Types of Corporate Videos to Boost Your Brand Recognition

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Whether you are a large company or a start-up, brand image is extremely important to maintain brand recall, determining your business’s success.

Whenever a potential customer researches your company, they’ll go through the usual brand information – mission and vision statement, previous work, team details, etc. Out of these brand tools, the corporate video is of great importance. It will be what customers use to form their initial impression of your company.

Types of Corporate Videos to Boost Your Brand Recognition – Beginner’s Guide

The best part is that there are so many types of corporate video production you can leverage for your business. They also don’t have to be limited to being displayed only on your website but can be used on various platforms such as your company blog or social media channels.

It doesn’t matter what type of company you run and the industry you operate in. You can leverage the various types of corporate videos to increase brand recognition.

Various Types Of Video Marketing To Promote Creative Business Marketing Ideas MKT SS V

Company Profile Video

This type of video is what you can usually find in the “About Us” section for most companies. It’s a 4-5 minute video wherein the founders, executives, and other members will talk about how the company was started and, more importantly, why it was started. The tone is very conversational to build a good connection with viewers.




Of all the types of corporate video production, walkthrough videos are a great way for customers and other stakeholders to see how you do your business. These videos center on the business space, having the founder or executive walking the viewers through certain areas that they want to showcase and provide insightful and new information. These are popular because they can be visually eye-catching and keep viewers engaged.


Product Explainer Videos & Demo Videos


If you are a product-based company, then you can benefit from creating demo videos. In today’s consumer-centric world, customers want to make informed purchasing decisions to gather a lot of primary and secondary data. A part of this process sees product demos to understand if they want the product, whether it’s a surround sound system or even a pair of earphones.


By creating Product demo videos with Voice overs, you explain exactly what your product is and how users can leverage its different features. Ensure that you also use text parallelly in the video to explain the products visually to viewers. This will have a lasting impact


Create a Landing Page Video

If your small business invests in online advertising, it only makes sense that your ads direct to your landing page, which leads potential customers through your sales funnel. The use of video can increase conversion rates on your site, and doing so is relatively straightforward.

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If you’re not doing so already, create and develop an engaging video that will hold the attention of your guests. You will see a significant increase in your conversion rate if you do.

Video Testimonials


Customer testimonials are an age-old marketing tool that will never lose significance. This type of video must look as natural as possible. Viewers don’t want to see or hear what they feel is scripted, especially when it comes to reviews about its products.


Ensure that you create an atmosphere where their viewers believe what is being said about the company and leave with a good impression.


Customer Onboarding Videos


Service-based companies use customer onboarding videos to showcase the different brands that take up their solutions. When showcasing testimonials from credible brands, you show potential customers how you can be trusted to become their service provider.

Video Marketing

These videos can also help viewers understand how they can benefit from your service based on how others in the same industry have fared with your services.

Why should you focus on video marketing today?

The last handful of years saw a surge in the popularity of video as a content marketing format.

Specifically, in 2017, video rise to the top of your marketing tactic list. Video as a tactic was likely streamlined by your creative team as a one-to-many awareness play, with lots of focus on expensive production and little analysis to show for it.

2018 and 2019 transformed video from a singular marketing tactic to an entire business strategy.

Why Corporate Video is Essential for Your Brand? %sep % Branex Official BlogBranex Official Blog

According to a report from HubSpot Research, more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands … more than any other type of content.

video marketing video content is preferred

Video is useful for more than entertainment, too. Video on landing pages is capable of increasing conversion rates by over 80%, and the mere mention of the word “video” in your email subject line increases open rates by 19%90% of customers also say videos help them make buying decisions.

But video hasn’t only transformed how businesses market and consumers shop; it’s also revolutionized how salespeople connect with and convert prospects and how service teams support and delight customers. In short, video is incredibly useful throughout the entire flywheel — not just to heighten brand awareness.

Video can be a versatile tool for salespeople throughout the entire customer buying journey, and it can do much more than increase engagement. Backend analytics also help salespeople qualify and prioritize cold or unresponsive leads.

According to Gary Stevens, head of research at HostingCanada.org, “retargeting our website visitors on social media has led to a 47% increase in visitor value site-wide.” The granularity of video analytics on platforms like Facebook is one reason why, in 2018, 93% of businesses reported getting a new customer on social media thanks to video.

The options are also endless for service teams — onboarding videos, knowledge-based videos, meet the team videos, support video calls, and customer stories are just a few ways that video can create a more thorough, personalized customer support experience.

Lastly, according to HubSpot Research, consumers and customers actually prefer lower quality, “authentic” video over high-quality video that seems artificial and inauthentic.

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Video is within reach for businesses of virtually any size — team and budget alike. 45% of marketers plan to add YouTube to their content strategy in the next year. Will you join them?

In Conclusion – Types of Corporate Videos to Boost Your Brand Recognition

While not all of the videos listed above may be absolutely vital to attaining your business objectives, a decent selection of a number of them should be included in your digital marketing strategy. The two things that today’s consumers are most preoccupied with are videos and interactivity, as was already established. You’ll always succeed if you combine the two in a way that sets your brand apart from the competition and highlights the advantages people experience when choosing your brand.

For most, if not all, of the aforementioned video types, you’ll also want to hire a professional video marketing company’s services. There is a lot of competition out there, and specialists in the field of video marketing have the knowledge and experience to provide you the direction you need to make a fantastic film that stands out and remains current.


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