Top News Aggregator Websites

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Top News Aggregator Websites and How to Built Your Own – Full Guide

Marketing is constantly evolving, and technological advancements have created the illusion that there is a new way to market your brand every single day. Your target audience has already been inundated with marketing material. They are looking for something more valuable in exchange for their time. This is where the concept of content aggregation is useful.

A content aggregator website presents an exciting content marketing opportunity for any company looking to expand their online presence and reach new customers. Curation is your best bet whether your goal is to reach out to a new audience or simply to be more visible online. Specifically, we will discuss how you can create an aggregator website and why you should do so in this blog post. So let’s get started and see what we can find.

Do you want to be able to read the most recent news and updates from all of your favorite blogs in one convenient location? If this is the case, news aggregator websites are the most appropriate option for you. These websites automatically display the most recent content from your favorite websites on a single page, without you having to do anything. Our selection of the best news aggregator websites to use in 2019 will be discussed in this article, which will be updated regularly. We’ll also show you how to use WordPress to create your own news aggregator website, if you’re interested.

Without news aggregation websites, the information age can be overwhelming, let’s be honest about that. The amount of information available is enormous, and it is dispersed throughout the internet. With content aggregators, you can consolidate all of the latest news, updates, insights, tips, guides, and articles into a single location, saving you valuable time.

To demonstrate the diversity of news aggregator websites, as well as how they all convert into value for both users and publishers, this article takes a deep dive into their operations. Along the way, I’ll provide some excellent examples, including a section devoted to some of the top news aggregator websites for the year 2021. These invigorating examples will serve as excellent inspiration for us as we develop our own aggregator website using WordPress. As a result, in the final sections, I’ll walk you through all of the steps you need to take to begin aggregating content right away.

What are News Aggregator Websites and How Do They Work?

Users can access news and updates from a variety of sources all in one convenient location by visiting news aggregator websites. They retrieve the data, organize it into tags and categories, and display it in the appropriate order to make it easier to consume.   You can also think of them as a collection of news and updates that are presented in a manner that is tailored to the user’s preferences.

Instead of visiting multiple websites in search of the latest content, news aggregators save you time and effort. Instead, you can access all of the content from a single location.   Several different kinds of content aggregators can be found on the internet. Some, such as Google News, simply aggregate articles from popular online newspapers and display them in categories that are related to the articles.

Other services, such as Feedly, on the other hand, provide a more personalized experience for their users. They give you the ability to create your own feed from publishers of your choosing.   The term “content aggregator site” refers to a website that aggregates content.

A content aggregator website gathers information from various sources on the internet and posts it in a single location for visitors to view and use. RSS feeds are used to generate the topics, which are based on various keywords. In order to avoid claims of plagiarism, a content aggregator site will frequently include attribution and a link to the original site.

There are a few different ways in which an aggregator site can operate, but in general, they do not create any original content of their own.   It is also possible for content creators to pay to have their content aggregated and distributed more widely across a larger number of websites. Syndication is a particularly popular business model for news aggregators because it relieves publishers of the time-consuming task of negotiating and securing distribution arrangements.

What is the purpose of content aggregation?

Marketing has undoubtedly changed as a result of the constant advancements in technology.   Back in the day, large corporations had a distinct advantage over small businesses. Today, the internet has created opportunities for businesses of all sizes to compete against one another. It has risen to the status of the great equalizer.   A few years ago, digital marketing agencies were primarily concerned with persuading business owners to move their operations online.

However, things have changed, and now, in order to be heard by the countless industry experts, you must be present on the internet.   People will not care about your product or service unless you provide them with a compelling reason to do so. It is not enough to simply keep up with the news; you must also be able to pass it on to others. It is for this reason that content aggregation is critical.

Content aggregation versus content curation versus content syndication

Since content aggregation, curation, and syndication are all terms that are closely related in meaning, there is frequently serious confusion between them. To avoid any misunderstanding, let’s take a closer look at each of these practices individually.

Essentially, content aggregation is the automatic collection and grouping of content from various sources on a specific topic. Using AllTop, users can access a variety of headlines from popular websites covering a wide range of topics such as news and technology; sports; entertainment; health; lifestyle; business; and other topics as well.

Content curation entails more than simply gathering information. Content curation is the process of selecting the most valuable content that is valuable to the target market and incorporating some commentary, context, or viewpoints into the mix. Excellent curation is a critical component of success. Zen Media CEO Shama Hyder believes that quality content curation entails reaching the appropriate audience with the appropriate message at the appropriate time.

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Content curation is the process of gathering, categorizing, commenting on, and presenting the most relevant, highest quality information to meet the needs of your target audience on a specific subject.   “Content is king,” says Joe Pulizzi, CEO of the Content Marketing Institute

Content syndication is the practice of republishing content on third-party websites (aggregators) while including links back to the original content on the original website. Syndication is the polar opposite of guest posting, which is the act of publishing original content on a third-party platform with a brief mention of the author and their blog as a thank you. Some of the articles on Fox News are reprinted from other sources. When republishing content, Fox News makes sure to credit the original author as well as the source where the content first appeared.

Some Great Examples of content aggregator websites

Due to the convenience that content aggregators provide, an increasing number of consumers are becoming interested in using these platforms. This explains why a large number of aggregators are built each year. The hearts and minds of users have already been won by a few who have already achieved great success. So let’s take a look at some of the best content aggregator websites available today!



Taggbox Widget
Taggbox was founded in 2016 recognized as a User-Generated Content platform. That helps collect, curate, and customize UGC across all your dynamic marketing touchpoints. Taggbox Widget provides intelligently aggregated social media feeds in a single frame including news feeds. Also, helping you embed a vast variety of content into your website in unique, effective, and cost-efficient ways.

Taggbox Widget is one of the best platforms that have the potential to embed news feed and informative content through our RSS feed widget. They offer users fast, responsive, and creative approaches to curating RSS news widgets, providing seamless and interactive website design to improve user experience.
They allow users to customize and design their RSS feeds without any limitations. You can alter your RSS feed Widget using our custom CSS panel any way you want.


Created by Thomas Marban in 2005 as a single-page news aggregator, Popurls provides users with a clear picture of what’s going on in the world each day. Four years later, Popurls became one of the best online content aggregators and was number five according to the top 50 websites listed in Time magazine.

The Popurls platform has won the hearts of users by providing convenient access to content, smart search, and a no-frills interface. Popurls doesn’t just aggregate news feeds from such websites as Reddit, Flickr,, Digg, and many more, but curates them. By simply positioning the mouse over a headline, users can also see the first sentences of an article without being forwarded to a new page.




Feedly is one of the best news aggregators available, allowing users to easily access news websites, blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts all from a single location. All of the content is organized into categories such as topics, industries, and trends. Feedly is now available for download on iOS and Android devices, as well as as a web-based service. Users can search for content on the Feedly platform by entering keywords, the name of a website, or the address of an RSS feed.

Users can also share any content they find interesting on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Evernote with a single click. Other useful features include tagging, auto-marking as read, read later, and other options that you might find interesting.




NextDraft is a particularly interesting case study. The NextDraft app, which was developed by David Pell, provides intelligently curated news stories that are accompanied by David’s point of view.

Every day, David selects the ten most compelling news stories from around the world, and by writing about the stories, he informs readers about what is going on in the world. Users will also be able to access links to the original sources in order to learn more.




theSkimm, which was founded in 2012, is an aggregator platform that presents the most important news to get you started on your day. In order for users to be aware of what is happening in politics, sports, the entertainment industry and other spheres, the application’s major events calendar is synced with their personal calendar. As an additional feature, the application provides video and audio interviews with influential people.

A new ten-minute audio episode of theSkimm is released once a week, providing users with a quick overview of key and relevant topics.




Steelkiwi has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the development of content aggregators. Khabar is one of the most successful examples of a news aggregator that we have created. This Saudi platform assists users in locating the most recent news from more than 100 news sources. Khabar is a mobile application that runs on both iOS and Android devices and supports two languages: Arabic and English.

The application has a minimalist design to ensure that users are not distracted from reading articles, and it allows readers to share articles they find interesting on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.




Despite its unappealing interface, Reddit is the world’s most popular content aggregator. You can get whatever information you need here. They also have subreddits where you can contribute content on certain topics such as design, politics, and health.

top content aggregator websites reddit

Webdesigner News

Designer news on web design, UX/usability, infographics, typography, resources, and apps may be found on Webdesigner News. The website will review and approve your submissions before they go live. You can use this website to get ideas for new articles or to learn about what’s going on in the designer community.



Copywriters and marketers have their own section in Inbound. SEO, copywriting, digital marketing, e-commerce, and startups are some of the most popular categories on this website. You must become an active user on this site before you can add your first post. Fill out your profile and share your thoughts on popular posts.

Hackers news

Web design, web technology, and website development are all covered in depth on Hacker News. This aggregator accepts content only from registered users.

Top News Aggregator Websites

People who are interested in web development, programming news, Javascript, web development, web design, CSS, and JQuery should visit the Pineapple website. Tutorials, tools, and assets are the three categories. Any of these categories must contain the content you publish.

Top News Aggregator Websites


You can use Stumbleupon to find pages that are relevant to your interests. There are numerous categories, including gadgets, interior design, and photoshop, among others. You can add content and categorise it using the available options. The popularity of a post is determined by the number of thumbs up or thumbs down.

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Top News Aggregator Websites


Digg is another popular content aggregator who has news about technology, entertainment, sports, and science.



In this platform you need to be very active for your content to pop. Try to follow as many people as possible and publish often.

Top News Aggregator Websites


Panda is a handy addition for designers and people involved in the creation of design-related content. It gathers information from the most popular websites and serves daily design content. Web design, design, web development, and many other topics are discussed.



Alltop is one of the best content aggregators, and it also gives you a do follow link to your content. But, it is extremely difficult to get listed in Alltop. Only if your content is of top quality it will get listed on this website.



This content aggregator also gives you a do follow link and promotes it on their social media pages. The catch is, you have to pay and get a membership for your posts to get aggregated.


The Best Content Aggregation Tools

Many organisations curate material from influencers and industries, as well as company-related content, in order to engage and deliver helpful information to their audiences. The process of gathering and disseminating content takes time. Fortunately, content aggregation solutions exist to make it simple for businesses to share information. Here are some of the best content aggregation tools to help you increase your content.

Trapit pulls third-party content that is relevant from all over the web. It includes industry insights, research, and trends which can be organized as per your reference. You can also easily distribute the aggregated content across social media platforms.



BuzzSumo is a smart marketing tool that keeps you updated on all the trending topics in the industry. You can search for the topic of your interest and share it across via the dashboard. Also, the “Content Research” section allows you to interact with people sharing the content.



Listly contains top content that is authorized by a community of bloggers and publishers. You can make a cool list of articles and share it on social media and also embed them on your website.



Elink is an all-in-one content marketing tool that curates, publishes email newsletters and web pages quickly. You can grow your audience and increase engagement. Many marketers, educators, and influencers use it to distribute content on various topics.

Tweeted Times

Tweeted Times is mostly used by small businesses and personal use. It assists in automating all the content related tasks and also helpful in discovering content online.


Content aggregator for social media

Social media aggregator solutions allow you to collect and curate updates and posts from multiple social media sites in one location. It boosts credibility and is a big plus for marketing campaigns because it shows actual posts from fans and consumers who mention you. If you’re holding a major event, for example, you may make a hashtag for it and start posting about it on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You may be able to track content from one social media network, but you may miss out on content from others. Tools will assist you in such instances. Here’s a list of two fantastic social media content aggregators.


It gathers social network posts and arranges them in a grid format. It connects to all major social networking platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. RebelMouse is free, but you must pay if you wish to host the page on your own domain.


You can turn your social network postings into a digital newspaper using Keywords, hostages, and specific accounts can all be used to curate material. It generates a new piece of paper every day or every week. When the document is finished, it automatically posts it to social media, mentioning the content’s original author. Basic capabilities are free, but if you want Google Analytics metrics and to publish your paper on your own domain, you’ll have to pay for the commercial version.

Benefits of content aggregators


An aggregator website consolidates information and allows for consolidated logins. By minimising the overall time and effort spent seeking for information on the internet, this streamlining and concentration of material and procedures makes consuming easier. All of the advantages are still available to your audience.


Aggregated websites compile data from a variety of sources on the internet. As a result, they have more diverse catalogues, greater selections, and more information for their viewers. This can help with variety across categories and genres, as well as a wider audience.


The breadth of content on an aggregator website gets overwhelming when it is too large. There’s a chance the site will stray from its original purpose and become obsolete. Users of the blog determine the range of the content by picking what they wish to read. This is why you should choose an aggregator that provides you complete control over your filtering options.

A larger audience

By focusing on simplicity and breadth, an aggregator website may reach a larger audience. Users of the sites from which the information is gathered may be attracted to the websites. As a result, there will be less marketing and more organic traffic.

Reduced expenses

The fees incurred by aggregator websites are not incurred by their providers. An aggregator website, for example, does not need to pay authors because it does not need unique content. The only expenditures are those associated with the technology, which are often one-time fixed charges. Furthermore, because aggregators do not pay for advertising, when their suppliers advertise, they raise their brand value as well as the industry’s value. Aggregators gain from having the same products, material, and information as their competitors.

Ownership of data/information

Aggregators have a greater grasp of consumer habits, purchase behaviours, and trends because of their larger reach. They don’t always direct readers to the information’s original sources. This implies that they keep all of their information and can utilise it to improve the aggregator even more.

Reduces the likelihood of mobilisation

A variety of impediments to user adoption arise as a result of corporate networking. Many of these hurdles are mitigated by aggregators, which bypass many of the relationships between networked businesses.

Content Aggregators – Wrapping up

The purpose of content aggregation is to display high-quality content that might otherwise be difficult to locate. Because most publishers can’t compete with search engines, content aggregators find and distribute this type of content. Content aggregators can truly tailor and deliver the greatest content to readers, not just what search engines think is best. Look deep and you’ll uncover some wonderful content! How do you gather and share useful material with your audience? Please let us know what you think in the comments area. If you require professional assistance in developing an online area, please contact us.


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