could suggest an HDD/SSD storage mix (perhaps a 250GB SSD and a terabyte HDD). This allows you rapid boot times and smooth operation of critical processes while giving you plenty of capacity for paperwork storage without breaking the bank.

An Intel i5 CPU will be able to handle most regular blogging needs, however, you can probably get away with an i3 if you’re worried about breaking the bank. While 4GB of RAM would certainly suffice, 8GB will allow you to run many apps simultaneously while you review your postings. Don’t worry about graphics cards, as your processor’s internal graphics may cover your quick needs, and this component is likely to be the most costly. But let’s say you want to edit videos and play games. In that situation, you may need to investigate an AMD product, which may be significantly less expensive than an NVidia device.

The Mac Mini

Top Laptop For Blogging

The Apple Mac is usually considered because of the definitive, aesthetically pleasing all-in-one desktop answer for premium shoppers who need to meld media seamlessly with their computer utilization. Recently, Apple have released the Mac Mini, an extra compact answer for your desktop multimedia wants. This little computer comprises the identical M1 processor because the MacBook Air earlier on this very article, with 8 cores dedicated to most power.

This chip is mixed with the Mac Big Sur OS, which maximizes boot speed and programs operating. The M1 comprises Apple’s strongest built-in graphics, which are good for taking part in sure video games and operating highly effective editing software programs. Coupled with some fantastically ergonomic typing options, a Mac Mini can be a fantastic blogging answer for somebody who doesn’t must be massively cellular and desires a stable low cost in comparison with a MacBook.


Best Laptop for Blogging and Bloggers – MacBook Air vs. Pro

The moment has come to upgrade your blog computer, and you’ve limited your choices down to two. Apple’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. You keep changing your mind about which laptop is better for blogging. I got you. First, let me state that I am not a tech genius. I’m not an expert on computers, but I’m also not a complete newbie. Like you, I’m a blogger who recently bought a new computer for my site and made the Air vs Pro discussion. I started my blog in 2016 using a MacBook Air and only recently upgraded to a MacBook Pro in December 2018 after several people advised me to do so. Instead of just telling you which one I prefer, I’ll tell you which one I think is the ideal laptop for blogging. Before I share my perspective, I must first set out all the benefits and drawbacks of each to assist you make an informed decision. Let’s go!

Best Laptop for Blogging – MacBook Air vs. Macbook Pro:


MacBook Air:

Top Laptop For Blogging

The new MacBook Air (2018) starts at $1,199 and is slimmer and lighter than the previous generation, with no thick bezels across the display. Furthermore, it includes a new function called Touch ID, which I also enjoy on my MacBook Pro. Allowing you to open your computer with a single touch and also serving as an Apple Pay and password substitute! The older MacBook Air model (non-retina) starts at $999, which is $200 less than the newer MacBook Air model and is Apple’s cheapest laptop. While it has a less-than-appealing large bezel over the display, it nonetheless accomplishes what you need for basic computer operations. It also retains the old USB ports and SD card reader, which could be a significant benefit for individuals who haven’t upgraded to the new USB-c connectors.

For the average blogger, a MacBook Air will fulfil all of their needs. It’s speedy, light, portable, and the most cost-effective option in the Apple family. The battery life for both the old and new models is 12 hours, indicating that these computers are suitable for bloggers on the road. The basic air, with its 8th-generation Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of fast flash storage, should be able to handle all you need as a blogger.

Pros of the MacBook Air over the Pro:

  • Cheaper – Starts at $999 to  $1,199
  • Lighter More portable
  • Older model nonetheless has USB ports and SD card reader
  • Longer battery life at 12 hrs as in comparison with 10 from the Pro

Cons of the Air vs the Pro:

  • Not fairly as quick because of the Pro (however that doesn’t imply the Airs are sluggish!)
  • Doesn’t include “all the extras”

MacBook Pro:

Top Laptop For Blogging

The New MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar (13′′) starts at $1799 and has double the speed of the old Pro with 256 GB of storage. The new Pro has a truetone display that adjusts to your environment but can be turned off. The touch display bar above the keyboard allows you to perform various actions depending on the app. It’s perfect for quickly adding emojis to blog posts and newsletters, and it has the same predictive texting capabilities as your iPhone.

So if I’m unsure how to spell a word, predictive textual content does an excellent job guessing. It also features two more USB-c ports than the previous generation, bringing the total to four, two on each side. This laptop features a 10-hour battery and far larger speakers than the MacBook Air. The old MacBook Pro (13′′) starts at $1299 but lacks Touch ID, Touch Bar, and truetone technology. It has the same weight, size, and battery life as the new model. It features two USB-C connections but the newer model has four, the older model starts with 128GB storage, and the newer model is faster. But for a blogger, the old model is plenty swift enough.

The Pro is faster and has a better display than the Airs. Also, the touch bar is great for writing and adding emojis to your work. If you are a blogger who also works with video or audio on your computer, then the professional may be a good fit for you.

Pros of the MacBook Pro over the Air:

  • Faster
  • Touch Bar (on the brand new model)
  • More colouration and higher display
  • More USB-c ports (on the brand new model)
  • can deal with heavy workloads with ease.

Cons of the MacBook Pro vs the Air:

  • It’s heaver and barely bulkier.
  • It’s dearer
  • Shorter battery life (10hrs per charge)


Conclusion – Which is The Best Laptop for Blogging?

Those computers may be best for you depending on your personal preferences and the type of work you conduct on your laptop. After using them all, I’d think the New MacBook Air is the best for bloggers. In terms of overall features and value, I prefer the new MacBook Air. Unless you perform a lot of video editing, podcast audio editing, or graphic design work on your laptop, the Air will handle all you need as a blogger. Easy to use, snappy, great display, good battery life. I loved my MacBook Pro (with a touch bar), but after using it for a few months, I think I’d prefer the new Air. The Pro’s extras haven’t justified the expensive price for me. Although the new Air’s two USB-C ports may bother me, the lower cost may make up for it.

While the earlier Air model is ideal for individuals on a budget, I believe the newer Air model is ideal for bloggers looking for a brand new computer. The MacBook Pro’s “extras” aren’t worth the money or useful to a basic blogger. So, unless you’re a regular YouTuber, Graphic Designer, or DJ? Keep the Airs and save your money. The MacBook Air is the greatest blog laptop. For a more detailed comparison of these computers and other MacBook models, see this article from Laptop Mag. Which is the best laptop for blogging? Agree? Let me know!

So, now you know everything there is to know about the greatest kind of computer systems to use if you’re blogging. So, in 2021, what is the greatest computer for blogging? While there’s no denying that Macbooks and the like have a place in this market, I’m always interested in Lenovo’s laptop line, notably the IdeaPad 5. The flexibility provided here is fantastic, and it comes at a far lesser price than some of its competitors. Despite its low price, it may easily surpass the lower-tier Chromebooks discussed here, thanks to some handy small setup options that suit a wide range of blogs.

A Macbook was one of the only options 10 years ago if you wanted something nice, light, that functioned well and was a delight to use. As I have stated, these things have altered dramatically. Windows OS is superior, the hardware is superior, the designs are excellent, and there are several options available. Windows machines are ideal for everyday chores such as blogging and doing power user tasks. As previously stated, if you prefer the Mac OS, you have no choice; however, if you can be persuaded or prefer Windows, I believe the Windows computers are now superior


  1. Very helpful! thank you for the Blog Commenting Sites list, it is very helpful, I was searching for some valuable links. Good work, and keep sharing your research and knowledge. Thank you again.

    • You’re very welcome! I’m delighted to hear that you found the blog helpful and that it answered all of your questions. If you ever have more inquiries or need further assistance in the future, don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy to help anytime!

    • You’re very welcome! I’m delighted to hear that you found the blog helpful and that it answered all of your questions. If you ever have more inquiries or need further assistance in the future, don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy to help anytime!

    • You’re very welcome! I’m delighted to hear that you found the blog helpful and that it answered all of your questions. If you ever have more inquiries or need further assistance in the future, don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy to help anytime!

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